MLW has announced that they will be airing their recent Battle Riot III show from the Philadelphia 2300 Arena on their YouTube channel on Saturday, July 24th at 10 pm ET or 3 am UK time. This came through their website and confirmed that the 40-wrestler event will not only be aired on YouTube but will also be simulcasted nationwide on cable and satellite TV through BeIn Sports.

To those who don’t know, an MLW Battle Riot is a mash-up of Royal Rumble, Battle Royale, and Street fighting as 40 wrestlers will enter the match at 60-second intervals and bring whatever brand of violence they choose to. Elimination comes through pinfall, submission, and throwing someone over the top rope. The company has promised surprises, legends, and WTF entries with no DQs.

Some of the names announced include King Muertes, The Von Erichs, multiple members of CONTRA Unit, National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone, Davey Richards, Alex Kane, TJP, Team Filthy, and former Battle Riot winner Filthy Tom Lawlor. All of these names and more will be battling over a shot at the World Heavyweight Title at any time they choose.

MLW CEO Court Bauer had this to say about the event: “Fans worldwide will be able to watch the Battle Riot for free this Saturday night. This is a seminal event for the league as we prepare for what will be our most ambitious era on the horizon this fall. We invite all our fans coast-to-coast and around the world to experience the chaos, surprises, and unpredictable nature of the 40-wrestler extravaganza with us on MLW’s YouTube channel.”

For a taste of what a Battle Riot is like, you can check out former Battle Riot events on the MLW YouTube channel here:

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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