Welcome back to AWR and the Deathmatch Tournament. We’ve seen the round one matches destroy some brackets and some bodies and now the survivors were in for another round of intensive violence. The people who survive round 2 have to battle in another four-way deathmatch before a winner can be crowned. Alongside that, the AWR Tag titles, Revolutionary Title, and Heavyweight title will all be defended with Phoenix Kidd taking on Justin Kyle in a street fight for that Heavyweight Title. Let’s check-in for another day of AWR action.

AWR Tag Titles Doors, Ladders Chairs, Three-Way: Black Cube Society (Angelo Gallereto & Kevin Noire) defeated The Original Sins (Dick Michaels & Tyler Lydol) & Shooters Don’t Die (Don’t Die Miles & Ron Bass Jr) via Spinning Heel Kick Saito on Michaels

The show opened with some non-tournament action. The AWR Tag titles were on the line in a three-way Doors, Ladders, and Chairs match. Two hungry teams were gunning for those titles as Shooters Don’t Die, with hired gun Ron Bass Jr were defending against The Original Sins and The Black Cube Society. Action erupted from the start as the Sins jumped the Shooters during their entrance. The bell rang and the Sins and Shooters kept their brawling going. Bass turned out to be the monster of the match but the match broke down quickly and chaos erupted in kicks and forearms. Doors were set up and Bass continued to throw his size and bodies around like it was nothing. Shooters Don’t Die got the first kill shot with a Gory Bomb Cutter on a door and Bass broke it properly with a splash. Bass was run through another door by the Sins and cut off a fired-up Miles with an assisted Powerbomb. They hit a double driver on Noire but still couldn’t get the job done. The Sins kept going on the kill but the Cube Society took them out with chair shots and doors, ending things with a Spinning Heel Kick Saito on Michaels. This was a perfect storm of opening chaos with Miles coming back temporarily to defend his Shooters titles. They may have lost the match but they didn’t eat the pin. There’s more to this story yet if they want it.

AWR Revolutionary Title: Eric Dillinger defeated Brayden Lee via DQ

Next up was the Revolutionary Title match. Eric Dillinger had made his AWR name through that title and now, he would have to defend it against the Braziest of opponents. Brayden Lee is one of the fastest rising stars on the scene but would he be ready for the dirty tricks of Dillinger? This was fucking intense. From the get-go, it was all forearms, minimal flying. Lee worked to match Dillinger’s intensity and used the environment to his advantage, using the ropes and ring to batter Dillinger. Lee kept on Dillinger and used his speed and strength to keep him grounded. That would normally be the tactic to use on Lee but hey, can’t scrap if you’re on your back. Lee got disrespectful so Dillinger made him pay with an apron elbow and leg drop combo. Things just kept getting more intense as both guys just looked to beat the shit out of each other. Bombs were thrown, fights broke out on the apron and both guys took a hard spill to the floor. Lee fired up and nearly got the win with a knee lift, lariat, and sit-out powerbomb but Dillinger found the energy to kick out. Lee lost his temper and attacked the ref, dropping him with a Suplex. He kept kicking and the match was thrown out. I didn’t expect this at all. I’m used to Dillinger being the bad guy, here Lee was the vicious, villainous bastard, and to be honest, it was awesome to see. This ended up being a really nasty little match.

AWR Heavyweight Title Street Fight: Justin Kyle defeated Phoenix Kidd via Inverted Spin Cycle Slam

Here comes the pain. We go from no-weapons viciousness to street fight city. Justin Kyle had heard enough of Phoenix Kidd verbally attacking him. He was in the arena and he was ready to fight. There were weapons abound and two brawlers ready to kill each other. This was going to be fun. Kidd instantly attacked with a chair and put Kyle through a door with double knees. Kyle rebounded with a lariat and pulverised him with a chair before lobbing him across the ring. Kidd flipped Kyle the bird as he flew and tried to fight up but Kyle kept forearming and launched him with another overhead toss. He elbowed a chair into Kidd and threw him for the third time across the ring. Kidd kicked out of a knee lift so Kyle set up a door and put Kidd through it with a running powerslam. Kidd remained defiant so Kyle dragged him outside and beaned him with a trashcan. Kidd shook that off and the pair got into a proper brawl. Both guys got hit by chairs and Kyle tried to put Kidd to sleep with a Sleeper. Kidd refused to give so Kyle crushed him under a door with an apron elbow drop. He tossed Kidd back in-ring but Kidd got back up and nailed Kyle with a Baseball Slide and apron cannonball. He followed up with a senton on the concrete but only got two. Kyle got pissed and started rocking Kidd with more hard strikes. He returned to the ring and told Kidd to bring it then caught him out of the air into another Suplex. The damage was taking its toll as Kidd missed a springboard and Kyle made him pay with a backdrop. A door part duel broke out and Kyle broke his part over Kidd’s head then broke another part over it for good measure. He dropped Kidd with a German and ended it with a Spin Cycle Slam. Kidd had refused to give up so Kyle had to fully put him down. This was just as brutal as I wanted it to be and showcased the best of Cruiser Brody and Justin Kyle.

