Welcome back to MLW Underground and the manic business going on around the company. Chaos was going to be on the menu today as The Samoan Island Tribe got a shot at the GTC and The Extreme Horsemen in a match that threatened to break down everywhere. Alongside that, Low Ki looks to send a message to the MLW Universe through his beatdown of Chad Collyer and we’ll see Dark Fuego and Pete Wilson cause their own brand of chaos against Roderick Strong and M-Dog 20 Matt Cross. Let’s get into the action.

Dark Fuego & Pete Wilson defeated Roderick Strong & Matt Cross via Stereo 450 Splashes

The opening match came at us with the sound of Evanescence’s “Going Under” meaning that Dark Fuego and Pete Wilson were here to fight. Their opponents were highly recognisable as they were Roderick Strong and M-Dog 20 Matt Cross. Wilson and Cross started things with some fast-paced chain wrestling and both dodged suplexes. Cross was hit with a DDT and dropkick to the back, then the match cut to adverts. When it returned Strong and Cross were both attacking Wilson, launching him with a double backdrop. Strong showed early examples of his patented backbreaking style as he continued to beat down Wilson. Dark Fuego had seen enough and dropkicked Strong from behind, nailing them both Cross and Strong with a springboard dropkick when they tried to double-team again. Fuego kept kicking and dropped Strong with a Suplex. Wilson gave Strong some sharp elbows and nailed a flying clothesline before tagging out to Fuego. He came in kicking and tried for a head-scissors but Strong reversed into a powerbomb Backbreaker. Wilson kept him down with a missile dropkick so Cross attacked Fuego with a Springboard Arabian Moonsault. Strong punished Wilson with another powerbomb and threw him onto Fuego outside. Both teams brawled around the outside and Fuego and Wilson got thrown into the crowd. They were brutalised around the venue so Fuego and Wilson capitalised with low blows. They threw trashcans and both climbed to the balcony for stereo moonsaults. Back in-ring, Strong regained control and started nailing Fuego with Brainbusters before trying to break him in half with a straightjacket Camel Clutch. Cross dropped Wilson with the M-Dog Driver and Strong dropped Fuego with a Torture Rack Backbreaker. They double-teamed Fuego with a Neckbreaker into a Swanton and signalled for the end but Fuego dodged and the pair collided with kicks. Wilson and Fuego took advantage with dual 450s and got the win. This had been pure wrestling meets Lucha-infused chaotic brawling and I loved every second of it. It was cool to see Matt Cross and Roderick Strong in earlier career action.

Low Ki (w/ Gary Hart & Mr. Wu) defeated Chad Collyer via Ki Clutch

Up next was another round of action from the new aggressive Low Ki as he looked to send another message to MLW and show off his tutelage from Gary Hart. The victim of this message was going to be Chad Collyer. Low Ki had already sent a message ahead of the match and now he was going to follow through. They opened with furious chain wrestling and Collyer tried to stretch Ki out. The pair went into a test of strength and Collyer once again, overpowered him and tried to break a limb. Low Ki tried to get back into it but Collyer kept blocking and took him out with a crossbody. Low Ki went to the eyes and started laying in heavy strikes but Collyer kept control. Momentum kept shifting on a dime and after a failed apron Suplex, Low Ki got kicked to the outside. Low Ki finally got his momentum back with a rope neckbreaker and started pummelling Collyer with kicks, elbows and, chokes. That neck became a target and Low Ki pursued it relentlessly. Collyer grew tired of this abuse and started striking back, catching Low Ki off-guard with a German. He came at Low Ki with lariats and whipped him off the ropes into a powerslam. Low Ki blasted Collyer with Black Magic and tried for the Dragon Clutch but Collyer dropped him with another German. Collyer was thrown into the ropes and Mr Wu hit him in the head. Low Ki locked on the Ki Clutch and tapped Collyer out. Even after the bell rung, Low Ki wouldn’t let go of the hold so Hart had to drag him away. This had been another awesome strong style fight as Collyer really made Low Ki work to send his message.

Between the matches:

  • BATTLE RIOT UPDATE: Filthy Tom Lawlor and Simon Gotch have both been added to the massive Battle Riot III match coming to Philadelphia on July 10th.
  • The show opened with footage of Steve Corino vs Shane Douglas as Corino tried to get Douglas to just walk out or take the pin.
  • Jose Maximo interrupted a promo for Dragon Gate coming to MLW and got attacked by Dark Fuego for bad-mouthing him.
  • Matt Martel invaded another promo for a future event and explained all the different meanings behind his PB nickname, mostly meaning Party Boy.
  • PJ Friedman went full-on Sadako from Ringu as he warned Norman Smiley about how there were only seven days before he would break his neck and his career.

GTC: The Extreme Horsemen (C.W. Anderson & Simon Diamond w/ Steve Corino) defeated The Samoan Island Tribe (Samu & Mana) via Chair Superkick to Mana

Last but not least the main event. The Extreme Horsemen were about to be pushed to their limit as they fought against one of the most violent, most savage teams in MLW, The Samoan Island Tribe. The Extreme Horsemen were going to have to tap into that extreme moniker as The Tribe isn’t exactly known for fighting clean. Mana started the match by mauling Anderson in the corner and around the ring with strikes and headbutts. He missed a chair shot and ate a deadly punch but was right back on his feet delivering more headbutts. Corino called for a time-out from commentary and an ad-break appeared. When the match returned, things were way worse for the Horsemen as Samu and Mana were trampling Diamond and Anderson. Samu crotched Anderson on the ring-post and Mana put the hurt on Diamond. The Horseman finally got back into the fight with a double superkick and Diamond landed a body slam on Samu. Diamond tried to hit a chair splash but Samu pelted him with the chair. Anderson attacked Mana with the ring bell and Corino left commentary to help Diamond fight Samu. Samu dodged a lariat and watched Corino take out his own partner, then kicked Corino in the cock and started throwing Samoan Drops. Anderson made the save with a chair to the back and took out Mana with more shots to the head. Corino brought in a table and Anderson put Mana through it with a Spinebuster. Superkicks met spears and as bodies lay everywhere, the former Four Horsemen manager JJ Dillon came in. Dillon tried to offer Anderson a chair but Anderson wanted nothing to do with him. He gave the chair to Mana instead but it was all a ploy as Dillon hit Mana with his shoe and the Horsemen superkicked the chair into Mana’s face, taking the win. The Horsemen had retained and had another tool in their toolbox now as JJ Dillon was apparently aligning himself with the unit.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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