Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. The marathon had continued with a special episode that was going to celebrate the birthdays of two of today’s fighters, Lulu Pencil, who was battling in the second match of the day against her most recent tag partner Tokiko Kirihara and Chie Koishikawa, who had her third main event against Chris Brookes. After an unsuccessful match against Masahiro Takanashi, could she pull out a win over the other CDK member? Speaking of, Masahiro Takanashi had a spot on the opening match alongside Sayuri against the Best Bros. Could he beat even more of ChocoPro’s hottest stars? Let’s get into the action and celebrations.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Masahiro Takanashi & Sayuri via Wall-Run Double Stomp to Sayuri

Up first today was Best Bros trying to carry on their winning streak against another odd combo team. Akki was getting to face his favourite wrestler, Masahiro Takanashi, and the ChocoPro Ninja, Sayuri. Takanashi was giving the Best Bros a test as he’s seen them in action but never faced them. With a massive match set for #145, he was seeing what they were made of. Akki and Takanashi opened with a wrist control battle and avoided wall slams and backbreakers as the pair battled between the mat and standing holds. Best Bros took advantage quickly with double submissions and Suruga took over for a counter war with Takanashi. The pair kept going back-and-forth until Takanashi tried to submit Suruga with a grounded Full-Nelson. Sayuri took over and fought off Suruga to hit the rolling wall slams. She tagged back out and Takanashi yanked Suruga by the hair into a Cravat. Sakura accidentally assisted Suruga in escaping so Takanashi trapped Suruga by the nose and tagged for a Kunai Nosebreaker. Sayuri chopped away and Takanashi locked on a Calf Buster. Akki made the save and Suruga flipped her way into a wall-run crossbody. Akki made the tag and pummelled Takanashi with his head kick combo before dropping a knee for two. Akki dodged a Nosebreaker to hit a Backbreaker and landed the Spider for another two. He tried for a double-team finish but Takanashi used Suruga as a human shield. Both teams kept using Sakura as a weapon and Best Bros launched Takanashi with an arm and leg wringer. Akki trapped Takanashi’s injured leg in the window and went coast to coast for double dropkicks with Suruga. Sayuri saved Takanashi and Takanashi dumped Akki into the mat for a low dropkick. He tagged but Sayuri could only land a Yakuza Kick before Akki dropped her with a Backbreaker. Akki tagged and we got a competitive spell between Sayuri and Suruga. Suruga tried for the Apple Mutilation but Takanashi made the save and Sayuri locked on a Sleeper. He held Suruga in place and Sayuri hit the Ninja Knee Drop. The match broke down as both teams went for the kill and Suruga ended things with the Super Mei Punch and the Wall-Run Double Stomp on Sayuri. Best Bros had picked up the win but Takanashi had them both in trouble and Sayuri got to show off a little since the OOAK Tag League. An excellent little primer to Best Bros vs Takanashi and Sakura at #145.

Tokiko Kirihara defeated Lulu Pencil via Comaneci Clutch Pin

Next up was the first birthday match. Lulu Pencil was getting a special match against Tokiko Kirihara since there would be no shows on her birthday. Pencil always loves showing how strong she has gotten and Kirihara loves kicking ass so this was going to be a fun little fight. The pair collided and Kirihara tried for an early tap out with a Hammerlock and Guillotine. Pencil tried for a sneaky pin but Kirihara kicked out and went right back to the holds. Lulu Pencilled free and trapped Kirihara in a Deathlock but Kirihara forced a break. They kicked it out with Kirihara making Pencil regret her decision with every kick. The wall slams would have followed but Pencil collapsed. Kirihara followed up with her camera-facing wall slam but Pencil knocked the camera person over and used the distraction to roll Kirihara up. The low dropkick and a Stabber came next but Pencil could only get two. She blocked the Judo throw but couldn’t stop Kirihara swinging her into a slam. She crushed Pencil with the dancing foot stomp and Pencil stabbed upwards into the Octopus. Kirihara bounced her off the wall and tried for the Cobra Twist but Pencil slipped away to force a break. She tried for La Magistral but Kirihara countered and attempted a straightjacket. Pencil stabbed free and scored a near-fall with La Magistral. She kept Kirihara trapped with a Pencil Roll and armbar but couldn’t get a tap. She went for another Stabber but Kirihara got her knees up. She charged for a comeback but Pencil kicked her leg out. Kirihara dragged Pencil back in and won with a Comaneci Clutch pin. This was a sprint of a match as Pencil tried to use her tricks to keep Kirihara down but couldn’t quite get the job done. It had been fun as hell to watch her try though. Pencil just keeps getting better and better.

Chris Brookes defeated Chie Koishikawa via Grounded Octopus

Last but not least, the main event. The continued crushing of Chie DK as Chie Koishikawa got her third main event in a row. She’d fought Masahiro Takanashi and now she was battling the other half of CDK, Chris Brookes. Could Koishikawa score an upset here and celebrate her birthday match with a victory. Suruga was the ref for this one so of course, Brookes was over the moon with that decision. Koishikawa quickly went for the running wrist-lock but Brookes just let go of the hold and she went falling. They locked up again and Brookes just hoisted her off the ground and held her there. Brookes kept countering Koishikawa’s attempts and started bending limbs. Koishikawa tried to ground the giant and started working the legs for the bow and arrow. She nailed the rolling leg drop but couldn’t apply the hold. Brookes stopped her and said he had a present. Brookes surprised her with balloons and a song then downed her by popping one in her face. Koishikawa was hurt and went for a run. Suruga and Brookes both tried to calm her down and Brookes offered her tea. She drank and the pair relaxed a bit as Koishikawa took a mid-match nap. Brookes ruined this with a senton and threw her into a wall. He started destroying Choco-bouquets as he trapped Koishikawa in an abdominal stretch. He posed during a pin and kept methodically torturing her with strikes and kicks before snapping her with a Suplex. Koishikawa fired back and tried to down Brookes with dropkicks. She dragged him around the mat and tanked Brookes’ kicks to apply the muffler. Demon Chie chopped his back and the bow and arrow was finally applied. She chopped away the Nosebreaker and tried for the leaping Guillotine but Brookes reversed into a tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker.

He crushed her with a window senton and tried for the Octopus Hold only for Koishikawa to leapfrog and chop him. Brookes kept fighting cocky and got downed by a tornado arm-drag into a dropkick. Brookes cut her down from the window and rammed her into the wall of bouquets. Koishikawa managed to limit the impact and turned it into a Guillotine. Brookes fought up and sent her flying with a Shotgun Dropkick. They battled it out on their knees and Brookes brought out his nasty chops to match Koishikawa. She chopped low and hit a muffler-style leg screw, forcing him to escape. They battled over roll-ups until Brookes used Suruga as a distraction for the Shoop Cutter. He locked on the grounded Octopus and Koishikawa tapped. Koishikawa had fought valiantly and nearly cut down the giant but couldn’t quite find his weak spot and fell victim to some crafty tactics. It was an excellent match with Brookes going from pantomime villain to serious competitor. Happy Birthday, Lulu and Chie, you both fought like hell in the ChocoPro build-up to those big days.

We also learned at the end of the show that Emi Sakura will be returning to America. She is going on a one-way ticket to take the AEW women’s division by storm. She will be leaving ChocoPro in capable hands as she sets her sights on the US. Her intentions are already clear, she wants Britt Baker’s title, and if there’s anyone who is crafty, creative, and skilled enough to fly over and cause an upset it’s Emi Sakura. Good luck in America, it’s time to showcase that ChocoPro-level energy there.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Emi Sakura, FlyingVTrigger, Chris Brookes, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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