FMW-E have announced their next big plans for the autumn/winter season with a new 8-woman tournament planned to take place from September to December. Explosion Princess Tournament will feature fighters from multiple countries battling it out in current blast deathmatches. The shows are set to take place September 12th for the first half of the opening round, October 24th for the second half of the opening round, November for the semi-finals, and December for the finals. The company has said that all rules and fight cards will be decided at a later date by lottery.

The participants of the tournament are as follows:

  • Suzu Suzuki – Ice Ribbon’s current hardcore breakout following a series of high-profile hardcore test matches against some of deathmatch wrestling’s best including Takashi Sasaki, Jun Kasai, and Masashi Takeda. Also hand-picked by Onita to be taken under his wing.
  • Risa Sera – Former Ice Ribbon FantastICE champion and one of the most experienced with deathmatch wrestling in the tournament. Often seen with a tube in her hand, Risa Sera has carved out a bloody reputation for herself.
  • Akane Fujita – Continuing the Ice Ribbon presence in this show is Akane Fujita. Another wrestler with deathmatch experience both alongside and against Risa Sera, Fujita is another tipped as a strong entrant in the tournament.
  • Madeline – Madeline is the first without any known deathmatch experience. An expert in martial arts and rapidly rising popularity. The company is interested to see if her martial arts will mesh with the current blast world.

  • Thekla – The Poisonous Spider Thekla is the only gaijin fighter in the tournament. Hailing from Austria, Thekla has been tearing it up in Ice Ribbon and now has a chance to show out with explosion matches. Definitely, one to watch in the field.
  • Miss Mongol – An FMW original and the only woman to progress to the tournament from the first FMW-E show. Mongol has been one of the most adaptable wrestlers over the years and boasts the most experience with current blast deathmatches.
  • Rydeen Hagane – Hagane is one of the scarier entries in the tournament as the company has made reference to how she could kill people without needing explosions. The most physically domineering and a former PURE-J Openweight Champion. Hagane is another to watch adapt to the current blast world.
  • AnCham – Last but not least, AnCham. The fighting gravure idol is somewhat of a surprise entrant in this tournament. An accomplished wrestler who has been seen in ChocoPro, Colega, and many other companies will now be stepping into the current blast world. AnCham is not to be taken lightly.

That’s everything we know so far about the tournament, so keep it tuned to SteelChair as we’ll update you with any new information we learn. For those in the local area and wanting earlier FMW-E, they can see Burn Out on August 15th where Onita aims to take on Shadow WX and other foes.

All images courtesy of FMW-E, Shupro Mobile

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