We once again return for our double dose of ICW NHB. It was time for the chains to return as we got another wave of No Holds Barred viciousness. The card was stacked and more new faces were appearing and those who’d earned their spot returning. There were more intriguing match-ups to be hard here as Herzog returned to fight Jeff Cannonball, Gary Jay battled Shane Mercer, Bobby Beverly took on the Death Samurai, Mitch Vallen made his ICW debut against Satu Jinn, and much more leading to that big marquee main event where Dan Maff challenged for the American Deathmatch Title. It was time for some 4th of July fireworks, ICW style.

Fights, Camera, Action

Shane Mercer defeated Gary Jay via Table Tower Powerbomb

Gary Jay was back to open the second show of the weekend. This time he wasn’t going to be slugging it out with someone of equal size, he was going one-on-one with the Iron Demon, Shane Mercer. Jay can knock anyone out if he wants to but would Mercer prove too much for the Stiff Robo Ginger? They opened with stiff strikes and Jay knocking Mercer to the outside for a dive. He ran back to deliver a second but Mercer grabbed him by the throat and just shit-tossed him outside into the fan seats. Mercer gave Jay a Red Bull to the face and the pair fought around ringside. Mercer equalised with an actual rake but Jay gave chase and cracked him with a wiffleball bat. That just pissed Mercer off and he smashed Jay into the production trailer. Mercer ran himself into the trailer and Jay parkoured off it to nail a Tornado DDT. Jay climbed up the trailer and crashed into Mercer with a diving crossbody. He went after Mercer with a chair and showed him he works out too with a DVD through a door. Mercer kicked out and pushed through Jay’s flurry to deliver a pop-up powerslam. They slugged it out and Mercer dumped Jay with an X-Plex, then smashed a chair over his back. Jay dropped Mercer onto a chair and double stomp him through it. Mercer shook that off and broke another door with an overhead belly-to-belly. He powerbombed Jay through another door and tossed him outside through a table tower. The ref called off the match and Mercer was declared the winner. He had destroyed Jay in a match that erupted around the whole venue. This was the most varied Jay match I’d seen with him trying every trick in the book to topple Mercer.

Satu Jinn defeated Mitch Vallen via Glass Pane Uranage

The man, the Mitch, the legend was coming next. We were in for a hardcore hoss fight as Satu Jinn looked to score his second win of the weekend against the debuting Mitch Vallen. Both guys were going to throw down hard and break some fuckery. They opened with chops and both rocked the shirtless look for extra pain. Mitch went to palm strikes and Jinn cut him off with a hip toss. He dodged Jinn’s falling headbutt and took him out with a Meteor Punch. Jinn kicked out at one so Mitch swatted him with a sign and choked him out on the chains. Mitch woke up Jinn with tray shots and the pair danced around a door until Jinn broke it with a Falcon Arrow. He beat Mitch down with more door and stopped him from fighting up with a gusset-covered pizza pan. He clawed at Vallen’s cut-up back and gave him another gusset to the head as he fish hooked his face into a “smile.” He tried to put Mitch to sleep with a jug on a stick and let himself get distracted. Mitch hit him in the head with a bundle and hammered a Kenzan into his head before delivered a DDT onto a chair. The fight fell outside where Jinn tried to choke out Mitch with a kendo stick and bit Mitch’s nose when that didn’t work. Mitch went flying through the fan seats and Jinn basked in the crowd’s appreciation as he kept breaking down the newcomer, hitting the Eagle with bundles. A kendo duel broke out back in-ring and Mitch put them both through a door with a White Russian Leg Sweep. Mitch played Punch-Out with tack water jugs and stomped one into Jinn’s chest. Jinn socked back with another and Mitch gave Jinn a gusset, then bit the wound. They danced around another door and Mitch put Jinn through it with a Saito. That got two so a glass pane was set up. Jinn headbutted free of Mitch and took the win with a glass pane Uranage. This was an excellent debut for Mitch who proved he was a tough bastard, brutal as fuck, and quirky in a good way. He gave Jinn hell and proved that life’s a Mitch even if you die.

Jeff Cannonball defeated Herzog via Tube Chair Splash

Next up was a chance to see if Vikings like soda. The Deathmatch Viking Wizard Herzog was back for round 2 in ICW and this time he was battling Jeff Cannonball. He was taking to the chains for the first time with an ICW pro, how would the Viking fair here? Herzog jumped Cannonball and beat him around the ring, pelting him with a chair for fun. Herzog went to the eyes and broke a strip jug over Cannonball’s back. Cannonball realised quickly his finger was cut and drove Herzog through a door with a Suplex so he could get taped up. Herzog went and scared the crowd before throwing Cannonball through a strip door. He kept cutting up Cannonball with strips and attacked Cannonball with his boot. Cannonball came back with a strip bundle and attacked him with a rake. He stuck strips in Herzog’s hair but the mad bastard just ripped them out and hit Cannonball with them. The two kept bludgeoning each other with polearms and stopped for a soda break with Cannonball’s Bloodied Orange soda. Cannonball tried to get Herzog to do a soda review but Herzog wasn’t a fan and spilled it over the floor. Cannonball broke the bottom and carved up Herzog’s head with the neck of it. They returned to the ring and continued to whack each other as Herzog took out Cannonball with a shoulder tackle. He crashed and burned on an attempted Swanton and Cannonball finished him with a tube chair splash. He was visibly agitated by his injury but had done everything he could to put on a fun match and make both of them look good in the process.

