It was a packed AEW Dynamite this week, as Tony Khan and company headed back out on the road. Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander teamed up against The Bunny and The Blade, The Pinnacle and Inner Circle went to war in a 3-on-3 tag match, and Andrade El Idolo made his debut. The Young Bucks defended their gold in a street fight against Penta El Zero Miedo and Eddie Kingston, MJF and Chris Jericho sat down to discuss business, MMA was in the house as Dan Lambert had some choice words to say, and there was a surprise debut from AEW’s newest signing. First off, Cody Rhodes faced his old friend QT Marshall in a strap match.

South Beach Strap Match: Cody Rhodes W/ Arn Anderson vs QT Marshall W/ Nick Comoroto & Aaron Solow

Before the bell, Cody hit a Tope Suicida on QT Marshall. After attaching the strap, Cody choked Marshall but got thrown out of the ring. Cody hit a powerslam, then whipped Marshall’s back with the strap. Marshall went for a moonsault as Cody whipped him in the stomach. As Cody went to touch the third turnbuckle, Solow attacked him from behind. Dustin Rhodes ran down and battled Solow across the arena.

Back in the ring, Marshall whipped Cody with the strap, then choked him as he touched three turnbuckles. He suplexed Cody and walked back around the ring. Outside, Cody pulled the strap which sent Marshall into the ring post and busted his head open. As Cody walked around the ring, the lights went out, but it looked like a glitch.

Marshall hit a backbreaker/flatliner combo, then used the strap to whip Cody. Cody choked Marshall on the top turnbuckle but got dropped with a powerbomb. Marshall hit a diamond cutter as Cody balanced on the turnbuckle, then went to hit all four corners. As he went to touch the fourth one, Cody was able to stop him.

Cody took some straps to the torso and the back but was unaffected. He snapped and went after Marshall. Cody jumped off the turnbuckle and hit a beautiful cutter. Marshall spat in Cody’s face, so he delivered three Cross Rhodes and touched all four corners to win the match.

Thoughts: A great start to the evening. Cody finished strong with three Cross Rhodes and deserved to pick up the win over his former friend. ***

Shawn Spears Gets A Rude Awakening

Shawn Spears was cutting a promo earlier in the day about why he did what he did to Guevara last week. From out of nowhere, Guevara threw a chair in his face, and said, “I got you b*tch. This is far from over.”

Thoughts: Yes, Sammy. As much as I kind of want the Inner Circle and Pinnacle feud to end, this could be a wonderful match down the road.

Tony Schiavone Interviews the AEW World Champion

Schiavone welcomed Kenny Omega and Don Callis to the ring. Callis stole the mic off Schiavone and told him to leave the ring. He said he was here to give Miami a history lesson. The fans started to chant, “you got fired!” Callis said Omega had defeated Jon Moxley, Rey Fénix, Jungle Boy, and had won so many titles around the world. He called the fans insects and said he and Omega had a big problem: there was nobody left to beat.

The fans chanted “we want Hangman,” as The Dark Order walked out. Evil Uno asked why Omega was ignoring the crowd, why he was ignoring Hangman, and why he was so afraid. Omega asked Uno what happens to be the capital of Thailand, as he booted him between the legs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson ran out and beat up Dark Order. Hangman walked into the ring and came face to face with Omega.

As they talked trash to each other, Anderson got on the apron and distracted Omega as he got out of the ring.

Thoughts: Finally, the two have come face to face. I honestly can’t wait for this match to be made official. This whole angle with The Dark Order getting involved on behalf of Hangman has been fun. I’d be surprised if Omega retains when they do get in the squared circle together.

Jim Ross Sits Down With Darby Allin And Ethan Page

Ross said he was uneasy and disgusted that both guys talk about ending each other’s careers. Page began to talk, but Allin interrupted him. Allin said in one year, he’d achieved more than Page had done in 12. He said it was Page’s choice to have kids and get married, and called him a big fish in a small pond. Allin said Page hated that he had got to AEW before him.

Page said that was true. He said Allin skipped the line, but if it wasn’t for him, Allin would still be living in his car. He got him to where he is today. Page said it drove him insane watching a “little runt kid,” like Allin did it before him. He said next week in the Coffin Match, he would take Allin out.

