Tonight’s show was packed with some big matches. Kyle O’Reilly squared off against Austin theory, LA Knight faced Drake Maverick, and Diamond Mine were in action against Kushida and Bobby Fish. Franky Monet was in action, Santos Escobar had some words for Hit Row, and Odyssey Jones took on Andre Chase in the NXT Breakout Tournament. First, though, Samoa Joe was looking for Karrion Kross.

Samoa Joe Speaks Out

Samoa Joe walked to the ring as the show got underway. Regal walked out shortly after and told him he couldn’t call out Superstars. Joe said he had been provoked, so it was only fair. Regal said he was a referee last week, so it didn’t count. Joe said Kross was out of control, and he was here to get him under control. Regal told Joe Kross was on his way here, but all hell wouldn’t break loose. He said Joe shouldn’t say another word unless it was the right one. Joe said tonight was the end of this, but he can’t guarantee it will end peacefully and someone would be going to sleep.

Diamond Mine (Tyler Rust & Roderick Strong W/ Hideki Suzuki & Malcolm Bivens) vs Kushida & Bobby Fish

Kushida and Fish attacked Strong and Rust before the bell had even rung. After the break, the match was underway. Kushida and Fish worked on Strong with some stereo kicks. Kushida wore down Strong with some arm locks, then tagged in Fish. Rust entered the match, but Fish landed an over the ropes senton. Strong tagged in and ate some big kicks, but managed to hit a backbreaker and tag in Rust. Rust landed a belly-to-back suplex and booted the back of his neck. Strong came in and landed a double underhook suplex. He locked in a sleeper, but Kushida fought out. Diamond Mine got caught with a double spring elbow. Fish tagged in and went off on Rust with a knee to the mid-section.

He hit a basement slide clothesline on Rust. Fish got knocked outside which allowed Strong to drop him onto the apron right on his back. After another break, Strong and Rust continued to beat down Fish. Rust landed an axe kick on Fish, then tried to choke him with a headlock. They traded slaps until Rust knocked him down and tagged in Strong. Fish hit some knees to Strong’s stomach but got thrown to the mat. Rust tagged in and kicked Fish in the stomach. He locked in an abdominal stretch whilst wrenching at his head. Fish was able to hit a spinebuster and tag Kushida. The Timesplitter hit a dropkick on Rust and a kick to the side of Strong’s face, but only got a two-count. Strong tagged in Rust who dropped Kushida with a modified gut-wrench powerbomb. He locked in an ankle lock, but Kushida countered. Rust drove Kushida’s head into the mat, but his pin got broken up by Strong. Fish and Strong rolled out the ring as Kushida won with the Hoverboard Lock.

Winners: Kushida & Bobby Fish Rating: 7.5/10

Franky Monet W/ Jessi Kamea vs Jacy Jayne

As Monet controlled the match, Robert Stone walked out. Jayne landed an enzuigiri. Monet charged at Jayne in the corner and caught her with both knees. She locked in a headlock as Mandy Rose walked up to the announce table. Monet hit multiple strikes into Jayne’s stomach, but Jayne hit a Hurricanrana and big boot. Jayne hit a Neckbreaker, but only got a two-count. Monet landed Road to Valhalla and pinned Jayne for the victory.

Winner: Franky Monet Rating: 5/10

Kyle O’Reilly vs Austin Theory

Both guys tried to gain an advantage in a slow and calculated match. Theory stomped in O’Reilly’s chest, then locked in a headlock on the mat. O’Reilly broke out and booted Theory in the back as he sat on the apron. After the break, O’Reilly unleashed a flurry of kicks until Theory dropped him with a flying Neckbreaker. Theory went for a dropkick, but O’Reilly countered into a heel hook. Theory smashed O’Reilly’s head into the turnbuckle, stomped him in the chest from over the ropes, then hit a fishermen’s suplex. Theory controlled the pace with a mat submission.

