Right here, right now. Happy Day 198 of the year 2021. The “forbidden door” is still wide-open. Our World Champion is still not completely ours and our World is about to change, again. Take the intro of last year’s Slammiversary, mix it up with Rebellion‘s one, and I think you’ll have a pretty good summary of what is about to happen. Another chessboard full of players, millions of possibilities of strategies to play, well, a world of uncertainty… Despite that normal fear, the show has been going on. We can say the card was respecting the recipe we love, hardcore, X-Division, Knockouts…
The major question of this PPV was: which door after that door? To what extent cannot you keep away from trouble? And what about your own troubles, what’s behind your own doors? Where are you going to look at? A lot of questions marks are on the menu, as usual. Who are the survivors and the winners of that great night, from Nashville, in a no-crowd arena? How many “I told you” and “I saw it coming”?  It’s time to find out, but your French Enygma Steph way…

  • A few Live Countdown to Slammiversary words

After This Is Slammiversary, Havok and Rosemary, now Decay, with Black Taurus and Crazzy Steve, teamed up against Fire ‘N Flava to become the new IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Champions. Awesome match, awesome crowd… I missed those “This is Awesome” and “Holy Shit…”

  • Ultimate-X Match for the X-Division Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs Ace Austin vs Trey Miguel vs Petey Williams vs Rohit Raju vs Josh Alexander

D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker told us Madman Fulton and Mahabali Shera were banned from ringside. Obviously, that was meant to change the game, mostly for Rohit Raju and Ace Austin. I won’t tell you again about the Ultimate-X Match, how gruelling and dangerous it can be. We knew and all we wanted was the magic to happen.

Bey leapt to the top quickly but was cornered, pulled down and battered. Josh destroyed Ace with a release German. Rohit looked for the belt, he struggled to get there, as Josh booted him down. Bey went off with a dropkick to Josh. Bey flew over the top onto Josh, followed by a Peteyrana. Ace and Rohit climbed the scaffolding, Ace was sent with a moonsault to the guys at ringside. Rohit threw a rope over the cables and climbed up but Petey stopped him (that was his plan?). Bey gained control and went for the belt. Trey had a scary fall on a hurricanrana attempt from the cables before Rohit speared Bey out of the air. Josh went for a Tower of Doom before Rohit came in, then snagged a chair. He stood atop and tried to snag the belt with a hook. Petey dropkicked him off. Josh went for the belt with Petey right behind who dragged him down and sent him flying.

Everyone got wrapped in a submission hold as Josh grabbed them from the cables above for an ankle lock, chaining it all together. Rohit nailed him with a chair to send him down. Ace hit his double jump roundhouse but Bey followed. Ace hung upside down as Bey connected with a cutter from the top. Rohit hit a jumping knee but got caught with a Canadian Destroyer. Petey then hit a running Destroyer on Trey and headed up. Bey got atop Josh, as Petey hit a marvel of a Super Canadian Destroyer hanging from the cables, off of Josh. Josh took out Petey as Trey came in. Rohit interrupted and took out Josh and Trey with a flatliner combo. Rohit cleared the ring and went for gold. Rohit finally got up there but Trey put a halt to it. Josh took out Trey and met Bey at the top. They exchanged chops on top of the belt. They both got hands on the belt as Ace tried to intercept it like AJ Styles, but whiffed. Josh knocked Bey down to gain possession and retained the belt (holding was enough).

That was a fantastic Ultimate X match with some pretty interesting spots. Without the crowd, it would definitely not have been the same. I love the fact everyone was able to shine. Of course, we are not in the early 2000s anymore, with the crazy falls and jumps, but that was a great match. Not only Josh Alexander is an Iron Man but he is an Ultimate Man… I don’t remember if D’Lo or Matt said it, but he is really our IMPACT Champion.

Backstage, Gia Miller tried to talk to Don Callis about Kenny Omega’s match but he ranted on their history, etc…

  • Brian Myers & Tenille Dashwood w/ Sam Beale and Kaleb with a K vs Matt Cardona & a mystery lady

Outside of the now-legendary feud between Myers and Cardona, this match was made to welcome a hot mess back to Impact Wrestling. Chelsea Green, fka Laurel Van Ness, is back and she was ready to fight.

Tenille and Chelsea slapped each other. Cardona rushed Myers and the match began. He floored Sam Beale and Kaleb with a K on the outside. Myers hit a flatliner on the ramp, shifting momentum. Chelsea rooted Cardona on as the crowd booed Myers. Tenille attacked from the apron and posed for social media content. Cardona countered into a neckbreaker and created separation. Chelsea nearly got the tag but Tenille yanked her down. Myers looked for a Spear but ate one instead.

