Welcome back to GCW and to one of the most manic weekends of the year. GCW has come home to Atlantic City and the Showboat with some big names returning to up the ante once again. I imagine most of you already know the results and will know that this is a night that changed everything. All three titles were on the line as Jimmy Lloyd and G-Raver defended their new Tag Titles, Alex Colon put his Ultraviolent Title up against the BJW Death Match Heavyweight Title in a Title vs Title match with Drew Parker, and in the main event, Nick Gage gives Matt Cardona a shot at the GCW World Title. There’s so much more to so let’s get into the action.

Marko Stunt defeated Starboy Charlie via Dragonrana

We opened with another test for Starboy Charlie. He’d faced several of GCW’s veteran stars and now he was going to battle another in Marko Stunt. This was the first time Charlie wasn’t the smallest guy in the fight but that didn’t mean he could get complacent. They started slow and technical as the pair felt each other out and picked up the pace as Stunt got furious and Charlie kept trying to show off. Charlie cleverly cut of Stunt and started working the head and neck as he methodically broke down Stunt. Things went wrong for the Starboy when he went to the top rope and Stunt kicked his legs out, dropping him to the apron for a ring-post dropkick. He took too much time to follow up though and Charlie made him pay with a running DVD onto the chair. Stunt got revenge with his own DVD into the buckles and fired up off a strike-out into a massive combo ending in Sliced Bread. Charlie came back with his own killing blows but neither could keep the other down. It came down to wits and veteran savvy for Stunt to take the win as he countered a Powerbomb into a Dragonrana to take the win. This rocked. Love or hate either guy, they put on an excellent opening match and played off each other incredibly well. Charlie learned another lesson from a GCW veteran and Stunt got to win his homecoming.

Tony Deppen defeated Ninja Mack via KO Knee

Oh boy. It was Ninja Mack’s turn to fight the gatekeeper of GCW. Mack has become one of GCW’s hottest stars through his sheer batshit offence and willingness to break the laws of physics. Now, he’d have to battle someone who loves nothing more than clipping the wings of high-flyers, Tony Deppen. They opened with a mix of traditional wrestling and posing as neither man wanted to be shown up. Mack tried to give Deppen a taste of his flippy and furious offence and Deppen kept trying to swat him out of the air with his vicious striking. Deppen got mean as he took every chance to disrespect Mack as he beat him down. Mack obviously couldn’t be taken out and started to pick up the pace and the flip count, getting to pull off his multiple Backflip Moonsault. Mack tried to fight through the damage to his legs and kept stunning Deppen with Ranas and kicks out of nowhere. He hit the 630 but Deppen ended up getting a foot on a rope. He tried to go for a second Phoenix 630 but Deppen dodged and knocked Mack out with a running knee. Once again, this was awesome. Ninja Mack is showing he is more than a flippy guy as Deppen brought the ring psychology out of him as the pair beat the shit out of each other. Another excellent bout of madness from Ninja Fuck Mack.

AJ Gray defeated Nolan Edward via Emerald Flowsion

Time to witness a potential murder. No Flinch Nolan Edward was back in action and he was about to go through a car crash as he had another match with AJ Gray. The last time these two met, Gray completely destroyed him. Would the result be any different this time? The pair opened with competitive chain wrestling before Edward took to the air with a tope con Hilo and ring-post Moonsault. He scored a near-fall with a Frog Splash and Gray took his head off with a spinning heel kick. The pair chopped it out as both guys got stiffer and stiffer as the violence and the crowd erupted. Edward took to the air again and Gray took the fight to the ground with a Thunder-Fire Bomb into a Half Crab. Edward’s leg gave out on a kick and Gray took him out with a lariat. A slap fight broke out and Gray dropped Edward with an enzuigiri into another lariat. Gray dragged the limp body of Edward up and took the win with an Emerald Flowsion. These two just tore the house down with a sprint of nasty striking and insane technicality. It was a much more competitive bout than their last meeting as the pair went hell for leather against each other. No punches were pulled and no lariats were spared.

2 Cold Scorpio defeated Grim Reefer via Flipping Leg Drop

Holy shit this is quite the epic little fight. Two legends, two veterans, and two ultimate fan favourites were about to collide in a battle of “high” flying supremacy. This is one of those matches you never knew you needed until it was announced. These guys shared the chain wrestling and the blunt as both guys bonded over the blunt. Reefer used that as a distraction and things went to another level. Things got flippy, furious, and heavy as both guys unleashed their arsenals on the other. Reefer was trying to get the win with his Chronic Crossface and Scorpio used his power to try and keep things controlled. Things got nastier as both guys pulled out bigger and bigger hits with Reefer stunning Scorpio with a springboard DDT. The near-falls kept coming as Reefer desperately threw everything at Scorpio in an effort to keep him down. It never worked though as 2 Cold found his way back into things and took the win with the Flipping Leg Drop. This wasn’t going to be the smoothest match of the night but it was every bit as fun and competitive as you’d want it to be. Age doesn’t mean shit when you got the skill these guys have. As the fans so accurately put it, “this was dope.”