Thoughts: A decent interview where both men were surprisingly calm. A Coffin Match sounds interesting, but I’d rather see them go at it one-on-one with no frills.

The Pinnacle (Wardlow, Cash Wheeler, & Dax Harwood) W/ Tully Blanchard vs Inner Circle (Jake Hager, Santana, & Ortiz) W/ Konan

Santana started off strong against Harwood. He hit two snap suplexes and a German suplex then landed a running elbow in the corner. Ortiz tagged in and hit a Northern Lights suplex. Wheeler tagged in and hit a powerslam. Wardlow entered the fray and hit a gut-wrench powerbomb on Ortiz. The Pinnacle took turns to weaken Ortiz, but he hit a back heel trip and a Liger bomb.

Hager tagged in and took out all three guys, sending them out the ring. After sulking at ringside, Harwood got back in the ring with Santana. Wardlow tagged in after Harwood dropped Santana throat-first on the top rope. He tossed around Santana and tagged Harwood back in. FTR went after Santana, but he broke free and nailed a cutter on Wheeler.

Ortiz tagged in and took out Wheeler and Wardlow who was stood on the apron. Inner Circle destroyed Wheeler, but Wardlow broke up Hager’s pin. FTR beat down Ortiz and almost got the victory. Ortiz landed a brainbuster and tagged Hager. Hager booted Harwood, then taunted Wardlow to come in. The brutes traded blows for what felt like forever. Hager locked in an ankle lock, but FTR hit the Big Rig on Hager to allow Wardlow to cover him. After the match, Konan went to attack Wardlow, but Blanchard chopped at his knee to knock him to the ground.

Thoughts: A solid performance by both teams. It wasn’t the most exciting of matches, but The Pinnacle got the job done. ***

The Good Brothers Have A Problem With Jon Moxley

The Good Brothers talked about their problem with Jon Moxley. Anderson talked about the beginnings of the Bullet Club and the Good Brothers in NJPW. They asked Moxley to defend the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship next week on Dynamite.

Thoughts: Oh boy. This is big. The AEW continue to build bridges across multiple promotions, and I am down to see Mox defend it against either Anderson or Gallows. Maybe they’re pushing for Omega to challenge for it. Who knows. Either way, it’s great news if it happens.

Stipulation Time

As the fans sang the final lines to Judas, MJF started moaning. He said Jericho was moaning about facing him, and it was sad. MJF said everyone wants a piece of the king of AEW. The fans chanted “Y2J,” but he said that part of him died years ago. Jericho said he should have let that fat bastard come in the ring and beat his ass (assuming that was one of the security guys who intervened moments before). Jericho said he would stand in front of any stipulation MJF threw at him, even if that meant having sex with his mother, again.

MJF said he knew Jericho was trying to rattle him. He said he used to follow Jericho and looked up to him. He said one of his favourite moments was his rivalry with Moxley. He asked Jericho if he remembered what he made Moxley do to get a shot at the AEW World Championship. He said karma sucked. MJF said Jericho would have to face four wrestlers of his choosing back to back. If he did that, then he would finally get that “MJF rub.” MJF asked Jericho if he would sign on the dotted line.

Jericho said if he couldn’t do what he asked, maybe he didn’t deserve to be in AEW. He said he was going to ruin MJF’s life, then signed the contract. As he walked away, MJF said that before Jericho walks away, they must shake hands to make sure the deal was done. MJF said the deal is off if he didn’t shake his hand. They shook hands, but Jericho didn’t let go. He spun him around and hit the Judas Effect.

Thoughts: Magnificent. These two are fantastic on the mic, and they each killed it. Jericho has a mountain to climb, but it is going to be one hell of a ride for the fans.

Schiavone Chats With Britt Baker

Baker was annoyed about facing Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero last week. She said Tony Khan should feel terrible about making Rebel wrestle. She said Khan should enjoy his blood money (referring to Andrade being brought in by Guerrero), and made a dig at WWE by saying next week, maybe AEW could take place in Saudi Arabia. Baker then said whilst Dallas is known as “The Big D,” it would be known as “The Big DMD” when she retains the title there.

