Welcome back to Guadalajara Mexico as we make our long-awaited return to the world of Mexican deathmatch and the world of Guanatos Hardcore Crew. We’ve come away from the racquetball court of Murder Mansion and are hitting the ring for an eight-fighter tournament named after one of the fighters, Crazy King. Alongside the tournament, brutality would be a whole host of other fights and brawls as other GHC regulars and fighters got some time to shine. Plus, all the action was once again being called by Chad French of Midwest Territory. There’s no point putting this off any longer, let’s dive into the wild show ahead of us.

Round 1 Thumbtack Deathmatch: Amnesia defeated Aero Extreme via Sit-Out Tack DVD

Up first was a staple of the Deathmatch arsenal, thumbtacks. Amnesia and Aero Extreme were going to work out some of that bad blood they had with sharp metal objects to set off the bloodletting. They opened with rope running and Amnesia took Aero out with a Suicide Dive. Amnesia kept the beatdown going in-ring with corner lariats and blows before choking him through the ropes with his boot. Aero came back with a snap head-scissor and took them both into the crowd with a Top con Hilo. The tacks came out and both guys went shirtless. A striking battle broke out and the pair traded vicious chops. Amnesia lit Aero up with a flurry but Aero caught him out of the air and powerbombed him into the tacks. The quickly turned though as Amnesia dumped Aero in the tacks with a Powerslam. The fight fell outside and Amnesia bullied Aero with a chair, kicking it into his head. Aero’s match went from bad to worse as Amnesia punctured his back with a tack keyboard. They returned to the ring and Aero got more tacks in his back as Amnesia drove him into them with a sit-out DVD. They fell to their knees for a slugfest and Aero got revenge with a Spinebuster into the tacks then broke a tack bat across his arm and chest. Amnesia remained defiant and fought through a tack keyboard shot with a one-finger salute so Aero slammed him into the mat and rained more tacks down on his midsection. Those tacks hurt both men as Aero drove them in with a Shooting Star Press. Amnesia fired up, made a super tack pile and took the win with a Sit-Out DVD into the tack pile. These two looked like pin cushions by the end of this with Amnesia looking worse off. He took the win but he was going to be feeling it in round 2. I think the right match opened the show as it gave a nice mix of blood and fighting.

Round 1 Staple Gun Deathmatch: Crazy King defeated Xtreme Fly via Stapled Dick Superplex

Now for something a bit different. Crazy King, the tournament’s namesake and Xtreme Fly were about to attack each other with staples and Deathmatch A Love Letter logos. With your name on the marquee, the pressure was on for Crazy King. He quickly knocked down Fly and went for the staple gun. King trapped Fly in an armbar but Fly escaped by stapling King’s wrist. He kept stapling and stuck a flyer to King’s shoulder. He hit King with a metal door and the pair fell to the floor after a dive. Casanova Valentine made a brief appearance as the cover of issue three was stapled to King’s head. King just couldn’t catch a break as Fly bounced him off the metal again and gave him more staples to the head. King finally escaped with a roll-up and countered a sunset flip with a staple to the head. Crazy King even stapled the ref for fun. They kept countering and King distracted Fly with the gun to land a Superkick. Fly kicked out and stapled another sheet to King’s shoulder, then landed a Backstabber. Things got worse as Fly tripped King into the turnbuckle and stapled his tongue to another flyer and the buckle. Fly ripped him free and delivered a Superkick to his face. King landed a drop toe hold onto the gun and smashed Fly’s head onto it. King tried to go for a barefoot Superkick but Fly caught it and stapled his bare foot, which must have fucking sucked. He yanked it off and tried to fire up but Fly just lit him up with kicks into a cutter. They fought to the top and King stapled Fly’s dick for a Superplex and the win. This had been a nasty little match. I loved the fact we got technical wrestling and fighting amongst the stapling as the gun became a weapon in multiple ways. Both guys made the most of the stipulation and King proved to be a resourceful winner.

Round 1 Extreme Chairs Deathmatch: Demencia defeated Delirio via Chair Pile Spear

Time to get the chairs as Demencia and Delirio were fighting again. I watched these two hammer the shit out of each other in the rain at Murder Mansion and now they were facing off again with higher stakes. They opened with elbow strikes and Demencia tried for a quick submission win. Delirio returned the favour and the pair chopped it out. Delirio won the exchange and dropped Demencia to the mat to tie him in knots. The submissions kept coming as Demencia countered into a crossface. He sent Delirio outside and tried for an Apron Hurricanrana but Delirio caught him into a short sit-out Powerbomb. He hit Demencia with a mangled chair and wedged chairs into the buckles. Demencia turned these on him and rammed him head-first through one. Delirio did the same back and got clotheslined into a twisting Vader Elbow onto a chair from Demencia. Delirio blocked a whip and sent Demencia into another chair with a Shotgun Dropkick. A chair pile was made and the pair traded chair shots to the head before collapsing to a double clothesline. Delirio got back up and attacked Demencia with a LEGO chair, then got dropped on a tack chair with a flying Neckbreaker. A barbed-wire chair entered the mix and both guys collided with it on a splash attempt. Demencia was first up and launched Delirio into the chair pile with an arm-drag, making sure he impacted the tack chair. Delirio did the same with an arm-wring throw and Demencia immediately returned fire with a DVD. The pair kept countering around the ring and Demencia was able to escape doom to nail a chair pile Spear and take the win. These two put on a scary one as they just had a back-and-forth battle of beat the fuck out of me. It was wild fun and ludicrously violent despite the lack of blood.

