Welcome back to GCW and to the wild weekend that is Homecoming. You can read about part one here as we prepare for night two of the record-setting weekend. Tonight is where companies collide as AEW looks to send in some new blood and old favourites into the GCW fire. Penelope Ford returns to GCW to clash with Allie Katch and Cezar Bononi looks to make a strong impression against Chris Dickinson as well as Joey Janela returning to the deathmatch world against Atticus Cogar and Drew Parker looking to avenge a years-long loss to Jimmy Lloyd. Plus, we’d have the return of Jonathan Gresham and Ruckus. Let’s get into the action.

Jordan Oliver defeated Jack Cartwheel via Figure-Four

We opened with the Star Killer Jordan Oliver as the frontman of YDNB battled the rising Rocketwheel Jack Cartwheel. Oliver got screwed over in the scramble last night so now he was looking to pick up a win for the weekend against Cartwheel. This became a battle of speed vs wits as the pair opened with technicality and diverted into their chosen style. Oliver tried to keep things grounded as Cartwheel picked up the pace and looked to take flight. As Cartwheel got more dangerous, Oliver went after the leg and knee, taking aim with Dragon Screws and submissions. Despite the damage, Cartwheel kept trying to fight and switched the flying for striking. Oliver cut that off with a vicious chop block but even then, the pair kept trading as the Cartwheel wouldn’t be kept down. They fought from the apron to the crowd and back again, bringing some plunder into play as Oliver crushed a trashcan with Cartwheel’s body. It became a battle of submissions and Oliver took the win with a Figure-Four. This ended up being an awesome opener. Oliver’s singles streak is building again as he continuously grows as a wrestler and finds new ways to kill people off.

Jonathan Gresham defeated Starboy Charlie via Inverted Figure Four

Time for fight two of the weekend for Starboy Charlie. He’d battled Marko Stunt the day before, now he was getting a lesson in grappling from the best to do it right now, The Octopus Jonathan Gresham. Every time Gresham returns to GCW, he makes absolute magic. This was going to be a good one. This started out as a pure wrestling war with both guys grappling and Gresham taking Charlie a bit lightly. Charlie showed he could grapple too and the pair started to get heated, Charlie throwing in an SSP combo and Gresham sending him flying to the floor with a hesitation dropkick. From there, Gresham did what he does best, trapping limbs and bending them in ways they shouldn’t, even using Charlie’s ankle to lead the crowd in a chant. Charlie refused to go down like this and started taking the fight back to Gresham with clever countering and power moves. They battled over a Figure-Four and Gresham had to drag himself to the ropes. Things got nasty with slaps and both guys wrecked each other with forearms and boots. Starboy almost won with a twisting splash but it wasn’t enough. Gresham came back with a fury and nearly got the win with a Bridging German and multiple KOs with running elbows. Both fighters refused to die but Gresham’s knee was definitely giving him problems. We went back to the submission warfare and Jonathan Gresham picked up the win with an Inverted Figure Four. As predicted, this was epic. Charlie continues to show he’s the future of the business as the veterans continue to push him to his limits.

GCW Tag Team Titles: Second Gear Crew (Matthew Justice & Mance Warner) defeated Dante Leon & Ninja Mack via Superplex Superfly on Leon

So, this show clearly hasn’t been chaotic enough so it was time to send in the SGC. Justice and Warner were looking to defend their newly won tag titles against two very different types of contenders. Their first defence was going to pit them against Dante Leon and Ninja Mack, two of the most innovative high-flyers in the game. This was a fight pure and simple. It was a body flying, plunder flying, heavy-hitting, action everywhere brawl as Leon and Mack were brought into that SGC world. Mack and Leon were punished with nasty chair shots and SGC made a double tower of doors. Mack and Leon were able to start taking flight and made sure they left their mark on SGC and the minds of the audience. Leon went through the doors, wiping out the plunder and the camera, and Mack was killed off with a Chair Shot Doomsday Device. He was done so SGC focused on Leon with a pelted chair and a Superplex into a Superfly. This had been a dominant defence for the SGC as they swept through the high-flying heroes of GCW like a thrash metal hurricane. What a fun car crash of a match.

Chris Dickinson defeated Cezar Bononi via Ankle Lock

This one was going to be interesting. Cezar Bononi has been chasing new life since NXT cut him loose and now that journey had led him to GCW. He wanted to show just how good or in this case bad to the bone he really was. Unfortunately, that meant battling the Dirty Daddy, Chris Dickinson. Sometimes the indies are the best place to show what you can do; would that ring true for Bononi? We started with one of those rare occurrences where someone could manhandle Chris Dickinson. Bononi was overpowering Dickinson and throwing him like a ragdoll. This just pissed Dickinson off and he went into full fuck you up mode. Bononi did a good job at cutting this off and continued having his way with Dickinson as the fans gave their approval. The strikes got heavier as Dickinson once again went full-on fuck you up mode but again, Bononi seemed unphased by this. Dickinson worked a leg and murdered Bononi with a German and lariat. Even then, Bononi was back on him with a dropkick and Pumphandle Suplex. Both men refused to die as Dickinson kept trying to chop down Bononi and Bononi kept matching Dickinson. After a vicious slugfest, Dickinson finally got to utilise that damaged leg and tapped out Bononi with an ankle lock. Dickinson gave Bononi his praise and honestly, I would too. This was fine. Bononi ended up showcasing some of his skills and Dickinson did what he does best. My condolences to you Dickinson, sorry for your loss.