Neil Diamond Cutter defeated Insane Lane via Honey Badger Splash

The final new face of the show was up next as Insane Lane, the deathmatch travelled veteran lunatic was coming to ICW to celebrate the 4th of July. He was going in there with Neil Diamond Cutter so it wasn’t going to be pretty. Cutter rushed in so Lane pummelled him and threw him up to the platform. Cutter took him out with a flying crossbody and took him out again with a suicide dive. He tried to fly again but Lane caught him and dumped him onto a chair with a Fallaway Slam. Lane cut up Cutter with a barbed-wire 2×4 and drove a gusset into his head just to kick it back out. Lane kept hammering, biting, and smashing tubes as he maniacally went after Cutter. He dragged Cutter through the glass and Cutter fired back with more tubes. The pair headbutted it out and Cutter took out Lane’s legs with another tube. He made Lane’s leg hurt even more with the bowling ball and cinderblock trick, then Lane whipped Cutter into a bundle chair. He went for the kill with a DDT but only got two. Lane mauled Cutter against a ladder and Cutter ran Lane into it to down him for the bundle Badger Bomb. Lane was fired up by a gusset to the head and threw Cutter by the head into the mat. He followed up with a snap tray and a leg drop but couldn’t keep Cutter down. Lane gusseted sparklers to their heads and the ref lit them as Born in the USA played. The pair punched it out and Cutter was curb-stomped onto a watermelon. It didn’t break so Lane dropped Cutter on it again with a Piledriver. Cutter still wouldn’t die so Lane chokeslammed him onto more tubes. Lane built a fuckery pile and broke Cutter over it with a Falcon Arrow but it still wasn’t enough. Cutter was pissed and kicked Lane in the dick, then broke a guitar over his head. He buried Lane under fuckery and took the win with the Honey Badger Splash. This was… insane. Cutter took so much punishment but kept on swinging. Cutter has gone from giant fodder to giant killer and now no one seems able to stop him. Man, this match was so damn fun and that sparkler salute had me in stitches.

Bobby Beverly defeated AKIRA via Roll-Up

Time for the epic of the show as we were about to find out. AKIRA was about to give us a small taste of Rejects vs 44OH! warfare as he took on the Bev in the chains. This could be something special as both guys are hybrid hardcore guys and could push the plunder to its limits. They opened with chain wrestling and striking before battling over a slam. AKIRA succeeded and broke a bundle with a double stomp. He kicked Beverly to the floor and attacked him with a golf club, before and after he’d broken it. We got more fan interaction as AKIRA used one as a weapon and gave Beverly a kicking on top of a speaker, finishing it with the Ole Kick. Bev slammed him into the field and chopped the shit out of AKIRA. He walked off so AKIRA played possum and slammed him through the chair when he came back. The fans came back and AKIRA slammed them on Beverly. They brawled to the ring and Beverly dodged a Tiger Feint to lock on a Half Crab. Beverly went tube crazy and threw AKIRA into a door. The door gave way on a second throw and Bev took a tack bat to AKIRA’s head. Beverly had slowed the pace right down and methodically broke down AKIRA with a trashcan. Hands flew and AKIRA ran Beverly into the door. Neither man could keep momentum as AKIRA struck with tubes but Beverly hung him out to dry on the chains. AKIRA tried to fire up with gusset headbutts but Beverly just dropped him with a DDT. AKIRA refused to stay down and nailed Beverly with two Kappu kicks into a tube collision. They collided with more bundles and traded Saitos. AKIRA popped right back up and dropped Beverly with a Death Cycle. He hit the low Feint kick into tubes and a Hesitation Dropkick to even more. Then the most epic moment happened, AKIRA hit the ultimate Shatter Star Bomb onto Beverly for a two-count. AKIRA tried to kick Beverly’s soul out but Beverly caught him into a duo of Chokebreakers. He set up a gusset door and bounced AKIRA off it with the Cyclone Fisherman Buster. A glass pane was set up and AKIRA went after Bev with the bullets that bite to drive him through the glass pane with a Meteora. Bev refused to die so AKIRA went tube crazy and carved them both up, giving the Seppuku sign. He stuck more bullets in Beverly but bit his fingers to hit an Underhook DDT. Atticus Cogar tried to come to Beverly’s rescue but only hit him with tubes and ate Sudden Death. Beverly dragged AKIRA into a roll-up as he tried to bullet Cogar and took the win 44OH! had stolen the day… Fuck 44OH! Count: 1