Thoughts: Another solid promo by Britt Baker. She’s been one of the best talkers on the entire roster, and not just in the women’s division.

Matt Sydal vs Andrade El Idolo W/ Vickie Guerrero

Andrade hit a twisting brainbuster and went for a moonsault. Sydal moved out the way, but Andrade followed it up with a standing moonsault. Sydal hit a spinning kick and went to the ropes, but got kicked off by Andrade. Andrade delivered a flying elbow off the apron, then dropped him face-first into the apron. Andrade hit a basement dropkick from the apron to the ring, using the ropes to knock Sydal outside.

Back in the ring, Andrade hit Three Amigos in tribute to Eddie Guerrero. Sydal tried to fight back, hitting a spinning heel kick. He almost got the pin, but Andrade kicked out. Andrade floored Sydal with a lariat, then climbed the turnbuckle. Sydal followed but got his legs trapped. Andrade missed a leg stomp, then Sydal landed a meteora. Andrade drove his knees into Sydal’s back as his head rested on the bottom turnbuckle. He connected with El Idolo for the victory. After the match, he wrenched at Sydal’s arm.

Thoughts: A solid debut for Andrade in AEW. I’m excited to see where his career takes him now he has the opportunities WWE couldn’t give him. ***½

Christian Cage And Matt Hardy Address Their History

A video package aired with Matt Hardy and Christian Cage talking about their 23-year history. Cage said he didn’t come to AEW to be his friend. He did it to cement his legacy. Hardy said he wanted to get rid of Cage once and for all. They will be meeting each other next week at Fyter Fest.

Thoughts: These two definitely do have a lot of history, and both were normally considered to be the weaker of their respective partners. This will be a chance for them to step up and make one hell of a statement.

Black Out

Tony Schiavone talked about Arn’s son winning on his debut, and Cody’s victory earlier. Arn said it was good to be back in Miami. The lights went off once again as they did earlier. They came back on and Tommy End appeared (Aleister Black). He hit Black Mass on Anderson, then did the same to Cody who entered the ring. He is now known as Malakai Black.

Thoughts: I have no words. This is incredible. It was phenomenal to see Tommy End back in a promotion. AEW is perfect for him. His creativity is going to thrive here.

Ricky Starks Had Something To Say

Starks talked about his security and how they were here for his protection because he didn’t trust Brian Cage. Taz called it embarrassing. Starks said he had to do what he had to do. Starks commented on Cage’s wife. Cage ran in and cleared the ring of the security.

Thoughts: Nice build-up for their match for the FTW Championship.

The Bunny & The Blade vs Kris Statlander & Orange Cassidy

Cassidy did his little kicks on Bunny but didn’t finish as she tagged in Blade. Cassidy hit a standing dropkick. Blade threw him to the mat with a falling powerslam. Cassidy hit Stundog Millionaire as both women tagged in. Bunny connected with a running knee lift drop. Statlander hit a powerslam, then chops in the corner. She held Bunny in the air with a vertical suplex, then dropped her to the mat. Blade distracted Statlander, which allowed Bunny to hit her from behind.

Bunny hit a sliding elbow in the corner. She stomped on Statlander’s back and hand, then booted her in the chest. She landed a swinging neckbreaker, but couldn’t get the pin. Bunny wore down Statlander with a headlock then taunted Cassidy. Statlander threw Bunny across the ring, then kicked her in the side of the head. She dropped her with the Falcon Arrow, but Bunny kicked out.

Blade pulled Cassidy off the apron as Bunny hit a suplex. Blade tagged in and stood toe-to-toe with Statlander. Cassidy hit a flying DDT and almost grabbed the victory. Bunny pushed Cassidy off the turnbuckle, but Statlander fought her off. She hit Area 451 on Blade and Cassidy covered, but Bunny pulled him off. The Blade hit Cassidy with the brass knuckles with the ref distracted. He put his foot on Cassidy to cover, but the ref said he wasn’t legal. Statlander pushed Bunny into him and hit her with Big Bang Theory for the win.

Thoughts: It was a fairly decent match, but nothing special. I would have liked to have seen more from Cassidy and Blade, but Statlander was on fine form. **½

Jungle Boy’s Big Milestone

Jungle Boy was shown collecting an award for being the first wrestler to pick up 50 wins.

