Welcome back to Paradigm and to another super-sized super-show of UWFI fights and deathmatch violence. 12 matches are lurking on this card with the first ten being fought under UWFI rules and the last two being highly violent deathmatches. We’d see a whole host of Paradigm regulars and new faces taking to the rule-set with varying success. When the UWFI runs out we’ll get Hoodfoot vs Josh Crane under Terminal Combat and Ron Mathis going full-on deathmatch against 44OH!’s Bobby Beverly. Let’s get into the maddening match count.

UWFI: Vincent Nothing defeated Sonico via Crucifix Elbows

The show opened with the Lucha Ghoul stepping out of his comfort zone against a man built for the rules. Sonico had come to fight but Paradigm had given him an incredibly tough opponent as he was battling Vincent Nothing. They didn’t waste any time and lit each other up with kicks. Sonico started fast but Nothing cut him down with leg kicks and kept him crushed for a German into Crucifix elbows. They’d gone fast and furious on the kicks but Nothing’s inherent use of UWFI style offence gave him the advantage here and once he’d clipped the Lucha Ghoul’s speed there wasn’t much he could do to come back.

Midwest Territory Championship Chain: Calvin Tankman defeated Freddie Hudson via KO

Next up was the first title match of the night. Calvin Tankman was looking to reclaim the chain that he’d lost during No Hook. Standing in his way the legendary Hornet, the Shooter, Freddie Hudson. Tankman had the size advantage here but would Hudson be able to outmanoeuvre and out-wrestle him? Hudson tried to end things early but Tankman just tossed him aside and bludgeoned him with palm strikes. Tankman had been relaxed but entered another state and started throwing Muay Thai knees and Hudson’s body with an overhead belly to belly. Hudson took the fight to the mat and disrespected Tankman with a slap. The fight went to the mat again and Hudson survived Tankman’s mauling to lock on a Triangle. Tankman tried to break the hold with a powerbomb but Hudson refused to let go, elbowing away on his prey. Tankman fired up and dropped Hudson with three more powerbombs to finally break the hold, then took the win with grounded forearms. Hudson was knocked out and Tankman had reclaimed the chain from an unnaturally cocky champ. This was a fun little David vs Goliath fight with Goliath taking out David.

UWFI: Lord Crewe defeated Victor Benjamin via KO

The violin of Roundtable Rival filled the air next as The Savage Gentleman Victor Benjamin made his Paradigm debut to showcase the Butterfinger Title and more importantly his shoot fighting skill. His opponent was another savage, the Bareknuckle Berserker Lord Crewe. Which of these heavy hitters was going to leave alive? There was a distinct favourite in this match as the pair battled over the crowd reactions. They opened with a cagey standoff as the pair threw bombs and tried to block kicks. They kept this pace going and Benjamin scored the first knockdown with a ripcord head kick. Crewe got revenge with a Suplex but Benjamin popped right back up. They kept striking, blocking and countering as neither man could find an advantage on their feet or on the mat. They fought into the corner and both guys ignored the code of conduct to keep throwing punches and elbows. The pair dropped each other with closed fists and Benjamin really started to show off his ground game as he tied Crewe in knots on the mat. Crewe kicked free of a Cross-Armbreaker and had to go to the ropes to avoid a second. They went back to striking and Crewe rocked Benjamin with a back-fist so Benjamin rocked him with a flying head kick. Crewe downed Benjamin again, landed the KO forearm and hammered away until the ref called for a stoppage. Benjamin had pushed Crewe to the limit here as the pair had the dirtiest, grittiest UWFI rules fight Paradigm has seen. This was awesome, absolutely awesome to watch. High impact, no shits given violence.

