Welcome back to No Peace Underground. It’s time for our final catch-up on shows from the 4th of July for now as we visit the bar of blood for their festivities. Eight matches were up with regulars and new faces alike coming to spread high-flying fury, brawling brutality, and pure deathmatch fuckery to the floor once again for another bloodthirsty audience. On the card tonight we’d see, Hardway Heeter vs Bam Sullivan, The Young Dragons vs The End, Jamie Senegal vs Kennedi Copeland, Sawyer Wreck vs Mickie Knuckles, and more leading to the car crash main event where Lord Crewe goes one-on-one with Matthew Justice. Let’s get into the carnage.

Yoya defeated Gabriel Skye via PK

The show opened with something a bit different. Yoya and Gabriel Skye were present at the Soundbar for a nice clash of styles. Skye is known for his athleticism but how would he find that with no ropes and an opponent happy to cripple him? The pair struggled to get their sportsmanship in sync, then went into a fast round of countering, dodging, and swinging until Skye kicked Yoya into the pit for a Baseball Slide and a dive. He took too long to celebrate so Yoya rolled him into an arm-drag, rib-breaking kick, and guardrail beatdown. Yoya beat Skye around the pit until Skye threw him up to the stage for a head kick. Skye hung Yoya over the side of the stage and blasted him with a running knee and diving stomp. The battling returned to the pit and Skye scored another near-fall with an Enzuigiri. Skye went to the bar and brought them both water back for a little break. The respect went out the window and water flew as the pair went into a hockey fight. Yoya grabbed a chair and forced Skye to take the seat for a seated monkey flip. The two kept swinging and Skye nearly got the win with a Suplex to the floor. A door came out and both guys went kick wild. Yoya drove Skye onto the door with a Fisherman Suplex and took the win with a PK to Skye’s face. This was a fight pure and simple. Two guys went in, beat the fuck out of each other, and came away with the fan’s respect. An awesome opener. Yoya couldn’t celebrate though as Parrow came out, murdered him, and laid down the gauntlet to any deathmatch wrestler or tournament out there.

Hardway Heeter defeated Bam Sullivan via Inverted Door Chokeslam

Next up was a deathmatch fistfight as two tough bastards were unleashed on each other. Heeter has been out for blood these past few months watching from the sidelines and now he was going to release all that rage on Sullivan. It was not going to be pretty. They opened with some miming that ended when Heeter broke a tube on Sullivan. They brawled around the pit and Heeter ate glass from Sullivan. He dove onto Heeter with a Tube Con Hilo and broke tube after tube on him. Heeter avoided a door-VD and ran for more tubes but Sullivan dodged and broke them into him with a rolling elbow. Sullivan set up more plunder but it bit him in the ass (literally) as Heeter pelted him with a chair and drove him through a bundle chair with a stage-hung Curtain Call. Sullivan got quick revenge and speared Heeter through a barbed-wire door. Heeter kicked out so Sullivan lost his patience and broke seven different bundles on him for another two-count. A slugfest and tube duel broke out on the stage and after a little counter war where Sullivan even bust out an arm-drag, Heeter took the win with an Inverted Chokeslam off the stage and through a bundle door. Heeter had survived Bam and shown himself to be a killer. This had been a great fight from both but Sullivan was less than happy with the result. He argued with the ref, then went to the bar for a couple of cold ones. They raised to a toast and Sullivan kicked Heeter in the cock. I guess he isn’t quite ready to let this go, fan reaction be damned.

The End (Parrow & Odinson) defeated The Young Dragons (Josh Crane & Dale Patricks) via Tube Lattice SuperCollider

We once again had a Kit Osbourne interference before this match. He hijacked the feed, advertised H2O and Great American Trash, and told Jared to release the footage before leaving the feed again. After that, we went into a tag team war as The End clashed with The Young Dragons. Parrow and Odinson are undefeated in NPU, were Patricks and Crane about to be that upset? The End charged with Parrow throwing Crane through a door and Odinson throwing Patricks into the pole, ruining his knee even more. Odinson stomped down Patricks a bit more, then powerslammed Crane onto a chair. Things went from bad to worse for Crane as Odinson slammed Parrow onto Crane and a tube. They attacked both Dragons with chairs, Odinson making sure to hit Patricks’ knee and Parrow set up a poker table after throwing Crane through more chairs. Odinson stopped playing with a downed Patricks and slammed Parrow onto the table trapped Crane… only for Crane to move and Parrow to take the fall through the table to the floor. Patricks took the fuckery to a distracted Odinson and the Dragons put him through more chairs with a double Chokeslam. Parrow became a bloody ball in a game of tube and forearm ping pong and the Dragons suplexed Parrow onto his partner. The Dragons called for their special weapon, a massive tub lattice. That came out and the teams slugged it out. The Dragons took advantage with double superkicks and tried to end things but The End trapped them in the SuperCollider and bombed them through the tubes for the win. The Danger and the Jackass had drawn a lot of blood but the story remains the same, The End are undefeatable. They pummelled, punished, and in the end pulverised their newest opponents. Please give me more Crane and Patricks in No Peace though.