Fucking Deathmatch: Dale Patricks defeated Neil Diamond Cutter via Jay Driller

Time for the first slice of tournament action. Dale Patricks and Neil Diamond Cutter had both braved the spikes and shards of round one and were now clashing in what was simply called a Fucking Deathmatch. They had fuckery of every type and one goal put the other down. Patricks started strong as he dodged a senton into a Powerslam for a two-count. He threw Cutter through a door and Cutter nailed him with a corner combo. He broke a bundle on Patricks’ back and pummelled him with a crutch, paying extra attention to that injured leg. Patricks blocked a scoop slam and dumped Cutter on a ladder. Cutter didn’t stay down and took out Patricks with the Badger Bomb. He set up a ladder and Patricks speared him into it then drove him into a glass pile. He broke fuckery bats on Cutter and Cutter broke a bundle on his injured leg. He glassed up Patricks’ head and tried to bite open the wound on the apron. Patricks hung him out on the ropes and tried for the chokeslam but Cutter just swatted him away with another fuckery bat to the knee. Cutter thought he was on a roll but Patricks silenced him with a big boot and dropped him in glass with a Chokeslam. Cutter ran the ropes and caught Patricks with a cutter then set up a mini table. Patricks broke that with a DVD and ended Cutter with a powerbomb into a Tiger Driver into the Jay Driller. It had taken a hell of a lot to put down the Honey Badger but Patricks had managed to keep his tournament streak alive. This was excellent fun to start the tournament action and a fun way to take out Cutter.

Pools of Fuckery: Mickie Knuckles defeated Josh Crane via Pane and Pool Pumphandle Driver

Next up was a deathmatch hoss fight as Mickie Knuckles collided with Josh Crane amongst the pools of fuckery. These two were going to hit hard, bleed hard and make the other suffer for their spot in the final. They opened with a trade-off of knees and stomps with Crane going to a water jug for extra damage. Knuckles knocked Crane to the outside with hard strikes and the pair traded more hands around the outside. Crane smashed Knuckles’ head off of apron tubes and came at her with more glass, only to be stopped by a snap spatula to the head. Knuckles dropkicked Crane to the concrete and hammered a dart into his head. Crane did the same to Knuckles and drove more darts into her chest. Knuckles had the last laugh though as she darted Crane’s dick and kept pummelling his plums with fists and headbutts. The pair chopped it out and Knuckles started a Violence party. Crane stopped her in her tracks and the two broke tiki torches on each other. They returned to the ring and Knuckles downed Crane with a belly to belly for a snap board senton. Knuckles came at Crane with a shower door but he forearmed it into her and broke it over her back with a chair. That wasn’t enough so Crane dragged over a pool and dropped the straps for a slugfest. They descended into headbutts and Knuckles stunned Crane by breaking another tube into his head. He shook this off and dropped Knuckles into a pool with a DVD. He filled another pool with hand sanitiser and got ambushed by Knuckles. A pane was set up over the pool and after another vicious slugfest and tanking tubes to the head, Knuckles took the win with a Pumphandle driver into the pane and pool. This was epic. Two deathmatch juggernauts just throwing everything at each other. The fuckery seemed secondary to the slugs they were throwing. Just awesome to watch.

Kitchen Nightmare: AKIRA defeated Lucky 13 via Cheese Grater Muta Lock

Here was a deathmatch to make Gordon Ramsay cringe. Things were about to get fucking raw as AKIRA and Lucky 13 looked to take the weapons of a kitchen to each other and take a spot in the final. Who would win and who would be left an idiot sandwich? Let’s find out. The pair opened with an intense round of chain wrestling with both guys being evenly matched. The pair found knives and we went full-on anime knife fight. The pair cut each other up and AKIRA tried to turn a roll under into a European Clutch. 13 kicked him off and AKIRA trapped him in the Muta Lock. 13 cut his fingers with a knife and dropkicked AKIRA to the floor after a failed Tiger Feint. 13 took to the air with a Fosbury Flop and hit AKIRA with the kitchen sink. They returned to the ring and 13 beat AKIRA with cookie sheets, taking one to AKIRA’s dick and mangling them both with a cleaning cone on a stick. He kept breaking AKIRA’s anatomy with an open chair slam and cut off a comeback with a shot to AKIRA’s injured arm. AKIRA cut him off with a Dragon Sleeper and whacked him with a pan, using it again to hammer a cheese grater into 13’s head. He cut 13 up with more knives and used a Russian Leg sweep to lock on a Crossface. That wasn’t enough so he used a toaster to attack 13 further until he made the ropes. 13 cracked the toaster over AKIRA’s head and AKIRA woke himself up with gusset headbutts. 13 nailed the backflip knee but AKIRA went down swinging with a Pele kick. They duelled with wet floor signs and both guys tried for killing blows. 13 spiked AKIRA in the ropes with a snap driver and hit the Half Package Piledriver but couldn’t keep AKIRA down. He set up a door and tried for a Superplex but AKIRA turned it into an Avalanche Michinoku Driver. He reapplied the Muta Lock with a cheese grater and tapped 13 out. This again was epic. These two put on the best match of the second round and took all the weapons they could to put on a fun, violent car-crash of a match mixed in with excellent traditional wrestling.

