Welcome back to ICW NHB and the fallout of the Indiana tour. After the faction warfare the night before, it was time to take most of the fighting elsewhere. John Wayne Murdoch had to worry about Justin Kyle gunning for his title, AKIRA had to tangle with the Honey Badger and Reed Bentley was the only one keeping the war going with a match against Bobby Beverly. Plus, we’d have returning faces, Homerun derbies and the debut of Aaron Williams as ICW looked to end their Indiana stint with a bang. Let’s get into the carnage to see who prospered.

Fights, Camera, Action

Gary Jay defeated Aaron Williams via KO Forearm

Up first was some not so friendly waring between the tag partners of Unsigned and Don’t Care. Aaron Williams was finally making his debut for ICW and was originally meant to showcase his skills against Nolan Edward. Injuries happened and Gary Jay was filling that void. We were in for a little bit of the old ultraviolence. They opened with some technical tomfoolery, then Williams trapped Jay against the corner and lit him up with kicks into a Saito. Jay came at Williams with dives through the chains and Williams caught him out of the third into a Shoulderbreaker and high kick. Williams set up a door and sent Jay flying into the crowd with a Crucifix Powerbomb. Jay hit Williams with his own stiff kicks and brought out those lethal chops. Jay started laying into Williams and Williams made him pay for it with a Military Press into two Moonsaults. The Stiff Robo Ginger got a stiff Droog kicking and slugged it out with Williams. Williams got the better of the exchange with a straight punch and caught a rolling elbow into another nasty kick combo. He tried to follow Jay outside with a dive but the chains hung him up and he went into a door. Despite the blood pouring down his face, Williams was back trading chops and eating a whole barrage of stiff chops to deliver another chest caver of a kick. They returned to the ring and Jay rocked Williams with a forearm into a door-VD. Williams regained control with a Hangman’s club and powerbombed Jay through a door for another two-count. They knocked each other loopy with vicious forearms and Jay tanked another kick and small package to score the win with a KO forearm shot. This was awesome, despite my worrying about Williams’ eye wound. These two nailed the opening match hype and Williams got the warm welcome to ICW he deserved.

Dale Patricks defeated Brandon Kirk (w/Kasey Kirk) via Guardrail combo

The fuckery was starting early as the Deathmatch Jackass prepared to fight the Rogue. That’s right, Dale Patricks was clashing with Brandon Kirk and things were going to get bloody. Patricks is really building momentum now but Kirk has been known to play spoiler before and could easily do it again. Both Kirks got drowned out on the mic so Brandon assaulted Patricks with a bundle. He smashed another in Patricks’ face and pelted him with a chair. Brandon then wrapped that chair around Patricks’ ankle and smashed it in with another chair. Yep, Patricks is still wrestling with a broken foot. He cock-shot Patricks with a kitchen sink nutcracker and slammed him into blocks. Right now, it was all Kirk as he trashed Patricks with a trashcan and made the mistake of turning his back on the Jackass. Patricks came back with trashcan shots and gave Kirk a kitchen sink nutcracker too. Patricks started pummelling but Kirk took out the knee again and brought out a gusset. That entered Patricks’ skull and Patricks used it on Kirk when he got distracted with tubes. Patricks landed a powerslam into the blocks and put Kirk through a stripboard with a DVD. Kirk went full-on HHH with a sledgehammer pane-breaker to Patricks’ junk and somehow still only got two. The Kirks set up a guardrail and Brandon accidentally blasted Kasey with a bundle as Patricks dodged. Patricks capitalised with a Tiger Driver and Chokeslam against the guardrail and took the win. The Deathmatch Jackass proved to be unkillable once again as he took a merciless pummeling from Kirk here. This was reflected in the fact Kirk actually gave a handshake at the end of the match.

