Welcome back to ChocoPro and to the season 8 finale. Today is going to be big. Four matches, every top ChocoPro player on the card and a whole lot of fun to be had. This was meant to be Emi Sakura’s last match and her last ChocoPro show before moving to the US to become a full-time AEW star. On this show we’d see, Othello vs Dragon Ninja, Lulu Pencil vs Minoru Fujita, Iyasareruz battling Egg Tarts, and in the main event, Best Bros were sending Sakura off in style with a tag team dream match against the Hyakkin Thunders. Let’s waste no more time and get into this super show.

Dragon Ninja (Chon Shiryu & Sayuri) defeated Othello (Sayaka & Tokiko Kirihara) via Ninja Pin Combo on Sayaka

The show opened with Othello resurfacing to battle in the Chocolate Square once again. Sayaka and Kirihara were in high spirits and were ready to put a tick in the win column for their team. Their opponents were also trying to rebound from a losing streak, the devious and deadly team of Dragon Ninja. Also, as he too wanted to be part of this special show, Sawasdee Kamen was the guest ref for this match. Sayaka and Sayuri opened with chain wrestling as Sayuri looked to control the pace. The pair battled up from the mat and tagged out. Shiryu and Kirihara kept the technicality going until the pair reached a stalemate. Shiryu blocked a takedown and went right to the eyes with a Dragon Claw. The pair hit the rolling wall chops on Othello and locked both in posing armbars. Shiryu tagged and assisted Sayuri in hitting a senton/bow and arrow combo. He went to the face despite Kamen’s protesting and Kirihara tried for the Straightjacket but Sayuri made the save. It didn’t help though as Sayaka attacked too and Kirihara locked on a double Straightjacket as Sayaka posed. Shiryu was smashed off the wall and was thrown into a forearm and Crab from Sayaka. He made a break so she hit the knee drop and Kirihara tried to break a shoulder. He chopped back and got into a striking contest with Kirihara, narrowly avoiding the Cobra Twist by throwing her into the wall. He took out Kirihara with the Trust Fall and brought in Sayuri who threw both Othello members into the wall for a double roll-up. That got two so she landed a double dropkick and blasted Kirihara with more wall slams. Kirihara fought off the sleeper and returned the favour, letting Sayuri linger in front of the camera before she got slammed. Sayaka came in and tied Sayuri in a knot but couldn’t stop Sayuri from reaching the wall and ate a Yakuza Kick for it. Sayuri tagged out and Dragon Ninja nailed Sayaka with a double-team combo. Sayaka hammered back and Shiryu was used as a striking ping pong ball before hitting his flipping STO. Sayaka dropkicked him into a Judo throw but couldn’t get the pin. Shiryu dodged another dropkick so Dragon Ninja hit a Ninja pin combo and took the win. This had been a war with the craftier team winning this time. Othello gave Dragon Ninja hell but the Ninja and the Dragon had just put their names on the scoreboard again.

Minoru Fujita defeated Lulu Pencil via Sayonara

The Pencil Army was about to scrap as we got a replay of the match that brought Minoru Fujita into the Pencil Army fold to begin with. He was once again going one on one with Lulu Pencil and was going to see how much she’d changed. Their first match had been a deathmatch, what would this one turn into? Both ran in for shoulder tackles and Pencil instantly hit the mat as Fujita brick-walled her. He threw her into the wall for trying to lock up and broke her fingers to avoid a waist-lock. Pencil started winning the technical battle so Fujita batted her away with a gut punch. He tried to twist her head off with a neck crank and locked on an Iron Claw. Pencil fought out and reversed a wall whip to deliver the wall dropkick. She followed up with a Stabber and Pencil Roll but couldn’t keep Fujita down. Pencil took the fight outside and the pair brawled around the building, Pencil attacking Fujita with the wall and the gate before throwing him back in through the window. She followed him in with a Stabber but took herself out with the impact. Fujita capitalised by setting up the stools for the Kamikaze Splash and broke both their bodies. Pencil set up her own version and buried Fujita under chairs but only got two after connecting. Pencil locked on the Octopus and tried for the lariats, using another chair for extra impact. This backfired though as Fujita just hit her with the chair. He set up another chair pile for Sayonara but Pencil rolled through into a pinfall. She tried for the Tornado DDT and hammered Fujita with lariats again. Fujita hit back hard and killed off Pencil with Sayonara. Pencil was at her most dominant in this match as she once again fought Fujita at his own game. Pencil Army was fine and Fujita once again showed his dedication to the cause. It’s funny Fujita ended the match with Sayonara as today, mere hours ago at the time of writing, Lulu Pencil announced she’s following Emi Sakura to America. Pencil Army is going worldwide and I wish her nothing but the best.

Iyasareruz (Chris Brookes & Antonio Honda) defeated Egg Tarts (Chie Koishikawa & Hagane Shinno) via Grounded Octopus Hold on Koishikawa

That madness was going to be followed by more madness as Iyasareruz made their way to Ichigaya. Honda and Brookes are devastating on their own how were they going to do as a unit? They were in for a rough ride as they were fighting Egg Tarts and we all know Shinno and Koishikawa don’t play around. I was not prepared for the Iyasareruz acapella rendition of All Day and All of the Night and for Brookes to be fighting in a Rammstein Sehnscucht crop top. This was going to be chaotic. Shinno started against Brookes with Brookes trying to get technical and Shinno just kicking the hell out of him. He tagged out and Koishikawa tried to lock on a Guillotine but Brookes just casually walked over to Honda and tagged. Koishikawa and Honda battled over wrist control and Honda nearly gave up again to a Hammerlock. He shook Koishikawa’s hand and gave her a palm reading, promising great fortune in the future but a great calamity was coming now… a head flick. He tagged and Brookes kept the head flicks and wrist slaps going amongst his usual brand of torture. Honda came back in and blocked Koishikawa’s comeback so he started pulling Hulkamania poses brother. Koishikawa wasn’t having this and took him out with an arm-drag. Shinno was tagged in and he wasted no time making Honda suffer with a wall elbow and bulldog. The two traded punches and kicks, with Honda calling for a timeout after Shinno blasted him with kicks. Honda stabbed Shinno in the throat and dropped him with a Shoulderbreaker.