Chelsea and Tenille became legal, as Chelsea unloaded with strikes. Myers grabbed her on a pin attempt before she slapped him. Cardona looked to attack Myers, as Tenille went for the familiar NutCracker. Cardona revealed a cup and shoved it in Myers’ face. Chelsea hit a Canadian Destroyer before nailing Tenille with her cast for the win.
Fun match, nothing to jump off the roof. Welcome back home, Chelsea…

  • Eddie Edwards vs W. Morrissey

W. Morrissey decided to target the heart and soul of Impact Wrestling. It was a first between the two and we had all to find out about their possible chemistry. And it was good to see Eddie back in shape…

Eddie sent some chops over. Morrissey used his power to launch Eddie across the ring. Eddie moved quick and landed some shots but Morrissey booted him off the top rope, crashing to the outside. Eddie slapped Morrissey’s leg against the post but got neutralized quickly. Eddie continued to outsmart Morrissey but he responded with a big boot. Morrissey curb-stomped the heart of Eddie Edwards who then countered a suplex. Eddie sent Morrissey to the outside and looked for a suicide dive. He was caught and chokeslammed onto the apron. It’s sickening, said Matt. No, it’s smart, replied D’Lo.

Morrissey dragged him by his hair, up the ramp. He looked to powerbomb him but got sent over onto the ramp. Eddie flew down the ramp with a Boston Knee Party to the back. Morrissey dumped Eddie with an F-5 variation, as he sets him up in the corner. Eddie nailed a sunset flip bomb from the top, crushed him with elbows and hit a Blue Thunder Bomb. Morrissey pulled the ref and hit a big boot. Eddie hit a Boston Knee Party but Morrissey fell to the outside. Morrissey searched his boot for a chain. He nailed Eddie with it and hit a Powerbomb to pin him.

Backstage, we heard Moose about his match against Chris Sabin, then we saw a vignette for the Drama King.

  • Fulton and Shera are not happy…

Fulton and Shera came to the ring because they were banned from the Ultimate-X Match… Scott D’Amore arrived and offered them a match against…

  • FinJuice vs Shera & Fulton

Juice jabbed Shera before getting floored by Shera. Fulton came in as he beefed with Shera. FinJuice flapjacked Fulton, as Finlay hit Shera on the outside. They hit an assisted Acid Drop to pin Fulton. Welcome back, guys…

  • Chris Sabin vs Moose

As Matt Striker said, it was David vs Goliath, but Goliath was a young man and Sabin is not. It was the match I was looking forward to seeing because Sabin is a TNA/Impact Wrestling Legend. I would say, so is Moose…

Sabin blasted Moose with a dropkick. Moose tried to replicate this but crashed and hurt his leg. Moose launched Sabin over the top with his foot. Sabin hung his leg on the apron and jumped on the opportunity. Sabin attempted a monkey flip but Moose propped him up and attempted his dropkick. Sabin hit a hurricanrana and continued to weaken the leg. The Figure-Four was locked in with Moose writhing in pain. Moose launched Sabin into the second turnbuckle pad.

Moose launched Sabin to the opposite corner as he rolled to the floor. Moose chopped through Sabin’s chest against the ropes. He teased the third chop but flipped off the crowd. Sabin fought back but Moose hit a dropkick against the apron. Moose yanked on the mouth of Sabin, who bit back. Moose hit a uranage, lifted him back up for a fallaway slam, kipped up and attempted a moonsault but missed.

Moose on the outside and Sabin hit his signature dive over the ropes. Sabin hit a tornado DDT. Sabin gained support from the crowd before heading to the top. Moose leapt to his position and hit a flip powerslam from the top. Sabin rolled outside. Sabin fired at Moose with a flurry of punches. Moose hit the pop-up powerbomb into the apron and rag-dolled him into the barricade. Sabin was taking an absolute beating. He returned to the ring just before a count-out and found a schoolboy. If the Sunset flip didn’t make it, a victory roll scored the victory for Sabin.

Matt: “When ego and pride collide with judgement, what happens?” D’Lo: “You run into a guardrail.” I love these guys… Without discrediting Sabin’s win, I will say it was a big surprise. Moose seemed to have found his pace back at the end of the match but I think the fact he hurt his leg at the very beginning of the match might have prevented him from showing all he is able of. That match just rocked and I want more of them soon…

Backstage, Decay were celebrating their win.

  • IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Match: Violent By Design (c) vs The Good Brothers vs Swann & Mack vs Bahh & ??

Scott D’Amore is a funny guy… No Way José? No? And yes… The Conga Line was in full force to welcome Fallah Bahh’s tag-team partner, No Way, But Not José. I officially challenge D’Amore here to take part in the party…

No Way began dancing as Karl tagged himself in for Swann. He tried to get serious but Bahh and No Way controlled the pace. Mack scored the tag as they cornered Karl. Gallows came in and battered Swann in the corner. A major roundhouse kick from Gallows to the head. Karl teased the crowd and sent Swann hard into the buckle. The Good Brothers had stalled the tempo, taking full control with grounded headlocks. Swann avoided an elbow and opted for a tag to No Way. Karl ate a flurry before hitting a spinebuster.

Doering broke up a pin attempt and dragged him to the VBD corner. He tagged himself in and met Gallows. They traded big shots and choke each other. They were broken up as Swann and Bahh cleared the ring. Swann rolled into a Samoan Drop. Mack hit one of his own on Bahh. No Way interrupted but Doering hit a DVD and a lariat. Doering dumped Swann and Mack outside and tagged Rhino. He teased a Gore on No Way. Rhino was distracted and Karl came in with a Gun Stun and a Magic Killer for a Good Brothers victory.

One word: larceny. Then, it was a Four-Way match…

Backstage, we saw the challenger and the champion warming up. Kenny Omega was looking like a bad version of Lemmy who would have forgotten to take his drugs… 

  • IMPACT Knockouts Championship Match: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs ???

We were expecting Mickie James, Taylor Wilde, and many others. We had Thunder Rosa. The former NWA World Women’s Champion in the Impact Zone… Call that a dream match…

Thunder Rosa and The Virtuosa locked up, both going for arm drags and matching technique. Rosa got fired up and dropkicked her against the ropes. Deonna regained control with a Divorce-Court DDT. Deonna looked for an octopus but Rosa dumped her. Rosa dropkicked her from the top and hit another dropkick in the corner.

She looked to slamming her but Deonna snagged the arm. She applied the Venus De Milo but Rosa responded with a choke. Deonna found the armbar again before Rosa escaped. Deonna flipped her and reapplied the submission. Rosa continued to fight on and dumped her with a DVD. Rosa launched her from the top and hit a double stomp.

She stacked her for a near fall. They traded shots before Rosa looked for a Thunder Driver. Deonna rolled into a near fall and hit a big boot. The Queen’s Gambit Piledriver ended it for a successful title defence.

Deonna looked for the mic but “Hardcore Country” hit. Mickie James appeared with a microphone. Mickie James was hyped to be here, but Deonna was irritated. Mickie invited her to NWA All-Women PPV, EmPowerrr, but Deonna rejected, telling her to grab her trash bag and get out of here. They brawled and Mickie knocked her out with a kick.

“Homecoming” on July 31st and “Emergence” on August 14 will take place on Impact Plus as iPPVs. 

The next PPV will be “Bound For Glory” on October 23, 2021, in Las Vegas. It will be a AAA/ AEW/ Impact Wrestling/ NJPW event.

  • IMPACT World Championship No-DQ Match: Kenny Omega w/ Don Callis and The Good Brothers vs Sami Callihan

Our belt had to come home, making this match a No-DQ was quite simply meaning making it a deathmatch bout. Matt Striker had no reason to apologize for the brutality, the blood and the toys, that was what we wanted.

Sami interrupted the entrance and nailed a piledriver for a near fall while Callis joined commentary. Callihan found a chair and sat in to a headlock. Callihan revealed a fork but Omega avoided danger. He then pulled out a pizza cutter and cut Omega’s forehead. Omega was busted open as Callihan drove the pizza cutter deeper.

Callihan fed off of the energy and Omega stroke back. Omega fell to the outside and lured Callihan into a dive. Omega met him with a trash can lid. Callihan flipped him off as he ate a wet floor sign. Omega wedged a chair into the corner. Omega looked for a One-Winged Angel but Callihan escaped into a pin. Omega kicked out, sending him into the chair. Callis left the booth for a second to get a closer look. He returned shortly after. Omega took the fork to the cut on Callihan. Omega placed the fork in the mouth as he brutalized the challenger’s gums. He showed off the bloody fork before sending Callihan into the barricade.

