Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. It’s the final countdown for this season and Emi Sakura’s final weekend with the company before disappearing to America to kick ass in AEW. Today’s show would be her last refereeing day with tomorrow being her final match. On the card today, a triple threat between Masahiro Takanashi, Sayuri and Yuna Mizumori, the first clash between Chie Koishikawa and Lulu Pencil and a main event that would see Best Bros in action ahead of their big match with Hyakkin Thunders as they battled Chon Shiryu and Minoru Fujita. Let’s get into the action and see what type of craziness ensued.

Yuna Mizumori defeated Sayuri & Masahiro Takanashi via Boston Crab/Gory Special combo

Up first was a ChocoPro car crash as Yuna Mizumori tried to outpower both Sayuri and Masahiro Takanashi in a triple threat fight. Ever since he’s come back, Masahiro Takanashi has been building his stamina and testing his skills. Now, he’d have to keep his eye on two competitors, a ninja, and a tropical powerhouse. Mizumori and Takanashi started off trading as Sayuri watched on trying to pick her moment. Sayuri was stuck on the sidelines as Takanashi and Mizumori kept battling, inserting herself into the fight so she wouldn’t be ignored. The pair attacked her but she trapped them both in a double wristlock. She kept moving and hit the pair with Ninja Knees as Takanashi accidentally splashed Mizumori. She lit up Mizumori with chops so Mizumori danced her way into a forearm. Takanashi prevented a pin and also took some time to bully Sayuri then got trapped as part of a double roll-up as Sayuri tried to capitalise when Mizumori and Takanashi argued with referee Sakura. Takanashi and Mizumori tried to double-team Sayuri but Sayuri dodged and the pair ran head-first into the wall. She hit both with rolling wall slams and locked Takanashi in a sleeper. Takanashi bounced her off the wall and tossed her out the window. He went into another round with Mizumori and the pair traded shoulder tackles. Mizumori scored the knockdown and looked to end things with a window splash but Sayuri cut her off and forced her into a double splash on Takanashi. Mizumori forearmed the soul out of Sayuri and dropped her across her knee with the Coconut Crush. Sayuri caught a splash into a cradle and drove Mizumori into the wall with a Crucifix when she kicked out. Everyone got caught out as Takanashi re-entered the match and near-fall after near-fall was hit. Sayuri saved Mizumori from the Taka-Tonic so Mizumori thanked her with a Tropical Yahho and Splash. Sayuri just kicked out so Mizumori took out both competitors with a Boston Crab/Gory Special combo. Sayuri tapped and the match went to Mizumori. She had bulldozed through the match and taken a much-needed win to end out her season.

Chie Koishikawa defeated Lulu Pencil via Diving X Chop

Up next was the first time Lulu Pencil would go one on one with Chie Koishikawa. It would be fencing chops vs Pencil chops as these two prepared for war. Would Pencil cause an upset this time and score another big pin or would Koishikawa chop away that fighting spirit? They opened with a wrist control fight with Koishikawa going on an early run. Koishikawa tried for a jump scare chop but Pencil caught her with a strike to the face. Pencil failed to apply a bow and arrow so Koishikawa showed her how it was done and followed up with a rolling leg drop application. Pencil blasted Koishikawa with the low dropkick and flattened her with a Pencil Roll. Koishikawa chopped away the wall whip and locked on a Boston Crab but couldn’t stop Pencil forcing a break. Koishikawa smashed Pencil into the wall and tried for a Demon Chop but only hit bricks. Pencil capitalised with another kick and dropped the back elbow before crushing Koishikawa’s arm with another Pencil Roll. Koishikawa sent Pencil flying and chopped her through the window. Pencil tried to retort with a handstand kick but Koishikawa turned it into a slam and missed an X chop. Pencil fired off the stomps and chops but Demon Chie took over and chased Pencil to deliver a soul-crushing chop into a floor and mat drag. Koishikawa tried to tap Pencil out with the Muffler but couldn’t keep her down and got rolled into the wall. That wasn’t enough for the pin so Pencil took Koishikawa out with a dropkick. That still wasn’t enough so Pencil hit a Stabber off a chair. Sakura refused to count the fall since a weapon was used so hit the wall whip instead to keep the pressure on. Koishikawa turned the follow-up lariat into a roll-up and the pair kept battling over pinfalls. Pencil tried to tap Koishikawa out with the Pencil Hold but Koishikawa kept fighting. Koishikawa tanked the attempted lariats and took out Pencil with another chop. She grazed Pencil with a dropkick and locked on the Muffler again. Pencil forced the break so Koishikawa finished her off with the diving X chop. Koishikawa had taken the first win in the pair’s history and had done so after an excellent little match. it really shows how far both women have come since starting. Hopefully, this is just the first of many.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) vs Minoru Fujita & Chon Shiryu ends in No Contest.

Last but not least, the main event. Best Bros were back and ready to fight as they took on the team of Chon Shiryu and Minoru Fujita. This was Shiryu and Fujita’s first time tagging so they were at a bit of a disadvantage as they only had 20 minutes to bring down ChocoPro’s strongest tag team. This was going to be one hell of a challenge for all involved. Akki started by renewing hostilities with Fujita as the pair locked up, kicked it out, and tagged in their partners. Shiryu and Suruga kept up the trend with a rapid technical exchange, Shiryu using Suruga’s hair to keep control. Shiryu thought he’d gotten the best of Suruga but it was just the setup for the Crossbody Combo. Akki threw Suruga into a double stomp on Shiryu and Suruga was cute on purpose. Akki kept Fujita away and the pair posed with double submissions. Shiryu cut off Suruga and Akki with a Dragon Claw then went after Suruga’s face with a fist drop and face screw. Fujita went to work on Suruga’s neck and worked with Shiryu to keep Suruga trapped with double-team. Suruga wouldn’t quit but also couldn’t mount an attack as Shiryu and Fujita kept tagging and attacking, doing whatever it took to keep her out of the fight. Suruga got revenge by grabbing Fujita’s cheeks and kicking away, tearing at his flesh to land a body slam. She made the tag and Akki came in hot with his head kick combo. Sakura accidentally blocked the Spider and Fujita kneed then struck it out with Akki again.

After an intense round of slugging, Akki hit the deck as Fujita took him out with a flying shoulder tackle. Suruga came back into the fight and rolled Fujita over so Akki could launch off Sakura for a Swanton. Akki and Shiryu started trading and Shiryu took out Akki with a trust fall. He climbed the window again so Akki brought him crashing down with a jumping Rana. He tagged and Suruga got revenge on Shiryu but an ill-fated sign attack was countered into a sign-assisted Facebuster. Shiryu wrecked his knees on the window frame so Suruga downed him for the Apple Cut Mutilation. Shiryu fired back up but Suruga was back on him for an Electric chair. Chaos reigned and Suruga was sent flying as Akki and Fujita collided with tables. Shiryu and Fujita worked over Suruga again but Best Bros were right back on the pair with dual body slams. Both teams kept taking hits and Sakura got knocked down just as often. Best Bros kept catching Sakura with their attacks so she snapped and called the match off. Best Bros and Hyakkin Thunders went at each other. Both teams backed off, ready to kill each other tomorrow. They’d ended a chaotic show in a chaotic fashion. Tensions are high and now both teams are ready to end Sakura’s ChocoPro run with a bang.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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