Welcome back to ChocoPro and the final block day of the OOAK Tag League. These were the last fights of Blocks A and B ahead of the looming finals. Melt Brain Dancing had secured the B Block with a total of 5 points but A Block was still open as both Wasshoi Aniki and TropikaWild could upset the points totals here. It was all to play for and every team here was fighting for pride as well as points. Egg Tarts were looking to build to four points in their block as were Mi☆Sayaka to secure second place. Let’s see how the blocks tallied up when the smoke had cleared.

Block B: Egg Tarts (Hagane Shinno & Chie Koishikawa) defeated Mi☆Sayaka (Minoru Fujita & Sayaka) via Flipping STO on Fujita

Up first was the battle for pride. Despite there being no stakes at play Egg Tarts and Mi☆Sayaka were still ready to go all out for the available points. Both teams only had two points so they wanted to get that big win bonus. They opened with a waist-lock battle and Koishikawa took control with her running wrist-lock. Fujita and Shinno picked up the fight with more chain wrestling as Shinno peppered Fujita with low kicks. Shinno tied Fujita in knots and Fujita tried to submit Shinno with an inverted Cobra Clutch. Fujita started working an arm and tagged in Sayaka who got quickly downed by a low kick. She forearmed back but Shinno kept downing her with kicks. The pair both countered and Sayaka caught a kick to knock down Shinno with a stiff forearm. Both tagged and Fujita came to Koishikawa with the same energy she had. He tasted the chops and ate a dropkick before desperately trying to roll from a Demon Chop. There is no escape from Demon Chie though and she caught him for the chop. He tagged and Sayaka swiftly made her pay with another sledgehammer forearm. Koishikawa tried to swim away from a Crab attempt but Sayaka gave chase, caved her chest in with mounted forearms, and dragged her back to the centre of the mat for the Crab. Koishikawa escaped and leapfrogged a body slam attempt to hit a back chop, then Demon Chopped Sayaka into the Muffler. Sayaka forced a break and dodged more chops to hit a dropkick into the wall. She tried to tap Koishikawa out and Fujita came in to assist with a forearm onslaught.

Fujita tried to choke out Koishikawa with a sleeper and trapped an arm for a crossface. Koishikawa got another break and escaped a Tombstone to nail an arm-drag and make a tag. We got another Shinno/Fujita slugfest and Shinno caught Fujita into a Crucifix Armbar. Shinno snapped Fujita’s arm but missed the flying clothesline and ate a wall chop. Sayaka assisted Fujita with a dropkick into an Exploder and tried for another kick. Shinno jarred Fujita’s leg and tried to tap him out with the ankle lock. Sayaka tried to come to Fujita’s aid but got knocked out by a head kick. Shinno stunned Fujita with an enzuigiri and a pinfall war broke out. Fujita hit an enzuigiri of his own and the pair locked up again. Koishikawa played the decider here as she dropkicked Fujita so Shinno could finish him with a Flipping STO. Egg Tarts had taken the final win of B Block and accrued a respectable total of four points. Fujita and Sayaka were disappointed but they had put on a killer match and that’s all that can really be asked of them. Things got worse for Fujita though as Shinno made a challenge to the Super Asia Title after Koishikawa’s suggested it.

Totals: Egg Tarts: 4 Mi☆Sayaka: 2

Block A: TropikaWild (Yuna Mizumori & SAKI) defeated Wasshoi Aniki (Ayumi Hayashi & Ryo Mizunami) via Supergirl Win on Hayashi

This was it. The last block match of the OOAK League. Both teams could be the upset of the block here as a win for either team would see them get five points and win the block ahead of Best Bros. Even with a draw, they would be matching points with Best Bros forcing a reset. This match had everything on the line. Who was going to meet Melt Brain Dancing in the finals? Referee Sakura once again got the wrong end of Mizunami’s chain and struggled up to call for the bell. We got a four-women fight to open as SAKI attacked Hayashi and the two powerhouses in Mizunami and Mizumori collided. Hayashi was so busy firing up the crowd she didn’t see TropikaWild take out Mizunami. They ominously crept up on her and threw her at the camera, then the wall. Hayashi dodged a double-team charge and gave another Wasshoi chant before watching Mizunami charge the pair and joining in for the musical chops. They hit a double-team splash on Mizumori and Hayashi snapped her around the mat. Hayashi made Mizumori dance and pissed her off so badly that Mizumori charged her into the wall. SAKI took over and tried to snap Hayashi in half with multiple submissions as Mizumori hit Mizunami with sweatpants. Hayashi tried to escape the pummelling but SAKI caught her out of a crossbody and held her in place for a headbutt slam. Mizumori came in and tried for a quick pin, then folded Hayashi over for a Crab. Mizunami broke the hold and tried to drag Hayashi to safety but Mizumori kept a half crab and SAKI swatted her away. Mizumori tried to bend Hayashi up again and catapulted her into the wall for another half crab. Hayashi nearly escaped again but SAKI stalled her and Mizumori took her out with a low crossbody. TropikaWild kept the combo going and SAKI slugged it out with Hayashi. The counters kept coming and Hayashi finally got her escape with a Back Body Drop.

Mizunami came in like a tank and ran TropikaWild over. She trapped SAKI against the wall for the Machine Gun Chops and chopped the wall when SAKI dodged. SAKI quickly capitalised with a handstand splash and got into a booting/striking contest with Mizunami. SAKI won the exchange and nearly locked on her hanging submission but her back gave out. TropikaWild swarmed Mizunami again and Mizumori nearly took the win with a senton, then again with a diving shoulder block. The pair hossed it out with lariats and Mizunami downed Mizumori with a stiff one only to run into a dropkick. She fired back again and floored Mizumori with another sickening lariat. Hayashi came in with a barrage of dropkicks and nailed a Cazadora into her bridging Deathlock. TropikaWild hit a double back body drop and SAKI threw Mizumori into another splash. They catapulted Mizunami onto Hayashi and Hayashi found a burst of energy, trying for a series of roll-ups and pins. SAKI saved the match from disaster after a jackknife lariat and Mizunami took both members of TropikaWild out with a double lariat. Mizumori nailed a spin kick and survived more roll-up attempts to trick Mizunami into hitting Hayashi and took the win with a Supergirl Pin. TropikaWild had taken the win and the A Block. This had been a hard-hitting war of attrition as everyone showed off here. Hayashi and Mizunami pushed TropikaWild to the limit and have nothing to be ashamed of. Now TropikaWild have to beat Melt Brain Dancing in the finals to get another crack at Best Bros. That match is going to be mad.

Totals: TropikaWild: 5 Wasshoi Aniki: 3

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Sayaka, FlyingVTrigger, video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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