Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. Today is going to get intense. It’s another one-match episode with another grand prize on the line. Ever since he bested Minoru Fujita in the OOAK League, Hagane Shinno has shown interest in the Super Asia Title. Now, he is finally getting his match and was going to unleash every kick, hold, and horrifying move in his arsenal to claw that title away from him. Fujita has been a strong fighting champion but was he ready for the ice-cold hard-hitting efficiency of Shinno? This would be their first time meeting in a singles match too, so there was, even more, to play for. Let’s see how it went.

Super Asia Title: Minoru Fujita vs Hagane Shinno goes to a 60-minute draw

After a special casual Best Bros introduction and a bit of history on the pair, it was time to get into the match. A first-time ever singles bout for Minoru Fujita and Hagane Shinno. The title was going to become the prize for which these two were about to kill each other. Shinno has been fairly unbeatable in ChocoPro, would Fujita find his weakness? They started slow, staring each other down and battling through lock-ups and chain wrestling sequences. The pair traded leglocks with Shinno going out of his way to fight out instead of taking breaks, even as he was trapped in a surfboard. Fujita had his arms trapped but Shinno shocked everyone by escaping with a leaping Mule kick. It was Fujita’s time to be tortured by submissions as Shinno began bending limbs. Fujita used his head to escape and Shinno was right back on him again. Fujita shook him off again by throwing Shinno out the window. Shinno crawled back in so Fujita threw him into the wall and delivering a crushing knee. He kept punishing the head with a DDT and started snapping at his arm and shoulder. He quickly got off the Exploder but only got two so Fujita just kept hammering away with falling strikes. Shinno kneed away a spear but Fujita turned his fall into an Ankle Lock. After an agonising stretch of clawing to escape, Shinno finally forced a break. He got a second’s respite then Fujita reapplied the hold, forcing him to drag himself to the mat again. Fujita had failed to beat Shinno in 15 minutes like he’d originally planned but he still had him weakened. He wanted to restart with a handshake but Shinno booted that away and went for a finger-breaker. Shinno was determined to break Fujita’s wrist and stomped down onto his shoulder. He kept stomping away at the shoulder and elbow, trying to thoroughly destroy the arm.

Shinno started kicking, knocking the air out of Fujita with lethal chest kicks. Fujita tried for a desperation takedown and stretched out Shinno over his shoulder before breaking him across his knee with a Backbreaker. He was set on the back now and elbowed Shinno into a Boston Crab. Shinno escaped so Fujita just dropped him with another Backbreaker and locked on a bow and arrow. Shinno turned it into a pin but Fujita kicked out and launched him into the wall. Fujita tuned up the band for We Will Rock You but ate nothing but knees as Shinno blocked it. Shinno went back after the arm and Fujita had to claw to escape a devastating armbar. A slugfest broke out with the pair throwing forearms and chops at each other. Things got heated again and the pair threw bombs as they fell to the floor. They rose to drill each other with headbutts and shoulders with each guy launching the other with brutal shots. Fujita threw Shinno out of the window again and took the fight to the streets. They kept trading shots outside, inside, and through the window until Shinno dragged himself up to the window and woke himself up with a bucket of ice water. Fujita rose to meet him and was swiftly put back down with a flying clothesline. He bounced Fujita off the wall for a bulldog and Fujita smashed Shinno off of a table. He set up a table and tried for another Exploder but Shinno reversed and Suplexed him into the table. Shinno tried to put the table back so it couldn’t be used again so Fujita gave chase and smashed him into the table again.

Fujita came at Shinno with a chair and started swinging it into his shoulders before pelting Shinno’s head with chairs. Shinno was buried under chairs and Fujita leapt onto the pile with a Kamikaze Splash. Sakura refused to count the fall so he hit a second and only got two. Both got up and downed each other with lariats. Fujita got the better of the exchange and swung Shinno into Death Seventeen for another two-count. Shinno refused to die so Fujita hit a diving headbutt and Shinno dropped him with a Scissor Kick. Fujita tried to get up so Shinno took them both out with a Rocket Punch. Shinno tried for a decapitating kick but Fujita ducked it and blasted him with an Enzuigiri. Both guys went for killing blows with Shinno hitting Ranhei for a two-count. Shinno nailed him with a Buzzsaw Kick and Fujita got rolled up hitting Sayonara. Neither man would stay down no matter what they were hit with. A pinfall war led to nothing but two counts and Fujita nearly caused Shinno to pass out with a hold. He dived at Shinno again and nearly took his head off with a Somato. Even that wasn’t enough. Fujita was starting to freak out at Shinno’s resilience. Shinno capitalised with a Michinoku Driver and tried to tap Fujita out with a Crossface. Fujita did the same and Shinno went back to breaking Fujita’s wrist, damaging it further with a targeted Moonsault. He wrenched on Fujita’s arm with a Fujiwara and transitioned to a double armbar. Fujita escaped so Shinno climbed to the window and decked the arm again with a flying dropkick. He tried to tap out Fujita again with a double arm-twist but still couldn’t get it done. With the time quickly running out, both guys frantically tried to flail, pummel and pin the other but nothing was working. Shinno pinned and pinned but Fujita always kicked out. The bell rang and the match was a time-limit draw.

This was insane. These two just put on a 60-minute epic of frantic action, horrific striking, and relentless survivability. These guys threw everything at the kitchen sink at each other as Shinno and Fujita refused to die no matter how broken, beaten, or smashed in they were. Even Fujita getting hardcore wasn’t enough. Sixty minutes of well-paced, well-built action with both guys barely able to stand at the end of it. Akki on commentary was speechless, the audience was almost as exhausted as the fighters. A time limit draw can often feel like a flat end but with everything these two put in, it makes me excited to see more from the pair. Both guys knocked it out of the park and I hope it gets a round two. Shinno and Fujita are two of the most compelling fighters to watch and this is just another match to prove that. This season has just been continuous epics with the season-end awards just getting harder to decide on.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube.

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