O’Reilly drove a knee into Theory’s stomach, then landed a succession of kicks, knees, and strikes. O’Reilly booted Theory in the face then locked in an armbar in the centre of the ring. He transitioned into an ankle lock until Theory grabbed the rope. Theory went for a powerbomb, but O’Reilly countered. Theory hit a blue thunder bomb, but couldn’t get the win. He hit a huge modified Neckbreaker and snapped because he couldn’t pin O’Reilly. The action headed outside, and O’Reilly snapped as soon as Theory grabbed the steel steps. Back in the ring, O’Reilly unloaded on Theory. He climbed the turnbuckle and drove his knee into Theory’s lower back, then locked in a heel hook to pick up the win.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly Rating: 8/10

Battle Of The Bands

Legado Del Fantasma were in the ring with two mariachis. Escobar told them to leave because he wouldn’t need them tonight. Escobar said he was going to show off the best music in the world, but he changed his mind because he wasn’t going to lower himself to entertain the fans. He said they weren’t worth it and wouldn’t do the Hit Row thing. He told Hit Row he was going to take the North American title, but Hit Row walked out. B-Fab called their music trash and continued to mock them. Top Dolla rapped a cutting promo about Legado Del Fantasma. Swerve mocked them a bit more, then said he was going to make Santo his b!tch.

Escobar said they could do the nursery rhymes all night, but he was taking back that title. Hit Row walked to the ring. Wilde, Mendoza, Top Dolla, and Adonis went at it whilst Swerve and Escobar stared each other down. The two finally went at it. Escobar went to smash the guitar over Swerve’s head, but B-Fab grabbed it, allowing Swerve to grab the guitar. He went to hit Escobar, but he moved out of the way. Inside the ring, Mendoza was surrounded. Adonis superkicked him in the face, followed by Swerve smashing the guitar at his back.

Andre Chase vs Odyssey Jones

Chase tried to clothesline Jones, but he just stood there. Jones charged at Chase and knocked him to the ground. He clotheslined Chase to the outside, but Chase was able to get in the ring and dive on top of him outside. Jones dropped Chase on the announce table and ended up running into the scaffolding as Chase moved. Inside the ring, Chase landed a moonsault on a standing Jones, then locked in an arm lock. Jones took advantage and landed a modified Rock Bottom for the win.

Winner: Odyssey Jones Rating: 4.5/10

LA Knight W/ Cameron Grimes vs Drake Maverick

Maverick started off strong by landing a basement dropkick, but Knight soon started to get back into it. He asked Grimes to hold his Million Dollar Championship up high outside the ring. As he got back in the ring, Maverick hit a Hurricanrana and a high crossbody. Knight threw Maverick over his shoulders from the fallaway slam position. Knight was talking to Grimes when Maverick managed to roll him up for the win. After the match, Grimes told Maverick to get out of here. As Grimes went to leave, Knight attacked Maverick. Grimes pulled Knight off and said he didn’t need to do this. Knight said it was Grimes’ turn to attack Maverick, but he went to leave. Knight said he wanted to see Grimes punch Maverick in the face. Knight grabbed Maverick, and Grimes punched him in the face. Knight walked out as Grimes looked distraught with what he’d done.

Winner: Drake Maverick Rating: 5/10

Xia Li vs Raquel Gonzalez W/ Dakota Kai

Gonzalez was strong early on, but Xia Li fought back with a headlock. Gonzalez threw Li into the corner, and after she escaped, Gonzalez landed a massive boot to the face. She threw Li into the turnbuckle outside then waited for her to get back in the ring. Gonzalez left the ring and went to kick Li, but she moved and hit the turnbuckle, which allowed Li to beat the hell out of a trapped Gonzalez. Before the show went to commercial, Gonzalez smashed into the steel steps. After the break, Li was attacking Gonzalez in the corner. She dropkicked Gonzalez’s left leg twice in the corner and locked in a single leg crab.

Gonzalez got out and landed a fallaway slam, followed by a clothesline and a dropkick. Li almost rolled Gonzalez up, but she kicked out. She booted Gonzalez in the back, followed by a spinning kick in the spine. Gonzalez planted Li into the mat, then hit a spinning splash from the turnbuckle. Li looked injured at ringside as medical staff looked over her. Li got to her feet, but Gonzalez hit the Chingona Bomb to pick up the win.

Winner: Raquel Gonzalez Rating: 7/10

What Else Went Down

-Xia Li cut a promo in Chinese. She said tonight was the most important match of her career, and she would make history as the first Chinese NXT Women’s World Champion.