Round 1 Barbed Wire Tables Deathmatch: Ciclope defeated Golden Fly via Barbed Wire Hammerlock Lariat.

The action from the first round came to us in the form of Ciclope and Golden Fly murdering each other with barbed wire tables. Ciclope is by far one of the biggest stars in the tournament so much like Crazy King, the pressure was on. For Fly, getting a win here could be considered an upset. The pair ran to the ring and Fly tripped Ciclope onto a barbed wire bat and dived on him outside with a Pescado. Fly dived again with a tope and tried to throw Ciclope into a barbed wire board. They both danced around the board and Ciclope used the bat to block a kick. He brought the bat crashing down on Fly’s back and took the wire to his face. Ciclope took the fight outside and threw Fly into the fans. The fans wouldn’t stop cheering for Golden Fly so Ciclope just carved him up in front of them. Fly was thrown back into the ring and Ciclope used the bat to apply a surfboard stretch to him. Fly tanked another shot to the back and fought off a Suplex to pelt Ciclope with a barbed wire board. He impacted the board with a Shining Wizard and took Ciclope out again with a diving codebreaker. Ciclope wouldn’t die so Fly went for the kill with a barbed wire board Swanton. Ciclope flipped the board at the last second and Fly crashed into the wire. Ciclope capitalised with a Piledriver on the bat but somehow only got two. Ciclope didn’t freak out and just finished Fly with a hammerlock Lariat into the barbed wire. This had been quite the execution by Ciclope as he managed to take being wrapped in wire for a part of the match and still got the work done. Fly had been a fan favourite so Ciclope mercilessly killed him, thus ending the first round with some more brutality.

Five-Way Fight: Dark Pain defeated Neptuno, Principe Quetzal, Sombra Dorada & Principe Angel via TKO Driver on Quetzal

We took a break from the tournament and got a five-way fight of mind-bending Lucha madness. It would be Dark Pain, Neptuno, Principe Quetzal, Sombra Dorada and Principe Angel all battling it out for the winner’s purse. This was going to go anywhere and everywhere. This was under elimination rules so it really was going down to the last man standing. We saw brief alliances as action and fights broke everywhere. Angel impressed early as he was able to out-manoeuvre everyone but sadly he was also the first eliminated as Neptuno took him out with El Ancla. Dorada came in to show off against Neptuno and got launched around by his brother Quetzal. Pain and Quetzal broke the laws of physics and Neptuno killed Pain with an overhead toss into the buckles. Bodies flew everywhere and Quetzal took everyone out with a corkscrew crossbody over the ring post. Dorada threw his brother to the concrete and ended Neptuno with a package Backbreaker. He took out Pain and Quetzal with a double clothesline and ran a lariat train on the pair before throwing them into each other with an overhead toss. Pain ate a TKO and Dorada killed off Quetzal with an Omega Driver. Well, he would have but Pain broke up the pin. Pain and Quetzal teamed up to eliminate Dorada with a Moonsault and imploding senton. Those two resumed hostilities and Quetzal nearly took the win with a Spanish Fly. He assaulted Pain with a running knee and cyclone kick but couldn’t get the job done. Even a Poisonrana couldn’t keep Pain down. Pain came back with a Matrix Escape Superkick and hit a deadlier TKO for the win. This was awesome. Five guys went in and wrestled up a storm. I described only a fifth of the action here as this one needs to be watched to be believed. Incredible stuff.

Semi-Final Forks and Cans Deathmatch: Crazy King defeated Amnesia via Can Board DVD

Back to the tournament and two the two people full of holes. Amnesia had been filled with tacks and Crazy King had been stapled to hell and back. Now, bloody and cut they were going to battle it out for a spot in the final. The fuckery was ready and so were they. Amnesia got to the ring and instantly broke a fruit crate over King’s head. They fought around the crowd and Amnesia assaulted King with chairs and a beer. Amnesia busted King open the hard way with chair slams and knees, then got knocked out of a dive with a tack keyboard. King cut up Amnesia with a forkball and whacked him in the head with a chair. A fan held Amnesia in place for a chop and King tried to senton him through a fork board. Amnesia moved and King got nothing but sharp plastic not once but twice as Amnesia crushed King’s front into the board with his own senton. They fought to the top and both guys got forks to the head. King won the exchange and dropped Amnesia on a cut can board with an avalanche AA. Amnesia kicked out and kneed King into a spinning TKO onto the cans. The pair danced around the board again and King stunned Amnesia with a chair shot into a Spike Piledriver. He scooped Amnesia up into a DVD through the remains of the can board and got the win. The King lived on and survived the very game Amnesia. These two had a sprint of a match that showcased even more sick spots and ridiculous resilience. Plastic forks suck and King got a back and gut full of them.

