Welcome back to GCW and the remains of the Texas tour. The outlaws had done Houston and now they were travelling to Dallas to put on another super-show. There was some card subject to change action to be had but it didn’t hurt the show at all. Things were going to be fun. In this show, we’d see Joey Janela against Ninja Mack, Chris Dickinson vs Bryan Keith, the SGC challenge, SHLAK vs Sadika, BUSSY explode, and more leading to the changed main event where AJ Gray pulls double duty to challenge for the GCW Ultraviolent Title against Alex Colon. Let’s get into the brutality.

Joey Janela defeated Ninja Mack via Flip Counter Driver

Joey Janela was opening the show once again against a master of the flips. He’d bested Dante Leon, now he was setting his sights on the other fighter in this air-bending pair, Ninja Mack. We know that Mack is one of Janela’s new favourites. Could that lead to a win? Janela decided to show that he too could fly in this one as he hit the first dive, sending Mack into the crowd. Mack wasn’t going to stay grounded and what followed was an exceptional back-and-forth bout of excellence as Janela and Mack went to war. Janela was trying to keep things grounded and even worked the hold with a headlock. He went full-on technical and traditional wrestler to stop Mack from firing up those flips. When both guys got going this was great fun. Janela was desperately trying not to be outdone by Mack and went all out to put Mack away. This was the most defensive I’d seen Mack be and it helped show he could counter wrestle as well as flip. Those flips came to bite Mack in the ass as he went for his ultimate dive and Janela countered into a Driver. Janela had won again but it had taken a lot of work against the Mack. Atticus Cogar wasn’t going to let Janela celebrate though and sent him away from Dallas skewered.

Tony Deppen defeated Starboy Charlie via 450 Counter Roll-up

Next up was the next test for Starboy Charlie. GCW has been putting him against the company’s biggest stars to season him. We’d seen him battle Dickinson and now he was going to have to battle the gatekeeper, Tony Deppen. This would be interesting because Charlie found a way to bring it to Dickinson so I was intrigued to see what he’d do against Deppen. Charlie started hot but Deppen’s going to do what Deppen does and slowly ground down and beat down Charlie. He made sure to mock the fans too for supporting Charlie but whenever he did Charlie came back to show why they believe in him. Both guys were throwing bombs and both ended up downed from their efforts. Deppen had to resort to dubious tactics and even then, Charlie was popping off move after move. Icarus flew too close to the sun though and Deppen put Charlie away with a 450 Counter roll-up. Veteran savvy won the day but even Tony Deppen had been shocked by the might of the Starboy. This was an excellent little match but the best may be yet to come as Charlie gets Jonathan Gresham next.

Chris Dickinson defeated Bryan Keith via Cross Armbreaker

Time for things to get stiff. After tearing it up with AJ Gray, Bryan Keith was coming for another bounty and another heavy hitter, the Dirty Daddy Chris Dickinson. Once again, it would be a battle of two heavy-hitting hybrids who would kill an opponent in a ring. That’s what I expected to happen for most of this match because neither man held back. This was no holds barred, strong style match of lethal striking, heavy countering, and Keith fighting from below to make Dickinson remember his name. There isn’t as much to say for this one because it is exactly as you’d want it to be. Two grizzled, hard-hitting monsters doing what they do best against each other and kicking away death until the very last second. There was a lot to enjoy here and it’s totally the type of match that’s better off just watched than described. Bryan Keith could be an incredible boon for GCW if they use him more, they could always do with another heavy hitter.

Dante Leon defeated Jack Cartwheel via Spinal Tap Cutter

The flips were back as End Seeker Dante Leon was back for night 2 and he was setting his sights on the Rocketwheel Jack Cartwheel. Both guys were trying to avenge losses they gotten in Houston meaning they were even more likely to throw caution to the wind to get that win. Cartwheel seemed to be on full-form and the ring conditions were better for flying. Leon wasn’t messing around either as he wouldn’t let Cartwheel get away with his usual tricks. There was no keeping him down though as both guys started to fire off through strikes and flips. Leon seemed to be obsessed with knocking out Cartwheel as most of his attacks were aimed at the head and face. A door was set up and Cartwheel too went to the head with an apron headlock driver. That door was broken with a Shooting Star Press from Cartwheel and tried to end things with a Spinal Tap but Leon turned it into a Cutter and took the win. This was an excellent little sprint of a match full of fun flippy stuff. It was nice to see Cartwheel back in form too.

SGC Four-Way: AJ Gray defeated Mance Warner, Matthew Justice & 1 Called Manders via Guillotine Chair Drop

Here comes the chaos. SGC love to fight and seemingly more than anything, they love to fight each other. Now they decided it was time for a four-way challenge to see which was the toughest madman in the group. Manders, Mance, Justice and Gray were all about to beat the hell out of each for the hell of it. Beers, chairs and doors all came into play as these four created a hurricane of destruction around the venue. Justice started off playing smart and hiding out but even he couldn’t resist the action. Bodies flew, cowboys hit Mandersaults and enough plunder was broken to make Home Depot cry. Whilst the crowd wanted them to hug it out, Mance used the chance to eye poke and the group continued throwing fists and slaps for fun. This got so out of hand yet never stopped being pure fun. They even made an impossible to use plunder tower as the crowd wanted them to build some shit. Justice was screwed over by faulty lighters so Mancer Chokeslammed Manders through the pile and tried to burn it all down. Gray murdered everyone with chairs and took the win with a Guillotine chair drop on Manders. This had been pure chaos full of plunder, lighter fluid and Whataburger, that Gray shared with his crew after winning.