Title vs Title GCW Ultraviolent and BJW Death Match Heavyweight: Drew Parker defeated Alex Colon via Bully Choke

Welcome back, Drew Parker. The newly-crowned BJW Death Match Heavyweight Champion was returning to GCW a King and was looking to add another crown to his collection only 24 hours later. Both fighters are arguably top-tier deathmatch fighters and bloodletters, now they were colliding in title vs title action for two of the bloodiest belts in the business. SHLAK was on commentary for this monumental match as the pair got ready for a glass-fest. They opened with chain wrestling and as the fight neared the ropes, Parker brained Colon with a bundle. Colon broke another bundle on his own head and threw Parker to the outside for a bundle dive. He forced Parker to take a seat and nailed him with bundle double knees. Parker headed to the other side of the ring and countered Colon into a Sliced Bread off the ring-post then threw darts into his back, scoring 180 on Colon’s spine. Parker tried to dart him again but Colon dodged and threw him into more bundles. He trapped another tube behind Parker’s neck and forced him to break it before carving up his head, giving everyone at ringside a view of the carnage. Both got fired up and Parker fired Colon into more tubes for a Tiger Feint Cutter. He went coast to coast with a super bundle dropkick and followed Colon outside with a tope con Hilo. Parker climbed to the top but Colon stunned him with another bundle and moved a log cabin into position. Parker fought back and drove Colon into the cabin with a diving DDT. They slugged it out and Colon turned a second cutter attempt into a Sleeper Suplex. Parker popped right back up and drove Colon into a shower door with a DVD.


It didn’t break so Colon threw Parker back-first into it. He nailed another bundle double knees but Parker wouldn’t stay down. A double-pane frame was brought in and set up on chairs. Parker started fighting back so Colon wrecked him with a DVD on the apron and a Suicide DDT to the floor. Parker rearranged the furniture and followed Colon to the top for a double pane superplex. He followed with the Swanton Bomb and got 1. Colon was fired the fuck up. They slugged it out again and Colon went for the Uranage knee into the Camel Clutch. A barbed-wire pane was brought in and Colon tried for the Spanish Fly but Parker put him through it with a Burning Hammer but only got two. He went for a bundle Swanton and still only got two. He locked on a Bully Choke and Colon went to sleep. Drew Parker is a double deathmatch champion in two different territories. He had upset the 3peat and now had a new title to take back with him to Japan after this absolutely incredible story-filled bloodbath. This is a MOTY contender. Yes, it’s that fucking good. Two of the best just showed the world how it’s done. Parker wants round 2 in Japan and has Jimmy Lloyd at Part 2.

Scramble: Atticus Cogar defeated Braydon Lee, Dante Leon, Jack Cartwheel, Shane Mercer & Jordan Oliver via Stolen win on Lee

It wouldn’t be a GCW show without a scramble. This time we had a chaotic mix of high-flyers, powerhouses, and all-rounders as Atticus Cogar, Braydon Lee, Dante Leon, Jack Cartwheel, Shane Mercer, and Jordan Oliver all collided in a 6-man clusterfuck of wrestling excess. Mercer started by killing Cogar whilst everyone watched on. From there it was standard scramble fair as everyone showed off in their own unique way. Cartwheel and Lee had an impressive little standoff before leaping onto everyone else as Cogar started getting some revenge. Mercer continued to throw people around like they were nothing and more collisions occurred as there were no brakes on the match train. Leon, Lee, and Cartwheel all tried to battle over being the best high-flyer whilst Oliver wanted Cogar and Mercer wanted to murder. Cogar kept wrecking shop but Mercer was always there to fuck him up. Everything went crazy as fuck and Mercer no-sold Cogar’s skewers to mess up both Cogar and Oliver. This ended up becoming so many unique little singles encounters within a massive melting pot of a match. Everyone was firing on all cylinders and Oliver was set to get the win on Lee when Cogar cock shot him and stole the win. Winner aside, this shit rocked and should set up a few tasty singles fights down the pipeline.

GCW Tag Titles: Second Gear Crew (Matthew Justice & Mance Warner) defeated G-Raver & Jimmy Lloyd via Justice Splash on Lloyd

Our next title match was the GCW Tag Titles touching back down on US Soil as G-Raver and Jimmy Lloyd had snatched the titles away from Meido Extremo and Ciclope at Zona 23 after so many years away. Their first defence was going to be against one of GCW’s top factions in SGC’s Matthew Justice and Mance Warner. This played out exactly as you’d expect. It was an all-action everywhere bout as SGC chaos met deathmatch fuckery and brawling madness from Raver and Lloyd. Mance and Justice found their craziness matched as everything became plunder and violence, Warner having his tongue stapled to a door. Momentum shifted on a dime and Raver and Lloyd continued to work exceptionally well as a team to keep the match going their way. Warner broke this teamwork by hitting Raver in the back with a belt and throwing it to Lloyd. They argued and Justice speared both through a door for a two-count. SGC started taking over and bringing out the CTE shots and barbed wire. Lloyd was getting the match back under control when Raver hit him with a Meteora and left, he was done with him. He sat outside as a 2-on-1 beatdown began on Lloyd. Warner speared Lloyd through the barbed-wire door and Justice ended things with the massive Splash for the win. The uneasy unit had fractured and the tag titles were now in the hands of one of the most durable and deadly units in GCW. This had been as wild as I wanted with Lloyd and Raver starting another new chapter in their sordid little story as they approach the anniversary of the injury and the venue of it. Now they’re having a deathmatch grand finale in Chicago at 3 Cups Stuffed. What a ride, what a fight, what an interesting future for those tag titles.

