Welcome back to ChocoPro wrestling. It’s time for another double-bill as the Chocolate Square has been non-stop since the dramatic #137 Ironman match. Lulu Pencil may have stolen the season but for these last few shows, Chie Koishikawa was going to transcend to new heights. For #138, she would be reuniting with Mei Suruga for a Warm Caterpillars revival against Chon Shiryu and Masahiro Takanashi whilst Baliyan Akki tackles Sayaka in singles competition. For #139, she has another main event spot as she goes one-on-one with Masahiro Takanashi because Chie-DK didn’t go unnoticed whilst Best Bros battle Lulu Pencil and Tokiko Kirihara. We have a lot of action to go through so let’s get into it.

ChocoPro #138

Baliyan Akki defeated Sayaka via Akki’s Knot

Up first was a first-time-ever singles match between Baliyan Akki and Sayaka. Both are very heavy hitters so this should be a fun, stiff affair. Let’s see if Sayaka could upset the ace of the company. They opened with a technical exchange as both battled for wrist control. Akki wasn’t shy about the small-joint manipulation and Sayaka wasn’t shy about getting stiff, forearming Akki into the wall for a Snapmare. She hit her knee drop bow and arrow then tried for the Boston Crab. Akki bucked her off and swept her legs out for a knee drop. He crushed her in a body scissor and bounced her against the wall for more hard strikes. He kept twisting limbs, trying to tap Sayaka out but she kept escaping. Sayaka dodged a wall kick and forearmed Akki’s knee out. She stunned him with another forearm and drove him into the mat with a body slam. She levelled him with dropkicks and locked on the Crab but Akki forced the break. The same happened with a heel hook so the pair slugged it out. Sayaka scored another near-fall with a crossbody and Akki rolled through to deliver a slam into the Spider. Well, he would have but Sayaka dodged and tried for the Bridging Suplex. Akki countered into his levitating hold but Sayaka countered that into her knot submission. Akki forced a break, kicked Sayaka away, and countered the Bridge into Akki’s Knot for the win. This had been a hard-fought, tough little fight with Sayaka really bringing the fight. Even Akki was surprised by how much pain she’d caused him.

Masahiro Takanashi & Chon Shiryu defeated Warm Caterpillars (Chie Koishikawa & Mei Suruga) via Diving Dragon Stomp on Koishikawa

Lastly, the main event where former exhibition fighters Chon Shiryu and Masahiro Takanashi teamed up to battle the remerging Warm Caterpillars. They had been cocooned for multiple seasons and were now coming back to fight some stiff competition. Takanashi has been going out of his way to show he’s back, what was he going to do against Suruga and Koishikawa? Takanashi battled with a technical battle against Koishikawa. She took him on a run but Takanashi countered into a Hammerlock. Koishikawa trapped Takanashi’s wrist and the pair tagged out. Shiryu and Suruga kept the technicality going with Shiryu being his devious self. He kept Suruga trapped but the plucky apple found a way to get back into things, trying for Lucifer. She was Cute on Purpose but only got two. Shiryu yanked at her hair and threw her across the mat then brought in Takanashi. Those two kept scrapping and Suruga trapped a wrist to take him for the ride but Takanashi blocked and Shiryu attacked from behind. Shiryu and Takanashi attacked both Caterpillars and took time to pose. The Caterpillars gave Takanashi a taste of double-team and took him on a double window ride. They demolished Shiryu outside and posed through the windows. Koishikawa got the tag and started dragging Takanashi around the mat. She tried for a Demon Chop but Takanashi grabbed her nose. He tagged and the Drunken Dragons hit a double-team Nosebreaker. Shiryu began attacking Koishikawa’s face and both Dragons trapped the Caterpillars in Camel Clutches.

Takanashi kept up the cocky torment of Koishikawa and cleverly utilised Shiryu to avoid any Koishikawa comebacks. This backfired though as Koishikawa dodged Shiryu and used Takanashi as a platform to jump to a tag. Suruga came in flying with a crossbody, punched away Shiryu, and smashed Takanashi off the wall. Shiryu tried to interfere but Suruga trapped his wrist and both Dragons went for the ride. Suruga tried for roll-ups but Takanashi hung on, so Demon Chie chopped away his hands and Shiryu. Suruga fought to lock on the Apple Cut Mutilation and landed Cute on Purpose again. She got pissed and hammered Takanashi with forearms then threw Shiryu out of the window. Takanashi begged for mercy but got none. He tripped Suruga into the window and Shiryu rushed back in for a window dropkick. Shiryu tagged in for more window-based offence and Suruga dropped him tailbone first on the window-ledge. Both fighters bounced off the wall as Shiryu reversed an O’Connor Roll into an elevated wall smash. Suruga played possum and caught Shiryu into a Cazadora then tripped him into the window again for a double chop. She tagged and Koishikawa came in chopping. Shiryu ducked and threw Koishikawa into the wall for a Judo throw. Koishikawa came back with an arm-drag and climbed up for an X Chop but Takanashi pushed her out the window. Suruga baited the pair into position and both Dragons ate a double X chop. The pair hit Shiryu with double dropkicks and trapped him in a double pin when he fought back. Takanashi came to the rescue and nailed Suruga with a backbreaker but threw her into the wall and ate a Super Mei Punch. Shiryu and Suruga ate dropkicks and the match broke down as everyone flew in. Suruga ate an assisted Gory Bomb and Koishikawa was put down with a cross-armed Facebuster and diving Dragon Stomp. It had been one hell of a war but the Drunken Dragons had come out on top through brains and deviousness. This was pure main event fun from the ever-expanding tag scene of ChocoPro.