UWFI: Dustin Leonard defeated Phoenix Kidd via Armbar Choke

The brutality wasn’t going to stop as Phoenix Kidd, Cruiser Brody himself was out in a Fortnite Robe throwing Kamehamehas like no one’s business. He was fired up and ready to make a statement against Dustin Leonard. Conversely, Leonard feels he’s been lacking in Paradigm and was looking to make a statement at Kidd’s expense. Kidd charged but Leonard instantly slammed him to the mat and the pair scrambled around the ring. Kidd went to the ropes and the pair met for another round of stiff strikes. Leonard was relentless, he kept throwing away and locking up Kidd, forcing him to the ropes again. Kidd got downed by an accidental low blow and the pair collided again with newfound ferocity. Leonard dumped Kidd on his head with a German and we went into an intense mat battle. Leonard locked in his submission and Kidd had no choice but to tap out. He held onto the hold after the bell and proved that there’d been a mood shift in his attitude. Leonard has been a fair and balanced fighter so far, now he was bringing the edge and showing just how mean you can get with BJJ. These two packed a whole lot of action into two and a half minutes.

UWFI: Eden Von Engeland defeated Sandra Moone via Air Raid Cobra Clutch

Next up was a sleeper hit of the night. We’d see the technical expertise of Eden Von Engeland go against the hybrid style of Sandra Moone. We’ve seen Moone win under Terminal Combat rules, could she take a win under pure UWFI rules too and would we see that Jekyll and Hyde change in her fighting? Moone started strong with heavy strikes and knees, trying for an early Moone’s Landing. Von Engeland countered and took the fight to the mat, working a knee as Moone tried to hammer at them. Moone locked on a body scissor and fought up but Von Engeland brought her crashing back down and tried to bend an arm. Moone made the ropes and brought Von Engeland crashing down on the side of their head. Moone followed up with the Stroke. She tried to go for it again but Von Engeland nailed her with an Air Raid Crash into a Cobra Clutch and took the win. The Von Engelands continue their winning ways in Paradigm with Eden getting a big win over #S4TB here. I would love a rematch of this one, the pair had excellent fighting chemistry.

UWFI: AKIRA defeated Cole Radrick via KO Knee

Okay, time for another special fight. Two disciplined if wild fighters were about to collide within a ruleset they were both comfortable under. AKIRA, the UWFI Samurai was about to take on the Wildheart with both guys being fairly evenly matched here. Radrick came at AKIRA with kicks and AKIRA tried to lock Radrick up. Both guys had counters for the counters and kept their exchanges going on the mat. AKIRA went for a leg and Radrick rained down palm strikes to escape. They get scrambling and AKIRA dropped Radrick with a unique T-Bone variant. Radrick folded up AKIRA with another lethal kick and AKIRA nearly broke his arm with an armbar Suplex into a Triangle. Radrick made the ropes and came back kicking but AKIRA fell into a Kappu Kick, taking them both out. They both made it to their feet for another striking exchange and AKIRA was knocked loopy by more kicks. He refused to fall down though so Radrick dumped him on his head with a Brainbuster. AKIRA somehow made it back up, slapped more life out of Radrick and launched him with a Saito. Radrick started to stir so AKIRA took him out with a knee and got the KO. Radrick had fought valiantly and kicked the soul out of AKIRA but the UWFI Samurai always has another trick and is always going to throw himself into his offence. An excellent fight that puts the pair at 1-1 in matches against each other. I want round 3.

UWFI: Austin Connelly defeated Daniel Garcia via Head Stomp KO

Time for the marquee match of the show. Red Death, Daniel Garcia was here and he was bringing his brand of violence with him. Who would you put against such a disciplined if aggressive fighter? Paradigm went with the Mad Dog Austin Connelly. Time for a styles clash. The pair charged and Garcia unleashed on Connelly but the strength of Connelly saw him hoisted up and slammed back down. Garcia charged again and after more brawling, the pair fell to the mat for choke attempts. Connelly broke free and found himself in the ropes, avoiding an armbar. Connelly knocked them both down with headbutts and Garcia nailed Connelly with a Yakuza Kick. Connelly didn’t feel it and threw Garcia aside with a Gutwrench Suplex. Garcia was right back up again and slapped/kicked the hell out of Connelly. The Mad Dog slowly found his feet and took Garcia down for a kneebar, then transitioned it to a Cloverleaf. Connelly started stomping Garcia’s head and won by KO as Garcia was unable to defend himself. This was the rabid mess of a match I hoped it would be. Garcia thrives in both order and chaos and no one brings chaos quite like Connelly. This is a big win for the Mad Dog and I cannot be happier for him. Welcome to Paradigm Daniel Garcia.