Mad Man Pondo defeated Remington Rhor via Sledgehammer Cinderblock Breaker

Up next was something special as Mad Man Pondo was returning to No Peace to take on another opponent gunning for his legend’s status, Remington Rhor. Now I wasn’t too familiar with Rhor but commentary filled us in on this being a revenge match from another event where Pondo had picked up the victory. Was Pondo going to make it 2-0? Things must be personal as Rhor instantly went after Pondo with a machete, then just for fun, cut him up with two machetes. Rhor bit and punched at Pondo but made the mistake of giving Pondo tubes. Pondo broke them over Rhor’s head and Rhor used his head to break more tubes into Pondo with a Spear. Pondo got carved up again and Rhor broke a bundle on his back with a cinderblock. He smashed more tubes on Pondo around the pit and got a fan to hold a bundle to Pondo’s head so he could smash it with the cinderblock. Rhor set up a glass pane and Pondo used the time to recover and carve up Rhor with a fork. He sat Rhor down and broke the glass pane over him with a stage cannonball. Rhor kicked out and pelted Pondo with a chair, then set up a door. The pair struck it out and Rhor broke that tube door with a belly-to-belly. Pondo hit Rhor with his stop sign and took the win by breaking the cinderblock into Rhor’s head with a sledgehammer. This had been a gruesome little fight with the pair throwing everything at each other. Experience and survivability trumped power here and Rhor, unfortunately, goes 0-2 against Pondo.

Jamie Senegal defeated Kennedi Copeland via Shopping Trolley through a door

The carnage continued as up next, we’d see a battle between the Mistress of NPU, Jamie Senegal taking on the Hardcore Daughter (Commentary’s words) Kennedi Copeland. This was going to get wild as both were going to do their best to steal the show and both were hyped to fight. Senegal made the ref’s night with a pre-match kiss and opened with an old-fashion shoot-out, which meant fireworks. They changed their minds and threw hands instead. Senegal threw Copeland around the pit and stage, then took things to the bar. Copeland hit back and skewered Senegal with bar straws, dousing her with soda water for fun. They returned to the stage and Copeland debated setting Senegal on fire. Senegal socked Copeland for even thinking of it and the pair had that fireworks duel. Copeland stabbed Senegal with another firework and slammed her face into the stage before smashing a Roman Candle over her. Senegal tried to retreat to the pit but Copeland enlisted the fans in holding her down so she could light a firework into her arse. Senegal was saved by a faulty lighter and the pair kept hitting each other with fireworks again. Senegal was held by the crowd again and Copeland put a bottle rocket in Senegal’s trunks and lit it. The rocket went off and Senegal retreated to the stage as Copeland set up a door. A shopping trolley entered the mix and Senegal blocked a charge, knocking it back into Copeland. Senegal bounced Copeland off the wall and dumped her in the shopping trolley. She threw the trolley and Senegal off the stage and through the door for the win. This was pure Jackass-levels of chaos here. It was funny and done with a tongue-in-cheek approach with that grand finale looking like it hurt. Both ladies put on a fun-as-hell fight here that should be watched.

