Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling as we get a multitude of returns this episode. Master Storyteller Antonio Honda is back to put Lulu Pencil through her paces as she continues to show how she’s learning, growing, and taking no prisoners. Alongside that, we’ll get our first taste of the Hyakkin Thunders since Masahiro Takanashi got injured. With Sakura’s countdown to America ticking down, she’s bringing her power team back to life to stamp some more marks on ChocoPro before leaving it in capable hands. Their first opponents, a triple-threat team of Sayuri, Chie Koishikawa, and Tokiko Kirihara. Let’s see how both matches turned out.

Antonio Honda defeated Lulu Pencil via Gon Possessed Fist Drop

After another casual Best Bros opening, we learned that Mei Suruga was on ref duties today. The first match she was officiating was the return of singles match storyteller Antonio Honda after White Comaneci’s lacklustre OOAK Tag League run. He was looking to get the upper hand over another ChocoPro favourite, Lulu Pencil. Honda was still too cool for a handshake so the pair opened with a pose off into a lock-up. Honda nearly gave up but turned it around by singing give peace a chance. Honda gave Pencil a handshake and started reading her palm with promises of queendom in Cambodia. This was a ruse for a wrist slap and took off her wristband for an impression. He kept making jokes and breaking rules as Suruga kept getting distracted. Pencil whipped him into the wall and took out his knees with the rolling dropkick. The stomps and chops followed but Honda reversed the Stabber and fired up for the Bionic Elbow. The pair traded jabs and danced their way to the elbow as Pencil stabbed it into Honda’s head. She locked on a Cobra Clutch so Honda called out to Gon. But when Gon didn’t appear, Pencil revealed she’d dealt with him and he was in Hell now. Honda escaped and fought off the lariats so Pencil locked him in a Sleeper. Honda tried to summon Gon again but he wasn’t appearing. Honda cried out for resurrection and the camera suddenly panned to the bathroom door. Gon appeared from behind the door and possessed Lulu Pencil. Gon attacked Suruga and she too found herself possessed by Gon. Akki panicked behind the camera and ordered Honda to break this curse with the power of song.

He sang like his life depended on it and after a beautiful song, Pencil and Suruga were back to normal. He took Gon and savaged Pencil with him. Gon set up to fly but Pencil caught him out of the air and beat Honda with his broken body. Pencil hit them both with a Stabber and locked Honda in the Octopus. Honda drove her back into the mat with a Fire Thunder Driver and climbed to the top where Gon possessed him for a diving fist drop. That got the win and Honda ran away, a rabid shell of his former self. This had been a massive burst of fun. Both fighters told a random as hell, semi-horror story. I love matches like this because everyone commits to the fun and Honda is one of the best at conducting them. Though I fear what could happen now Gon is on the loose.

Hyakkin Thunders (Masahiro Takanashi & Emi Sakura) defeated Sayuri, Tokiko Kirihara & Chie Koishikawa via Hyakkin Driver on Koishikawa

Last but not least, the main event. Emi Sakura and Masahiro Takanashi were forming their Megazord of a tag-team once again and testing themselves against three opponents ahead of the big match with Best Bros. Hyakkin Thunders were going to go out of their way to demolish Sayuri, Chie Koishikawa, and Tokiko Kirihara in three-on-two action. Sakura started by losing a kicking battle against Kirihara so Takanashi took over against Koishikawa. They had a battle over wrist control and Takanashi had to kick off a half crab. Sayuri aided by taking a leg and the pair trapped Takanashi in a full Boston Crab. Sakura tried to give Takanashi some encouragement but ended up just getting him attacked. They kept switching places and eventually Takanashi was pummelled by all three foes. Sakura and Takanashi tried to plan but the trio just threw them into each other. The Thunders were trapped in a triple straightjacket and finally found their rhythm as they beat down Kirihara. They tried for a double-team finisher but couldn’t quite make it work and got swarmed by the 4th generation, Kirihara and Koishikawa locking them in place for Sayuri’s Yakuza Kick. The trio bullied Sakura with wall slams and Demon Chie gave her a soul-crushing chop. Sakura avoided a body slam with the twisting Facebuster and tuned up the band for We Will Rock You. Takanashi came in to strike it out with Kirihara and Koishikawa picked up the slack to launch him with arm-drags. He quickly retorted with an assisted Gutbuster and Sakura fumbled a step-up so Koishikawa leapfrogged Takanashi for a chop. Sayuri wrecked Sakura’s back with the Ninja Knees and worked with Koishikawa to lock on a double submission. Kirihara trapped Takanashi and the pair trapped Sakura into the hold until she escaped. The pair chopped the hell out of Sakura but Sakura reversed a double whip and trapped them in a double stretch. Takanashi and Sakura hit a kawaii double Nosebreakers on Kirihara and Sayuri and nearly had victory snatched away from them via a triple roll-up. Sakura and Takanashi fought off the rabble though and ended things with a Hyakkin Driver on Koishikawa.

Whilst it hadn’t been picture-perfect sailing, Hyakkin Thunders had just put themselves back on the ChocoPro map with a win against the Fourth Generation. It had been a tough fight with the numbers proving too much at times but Sakura and Takanashi had gotten the win without giving all of their game away. You know Akki and Suruga were scouting here. This was the perfect episode of light fun that was needed after a string of serious wars. Following the sixty-minute blowout the other day, this felt like a nice little reset before the big season ending. Sakura’s trip is going to shake ChocoPro to the core so it’ll be interesting to see how she ends the season, especially with tensions with the Best Bros heating up.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, Sayuri, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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