Super Middleweight Title: Jordan Blade defeated Cabana Man Dan via Ankle Breaker

The next title was on the line next as Jordan Blade had her first defence of the Super Middleweight Title. She had taken the title after a packed tournament and now would prove why the belt belonged with her against Cabana Man Dan. Following the trend, this match was going to be awesome. The pair locked up and went to the mat to grapple. Blade looked to be getting the advantage so Dan slipped out the back. Dan entered the lion’s den to grapple with Blade and the pair grappled around the ring, avoiding strikes. The fight went to the mat again and Dan had to use the ropes again to avoid getting caught. Blade slammed Dan into the mat and tried to keep him in a front choke before bringing him crashing to the mat with a belly to belly for barrage of elbow strikes. Blade sent him flying again with a Fisherman Suplex but Dan was back up and bust her lip with palm strikes, then winded her with a diving headbutt. Blade seemed unphased by the blood and dropped Dan with a Saito. That was followed by a deadly running knee and the Ankle Breaker. The Daddy of the District was on fire here. Dan did a good job at keeping the grappling at bay and managed to make Blade bleed but this was her match and she was going to look dominant in it. This was a damn nice mix of strikes and grappling with Blade getting the win with her lethal Ankle Lock.

Flash Thompson defeated Colby Corino via Leg Lock

Time for another newcomer to the UWFI rules. Colby Corino had come to fight and Paradigm had but them against the brash, cocky Golden Gloves Boxer Flash Thompson. Forgotten Fight Team has been suffering lately, could Thompson rebuild some momentum with a big win here? Corino came at Thompson with kicks but Thompson laid in palm strikes and used the ropes to bury Corino under a headlock. Thompson took Corino through a grapple session on the mat and tried to get under his skin by brushing him off. That backfired though as Corino rushed him into a corner with palm strikes and dropped him with a deadlift Teardrop. Corino took him down again and rained down blows, clearly fired up by Thompson taking him lightly. The palm strikes flew out again and Corino stunned Thompson with a running knee. He caught Corino’s kick and slapped him down to the mat with a heavy strike. Corino kept trying to fight but his manic action put him on the ropes. They reset and Thompson avoided death by Suplex and trapped Corino in some kind of Leg Lock. Corino tapped and Thompson got the win, surviving the torrent of rapid offence to get the kill. This had been a hell of a debut but Flash has a lot of smarts behind that cocky demeanour that he used here.

Interim Heavy-Hitters: Matt Makowski defeated Alex Kane via Axe Kick KO

The final UWFI rules fight was here and it was to crown an Interim Heavy-Hitters Champion as Isaiah Broner was out of competition for now. The two challengers were former Heavy-Hitters champion Matt Makowski and the Suplex Assassin Alex Kane. Both guys would be credible champs so we were in for one hell of a fight. The pair opened with a cagey standoff and Kane taking the fight to the mat after catching a kick. Kane tried to play defensively and keep Makowski trapped but Makowski started barring arms. Kane charged and caught Makowski out of another kick and dumped him with an Overhead Toss. Makowski got up so Kane dumped him again with a T-Bone. Makowski elbowed away a third and blasted Kane with a Capoeira Kick into a Backdrop. Kane avoided a Rear-Naked with more palm strikes and threw Makowski with a German. Makowski tried to go for the Wasteland Slam Armbar but Kane got his hands clasped. Kane made the ropes and launched Makowski again with an Exploder. The straps came down as he clocked in for another Suplex but Makowski flipped out, drilled Kane with kicks and knocked him out with an Axe Kick. Makowski had done it again and become a two-time champion. Kane had pushed him hard and given him a lot of air miles but that striking excellence served him well and he was able to clutch the win from the Suplex Assassin.