Joey Janela defeated Atticus Cogar via Fuckery Pile Superplex

You know you’ve pissed off Joey Janela if he’s willing to go back to his deathmatch roots. We would have our first bout of fuckery as Janela was about to battle Atticus Cogar in a deathmatch. This all stemmed from Cogar trying to skewer Ricky Morton in Wyoming. He had run to Morton’s aid and this match had been made. Things got even more heated after Texas when Janela got skewered too. Now it was time for the pair to finally kill each other. They had glass, tubes, and even a massive barbed-wire web. Cogar instantly dropkicked Janela through a pane and Janela baited Cogar in to throw him through another pane. A hockey fight broke out and the pair brawled into the crowd as Janela started having fun. Janela was thrown through a merch table and Cogar stomped on a Drew Parker shirt. Janela dragged Cogar back towards the ring and stuck his face into the net. He chased Cogar around ringside with a chair and ended up breaking that chair with his own body, missing a seated Swanton. Cogar took the time to beat down Janela and after abusing Janela with a chair, set up a wired door. He went for the skewers but Janela turned it into a powerbomb and ran Cogar through the door, hitting his face off the wire because of the momentum. They fought to the apron and Cogar drove them both through the wire net with an Air Raid Crash. Janela made it up despite the horrific landing and got turned into a pin cushion as Cogar filled his head with skewers.

This powered Janela up and he set up a pane of glass over him before breaking it with a double stomp. He followed up with that lethal DVD but only got two. He tried for the elbow but crashed onto Cogar’s knees. The pair had a tube duel and filled the venue with spooky dust by throwing bundles. Cogar hit the Brain Haemorrhage but only got two. He set up another wired door strewn with chairs and glass. They battled on the top rope and Janela broke that fuckery pile with a Superplex and took the win. This had gotten nasty as Janela reignited that deathmatch side to beat some respect into Atticus Cogar. He had cut himself up and suffered for his lesson but he had come out victorious. Cogar was a sore loser though and was set to skewer Janela again but Marko Stunt scared him off with a broom. What a fun way to end a fun match.

IronBeast (KTB & Shane Mercer) defeated Cole Radrick & Braydon Lee via Asmodeus Bomb on Lee

We returned from intermission to some more tag team action. IronBeast returned to GCW with their sights on showing why they are one of the most dominant forces in GCW. Their victims this time, Cole Radrick and Braydon Lee. Seeing they were the underdogs, Radrick and Lee attacked early and tried for an early advantage. They were caught out of the air and IronBeast started making them pay for that early damage. Mercer and KTB started doing what they did best with Radrick trying to come to the assistance of Lee. Radrick managed to hit the Cracker Jack Bomb on Mercer and Lee went wild against KTB. Radrick and Lee managed to regain control and punished IronBeast again on the outside. Mercer powerbombed Radrick into the fan seats after catching a cannonball and booted Lee out of the air to save KTB. They hit the Asmodeus Bomb and ended things. This was another car crash of a match as IronBeast wanted to show off why they should be in title contention. SGC vs IronBeast would be a scarily good match.

Calvin Tankman defeated Ruckus via Hidden Blade

Time for a special one. Calvin Tankman was about to bring that Heavyweight Hustle against a legend as he battled Ruckus. After a blowout performance at Backyard Wrestling, Tankman was going to be in for a tough time as Ruckus was back in full force. Tankman had the power advantage so Ruckus was using his veteran savvy and agility to cut down Tankman. He brought in a door and got pushed through it as Tankman reversed Razzle Dazzle. Tankman took the fight into the crowd and tortured Ruckus with nasty strikes. Ruckus came back hard and we saw him bring in the heavy kicking and stomps, landing an SSP off the apron. Tankman wasn’t about that showmanship and just smashed Ruckus of the ring apron. Back in-ring, Tankman resumed the strong slams and shots but missed his running SSP and Ruckus made him pay with an Arabian Moonsault. Ruckus brought in Moreno for a double-team bomb but Tankman took both out with a double clothesline. The action continued its back-and-forth as Ruckus tried to regain control and Tankman kept countering and killing. The Hidden Blade got a two-count so he tried for a Moonsault but missed. Ruckus dropped onto Tankman with an Imploding Moonsault but Tankman turned it into a powerbomb and second Hidden Blade for the win. Fucking hell this was good. Both these guys went hard with stiff strikes and high-flying style. Ruckus gave Tankman the ultimate sign of respect by giving him a BLK OUT shirt and the trio posed. A heartwarming end to one hell of a fun match.