Flakka Funhouse: Remington Rhor defeated Aiden Blackhart via Tokyo Tower Javelin Toss

Last but not least we had the Flakka Funhouse. Blackhart met carnivore as we went into the final semi-final match. There was still plenty of fuckery to break and a massive tower of tubes with someone’s name written all over it. Blackhart didn’t even wait for an entrance and attacked Rhor with tubes. He carved up Rhor with saws and set up a door under the entryway. He set Rhor onto it and dove onto him from the bleachers. They made it to the ring and slugged it out until Rhor dumped Blackhart with a half and half. He threw Blackhart through a guardrail and back to the floor then slammed the guardrail down onto him again. He smashed Blackhart around the ring and dropped him onto a chair pile with a Fallaway Slam. Another chair shot followed and Rhor slammed Blackhart onto a trolley-bound barbed-wire door. Blackhart was tossed into the guardrail again but managed to grab hold of Rhor and slam him through another trolley door with a DVD. The pair traded on the apron Blackhart escaped death with a dick kick and chair pile Suplex. They fought over to that tube tower and Rhor took advantage of Blackhart’s posing with a Crucifix Powerbomb through it. Rhor brought in a Tokyo Tower and ended things by throwing it at Blackhart. This was just pure carnage. A balcony to ringside plunder fest ending with the destruction of two monstrous tube contraptions. Blackhart must have been hurting after this one.

Final No Canvas Shit Ton of Glass Four-way: AKIRA defeated Dale Patricks, Mickie Knuckles & Remington Rhor via Glass and Door Tower of Doom on Knuckles

Last but not least, the grand finale. Four blood-stained fighters were left and were going to war in a four-way glassed-filled mess of a match to determine the big winner of the tournament. All had fought through two high-impact matches and now had one final challenge between them and glory. Everyone started by breaking tubes on each other and within a minute everyone had broken most of the rope-bound tubes. Rhor nailed AKIRA with a tube bat and Patricks got the crowd going in-ring. Knuckles caught him with a bundle to the balls then to the brain as AKIRA and Rhor kept breaking some glass on each other outside, AKIRA breaking tubes on his own head to turn them into shanks. Everyone fought around the outside as the cameras struggled to keep up. Knuckles and Patricks brawled one way and AKIRA tried to kill Rhor in the other. Knuckles found a staple gun and tried to turn Patricks into a money tree whilst Rhor and AKIRA had a machete fight. AKIRA got a machete in the forehead and Knuckles got a dollar stapled to her “cooter” (thanks commentary.) Rhor narrowly avoided a double stomp of death and Patricks met a tube cabin. The action just kept coming as slugs were thrown, tubes broke and these little fights just kept going. AKIRA broke another cabin with a Meteora and Patricks and Knuckles continued to trade nasty spots. Knuckles stapled dollars to Patricks’ bunghole and Rhor broke a bundle on AKIRA with a crossbody. Rhor was cock shot with tyres and Patricks was nailed with a tube fan. Patricks and Knuckles took each other out with headbutts and AKIRA and Rhor continued the tube warfare. Knuckles and Patricks had a battle axe fight and the action finally returned to the ring for a four-way barfight and beer toast. It all got messy and Patricks broke a chair with Rhor’s body.

Knuckles attacked AKIRA’s injured arm and dropped him with the Pumphandle Slam. Patricks broke the pin with a bundle and drove Knuckles into the wood with a chokeslam. Rhor did the same to Patricks and AKIRA dropped Rhor on more tubes with the Death Cycle. Knuckles speared a ref and Patricks spiked her with the Jay Driller for a two-count. Knuckles gave him a bundle to the guts and a fuckery pile was made atop a door. Patricks and Knuckles controlled the pace as AKIRA lurked outside. A three-way fight broke out in front of the pile and AKIRA teamed up with Patricks to make a Tower of Doom through it. AKIRA covered Knuckles, who’d taken the brunt of the impact and got the win. This had been an all-out war for 20-minutes with AKIRA getting his second tournament win of the summer. He had fought like hell, lost an arm and an ankle, and still come out the winner. Better watch out Eric Dillinger, you now have a Samurai coming after you. One who just fought through one bloody tournament. Once again, AWR delivered nicely here. This was really fun to watch and littered with excellent matches. Another IWTV hidden gem to dig up.

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