Welcome back to ChocoPro wrestling. the OOAK Tag League blocks are over and as we build to the league finals and a very special episode; we’ve got some traditional ChocoPro contests to enjoy here. In this show, Lulu Pencil returns to action against Chon Shiryu, Sayaka goes one-on-one with Mei Suruga and in the main event, Chie Koishikawa gets another shot as Baliyan Akki. It’s a very high-energy episode, so let’s get into the action and see who came out strong when the singles action came back to the Chocolate Square.

Mei Suruga defeated Sayaka via Meteora Cover

The show opened with what was sure to be a hard-hitting contest between Sayaka and Mei Suruga. Sayaka had tried to set a challenge for herself by not only beating Suruga, the Big Apple of ChocoPro, but also beating her in under five minutes. Could she pull this off? Sayaka started with roll-ups and cracked her forearm off the wall when Suruga dodged. Suruga caught a kick and trapped Sayaka’s ankle in the window for a dropkick. She kept stomping and twisted up Sayaka’s legs for multiple leglocks. Sayaka returned fire with a knee drop bow and arrow and tried to come at Suruga with another forearm but just got stomped again after Suruga dropkicked her leg. Suruga went for her wall bounce but Sayaka pushed her off and thudded her against the wall with a forearm, then locked in a Crab after breaking her back with a body slam. Suruga forced a break and lashed back with a double stomp. She shook off the damage to her back and trapped Sayaka in the bridging Deathlock Armbar. Suruga missed another double stomp and Sayaka tied her in knots. Suruga got free and flattened Sayaka with a wall-run crossbody but ran right into a forearm trying to follow up. Sayaka launched her with a dropkick and tried for her bridging Suplex only for Suruga to turn it into a bridging pin trap. Suruga came at her with a Meteora pinfall and took the win. Sayaka was furious as she’d been unable to beat Suruga and failed her challenge. Suruga couldn’t brag too much; it had taken her ten minutes to beat Sayaka and Sayaka had given her some good licks. This ended up being a nice little return to singles action for both.

Chon Shiryu defeated Lulu Pencil via Diving Dragon Stomp

Up next was the return to action for Lulu Pencil. Her army had been absent during the tag league so now she was back on the mat and ready to fight. Her opponent was also looking to regain some wins after a failed stint in the OOAK League. She was fighting Dragon Ninja’s Chon Shiryu and he was more than ready to get back to winning. They started technically with Pencil trying to match Shiryu’s chain wrestling technique. Pencil stabbed Shiryu into a head-scissor and Shiryu trapped her in an Indian Deathlock. He dodged her stabbing attacks so she broke free with a headbutt and tried to match Shiryu in a test of strength, trying to tap him out by stretching him across her back. Shiryu escaped but Pencil tripped him with a Pencil Roll into the Pencil Lock. He escaped again and countered the back elbow drop into a shoulder-breaker. Shiryu continued to break the arm and dropped a fist on it for another hold. Pencil reversed a wall whip and sent Shiryu crashing into the wall. That was all she got though as Shiryu dodged the rolling dropkick and stomped her gut. Pencil countered him again with a roll into a kick and landed a Stabber off a chair. The pair went back-and-forth with chop counters and knocked knees going for stomps at the same time. Pencil stabbed the wounded knee and assaulted Shiryu’s legs with a back elbow drop. They both went to the window for offence and Shiryu locked on a crab through it. Pencil tried for a Tornado DDT and turned Shiryu’s catch into a head drop. Shiryu tried for multiple pin traps Pencil kicked him in the mouth and tried for La Magistral, then locked Shiryu in the Pencil Armbar. Pencil tried for the clothesline but Shiryu turned it into the Gory Bomb. She kicked out at two so Shiryu climbed to the window and ended things with a diving Dragon Stomp. Pencil may have lost here but she showed a whole lot of new ring smarts and durability. Pencil is still getting stronger and one day she’ll get that win she craves. For now, I’ll celebrate her getting to show her toughness and Shiryu getting a much-needed win after another belter.

Baliyan Akki defeated Chie Koishikawa via Akki’s Knot

Last but not least, the main event. The Hyperactive Chopping Machine Chie Koishikawa had another top-of-the-card spot as she went one-on-one with Baliyan Akki. Every time these two face-off, Koishikawa pushes Akki to the limit but never quite gets the win, was that going to happen again? They started with a lock-up and battled for wrist control. Koishikawa tried to go for a run but Akki turned it into a Hammerlock, forcing her to use more conventional means to escape his holds. Koishikawa forced a break and went on her run, nearly scoring the win with a roll-up. They went back to mat grappling and Akki went traditional with an Airplane Spin. He tied Koishikawa in another knot and Koishikawa lit him up with lethal chops. They both dodged pain and Akki tanked a dropkick to chop Koishikawa to the mat. The Namaste Stretch followed as Akki tried to snap Koishikawa’s arm off. He delivered splashes and stomps but couldn’t keep Koishikawa down. She tried for an arm-drag but Akki countered into an armbar the pair traded chops before Akki went for another reversal roll-up. Akki missed a wall chop and got hammered with more lethal chops and a wall dropkick as he nursed his injured hand. She dragged Akki around the mat and tried for the muffler but Akki kicked free into another striking contest. Akki won the exchange but Koishikawa rolled him up against the wall. She locked on a Guillotine and got he knees up as Akki tried to nail the Spider. Akki tripped Koishikawa into a Swanton and tried to land the Namaste Splash but Koishikawa chopped him into another Guillotine. Akki forced a break and dropped Koishikawa across his knee with a backbreaker but went for another ill-fated Namaste Splash and ate the mat. Koishikawa took advantage with a wall dropkick and locked on an Armbreaker. Akki reached the wall again but Koishikawa was ready and turned a Labyrinth attempt into the muffler. Akki rolled through and trapped Koishikawa in another multi-limb submission for the win.

Koishikawa had once again gone all-out against Akki but it just wasn’t quite enough. This had been a chess game of counters as both fighters know each other so well. Akki got the better of things this time but Koishikawa’s time is coming. She is continuously improving and Akki was having a hard time keeping her down here. The next time we’re at the Chocolate Square will be a bit different. Ichigaya will play home to Masahiro Takanashi’s You Only Live Twice, where the world of ChocoPro collides with many others across three stacked matches. Masahiro Takanashi goes one-on-one once again with Fuminori Abe, Chris Brookes and Yukio Sakaguchi battle Minoru Fujita and Baliyan Akki and Beauty As Is go against the formidable force of Sakisama and Mei Saint-Michel. That’s going to be incredible and SteelChair will be right here to cover it.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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