We’ve seen 44OH! and The Rejects warring for months now. Ever since the October war got cancelled, the factions have never stopped tearing each other apart. Now, we’d finally come to the show where both sides could attack in force. Alongside that, the chains would be graced by faces new and old as they came to Indiana to play. In this show, we’d see Calvin Tankman vs Justin Kyle, Matt Makowski vs Daniel Garcia, Dale Patricks vs Tommy Vendetta and so much more. Let’s get into the violence.

Fights, Camera, Action

Daniel Garcia defeated Matt Makowski via Short Piledriver

We opened with an MMA fight within the chains. Daniel Garcia and Matt Makowski are both known for their extensive martial arts and striking games but would the newcomer Makowski struggle with the chains or make them his ally? This went exactly as you’d want it to. They opened with technical exchanges and Makowski got to show off his ability early. It was a back-and-forth chess game of attempted submissions and counter wrestling. Garcia threw a chop so Makowski downed him with a harsh kick. The counterplay kept going as the pair kept trying to tap or choke the other out. Makowski’s kicks came out again and you could see the pain on Garcia’s face. He used a chair to block one of those kicks and Makowski got revenge by kicking the chair into him with a spin kick. He landed a Burning Hammer but Garcia kicked out. Garcia answered back with a German into a door and ended things with a short Piledriver. Weapon X had made a big impression stepping in at the last second but he’d fallen to the ICW smarts and survivability of Garcia. Welcome to the chains mat, please come back.

Brett Ison defeated Vincent Nothing via Psycho Driver

The heavy hits kept on coming as Vincent Nothing returned to ICW for his debut in the chains. He was once again in for a tough fight as he was going against the Human Shotgun, the King’s Road Killer, Brett Ison. These two were about to beat the shit out of each other. The started with ground grappling as Nothing went for an armbar. The pair came to blows and Ison dumped Nothing with a Saito after the slugs and kicks had come out. Both guys brought out the fire and got downed on a double clothesline. Nothing cleverly kicked Ison into a platform and caught him into a Northern Lights off the recoil. He tried to lock on a Triangle but Ison powered up and bombed him into the mat. Ison pulled Nothing into a Butterfly Piledriver and Nothing hung Ison out to dry on the chains before dropping him with a Belly to Back. Ison tried for a rolling elbow but Nothing dodged into a German. Ison popped right back up, delivered the elbow, and ended things with a Psycho Driver. Welcome back Brett Ison, I have missed you. This was exactly what a wanted, a sprint of a slug out with both guys throwing bombs and dropping each other. Pure violent fun.

Justin Kyle defeated Calvin Tankman via Avalanche Door-VD

Hoss fight time. Calvin Tankman was back in ICW and he was getting a shot at another hybrid hoss in Justin Kyle. This was going to be a battle of the big men with only one surviving. There’d be broken doors and broken bodies at the end of this one. They started by throwing hands and went blow for blow to the outside. Kyle took flight with a Superman dive and started throwing chairs. This just pissed off Tankman who took up a folding chair and cracked Kyle with it. They both smiled as they struck it out and Kyle forearmed a chair into Tankman’s collarbone. Tankman lit him up with more forearms and chopped Kyle in the chains. He didn’t stop there, throwing Kyle into the apron and the ring post. Kyle laughed off a body slam and tried to laugh off more but got cut off by a Tankman Splash. Tankman tried to end things with the hidden blade but Kyle ducked it into a Spinebuster. Kyle set up a door and caught Tankman out of a charge to deliver a Door-VD. Tankman stayed in it and tried for his own Door-VD but Kyle wriggled free and speared him through the door. Kyle set up another door and Tankman used the time to recover, elbowing free of Kyle and putting him through the door with a Powerbomb. The hidden blade followed and Kyle managed to kick out at two, shocking Tankman. He laid Kyle out on a final door and climbed to the top. Kyle followed him up and muscled Tankman up again for an Avalanche DVD. That kept Tankman down and netted Justin Kyle another win. These two monsters had taken inhuman levels of punishment and kept throwing down. I love it when Tankman appears in the chains and he definitely didn’t disappoint here.

SHLAK defeated Kevin Giza via Tube Door Spear

Oh no. Kevin Giza had come to the ring to play sacrificial lamb to SHLAK. Sick Boy was originally going to be here but travel restrictions fucked that up and now SHLAK needed someone to kill. Giza just so happened to be in his way. SHLAK gave chase around the venue and murdered him with a chair. SHLAK threw him through the crowd and narrowly avoided getting hit by a dropkick, causing Giza to crash into the concrete. He bit at Giza and smashed him against a ring post, then finally threw him back in the ring. Giza fought off Suplex attempts but came off worse when SHLAK dropped him on his head with a backdrop. He hit another onto a chair and ripped at Giza’s face before delivering another lethal throw. SHLAK Sabre Jr tried for an armbar but Giza turned it into a pin. The pair slugged it out and SHLAK downed Giza with a headbutt. He rearranged the furniture and ate a backstabber from Giza. He laid SHLAK out on a door and broke it with a Frog Splash. SHLAK instantly came back with a Fire Thunder Driver and kneed Giza into a chair pile Olympic Slam. Giza tried to fire up so SHLAK broke a bundle over his head. A tube door spear followed and SHLAK had won the match. Giza came to fight and got mugged by Public Animal Number One. It was a fun little scrap and killed some time. It’s nice to see Giza back.