-LA Knight was shown in the parking lot with Cameron Grimes. He was moaning to Grimes about how long it took to get to the arena because he chose to follow GPS. Drake Maverick turned up and offered to help Grimes with all of Knight’s baggage. Knight told him to go away, but Drake refused. Knight offered him a match and walked off as Maverick continued to help Grimes.

NXT TakeOver 36 was announced via video package. It’ll be taking place on August 22.

-In celebration of the NXT Breakout Tournament, we got a video package featuring Odyssey Jones.

-Samoa Joe was shown walking back and forth waiting for Karrion Kross to arrive. Later on, Regal found him and told Joe to calm down. Joe said he respected Regal, but he would be the first man to greet Kross tonight. Regal asked for it to be peaceful. Towards the end of the show, Kross’ car pulled up. Joe opened the door and pulled out the valet instead. The valet said Kross was already inside, so Joe went after him. After the Gonzalez and Li match finished, Joe walked out and called Karrion Kross to the ring. He was shouting for him to come out. Kross appeared on the big screen and said it was his world now. He said he can go wherever and do whatever he wants. He also said he can hurt whoever he wants. He then showed Regal on the floor. Kross asked Joe if he still felt in control. The camera showed Kross drive away as Joe ran out screaming, with Regal on the floor unconscious.

-Johnny Gargano was being interviewed about his loss last week. Kyle O’Reilly walked in and said he was in the fighting mood after Theory mocked him about crying to Wade Barrett. Theory accepted, so O’Reilly said he was going to get his dancing shoes on.

-Wade Barrett was interviewing Bronson Reed from a sit-down interview earlier in the day. He said losing the North American Championship had affected him, but he needed to push forward and fight harder than ever. Reed said he shut Adam Cole down last week after running his mouth, but next week he’d close it.

-Raquel Gonzalez was being interviewed backstage. She cut a promo about defeating Xia Li. She said she wasn’t scared by her or her friend that sits on the ramp.

-The Way were backstage. Candice LeRae said it had been awful recently. Hartwell told her to stop, and if theory wanted to kiss Dexter, he could kiss Dexter. Gargano and LeRae were arguing with Hartwell as Theory said the family was falling apart. Nobody listened, so he walked away. Aww, poor Theory.

-MSK were backstage talking about enjoying their title run, and how they were looking forward to the next challengers. Mitchell asked them why they were called MSK, but an Imperium promo aired over it. Barthel said they were here to protect the purity of the sport at any means necessary. As the promo ended, MSK finished telling Mitchell, and she said it all makes sense now.

-Pete Dunne was stood with Oney Lorcan. Dunne challenged Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher to a match.

-Bronson Reed vs Adam Cole, Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher vs Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan, and Carmelo Hayes vs Josh Briggs were all officially announced for next week.

After The Bell

Tonight’s show was very enjoyable. The Samoa Joe and Karrion Kross feud has gotten incredibly heated, especially with the attack on Regal at the end. Regardless, I am still uncomfortable with what happened on RAW. Apart from a brief mention by Joe, I guess we are supposed to forget all about it. The Cameron Grimes and LA Knight storyline continues to get better. Grimes is so good in the role, and although he eventually struck Maverick, it won’t be long before he snaps. Santos Escobar was in fine form tonight. The Legado Del Fantasma and Hit Row feud is building really well. I can’t wait to see these guys go at it.

The Breakout Tournament match was disappointing, especially with Odyssey Jones botching quite a lot of his moves. Almost dropping Andre Chase on the floor could have ended much worse than it did. I’m glad Raquel Gonzalez beat Xia Li. She needs to have a dominant reign, especially as there’re a lot of women that are ready to step up to her. Watching The Way slowly fall apart was gutting. Poor Austin Theory. He looked genuinely sad when nobody listened to him. There’s a lot to look forward to at the moment. Next week looks set to be excellent, especially with Bronson Reed facing Adam Cole. NXT looks to be back in a great position, as long as Vinnie Mac doesn’t throw any more Superstars under the bus.

Star of the Show: Austin Theory Overall Rating: 7.5/10

All images and videos courtesy of WWE

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