Jimmy Lloyd defeated Façade (w/Dani Mo) via Chair Pile Joker Driver

We came back post-intermission to Jimmy Lloyd battling another flippy fighter. This time it was the Neon Ninja, Façade. Lloyd tried to dominate the match but was in for a shock as Façade rocked him with his unique brand of offence but also brought the hardcore game with a ton of chairs. Façade nearly ended things with a chair platform destroyer and tried to bring out the bundles. He ended up breaking them into himself with a triple jump Moonsault and ate another bundle from Lloyd. From there Lloyd got extra aggressive as he tried to break Façade’s neck with a DDT-Stroyer. Façade had taken the fight to Lloyd but the tubes had cost him here. I’m all for getting out the glass but it had cost Façade here and given Lloyd the chance to win. This was another fun little sprint that eased fans back into things post-intermission.

SHLAK defeated Sadika via Chair Brainbuster

Who’s ready for some death? SHLAK, the human meat grinder was meeting someone equally as dangerous in Sadika. Both of these deathmatch destroyers were about to clash for some beautifully unhinged violence. SHLAK instantly went on the attack and tried to rip Sadika’s face and mask off. Sadika did not take that well and started trashing SHLAK around the crowd. Chairs came into play as La Reina Extrema went to work rearranging the furniture. Their lawless brawling kept escalating as SHLAK hit low and Sadika suplexed him through chairs. More plunder came out as doors and some barbed wire came into play so SHLAK speared them both into it not once but twice. Sadika didn’t want to stay down and started fighting free but SHLAK managed to keep countering and drove her through one of the expensive rental chairs with a Brainbuster for the win. It had been a messy brawl but that’s where both fighters prosper. Something seemed to go wrong here as SHLAK was unhappy at the end and refused to show up so she called him out for a rematch with a chain of insults. I sense these two might just clash in the Junkyard at Zona 23.

Allie Katch defeated EFFY via Katch Boston Crab

Is BUSSY okay? Was BUSSY about to explode? We’d find out now as EFFY had accepted Allie Katch’s open challenge. EFFY had been the weak link in BUSSY costing the team wins so now they were going to duke it out and we’d see if they were okay at the end. It became Katch vs EFFY Kat as he wanted to get into her head. What came after was a back-and-forth clash of personalities and styles as both fighters gave it their all to try and take the other down. We got mind games, mocking, throwbacks, hardcore and more. This was a dramatic epic as we even saw Allie Katch’s mum get involved and out-wrestle EFFY when the Katch-Style Piledriver didn’t work. EFFY really turned evil when he ripped off Mama Katch’s prosthetic foot and hit Katch with it. This was insane. EFFY made a chair pile and scored a near-fall with a head in trunks piledriver. Both fighters became invincible and Katch reversed a face invader into the Katch Boston Crab and took the win. Allie Katch had won the fight but at what cost? We’d seen what EFFY was capable of now, he’d mocked her, her mother and done despicable things. Thankfully BUSSY was fine, EFFY was fine and BUSSY never plans to lose again.

GCW Ultraviolent Title: Alex Colon defeated AJ Gray via Crucifix Powerbomb

Main event time. Nick Gage had been taken off the card for his own well-being, something I cannot decry and in it’s place Colon had put out a challenge for the Ultraviolent Title in its place. The crowd was getting a title fight still and just who was going to be the challenger? The MF’N Truth AJ Gray going for his second massacre of the night. Colon was pissed so he was going to take that out on Gray. Glass instantly smashed as Colon broke a bundle on Gray and broke some tubes on himself for energy. Gray found himself on the wrong end of tube double knees and the pair traded glass and fists around the ring. The lariat came into play early as Gray just clotheslined a bundle into Colon. Both guys got carved up and Gray powerbombed Colon through a door. Colon returned fire and threw Gray through a door and beat him with the remains, nailing Gray with a bundle and a DDT for good measure. Gray managed to dodge death and turned another bundle charge into a spinning wheel kick. A tube duel broke out and went headbutt wild in the spooky dust. Colon hit the Spanish Fly and broke a tube trashcan over Gray but couldn’t keep him down. He locked on the Camel Clutch but Gray used a tube to try and break the hold and crawled to the ropes. Gray took more glass to Colon and sent him sprawling to the concrete with another bundle. Colon took another hard fall as Gray put him through the tube trashcan with a Superplex. Colon refused to stay down and nailed Gray with a sleeper Suplex, Uranage knee and tried for the Camel Clutch again but Gray broke it with tubes. They battled on the second rope and Colon smashed another bundle over Gray’s back and ended things with a Crucifix Bomb. This had been a glass-coated war of attrition as Gray fought through the wounds of his earlier match for a shot at more gold. Colon should have fought Gage but he made the most of his main event and helped show why both guys in that ring are where they are now. When Colon vs Gage comes around, Gage has better be ready, I’ve never seen Colon so ready.

All images courtesy of GCW, FITE, Screenshots, HeyyImRob

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