Neil Diamond Cutter defeated AKIRA via Roll-up

Up next was the battle of the MASADA bait. Both Cutter and AKIRA will be fighting MASADA in Texas and after a war of words on Twitter, the pair were fighting each other now because the Hooligans and the Rejects have been fighting for years. AKIRA was hurting from the previous show and other commitments so Cutter had a target here. AKIRA tried to shake off the injured arm and score a quick win with a series of pinfalls. Cutter pummelled the arm and hurled AKIRA into a barbed-wire door. He shot a ladder at AKIRA and snapped carpet strips over his back. AKIRA got revenge by whipping Cutter into a ladder and almost bulldogged the ladder down onto him. AKIRA sacrificed life and limb to hit a ladder senton and Cutter brought out the tubes, smashing them into AKIRA’s leg and head. Cutter nailed AKIRA with headbutts and tried for a Door-VD but AKIRA wiggled off and threw Cutter through the door. He beat Cutter with the broken pieces and crushed him through a trashcan with a double stomp. AKIRA went for a bullet but Cutter was ready and broke more strips on him. AKIRA relented and headbutted a bullet into Cutter’s head. A slugfest broke out and the pair brutalised each other with headbutts. Cutter downed AKIRA and winded him with the Badger Bomb. He landed the chair Moonsault and AKIRA broke the chair with a Michinoku Driver into a Dragon Sleeper. Cutter escaped by clawing the arm and dropped AKIRA with a Falcon Arrow. AKIRA fired up but Cutter ducked a kick and took the win with a roll-up. Injured or not, AKIRA had brought the fight and forced Cutter to rely on his veteran instincts to get him through. This was a tough one to watch knowing how mangled AKIRA’s arm is but the pair did the best with what they had.

Homerun Derby: Satu Jinn defeated Casanova Valentine, Tank (w/Reverend Dan “The Dragon” Wilson) & Danny Demanto via Glass Pane Cannonball on Tank

Well, it was time for more chaos. Four men, a whole lot of bats and bludgeoning tools, and only one winner’s purse. Satu Jinn, Tank, and Casanova Valentine were all getting a chance to batter the boss as Danny Demanto made himself a last-minute replacement to this match. Simply put, this was going to be a clusterfuck. They started by throwing hands and Valentine and Demanto took bats to Tank and Jinn. The fighting broke outside and the tides turned as everyone got levelled with fuckery. The fans weren’t safe either as all four men took the fight into the stands. Jinn broke Hank the Light tube on Demanto and Tank gave Valentine the tack bat treatment. Carnage was breaking out everywhere so the cameras could not keep up. Demanto put Valentine through a barbed-wire board and Jinn gave Tank a second round with the Cane Knife. Demanto tasted a door after taking the Text Message Break-Up and Tank ate a snap bat to the back. From there we saw fragile alliances form and more people eat fuckery as more bats broke and Demanto put Valentine through a table with a diving elbow. Jinn stunned Tank into a corner and got revenge with a glass pane cannonball. That got the win and gave Satu Jinn a big win over all three men in the match. The Deathmatch Genie is reaching new heights in the company and could end up being a bigger player soon. What a car crash of a match. RIP Hank.

Eric Ryan defeated Orin Veidt via Snuff Stomps

Orin Veidt was back in ICW! The Wizard King had left the Emerald Kingdom to come and give Eric Ryan a shit-kicking. These two have clashed before in the Pit, let’s see what happens when the fight is taken to the chains. Would Veidt get Snuff Stomped again? The pair opened with chain wrestling as Veidt gleefully tied Ryan in knots. He brought out his knives and started carving up Ryan, then locked him in a Bow and Arrow. Ryan jabbed Veidt with a fork but knives were winning so far. Ryan changed that by throwing a handful of forks at Veidt and cut into him with another. Ryan slammed Veidt onto more forks and tried to choke him out. Ryan pulled out even more forks and delivered another body slam into the silverware. He covered the canvas in broken glass and delivered a third body slam. He kept the onslaught going with a glass backdrop and when Ryan got too cocky so Veidt forearmed and booted Ryan into the glass. Ryan went to the throat but Veidt held on and dropped Ryan in the glass with Total Anarchy. More glass was poured onto the canvas and Veidt did the deal with a Stalling Falcon Arrow. The pair both countered death and Veidt put Ryan through a door with an Assault Driver. Ryan went to the eyes again and hit a short Piledriver into the glass and Veidt trapped Ryan in a glassy pin trap but neither could keep the other down. Ryan countered a second Assault Driver and dragged Veidt into the glass pile for the killing Snuff Stomps. Veidt had taken Ryan to the limit but those lethal Snuff Stomps signed another death warrant. This was an ace little match with the horror coming from the technical wrestling going on in the glass. Fuck 44OH! Count: 1