Treehouse Lee defeated Ace Austin via Twisting Elbow Drop

We go from mind-blowing violence to mind-blowing athleticism next as Ace Austin and Treehouse Lee took to the stage. It was the Rad Boy Ballerina taking on the XXX Division Magician and everyone was in for a treat here. Was Ace Austin going to be able to make the bar work for him here? Austin tried to gameplan and jumped to the pit ready to fight but Lee disappeared offset and returned with a surprise Tope. The pair battled around the pit with Austin using his kicking ability to cut Lee off. Austin got mean as the fight went to the stage and he kneed Lee’s head into the wall. He removed his hand tape and choked out Lee, throwing him into the wall again when he was done. Lee returned fire with a wall slam of his own but Austin countered his next run-up and launched him into the speakers above. Lee punched back again but Austin kept him grounded with a boot. The Bullet Ballet kicked in as Lee went back to dodging and almost took the win with a backslide. The pair showed off their athleticism and Austin showed off more sick kicks. He couldn’t keep Lee down so he mashed him into the pole and catapulted him into the wall. Austin kept kicking away and went for a killing lawn dart of the stage but Lee wiggled free and knocked Austin down with a jumping Roundhouse kick. They fought into the pit again and Austin hotshot Lee onto the barricade. Lee ate a door and another head kick as Austin just brutalised him. Lee kept kicking out so Austin kept throwing him into things. Lee fought his way free and took out Austin with another Roundhouse.  He slammed Austin onto the door and ended things with the Twisting Elbow Drop. Lee had taken a beating here but he had managed to withstand and take out the brash youngster with his Bullet Ballet. This delivered exactly as it should with Austin stepping up in the hostile environment and Lee pulling out his tricks for the win.

Sawyer Wreck defeated Mickie Knuckles via Shopping Trolley Chokeslam

Time for more gratuitous violence as Sawyer Wreck, one of No Peace’s biggest monsters got a shot against deathmatch icon, Mickie Knuckles. This wasn’t going to be a nice match as these two would try to murder each other around the Soundbar. They opened with a beer-drinking barfight and after being hit with beer mist, Knuckles pounced into a Thesz Press. Wreck nailed her with the can and Knuckles hammered Wreck with headbutts. Wreck blasted Knuckles with tubes and went for a choke but Knuckles belted her with a stray shard of tubes. Knuckles hit Wreck with a bottle and Wreck whaled on her with a snap bat. Knuckles threw more tubes and dropped Wreck on a chair with a Northern Lights suplex. More tubes smashed as the pair fought around a trolley full of tubes and Wreck smashed Knuckles’ head through stage tubes. Knuckles played Joust with more tubes and smashed the bundle into Wreck’s back so Wreck ruined Knuckles’ back against the stage and chopped her soul out. Knuckles came back with a barrage of lethal chops and carved at Wreck’s head with an unidentified implement. She didn’t stop there whacking Wreck with a staple gun and stapling a dollar to her tongue. Wreck decided to up the ante and stapled a dollar to Knuckles’ downstairs before ripping it back off. Knuckles tried to come back with more tubes but Wreck scooped her up and slammed her down onto them. Wreck set up a Pussy Power door and Knuckles knocked her onto it, breaking them both with a senton. Knuckles upended the shopping trolley and covered it in tubes. The pair unleashed more heavy hands and Wreck ended things with a Chokeslam onto the trolley. Wreck had just bested a deathmatch veteran in one hell of a fight. This got bloody, glassy, and violent as fuck. Both women killed it and Wreck is continuously showing why she is someone to fear.

Matthew Justice defeated Lord Crewe via Guardrail Impaler DDT

We end the show with some mosh pit killing as the One-Man Militia took on the Bare-Knuckle Berserker were about to throw down in the Soundbar. This was going to be less glass and more steel and fists. A good old-fashioned fight to end things. They opened with doors to the dome and Crewe taking a chair to Justice. They tangled around the pit and wrecked a guardrail colliding with it. They fought in the crowd and slugged back to the pit where Justice speared Crewe through another rail. Justice pelted him with chairs so Crewe took a cable to Justice and tried to choke him out. Justice broke free and went right back to the chairs. Crewe straight-up punched a chair into Justice and backdropped him onto the stage. More chairs flew and the pair slugged it out until Justice backdropped Crewe through a door. Justice crushed Crewe under another door with a Stage Dive Splash and kept hammering with chairs. Crewe pelted Justice again and nailed the Cyclone Boot when Justice tried to show off his CTE immunity. He winded Justice across a guardrail and drilled him into the floor with a Guillotine stomp. Justice kicked away certain doom and smashed Crewe into a third guardrail with a Stage Dive. Justice started rearranging furniture and kept Crewe stunned with more chair shots. Justice was all out of mercy and tried to cripple Crewe with more chair shots to the spine. They gave each other the one-finger salute and Crewe broke Justice on his own creation with a Hero-Plex. Justice tried to scramble up as the camera picked up that EC3 was watching him. Justice found the energy to throw the guardrail at Crewe and ended things quickly with an Impaler DDT on the guardrail. Crewe had fallen at the hands of Justice after 12-minutes of pure brawling madness. They both threw bombs and broke guardrails in this chaotic ending to a chaotic show. Justice ended the show with a staredown as EC3 gave him a warning. Has he come to free the narrative of No Peace? We may soon see…

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