Penelope Ford defeated Allie Katch (w/EFFY) via Bridging Fisherman Suplex

The Katch and the scooter had returned to the Showboat as Katch prepared to give Penelope Ford a proper GCW hello. Ford was returning to GCW after so long and was ready to pick right back up where she left off by beating Allie Katch. That wasn’t going to be easy though as Katch smashed her with a kick as she made her entrance. Ford wasn’t going to be outdone and sent Katch flying with a Matrix Head-scissor and multiple handspring back-elbow. EFFY came to the rescue so Ford gave him a boot and forced a BUSSY collision. They brawled around the crowd as Katch slammed Ford onto a merch table and beat her down in front of her own merch. The fight returned to the ring and things got meaner as both fighters tried to decapitate the other with hard strikes and kicks. Ford nearly got the win with a Muta Lock and Katch fired back with a German and Handspring Cutter. Katch went for the Murder Crab but Ford was able to bend all the way through with unbelievable flexibility. Katch went for the kill again with the Pussy Piledriver but Ford still wouldn’t stay down. She set up a door and chairs and after a top rope battle, Ford bounced Katch off it with a Blockbuster. The door refused to break as Ford drove Katch into it with a cannonball and a spear. They momentarily teamed up to attack the door and Ford took the win with a DDT and a Bridging Fisherman Suplex. Ford had returned home, taken out a very game Allie Katch and even mocked her post-match by using her lashes as whiskers and scratching Katch as she left the ring. What a fight, despite the stubborn door, these two completely killed it.

Drew Parker defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Ladder Based Glass Pane Swanton

Last but not least on the wrestling side of things was another main event deathmatch. Tubes, panes, and more were on display as Drew Parker wanted to address the one-loss still bugging him from his previous GCW days, Jimmy Lloyd. This was non-title but that wasn’t going to stop the pair from breaking the fuckery and each other. They opened with lock-ups and Lucha before descending into a tube duel. They broke tubes over each other and smashed more with their backs as a sign of intimidation and spirit. Parker kicked Lloyd outside and tried to follow with a tope but Lloyd dodged and powerbombed him onto the apron. A monster-sized ladder was brought into the ring and the pair danced around it, Parker cutting off and cutting up Lloyd with a gusset to the head. He hit Sliced Bread off the ladder and the pair went back to breaking tubes. Lloyd won the exchange and stabbed syringes through Parker’s ear and nose. They fought over to a pane of glass and Parker drove Lloyd through it with a curb stomp. Both guys flew into more panes as Lloyd whipped and Parker dropkicked the other through a pane. Parker tried for the Tiger Feint Cutter but Lloyd reversed into a Sleeper Suplex. Parker was wise to this and rolled through for a Meteora. Both men staggered up and started throwing forearms. Lloyd cut Parker off with a Superkick and rolled him through the glass for a Package Piledriver. More glass was set up as Parker kicked out at two. They fought to the top and Lloyd broke the pane with a second-rope Tiger Driver for another two-count. Parker came back with a Poisonrana and followed Lloyd outside for the Tope. Lloyd stunned Parker with tubes on the top and broke another pane with a second-rope Psycho Driver for a one. Parker was fired up and dropped Lloyd on a tube with the Tiger Feint Cutter. He smashed a super bundle into Lloyd’s back with a Swanton and went up the ladder to deliver a deadlier one. They fought up top and Parker drove Lloyd through another pane with a super Sunset Bomb off the ladder. Lloyd kicked out so Parker quickly set up another pane and ended things with the intended Swanton. This was fucking awesome. Matches like this are so much fun to watch.

This was chaotic, messy, and glassy with Parker and Lloyd having to kill each other to end things. The pair hugged it out after the match as they knew they’d just put on a banger. Goddamn, this weekend has been incredible, especially for Parker. That would have been the end of things but we had to listen to a speech from Matt Cardona’s attorney, Smart Mark Sterling. He daintily made it to the ring and chided the “GCW Universe” for their behaviour towards the champ and announced Cardona was chasing a lawsuit against the GCW crowd for $500,000. Nick Gage cut this charade off and came at Sterling with a chair. Gage knocked Sterling the fuck out and prepared to cut him up but 44OH! (with Eddy Only back!) came to the rescue. Just as it looked like Gage was outnumbered, SGC and Alex Colon came out and the two factions went to war. Team MDK got rid of 44OH! and we got the announcement that at Chicago for The Art of War Games, it’ll be Team MDK vs 44OH! in War Games! That is going to be fucking epic. That is how you end this super weekender of wrestling and deathmatch excellence.

All images courtesy of GCW, FITE, Screenshots, Kayden

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