EFFY (w/Allie Katch) defeated Frontman Jah via Dragon Sleeper

Time for something a little bit different. Frontman Jah had taken to the ring to bask in some of that Homecoming glory. He dedicated the rest of the show and weekend to himself as everything is about him. BUSSY came out to shut him up as EFFY entered the ring to give him a match since he desperately wanted to be a part of things. EFFY was feeling mean and needed to issue some Daddy discipline since Jah was holding up the show. He slapped Jah and dropped him across his knee for an Atomic Drop and Backbreaker before blowing raspberries on his stomach. Jah backhanded EFFY and missed a corner splash to eat a rearview and boot. EFFY hung on for a corner choke and trapped Jah’s head between his legs on the apron. Jah powered out into a back-body drop and dodged the Blockbuster. EFFY went to the nipples but Jah seemed to like it so EFFY started biting. He tried for a Northern Lights but Jah countered into a DDT. Jah fired up for a diving hip thrust and EFFY demanded more. EFFY headbutted back as head met “head.” Jah went flying as EFFY hit a Suplex and Chokeslam then got blasted with EFFY hip thrusts and Under the Rainbow. EFFY locked on the Dragon Sleeper so Jah tapped. This was good fun as two charismatic fighters showcased how to fight and have fun. Jah is fucking incredible and I hope this is a sign that we’ll see him more. We got a celebration of pansexual pride and EFFY personally invited Jah to the Chicago Big Gay Brunch. The invite was sealed with a kiss to both EFFY and Allie.

GCW World Title Deathmatch: Matt Cardona defeated Nick Gage via Rough Rider


Last but not least, the main event. Matt Cardona had brought this on himself. He had attacked Gage after weeks of provocation and now, he was going to take his shot at the King. The atmosphere was electric as Cardona needed security to get to the ring as the fans hated him. There would be fuckery everywhere and Gage was going to murder Cardona with it if he could. Gage jumped Cardona with a Spinebuster and corner beatdown. Gage came at Cardona with a light tube but Cardona ducked and ran Gage into the buckle, breaking the tube in his own face. He punched down on Gage and hit an early Broski Boot. Gage no-sold that shit and scared Cardona into the crowd by breaking a tube on his own head. Gage gave chase and hurled Cardona into the fans. He got a crowd member involved with an assisted chair shot and nearly killed Cardona with a collector’s case chair shot. Cardona dodged and smashed Gage with a chair. He wanted a count-out but that wasn’t possible so he dived onto Gage. The fight returned to the ring and Cardona hit Gage with a tube before slamming him onto another. He tried for a pin after that and a Neckbreaker but Gage wasn’t going down that easy. He took too much time to taunt so Gage dropped him with a DDT and drove a chair into him with the Corkscrew Elbow. A glass pane came out and Cardona tried for another quick win with a boot. Gage got the shoulder up again so Cardona broke more tubes on Gage and Gage gave Cardona his first taste of glass with a pane spear. Gage went to the tubes and carved him up with a broken tube. The pizza cutter came out and Gage alternated between using that and tubes to cut up Cardona. There was no mercy for Cardona now as the King cut and slashed without pity as Cardona cried and bled. Gage trapped him under a glass pane and climbed to the top. Cardona smashed another tube into his back and put Gage through the pane with a Superplex. He hit Gage with a Tiger Bomb and Gage caught a Rough Rider into the Chokebreaker.


Judas hit the speakers sending the crowd into a frenzy as Gage’s AEW opponent may have shown up. A druid came out and ate a Chair Brainbuster and Cardona used the distraction to hit Gage with a Codebreaker. Cardona aimed a jab at Moxley and Gage kicked low for a duo of piledrivers. 44OH! showed up with tubes to interrupt things and Gage sent them all packing until they piled up in numbers. Face Rickey Shane Page music hit and he came out to call off the attack. Cogar slapped him so RSP and Gage teamed up to kick 44OH! ass. Iron and Cogar ate dual Chokebreakers and RSP kicked Gage in the dick because of course, he wasn’t helping Gage. Cardona blasted Gage with the 44OH! bundles and ended things with the Rough Rider. The place erupted as pissed-off fans pelted Cardona with cans and bottles. It was a display of outright revulsion as Matt Cardona with help from 44OH! had just taken the GCW World Title. Fucking hell, this was something else. Matt Cardona went full-on deathmatch against Gage. He didn’t need to but he was all for the blood and glass and as such proved he was at least going to match the King in his den. RSP got his long-held revenge and now Gage is stepping into AEW without a title. Things are going to be very weird for GCW as all the titles are in new hands. Part 2 will be very interesting.

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