ICW American Deathmatch Title: John Wayne Murdoch defeated Dan Maff via Deep South Destroyer

Last but not least, the main event. John Wayne Murdoch was about to go to war with Dan Maff. The juggernaut had taken damage at the hands of the Death Samurai and prevailed, now it was time to do away with another Reject. Maff was entering proper deathmatch turf now. He was ready for war so Murdoch pelted a bundle at him. More tubes were broken on him and Murdoch took a tack bat to his head and back. This trend continued outside as Maff found no retreat. They threw hands and Maff tossed Murdoch through a pane. Maff went to the tubes and burned Murdoch’s hand on a tiki torch. Back in-ring, he pummelled Murdoch with a gusset bat and the pair traded headbutts. Murdoch tried for the Deep South Destroyer but Maff launched him over the chains and through a pane/door contraption. Murdoch was thrown back in and Maff smashed a bundle over his back. A tube duel broke out and Maff got glass in the eye. He hit Murdoch low and tried for the Burning Hammer but Murdoch raked his eyes and took the win with the Deep South Destroyer. It had been a sprint of a main-event but my god did it break a whole load of glass. Maff came, got glassed, and sent to the back of the line. He had entered Murdoch’s world, played the game, and lost this time but he had the Duke reeling for a time.

Surprise Title Match: John Wayne Murdoch vs Eric Ryan ends in No Contest

With Maff beaten, Murdoch was ready to close the show when 44OH! and more specifically Eric Ryan came to play. He still can’t let their rivalry go and wanted a shot at the title. He brought more glass and the pair threw down. Ryan wasted no time in breaking tubes on Murdoch and crushed a bundle into him with a senton. He trapped Murdoch in a chin-lock and tore off his shirt to deliver another bundle to the back. He kept targeting Murdoch’s back and stopped Murdoch from coming back with a bundle headbutt. He kept pelting Murdoch with tubes as he set up glass panes and Murdoch quickly made him pay by charging into the tubes Ryan was holding and throwing him through the pane. Murdoch broke tube after tube over Ryan, punishing him for trying to scheme up this match. He straight-up threw a glass pane at Ryan and the pair kept hammering away. Murdoch hit a Brainbuster but Cogar stopped the count and that’s when chaos broke out. Cogar and Beverly rushed Murdoch with tubes and AKIRA tried to make the save but numbers were still against them. Satu Jinn also rushed out to help but Ryan ambushed him with a whole bunch of tubes too. 44OH! had made their point and mockingly left, reminding the Rejects they clash in less than a week. Fuck 44OH! Count: 2

Best of the Bloodletting

  • Wow, Mercer really had to kill Gary Jay to end their match. Their back-and-forth war around the field was something special. It opened the show well and gave both guys one hell of a spotlight. Deathmatch Brawler Mercer is always a joy to watch.
  • All the new faces in ICW are really boosting its appeal right now. We have new and old blood mixing in new scenarios and match types. Mitch Vallen, Herzog, Insane Lane all put on awesome matches and have brought new vigour to the company. Seeing Mitch get the reception he earned made me beyond happy.
  • Insane Lane vs Neil Diamond Cutter gets an extra shout-out here as it was a fucking wild fuckery match where I’m sure Cutter nearly died on several occasions. Despite that, it had a nice tongue-in-cheek element and further cemented Cutter as a giant killer.
  • AKIRA vs Beverly was fucking awesome. 20 minutes of purely deathmatch wrestling art with two warriors refusing to die. Beverly got the win through numbers but even then, this fight with AKIRA really cemented his status in the company and why he’s so regarded.
  • The whole ending stretch of the show was just one big clusterfuck of glass and tubes. Murdoch pulling double duty was a pleasant surprise and the continuation of the war with Ryan was a fun match to add in. 44OH! have gone full-on evil villain mode as they have softened up the Rejects before their war. Indianapolis is going to be so heated.

What Comes Next?

  • I always write down here how I want to see all the new faces come back and that’s no different. Mitch, Herzog, and Lane all deserve return matches within ICW.
  • Jeff Cannonball seemed injured during his match with Herzog. I wish him a quick recovery as I love seeing him in his deathmatch element.
  • Neil Diamond Cutter seems nye on impossible to stomp right now, all opponents have fallen to him in recent history and his future opponents are in just as much jeopardy.
  • 44OH! vs the Rejects really heated up ahead of Indianapolis as Beverly beat AKIRA with a little help and Ryan vs Murdoch went to a no contest. Both factions are baying for blood so the team vs team warfare is really going to be something special.

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