Reed Bentley defeated Bobby Beverly via Tiger Driller

Time for some brawling and bruising as we got another 44OH! vs Rejects fight. Reed Bentley was feeling the sting of defeat so he was going to take it out on 44OH!’s newest member, Bobby Beverly. This was going to get rough. They started off throwing hands and took the fight outside. Bentley broke the first bundle and took the brawling to the bleachers. They fought all around the venue and traded shots amongst the fans, making sure each section got a show. Bentley collapsed down the concrete and Beverly crushed his head in a guardrail. Bentley came back with chair shots and landed the Eagle with tubes before carving into Beverly’s head with some glass. Bentley broke more bundles on Beverly and Beverly broke tubes into Bentley’s shirt with a pelted chair. He carved up Bentley with broken glass and the pair duelled with more tubes. Beverly backdropped Bentley onto an apron bundle and Bentley speared Beverly onto a tube door. They struck it out in the ring and Bentley nailed a hammerlock bundle lariat. The pair traded Saitos and Beverly cut off Bentley with a pop-up knee. Bentley kicked back and broke another bundle on Beverly with an axe kick. Bentley tried to set up the end but Beverly brought him crashing through chairs with a deadly drive. Bentley kicked out of that and the twisting fisherman buster then nailed Beverly with the sliding D combo. The Tiger Driller followed and Bentley had put away the Bev finishing the work he’d started last night. This was a war. Bentley and Beverly beat the shit out of each other all around the venue, breaking more glass than anyone else and taking more punishment than anyone else. What a fight. 44OH! Fucked Count: 1

ICW American Deathmatch Title: John Wayne Murdoch defeated Justin Kyle via Flaming Door Brainbuster

Here we go, main event time. John Wayne Murdoch was about to defend his crown against a newcomer to the deathmatch scene. Justin Kyle had laid down the gauntlet and now he was stepping into the world of deathmatch to try and take that title. Kyle has been nye on unstoppable in ICW, could he conquer this new terrain and put down the Duke too? Kyle can get hardcore but was he ready for the other elements that lurk in these matches? They opened with a striking contest with Kyle sending Murdoch reeling. Kyle knocked Murdoch about and deadlifted him into two overhead tosses. Murdoch dodged the third by breaking tubes on Kyle’s head and cut him up with a broken bundle. Murdoch kept breaking tubes and carved into Kyle with a saw. They struck it out around a glass pane and Kyle scooped Murdoch up and threw him through it. They brawled around the outside, breaking more tubes and Murdoch threw Kyle through a door. Kyle got another bundle to the dome and stunned Murdoch with a mop for more tubes to the head. Murdoch took a knife to Kyle’s forehead and kept cutting down, sticking the knife in Kyle’s ass. The pair kept trading glass and Kyle sent Murdoch flying with a Superman Dive. He went for the kill with a Tube Jackhammer but Murdoch kicked out and dodged a door spear, watching Kyle put himself through it. Kyle kicked out of the Brainbuster at one and nearly ended Murdoch with a Superman Punch and Spear. Kyle prepared to set a door on fire but Murdoch brained him with tubes and set the door alight. He nailed the Brainbuster and kept his title another day. Kyle had stepped into the devil’s domain and almost came out the champ. That is how you come at the Duke. What a fucking fun way to end a show.

Best of the Bloodletting

  • Hell yeah, Aaron Williams has come to ICW and he absolutely nailed his match against Gary Jay. Despite the wounding, he put on a strong style clinic against his own tag partner and got the fans riled up. Hopefully, this isn’t the end of Williams’ run in ICW. I’d love to see him in the Pit.
  • This was an excellent show for plunder matches and brawls. Patricks and Kirk had the best of the plunder bouts and Beverly and Bentley put on one hell of a compelling brawl. This show was one continuous mass of fun matches with everyone delivering in some regard.
  • It was excellent to see Orin Veidt back and get a chance to have another technically charged deathmatch with Eric Ryan. It was a nice change of pace and once again shows how hybridised Deathmatch wrestling can be.
  • Justin Kyle fucking brought it. Most people stepping into the deathmatch arena half-ass it but Kyle came, saw, and took copious amounts of glass. He was prepared for anything and took Murdoch to his limits by being an absolute monster.

What Comes Next?

  • Bring Aaron Williams back. We’ve had one match with him in and people loved it. Now, keep that ball rolling and give him another round in the chains or a fight in the Pit. There’s still way more for him to show off.
  • AKIRA and Neil Diamond Cutter will both be stepping into the MASADA den come Texas. They both proved they could hang against each other but how will they fare when they step up to the Ultraviolent Beast. Hopefully, AKIRA is fully healed up by then.
  • Reed Bentley wants the Kirks and that will be a fun little bloodbath to observe. Alongside that Orin Veidt wants to be there more often, why not bring him in for more shows and give us a rematch against Reed.
  • John Wayne Murdoch has better brace himself as he’s getting Sadika again in Texas. La Reina Extrema nearly killed him in Atlantic City. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and Murdoch more than scorned her out of the title last time they met. She is going to try and kill him.

All images courtesy of ICW, FREEBIRDS Shop, Ash Dabbath, Gary Jay, Stoney Ciccone

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