Terminal Combat: Josh Crane defeated Hoodfoot via Gusset Elbows to the head

Time for things to get ugly. We had our first deathmatch of the night. Tubes and plunder adorned the ring for some Terminal Combat. Hoodfoot was going full-on deathmatch for this one as he and Josh Crane, the BJW tested violence artist went into Terminal Combat. The UWFI was out the window though and the pair opened with a hockey fight. Hoodfoot turned his back on Crane and got a bundle for it. They fought around the outside and Hoodfoot got thrown through the fan’s chairs. Crane beat Hoodfoot with anything not nailed down and Hoodfoot headbutted Crane into a chair DDT. He began rearranging the furniture and a tube duel broke out. Crane won the duel and went full-on Kobayashi by eating glass and taking the broken tube to Hoodfoot’s forehead. Crane stunned Hoodfoot again with a trashcan to the head and brought out a glass pane he christened with his blood. The fight returned to the ring and Crane chopped a gusset into Hoodfoot’s chest. He did more rearranging as Hoodfoot tried to get it out of his chest and pelted another bundle at him. Hoodfoot fired up and sent Crane flying through the glass pane. He set up a door but it got shifted as the two monsters battled so Crane scooped him up and DVDed him through a chair. Hoodfoot avoided getting another gusset in him and chopped it into Crane’s chest. Hoodfoot hit his KO elbow and smashed Crane into the mat. He clotheslined a bundle into Crane’s back and fell back in horror as Crane just beat the ten-count. A slugfest broke out and Crane downed Hoodfoot with a bare arm lariat. Crane didn’t let the match end there and trapped Hoodfoot’s arms to end the match with gusset elbows to the head. Hoodfoot passed out and Crane won. This was a nightmarish display of violence and I loved every second of it. Hoodfoot brought it to Crane as both men shed blood amongst the glass. If you can stand up to a man like Josh Crane, then you can make it in deathmatches Hoodfoot. I hope this isn’t the last we see of you in the deathmatch circuit. I’d have been happy with either man winning here. This was ace.

Loosely Defined Deathmatch: Ron Mathis (w/ legally Licenced Manager Bruce Grey) defeated Bobby Beverly (w/Gregory Iron) via Bundle Tombstone

Last but not least, the main event. DDTrash was tired of 44OH and Mathis had taken a shot at Bobby Beverly, challenging him to this loosely defined deathmatch. It was given the main event slot so we were about to see Ronnie the Violent bring it to Beverly. They opened with a slugfest and Beverly fought off the sack of shit toss to throw Mathis through a barbed-wire board. Mathis kicked out at one and stunned Beverly with an uppercut for the SOS Toss through the door. The Bev also kicked out at one and the pair kept hammering away into a double clothesline. Both went to the tubes and took the fight outside, brawling around the venue. Beverly threw a tire and chair at Mathis, then took the fight to the bleachers. Beverly nailed a back body drop onto the wooden bench and tried to crush Mathis’ skull with a chair sandwich. Mathis fired up and used the bleacher to land a Tornado DDT into the concrete. They battled back to the ring and Beverly backdropped Mathis onto an apron bundle. Iron came into to be a useful little gremlin but didn’t follow Beverly’s orders, distracting Beverly enough that Mathis could land an apron STO. Grey and Iron battled in-ring with Grey taking out Iron with a Stunner. Bruce Grey showed everyone Iron’s moon again and blasted Iron in the cock with a tire iron. Beverly and Mathis retook the ring and Beverly hit a chair pile Suplex and chair pile Saito. He smashed more chairs across Mathis’ back and retrieved more bundles. He tried to kill Grey but Mathis jumped in to help and ended things with a bundle of Tombstone. Well, this was pure brawling anarchy. I got exactly what I expected with this as the pair took the fight around the venue and tried to murder each other. The Iron attack was fun and Mathis getting the big win ended the show on a feel-good moment as he laid down a challenge to Matthew Justice. This ended an excellent show and kicked off a strong weekend of action for Paradigm. Go check out Midnight Marauders too as it kept the action going the night after!

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