Honda tagged and Brookes trapped Shinno in an Octopus. Honda kept Koishikawa trapped but Shinno was able to escape anyway. Shinno kicked the life out of Brookes again and fought out of the Praying Mantis Bomb to deliver an Enzuigiri. Egg Tarts chopped down Brookes and hit the flying X chop but Honda made the save. They targeted Koishikawa with a dancing combo and Brookes dived over Honda to hit Shinno with the Shoop Cutter. Koishikawa took out Brookes with dropkicks and locked in the Muffler with a modified Dragon Screw. Brookes tried to boot Koishikawa through the window but Koishikawa caught the kick and snapped it off the window ledge and went window to window for another dropkick. Koishikawa was trapped in a roll-up and Brookes KO’ed her with a Shotgun Dropkick. He locked in the grounded Octopus and Koishikawa had to tap. Brookes had picked up another win over Koishikawa in another exceptional match. Brookes and Honda make such an excellent team and now they were going to go party all day and all of the night.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) vs Hyakkin Thunders went to a 30-minute Draw

Last but not least, the main event. The bout hailed as Emi Sakura’s last ChocoPro match and Baliyan Akki’s dream match, Best Bros vs Hyakkin Thunders. Sakura and Takanashi were about to take the new dominant force in ChocoPro to their limit as an actually unbiased Chris Brookes called the action. It was chaos from the outset as the Thunders tried to ambush Best Bros. Both teams reached a stalemate so Akki and Sakura took to the mat. Akki floored Sakura with a leg kick and tried to do the same to Takanashi but Takanashi wasn’t phased by the kick. He grabbed Akki’s leg and the Thunders almost scored the win with a double pin. Suruga got technical with Takanashi and with Akki’s help took both Thunders for the ride. The crossbody combo followed and Akki dropped a knee on Takanashi so Suruga could be Cute on purpose, Sakura and Akki dropping in on the pose. Akki and Takanashi got into it again and Takanashi was launched onto the ref. He kept the ref distracted so Sakura attacked with a basketball, hairspray, an umbrella, and the bell hammer. The Karen laugh erupted as Sakura threw Suruga by the hair and hit the double-team Backbreaker/dropkick combo with Takanashi. Akki got the double-team treatment too as the Thunders broke him against the wall. They trapped Best Bros in double submissions, Takanashi adding extra insult to injury by using the Namaste Stretch. Both teams started throwing strikes and Akki threw Suruga into a double Spider. They levelled the Thunders with dual crossbodies and Akki took out Takanashi with multiple head kicks. Suruga used the wall to weaken Sakura for a double chop but couldn’t keep her stunned for the Apple Cut mutilation. Suruga went for the Demon Bridge (nice call Brookes) but Takanashi dragged her up for a Nosebreaker. Akki made the save with the Dragon Screw and tied the Thunders up with Deathlocks and threw Suruga into double stomps on both. They singled out Takanashi for a posing stretch but a pissed-off Sakura knocked them both down. She tuned up the band for We Will Rock You and flattened both with it before cracking Suruga with the Backbreaker. The Thunders then drove Akki onto Suruga with a modified X-Factor.

They quickly shook this off and broke Sakura with the double chop/backbreaker combo. Takanashi tried to intervene but the Best Bros took him out with a knotted double stomp. They nearly tapped Sakura out with a double submission but Takanashi came to the rescue and struck it out with Akki, downing him with a Shining Wizard. Both teams went counter wild as both teams went for killing blows. Both teams stared the other down and renewed hostilities with another slugfest. Takanashi trapped Suruga and Sakura dived onto her with a window Swanton. Akki saved Suruga with a hook kick and landed the Spider on Takanashi, despite Sakura’s interference. They took both Thunders out with a double stomp and Namaste Splash but Sakura prevented the pin. The Thunders stopped a second round of flying with Akki and Takanashi fighting on the sink. Akki got a cupboard door to the face and Suruga was nailed with a Spiker Suplex. Sakura held Suruga up for the thrust kick but Suruga dodged and Takanashi blasted Sakura in the head. Best Bros kept the pressure on with the rolling Swanton and Akki got into it with Takanashi once again. Akki took out both Thunders with dropkicks but he was floored by lariats. Bodies were everywhere and more lariats almost sealed Akki’s fate. Suruga saved the day and Sakura squared up with her. Suruga dodged the Ice Driver and desperately tried for the Apple Mutilation. Sakura escaped and the pair kept trading, Suruga almost getting the win with a La Magistral reversal. Suruga got pissed and started slapping and kicking away at Sakura but Sakura downed her with a chop-line and dropkick. Takanashi held Suruga down and Sakura landed another Swanton. They landed the assisted Thrust kick and the Hyakkin Driver but Akki made the save. Seconds later the bell rang and the time limit had been reached. Neither team could seal the win despite 30-minutes of non-stop furious action. Sakura was not ending her run on a draw, so with everything that happened here and the past between them, she made one final match.  A special singles match to be held the next day between Sakura and Suruga. They haven’t fought solo since 2019 and now, it was going to reach new levels. The end is coming but it has one final chapter for us.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Sayuri, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube  

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