Welcome back to ChocoPro and the grand Asia Dream Tag title match between the Best Bros and the OOAK Tag League winner TropikaWild. SAKI and Yuna Mizumori had beaten the best of A-Block and B-Block and ended the tournament as the only team to beat PSYCHO and CHANGO. This would be their second match against the Best Bros as the duo had failed to score a win over them in the blocks as the time limit got in the way. Now they were battling without one, it was all or nothing until a team couldn’t fight anymore. Best Bros have beaten every challenger that comes their way, would TropikaWild end that streak? Let’s get into it and find out.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated TropikaWild (SAKI & Yuna Mizumori) via Royal Dolphin Press on Mizumori

This is it. The winners of the OOAK Tag League were getting their shot at the Asia Dream Tag Titles. They’d proven themselves unbeatable to the Best Bros during the block matches and now, they were trying to finish the job in this special one-match episode. Lulu Pencil, who was helping present, had raised a good point during the introductions if TropikaWild couldn’t beat the Best Bros, who could? Were Best Bros about to prove again just how resilient they were when it came to defending their titles? SAKI and Suruga opened with chain wrestling as SAKI tried to establish a power advantage with headlocks. They reached a stalemate and both tagged out. Akki and Mizumori started the same way they always do, with furious shoulder tackles. Akki cut her off with a mid-kick and started lashing out at her legs, even hoisting her up for a Kneebreaker on her injured knee. He kept kicking out her legs and drove her knee-first into the wall. This torture continued as Akki and Suruga twisted and struck at the injured knee, double-teaming Mizumori with a Namaste Stretch dropkick. Mizumori broke free with a headbutt and TropikaWild went to work on her with crossbodies. They swung both Best Bros at the camera and into the wall but Best Bros caused a scare and Akki knocked them back down with a wall-run crossbody. Mizumori bought her freedom with a body slam and SAKI came in with a boot. Akki tanked the boot and kicked her down for an assisted stalling double stomp with Suruga. She kept attacking SAKI and drove Mizumori into a table. Suruga couldn’t be Cute on Purpose so she drove her boots into the back of SAKI with a dropkick. Best Bros kept their attacks focused on SAKI’s back and Suruga took SAKI for the ride. She tried to be Cute on Purpose again but SAKI turned it into the swinging submission.

Akki made the save and trapped SAKI in the Namaste Stretch. Mizumori broke that hold but Suruga threw her around the studio by her hair. Akki and SAKI chopped it out and Best Bros hit the double chop backbreaker. They took TropikaWild out again with double crossbodies and Suruga locked on the Apple Cut Mutilation. SAKI reversed a wall whip and Cazadora to plant Suruga with a facebuster. She made the tag and Mizumori went haywire, knocking both Best Bros down with a double clothesline. She locked the Tropical Crab on Suruga and a pinfall war broke out. Both women fought at the mirror and brawled around the studio until Suruga drove Mizumori into a door and the main wall. Akki and Mizumori struck it out again with Akki going to the wounded knee whenever Mizumori fired up, locking on a kneebar to avoid a lariat. Mizumori caught a kick into a Coconut Crush and escaped again to make a tag. SAKI came in hot and trapped Akki in the hanging submission. The pair went counter mad then descended into a stiff slugfest. Akki nearly crumpled then blasted SAKI with a nightmarish chop. He climbed the window and got booted outside. SAKI dragged him back inside with a Suplex and tried to mimic Akki’s Splash but he wasn’t having it and brought her crashing down with a Frankensteiner. Akki broke SAKI over his knee and trapped her in Akki’s Knot, trying for the tap out. Mizumori broke the hold and swung the Best Bros into each other before dropping Akki with a double atomic drop and double shoulder tackles. SAKI missed the Vader Bomb but Mizumori was ready for more double-team. Suruga came to the rescue and Best Bros took both out with a double crossbody. Akki tried for a Deathlock submission and caused a double roll-up by flipping TropikaWild. They then tried for the double La Magistral but Mizumori came to the save again.

Akki kept the momentum with Best Bros by driving SAKI into the mat with a spinebuster and climbed to the top again. He flew but SAKI caught him into a roll-up. She nearly booted her way to freedom but Akki drilled her with another spinebuster. Both tagged out and Mizumori challenged Suruga to a strike-off. Mizumori knocked Suruga loopy but couldn’t keep her down. She drove Suruga into the wall and tried to end things with a lariat but Suruga took out her knee with more dropkicks. She was too angry to pin and tried for another dropkick but Mizumori took her out with a shoulder tackle. They kept warring and Suruga scored a near-fall with a Meteora Pin. Another counter-fest broke out and Suruga kept going for pinfalls. She couldn’t keep Mizumori down and ran right into a clothesline. SAKI and Akki beat the hell out of each other too as Akki flew in off-screen to dropkick Mizumori. Both teams, now exhausted, kept slugging at each other with Akki willing Suruga back into the fight. Best Bros took control again with the Rolling Swanton combo and Suruga tried for the Mutilation again but Mizumori was too close to the mat edge. Akki took himself out missing another Namaste Splash and SAKI thudded Suruga off the mat with a body slam. TropikaWild catapulted Akki onto Suruga and Suruga tripped SAKI into Mizumori, sending her flying out of the window. Chaos broke out as Akki returned fire on TropikaWild and neither team could get the kill. Akki was dropkicked out of the window and TropikaWild tried to end Suruga with a wall slam combo into the backdrop Supergirl combo but Akki broke it up with a Swanton. Akki threw Suruga into the Royal Dolphin Press and Best Bros had taken the win again. They had been pushed to the absolute limit here in a 40-minute war of attrition. TropikaWild had wrecked them for a large part of this match and forced them to be more resilient than ever. It may not have been a winning result but the match the four produced here was an absolute epic. ChocoPro always delivers on the tag action. The next stop for ChocoPro will be very different as Lulu Pencil finally gets her chance at revenge on Chris Brookes in an Ironman Match. I don’t even want to think about what could happen there…

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, FlyingVTrigger Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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