ChocoPro #139

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Lulu Pencil & Tokiko Kirihara via Double La Magistral on Kirihara


We opened show two with some tag team action. Lulu Pencil was looking to keep the momentum going from her first big pinfall with a potential tag win over the Asia Dream Tag Champions Best Bros. She had Tokiko Kirihara by her side and the pair looked to be ready for a fight. Akki started things by instantly knocking down Pencil with a shoulder tackle and Suruga tagged in wanting to fight Kirihara. Pencil refused to leave so the pair went into a frantic counter war with Pencil no-selling the ride. A posing battle broke out and Pencil stabbed Suruga in the throat after tanking a barrage of Cute on Purpose head punches. Pencil landed her wall whip and Kirihara dragged her over for a tag. Akki brutalised Kirihara and brought in Suruga to further stomp her down. Suruga locked on a Guillotine but Kirihara broke free and tried for a double-wrist lock. Akki made the save and Suruga was Cute on Purpose. The Best Bros kept torturing Kirihara and Akki trapped her in the Namaste Stretch as Suruga bullied Pencil. Akki initiated a kick-off with Kirihara and Kirihara slammed Suruga into the wall to make a tag to Pencil. Best Bros brick-walled Pencil’s clotheslines and Suruga tried to drive her into the mirror, getting stopped by referee Sakura. She drove Pencil into the wall and countered a roll-up into a pin of her own and the Apple Cut Mutilation. Kirihara broke the hold and repeatedly smashed Suruga into the wall then tried to hoist up Pencil for a Joust but Suruga ducked and kicked her down. She tripped both down for the Bridging Deathlock and Akki threw her into a double stomp on the pair.

Pencil collapsed through Akki’s chops and whipped him into the wall for rolling dropkicks. She hit him with a Stabber to the back and tagged out to Kirihara. She lit him up with chest kicks and took him over with a Judo throw. Akki avoided a Cross-Armbreaker and came back kicking with his head kick combo. Akki crashed on the Namaste Splash and Kirihara trapped him in a Triangle. Akki chopped back and locked the Namaste Stretch on Kirihara. She broke free and nailed another Judo throw as Pencil dived in with a Stabber. Suruga made the save, stunned Kirihara with a Super Mei Punch, and rolled her through into the Swanton Combo. Kirihara broke free of Akki’s grasp and booted him down hard with another series of lethal kicks. Pencil was trapped outside and couldn’t stop Suruga coming back in to assist as Best Bros took the win with a double La Magistral on Kirihara. This was another intense fight between the Best Bros and Kirihara. Pencil lost again but this time it wasn’t through her being pinned. Kirihara had been vicious here but there wasn’t quite the teamwork needed to beat the Best Bros. This was an awesome spectacle of a match.

Masahiro Takanashi defeated Chie Koishikawa via Vertical Koji Clutch

Last but not least, the second main event of the double-bill. Chie Koishikawa had her second main event of the double-bill as she took on Masahiro Takanashi in singles competition. Chie-DK was definitely dead and this was going to bury it for good. Koishikawa had new gear to show off for the occasion as she looked to pick up the biggest win of her career. They opened with a cagey lock-up as the pair tried to out-wrestle each other. Takanashi trapped Koishikawa against a wall and she tried to intimidate him with her scary face. They kept battling over wrist control and Takanashi put the breaks on the running wrist-lock with a Fireman’s carry. Takanashi cut her off with a Nosebreaker and Koishikawa popped right back up to drag him around the mat. He avoided the muffler and dodged Demon Chie’s chops to hit her in the head with a cupboard door. He spent so much time bragging about how smart he was, he didn’t realise Koishikawa had recovered and smashed that cupboard door into his injured knee. Koishikawa went to work with a leglock and used a Deathlock on him since he wouldn’t let go of the mat. He forced a break and created separation with a Jawbreaker. Takanashi went to work on Koishikawa’s neck with a Cravat and kept Koishikawa grounded with elbows and a knee to the throat. He kept working the neck so Koishikawa kept escaping. Koishikawa launched him with a Tornado arm-drag and chopped back hard but he charged her into the wall and gave her a chop of his own. He jammed his knee on the wall missing a leg lariat so Koishikawa slammed it off the wall again and crushed it with the window. Demon Chie took over and hammered Takanashi’s injured leg as it was trapped.

He used Sakura as a human shield and hit Koishikawa with another Nosebreaker. Sakura fell and Koishikawa used her as a launchpad for an X Chop then went back to work on the knee with another leglock and the muffler. Takanashi escaped and broke Koishikawa over his knee. He pushed down for pressure then propelled her into the wall. He dragged her back over to the window and hung her through for a Hangman’s Neckbreaker. He tried to tap Koishikawa out with another chin-lock and Koishikawa rolled through a Rear-Naked to score a near-fall. Koishikawa went back to the muffler and grew frustrated as Takanashi escaped again. She dropkicked him down for another pin but he grabbed her by the nose again. He delivered a dropkick to her head and the fight went to the sink. Takanashi hit another Nosebreaker and Koishikawa hit him in the head with another door before propelling him across the studio with an avalanche arm-drag. They slugged and chopped it out on the mat and Takanashi dragged Koishikawa into the Cross-arm Neckbreaker. That got two so he tapped out Koishikawa with a Vertical Koji Clutch. This has been an absolute belter of a match with Koishikawa showing off some of her finest work yet. This was an ultra-competitive war of attrition between two vicious fighters. Koishikawa is going to be a big player in future ChocoPro and Takanashi just showed how tough and resourceful she can be. What a way to end a show and what a way to end this double-bill.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Tokiko Kirihara, FlyingVTrigger, Videos courtesy of Gatoh Move

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