Back suplex on the apron from Omega, before grabbing a table. Omega placed the table on top of Callihan and stomped it from the apron. Omega set up the table and they moved to the apron. Omega looked for a Dragon Suplex but got bitten. They started standing on the table before Callihan piledrove him right through it.

Callihan looked for more weapons, throwing a can at Omega from the outside while he was at it. Callihan dropped him on the bottom of a can and powerbombed him through a board. Callihan revealed a barbed-wire steel chair under the steps. Callihan ate a V-Trigger and got sent face-first onto the chair. He powerbombed him onto it and delivered another V-Trigger for a near fall. Omega delivered a superplex onto a pile of scrap for a near fall. Callihan escaped a One-Winged Angel and hit a Tombstone Piledriver onto the barbed wire chair for a near fall.

Omega tossed salt into Callihan’s eyes, blinding him. Callihan piledrove the ref by accident and got laid out by Omega. Omega hit a piledriver onto the belt. The ref couldn’t count the pin. A new ref was sent for a two-count. The Good Brothers tried to interfere but Sabin and Edwards retaliated. Callihan hit a package piledriver. Callihan revealed a bag from under the ring. Thumbtacks were poured onto the canvas as Callihan looked to finish it. Callis got out of his seat and hit the ring. Callihan chased him away but Omega threw tacks into his eyes. V-Trigger rocked Callihan. Omega stuck tacks to his kneepads and connected with a V-Trigger for a near fall. Omega plugged Callihan’s nose and tossed tacks in his mouth. He hit a V-Trigger and a One-Winged Angel onto the tacks to retain. “I’m a professional genius now” – Don Callis.

The gang came into the ring to celebrate. They looked to “Too Sweet” but Bullet Club appeared on the screen. Jay White made the walk to the ring with his NEVER Openweight Title. Switchblade entered the ring and they tried to form a union with him. Just as they do this, the PPV feed cuts out and the logo appeared…

It ended up like that. Thanks to Sean Ross Sapp, we know what happened but how such a fantastic match could have ended this way and the following be cut? Unless it was an NJPW request, I have no answer. It was a good PPV but with multiple layers. I will do fast, which is not my usual way of doing it, but I have surgery in a few hours… 

If you take the “pure” Impact Wrestling matches, you are not disappointed. Havok and Rosemary deserved these titles. Sabin vs Moose was the excellent surprise I was expecting. Morrissey and Edwards’ story is full of promises. And the Ultimate-X Match was mind-blowing.
Then, the surprises. In the end, there was not that much… The biggest would be Thunder Rosa but I don’t expect her to sign… Chelsea and Mickie were not really a surprise. Drama King and No Way but Not José are cool. FinJuice came back and that makes me super happy. But they brought Jay White with them… 

The forbidden door locked itself on Impact Wrestling and now, as “Alice in Wonderland”, the company will have to run and run to reassure its fandom they didn’t sell their soul to the night. The fact Bound For Glory will be a multi-company PPV is not a problem for me because we saw that before. But when it’s becoming a habit… I love Impact Wrestling, I want our World Championship home. That’s all… I probably won’t see you on Thursday for IMPACT, but please watch. We don’t know yet what is going to happen but I want to know, we all want to know, like Bob Dylan said, “how many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn’t see?” ENYGMAtically yours, see you soon…


Slammiversary Full Results:

  • Decay (Havok and Rosemary) defeated Fire ‘N Flava (Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz) to become the new IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Champions
  • Ultimate X Match: Josh Alexander (c) defeated Petey Williams, Trey Miguel, Ace Austin, Chris Bey and Rohit Raju 7
  • Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green defeated Brian Myers & Tenille Dashwood w/ Sam Beale & Kaleb with a K
  • W. Morrissey defeated Eddie Edwards
  • FinJuice defeated Shera & Madman Fulton
  • Chris Sabin defeated Moose
  • The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) defeated Violent By Design (Joe Doering & Rhino), Rich Swann & Willie Mack, and Fallah Bahh & no way but Not José to become the new IMPACT World Tag Team Champions
  • Deonna Purrazzo (c) defeated Thunder Rosa to retain the IMPACT Knockouts Championship
  • Kenny Omega defeated Sami Callihan to retain the new IMPACT World Champion

All pics, screenshots, and videos courtesy of Impact Wrestling, AXS TV and Fite TV. All photocollage by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag. Special Nygma thanks to Mr Deathman.

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