Dale Patricks defeated Tommy Vendetta via Chokeslam

Time for some new blood as Tommy Vendetta made his ICW debut. The Loveable Psychopath was entering the chains and was going to make his mark against the deathmatch jackass Dale Patricks. With Patricks starting to gain some serious momentum, a win for Vendetta could open a whole lot of doors for him. Vendetta started smart and went after Patricks’ broken foot. He played possum and dived onto Patricks over the chains. He hit Patricks with a tube and threw him into the fans. Vendetta got a bit too carried away so Patricks suplexed him onto the concrete. Vendetta gave Patricks a shopping trolley to the knee and stabbed his knee with a chair. Patricks swung back and mangled Vendetta’s spine with multiple chairs. Patricks dropped a guardrail on Vendetta and kept him down with a block bat, firing up to deliver multiple shots. Vendetta fell onto the guardrail and Patricks broke him across it with a Swanton. Vendetta took a barbed-wire 2×4 to the cock and both guys got gusseted. Patricks punched down Vendetta and the pair sent blood flying with a slugfest. Both guys kept hammering away and Vendetta scored a near-fall with a Uranage. He broke more tubes on Patricks’ injured leg and teased fans with a bundle so Patricks broke the bundle into Vendetta with a chair shot. He scored a near-gall with a powerslam and broke a kendo stick over Vendetta. Patricks tried to end things but Vendetta put them both through a barbed-wire door with a backpack cannonball. He set up a can door and covered it in blocks. He tried to charge Patricks and threw himself through a barbed-wire door. Patricks came back quick with a Tiger Driver into the cans and ended things with a Chokeslam. This had been a war. Patricks and Vendetta really brought the fight and damn near killed each other in the process. What a lot of fun that ended with an excellent show of sportsmanship.

Neil Diamond Cutter defeated Brandon Kirk (w/Kasey Kirk) via Pane Breaker Chair Shot

We next came to the plight of the Honey Badger. Neil Diamond Cutter is another fighter who’s been gaining steam lately but now he would have to deal with two opponents as Brandon Kirk never fights alone, his wife’s always there to help him. They tried to open with a battle on the mic but Cutter smashed a bundle on him when Brandon snatched the mic. He headbutted a gusset into Kirk then punched it into his shoulder. Cutter tripped Kirk onto a chair and rammed him throat-first into the platform. He tried for the senton but Kirk moved and went after Cutter with a fork. He broke a bundle on Cutter and gave him a gusset to the head, booting it in further with a punt kick. Kirk set up a fork board and tried to smash Cutter through it but got nothing but forks as Cutter dodged. Cutter didn’t pause and headbutted Kirk in the dick, then flew into an elbow drop. Cutter took too long celebrating and Kirk pounced him into the forks. Kirk pulled in a tyre, set a bundle in it, and threw Cutter into both. Kasey came to the rescue as Brandon was losing a headbutt fight and Cutter took too long dealing with her, causing him to miss another senton. Kirk threw a lariat and the pair both got up to throw hands. Cutter knocked Kirk down for the badger bomb. He tried to hit the moonsault off the chains but Kirk got his knees up. Kirk hit an imploding Michinoku Driver onto a chair but still only got two. Kirk went to get a guardrail and Kasey came in to rough up Cutter. She kicked Cutter in the cock and dropped him on his head with a Satellite DDT. The Kirks set up fuckery and Cutter tied the pair together, hit them with low blows, and drove both onto the fuckery with a double cutter. He broke a pane on Brandon with a chair shot and took the win. Cutter wanted to test if the Kirks were till death do you part and now he got his answer. Once again, this was a fun little plunder match with a nice slice of creative comedy brought into it.

Tank (w/Reverend Dan the Dragon Wilson) defeated Satu Jinn via Glass Pane Cannonball

Time for a proper hoss fight. Tank and Satu Jinn were about to have a proper big boy deathmatch that would no doubt span the entire venue, given Jinn’s love of chaos. Tank has been trying to test the mettle of every tough guy in ICW’s deathmatch division, would the Deathmatch Genie pass his test? They opened with headbutts and Jinn headbutted Tank so hard he left the ring. Jinn gave chase with his cane knife and raked it across Tank’s mouth and forehead. They brawled towards the bleachers as Tank hit Jinn with a cap bat and a gusset pizza pan. Jinn fired up but Tank swatted him away and threw him through the fan seats. They brawled to the other side of the ring and Tank smashed Jinn with Wilson’s goat skull, stabbing a horn into Jinn’s mouth. A barfight broke out and Tank took advantage by raking the eyes. They both got gusseted and Tank attacked Jinn with a tack bat. They fought up the bleachers and Tank took a seat after Jinn nailed him with a flurry. Both guys hit each other with cans and Jinn sat on his head. Tank ate ass to get free and the fight around the bleachers resumed, this time Jinn biting as he snacked on Tank’s nose. Tank bit low again and Jinn fell down the stairs. They drifted back to the ring and Jinn hammered Tank with more fuckery. Jinn grabbed low again and bit into Tank’s face a second time to avoid getting hit with a chair, then crushed Tank’s throat with a chair. Jinn pelted Tank with a pane of glass and got cut up by the shards as Tank glassed him. Tank nailed Jinn with the world’s toughest glass pane and broke a separate pane with a cannonball. Tank got the win and Jinn had just brought the funniest match of the night against a deathmatch veteran. This was great fun with both guys taking the brawling to new levels. Again, I admire the creative comedy and the fact they both made something fun out of this.

