Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling and to another special one-match episode. This time it was getting personal as Lulu Pencil got another chance to battle her demon in a 30-minute Ironman match. She was about to go the distance against Chris Brookes as she finally tries to put down not only the season MVP but the unkillable former member of her group. Chris Brookes has beaten her every time the pair met and is built for long matches, was Pencil going to somehow find the missing piece of the puzzle and finally beat Brookes? It was time to find out.

Chris Brookes (3) defeated Lulu Pencil (1) via Endgame Points total

Playtime was over. Over the past few months, we’ve seen Lulu Pencil go from being a loveable underdog to a credible contender. She’s been upping her wrestling game, her ruthlessness, and adding to her arsenal as time has gone on. Now, was the time to prove what she’d learned and what she could do against her ultimate foe. Could she finally shut Brookes up? Mei Suruga was the ref for this one, so Brookes was over the moon and there was a hostile audience as only Masahiro Takanashi was a Brookes supporter. Pencil started with ill-advised lock-ups and ended up trapped in a wrist-lock. She went behind for a waist-lock but Brookes countered that too. She pencilled her way out of his hold and tried to trap him in a leglock but he’d already forced a break. The pair went into a test of strength with Pencil using everything she had to avoid being pinned. Pencil grabbed chairs and started a barfight. Pencil was even going to give him the first hit but he just booted her out of her chair. He twisted up her leg with a Dragon Screw and she played possum calling for a timeout and begging for ice. It was a ruse and she slipped the ice pack into Brookes’ shorts and forearmed it in further. Brookes made her pay by trapping her on the ceiling and demanding it be counted as a pin. Suruga wouldn’t play along so Brookes just dropped Pencil onto the mat. Pencil tried to strike back and knocked Brookes to the mat with a basement dropkick. She tried for the table slide but Brookes just dragged her off it and suplexed her into it for the first fall. Brookes had scored his first pinfall of the match. He continued the plunder shots with a bin to the back and smashed her off the wall. He took her on a headlock tour of the Choco Bouquet signs and tore up any that supported her. He added extra insult to injury by choking her with them and punching the pile.

Suruga refused to count a pin so Brookes mocked her by doing the sign double chop. Suruga had to count her own move but Pencil kicked out at one. He was getting pissed and tore off the ChocoPro flag for a powerslam. He wrapped Pencil up in the flag and slammed both Chie Koishikawa and Sayaka onto her. He went for the pin again and after some deliberation, Suruga counted to three, giving Brookes his second pinfall of the match. He was starting to accrue points at a rapid rate. He finally freed her of the flag and threw it out of the window. Pencil tried to strike back again but Brookes just trapped her arm and dropped a knee on it. He started bending limbs and tried to choke her out with another flag pole. Pencil stabbed back with the flag pole and tried to trap Brookes in a Guillotine but Brookes just hoisted her up and slammed her against the wall. He tried to tap her out but Pencil slipped free to force another break. Brookes started breaking pencils in front of her again but Pencil refused to be intimidated and snapped one herself to stab into Brookes’ leg. She was fired up now and kept chopping away at Brookes before ducking and dropkicking out Brookes’ leg again. Brookes got majorly pissed off and took the fight outside. He tried to whip Pencil into the shutters but Pencil reversed the whip and sent him crashing into the metal. Pencil got sadistic and dropped the other shutter onto Brookes’ arm. She tried to go to her pencil case but Brookes was too fast and snatched it away from her. It turned out to be full of powder so Pencil knocked the handful he’d poured out into his face and locked on an Octopus stretch.

Brookes forced a break so Pencil buried Brookes under the mat for a Stabber. That would have been a three-count but Brookes couldn’t be seen under the mat so Suruga couldn’t make a count. Brookes broke out and tried to drag Pencil down from the sink but Pencil wiggled free and pushed Brookes into a table. She threw a basketball at him and dropped him on the hardwood floor with a DDT. Once again that would have been a three-count but Brookes was out of bounds. She rolled Brookes back onto the mat and after a near-fall, landed another Stabber for a two-count. The pair struck it out as Brookes struggled to deal with his damaged elbow. Brookes wanted her to fight back so Pencil pulled her strap down and charged with a lariat. Brookes finally collapsed to a lariat and gave Pencil another two-count. Brookes reversed La Magistral but Pencil was right back on him with a Nosebreaker. She tried for the Taka-Tonic but Brookes threw her away and mercilessly pummelled her with ground and pound until Takanashi pulled him off her. Suruga had to administer a ten-count and Pencil just to say beat the count at nine. Brookes nailed her with a chair and made a chair bridge. He laid Pencil out on it but she got up and brought Brookes crashing down from the window onto it.

Pencil got another two-count on La Magistral and tried to tap Brookes out again but he forced another break. Brookes countered another Stabber with his knees and Brookes leapt over Suruga to take the third pinfall with the Shoop Cutter. He tried for a rapid fourth but Pencil forced a break. Brookes just mockingly attacked her but Pencil slapped back and went for a series of pinfalls, scoring so many near-falls. Brookes dropkicked her to the floor and tried for the Praying Mantis Bomb but his arm was too wrecked for it. Pencil reapplied the Octopus and held on as Brookes tried to shake him off to roll him up for her first-ever pinfall win. Pencil had one point and it had been with a pinfall. The bell rung to signal the time limit was up and the final score was 3-1 to Brookes.

That didn’t matter though. Lulu Pencil had just pinned Chris Brookes. She had managed to keep an opponent down for a three-count. Brookes was in shock, as was everyone else. This was an amazing moment for Pencil and the Pencil Army, she had finally done something she’d never been able to do before. We got a heart-warming show of sportsmanship as the two, exhausted, hugged it out and Brookes looked after Pencil as she’d hit her head. He finally heralded her for being strong and let her bask in the moment, not bragging about his victory. The fairy tale might be over but it had a happy ending. She may have lost the match but she got a pinfall, her credibility and showed heart and courage can trump all. Lulu Pencil is a professional wrestler.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, FlyingVTrigger, Sayaka Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube


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