Thoughts: Well done, Jungle Boy. Your dad would have been proud.

Dan Lambert Had Something To Say

Tony Schiavone attempted to talk to American Top Team’s Dan Lambert. Lambert grabbed the microphone and said Khan asked him, Masvidal, and Nunes to attend tonight, but said nothing about an interview. He walked into the ring and said he was a busy man. He talked about watching his guy Dustin Poirier knock out Conor McGregor again. He was sceptical about coming because AEW sucks. Lambert continued to slate the company and said he would rather put on some old tapes from the 70s and 80s than come here. Lambert talked about how Khan invited him here and said he would enjoy it, but he thought it sucked. Lance Archer came down and hit him with Blackout.

Thoughts: Dan Lambert cut a great promo. I honestly thought Jorge Masvidal might get involved, and that would have been awesome. I wonder if we’re getting some kind of MMA crossover soon. He’s interfered in IMPACT before, so you never know.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Street Fight: Penta El Zero Miedo & Eddie Kingston vs The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) (C) W/ Brandon Cutler & Don Callis

Kingston and Penta took out Nick at ringside, but Matt jumped through the ropes and kicked them both. The Bucks superkicked Michael Nakazawa at ringside as he tried to hold Penta. Penta and Kingston got in the ring and were about to attack Cutler, but got attacked from behind. The challengers booted the Bucks’ heads as they rested on a steel chair, then Penta kicked a chair into Nick’s crotch from the top rope. Penta set up a table outside the ring as Kingston tore the frame of a table in the ring.

Kingston got powerbombed on the table in the ring by Nick as Penta hit a Canadian Destroyer on Matt off the apron and into the table at ringside. Nick set up a table against the turnbuckle and hit Kingston over the shoulders with a trash can. Nick kicked Eddie in the face, then smashed the trash can over Penta’s head. Kingston hit an exploder on Nick, then went running at him and missed, falling into the table at the turnbuckle.

Nick hit a rising knee strike and a bulldog on Kingston, then smashed him with the trash can. He climbed the turnbuckle then hit a senton on him as the trash can laid on his chest. Penta superkicked Nick in the jaw, then connected with sling blades on both members of the Young Bucks. Matt countered Penta with a release Northern Lights suplex. Matt hit a cannonball on Kingston as Nick booted him in the back. Penta booted Matt in the jaw as he was in a handstand on the turnbuckle. Kingston hit a half-and-half suplex as Penta hit a tornado DDT.

Nick hit a 450 splash on the referee as Matt tapped to Kingston. The Good Brothers ran out and beat down Kingston, but Penta landed a Tope con Hilo on them both. Frankie Kazarian ran out and put Cutler through a table. Penta landed a package piledriver as Kingston hit Fear Factor. Another ref ran out, but Nick pulled him out of the ring. Kazarian levelled Nick with a clothesline, but the Good Brothers hit Magic Killer on him outside the ring.

Kingston poured thumbtacks in the ring. Matt was about to powerbomb Kingston in the tacks, but Nick threw a trashcan at him. Nick hit a hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle and onto the thumbtacks, but Kingston broke up the pin. The Bucks superkicked Kingston and threw tacks in Penta’s face. The Bucks put tacks in Kingston’s mouth then superkicked him. They were able to pin Kingston for the win.

Thoughts: As far as street fights go, this was a great match. Gutted for Penta and Kingston, but they were never going to win with Gallows and Anderson at ringside. ****

Match of the Night: The Young Bucks vs Penta El Zero Miedo & Eddie Kingston

Best in Show: Malakai Black

Overall Rating: ***½


What’s Happening Next Week?

Here is AEW’s Fyter Fest Night One Card

  • Penelope Ford vs Yuka Sakazaki
  • Ricky Starks vs Brian Cage
  • Matt Hardy vs Christian Cage
  • Coffin Match: Darby Allin vs Ethan Page
  • IWGP US Championship Match: Jon Moxley (C) vs Karl Anderson

All images and videos courtesy of AEW – Very special thanks to Fite TV for the captures

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