Semi-Final Skewer Deathmatch: Ciclope defeated Demencia via Hammerlock Lariat

The other semi-final saw Demencia, the tournament alternate, go against Ciclope, my personal favourite to win. These two had taken beatings in the first round but Ciclope was definitely in better shape. They too, had fuckery and bodies to break. Demencia tried to strike early too but Ciclope caught him off the ropes and wheelbarrowed him onto a fan. Ciclope threw Demencia through more fan chairs and crashed another into his head. He trapped Demencia in a skewer bat Camel Clutch and raked it down Demencia’s back as he could do nothing but scream. Ciclope locked on a skewer bat surfboard and set up a lethal skewer contraption on broken chairs. They fought around the contraption and Demencia finally got some offence in as he suplexed Ciclope through the skewers. Ciclope stopped Demencia skewering him and stabbed them right into Demencia’s head. Demencia rolled through for a kick but still hurt as the skewers were in his head. Ciclope caught him into the Rings of Saturn and Demencia avoid death by skewers to give Ciclope a skewer horn. They traded lariats and Demencia trapped Ciclope on the top and made another lethal skewer contraption. Ciclope wiggled free and powerbombed Demencia through the skewers for a two-count. He fought off his shock and ended Demencia with the Hammerlock Lariat to take the other final spot. Once again, Ciclope dominated for most of this match. He has imposed his will on the tournament and is going into the final in better shape than Crazy King. Demencia tried to cause an upset but Ciclope was just too deadly for him.

Three-way Fight: Tony Rodriguez defeated Cometa Galactico & Magno via Styles Clash on Galactico

As the fighters got a little rest in before the final, we got another multi-man fight. This time Tony Rodriguez was going against Cometa Galactico and Magno in triple-threat action. Things could easily get anarchic again so let’s see what went down. After a three-way lock-up, all three men hit their variation of double KO moves. They tried for roll-ups but couldn’t get anything going because of the slow-motion referee. Galactico and Magno teamed up on Rodriguez and quickly turned on each other. Galactico punished Magno with a series of kicks and a backstabber, then scored a near-fall with Angel’s Wings. Rodriguez tried to recover on the outside but Magno baited a dive into him by Galactico. Magno took them both out with a Moonsault and Rodriguez caught his enzuigiri into a Dragon Screw and Sharpshooter. Galactico tried to break the hold but Rodriguez trapped him in the Gory Special and kept Magno in a Deathlock. Rodriguez tried to bully Galactico but Galactico slugged back and dropped him with a Wheelbarrow Facebuster. Galactico nailed him with a Destroyer but couldn’t get the pin as Magno interrupted. Magno went no holds barred on Rodriguez and caved his chest in with a double stomp. Galactico crunched Magno with a Package Piledriver and momentum went all over the place again. Rodriguez took out both men and got the win on Galactico with a Styles Clash. Once again, this is only some of the action that happened. Lucha-Libre multi-man matches are crazy and Rodriguez was managing this one as his first match back after a long absence.

Crazy King Invitational Finals of Fuckery Taipei Deathmatch: Ciclope defeated Crazy King via Chilango Senton

Last but not least, the grand finale. Ciclope and Crazy King were the last two standing in the invitational. It would be reputation vs namesake with both guys taking down two opponents to get here. Crazy King was definitely in worse shape but everyone knows that means nothing when it comes to a final. Could the marquee man win it all? Oh, and they both had glassed knuckles because we have to get more brutal right? They went right at each other with punches and King got Ciclope right around the eye. He kicked his way free of the corner and downed King with a running lariat. He filled the ring with tacks and went back to the glass punches. They fought around the tacks and King drove both their bodies into them with a Russian Leg Sweep. King came at Ciclope with a syringe but Ciclope dodged and forced the syringe into the web of King’s hand. King walked around screaming and squirted the liquid in it at the audience. King pulled the syringe out of his hand and charged Ciclope, stabbing it into Ciclope’s chest. They slugged it out and Ciclope hit a double leg into a sharpshooter into the tacks. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the ref handed him a cap bat and he smashed that into King’s head as he tried to break his legs. Ciclope let go and dragged a razor board into play. He went for a German but King pushed him away and tripped him onto the board. He smashed Ciclope’s head off it, then tried to charge but Ciclope dropped him on the board with a Uranage. King brained Ciclope with the board and dropped him on his head with a Tornado DDT. King went out and collected chairs and hammered them into Ciclope’s gut. Ciclope broke one over King’s head and drove him onto the chair pile with a Pendulum Piledriver. King kicked out so Ciclope buried him under the fuckery and ended things with the Chilango Senton in tribute to Angel el Demonio. Ciclope had just won the first Crazy King Invitational. It had taken blood, sweat and fuckery but he’d done it. King had pushed him harder than any other opponent (and nearly blinded him) but he’d still come out on the other end the winner. That ended a huge night of Lucha Extrema as Ciclope ran away from Shiryu. What a fucking fun show. Again, GHC is kind of a hidden gem on IWTV so I’d recommend giving them a look if this sounded fun.

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