44OH! (Eric Ryan, Atticus Cogar & Bobby Beverly) defeated The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch, Reed Bentley & AKIRA) via Roll-up on Murdoch

Here we go, the main event. Two factions, six men, one ring and a giant pile of fuckery. This bad blood has been pouring through for months as 44OH! and The Rejects have been sniping at each other since Eric Ryan and John Wayne Murdoch first clashed. There have been so many wins and losses on both sides, now it was time for something more definitive. 44OH! got an entrance, then as they were milling about the ring, The Rejects jumped them. Cogar and Beverly ate glass panes and all three picked on Cogar. Ryan came in and got bounced off two unbreakable panes of glass. The Duke took flight and crashed down on 44OH! with a senton. Fights broke out everywhere as Bentley hit Cogar with an exploding bat and AKIRA and Murdoch nailed Beverly and Ryan with tubes. More tubes broke and 44OH! slowly started getting back into it. AKIRA dropped Beverly on carpet strips and then got shanked by Cogar as 44OH! switched dance partners. The Rejects used fans as weapons against Cogar and Bentley hit him with the Eagle using bundles. Anarchy rained everywhere as even the cameras had difficulty keeping up. Murdoch attacked people with saws and we got the next fight in the Attikira saga. AKIRA avoided getting skewered and drove one of his bullets that bite into Cogar’s head. The bullet stuck and AKIRA sent it flying out with a Half and half. Ryan and Beverly made the save and slammed AKIRA on carpet strips. AKIRA was tortured and whenever Murdoch or Bentley tried to make the save, they were swatted away. 44OH! blasted AKIRA with the assisted cannonball and Cogar went coast to coast launching a chair. AKIRA fought them all off and scored a near-fall with the Death Spiral. Bev knocked him loopy with a pop-up knee and Saito, then Cogar skewered AKIRA. Murdoch saved him from the Snuff Stomps and chaos reigned as everyone hit finishers. Cogar skewered Bentley and hit the Brain Haemorrhage onto another invincible glass pane, then hit a second breaking the pane. Bentley rolled away so Cogar slugged it out with Murdoch. Cogar escaped the Brainbuster and hit an Air Raid Crash to the chair. After more back-and-forth, both fell from a platform awkwardly and the pair fought up again. Murdoch nailed the Deep South Destroyer but Ryan was waiting in the wings to roll Murdoch up. 44OH! took the day after a whole fuck ton of warring. Fuck 44OH! Count: 1

Best of the Bloodletting


  • Once again, the new blood proves to be a great acquisition for ICW. Matt Makowski did a great job filling in, Vincent Nothing delivered another killer match and Tommy Vendetta blew everyone away. The “please come back” chants are ringing out again.
  • Tankman Vs Kyle was an excellent hoss fight with both guys near enough breaking the other’s jaw on the way to victory. ICW is always about more than the deathmatches and this might have perfectly shown that.
  • Vendetta vs Patricks and The Kirks vs Cutter were both excellent plunder matches with everyone showing off amongst creative fuckery. Both had their fun moments and both delivered on the violence.
  • I cannot fault Tank vs Jinn. It was a fun little around the arena brawl with more biting than a vampire flick. When the match could have easily been slow and plodding, I love seeing the different approaches and the fun they had with it.
  • That main event was pure lunacy. Chaos went on everywhere as ICW’s top factions had a battle for dominance. Once again, AKIRA got to be the lone warrior against all three, then Murdoch took over in a final act against Cogar that nearly went horribly wrong. Hopefully, everyone is okay as that was the only black mark on some excellent faction warfare.

What Happens Next?

  • Matt Makowski would be an excellent addition for ICW considering he is adept at cage fighting and seemed more than comfortable in the chains. He would be an excellent addition to the strong non-deathmatch contingent of the company whilst guys like Giza and Vendetta have proven they can hang in the deathmatch department.
  • Justin Kyle just toppled a monster in Tankman. That is a very strong showing to have the night before a title shot, especially when you might be going in against a wounded champion. In fact, everyone fighting again on the second show could be going in hurting after this main event.
  • Satu Jinn may have lost against Tank tonight but he could always regain that win in the four-way home run derby on the second show where the pair will meet again alongside Danny Demanto and Casanova Valentine.
  • The Rejects cannot be happy with how that main event ended. Victory was right within their grasp when Eric Ryan stole the win from under their noses. It was a nasty loss in their big feud so they no doubt have plans to avenge it.

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