Welcome back to GCW and the company’s grand return to California. It was time for the bright lights and Hollywood nights as we returned to the Ukrainian Culture Centre for another round of high-impact matches. On the card tonight, AJ Gray battled Lee Moriarty, BUSSY went after the GCW Tag Team Titles, Jordan Oliver fought Treehouse Lee, Grim Reefer made his LA debut, and more, leading to the main event where Dark Sheik promised to reveal something new as she took on Nick Gage. Let’s get into this wonderous return to LA.

AJ Gray defeated Lee Moriarty via Death by Lariat

Up first was one of the most hyped matches on the show. AJ Gray and Lee Moriarty are certified MOTY makers whenever they’re in the ring. Now it was time to see what happens when they’re put in the ring against each other. It started with mat wrestling and quickly escalated into a battle of leg breaking. Gray had targeted Moriarty’s leg early on and Moriarty returned the favour when Gray tweaked his knee on an up and over. Tempers flared and the pair started to throw in strikes and kicks, Gray unleashing those lethal chops. Just when Gray looked to end things on the top after a deadly Uranage, his leg gave out and he collapsed to the floor. B-Boy rushed to attend to him and Moriarty brought the fight back to the ring. He tried to end things quickly with his own nasty kicks and an ankle lock but Gray wouldn’t give. Gray hit the first lariat soon after that and ended things with an emphatic second one that nearly took Moriarty’s head off. This was excellent, a sprint of technical and targeted excellence ending on one of the nastiest lariats I’ve seen Gray throw. It was always great to see B-Boy back near a ring.

Jimmy Lloyd defeated ASF via Gonzo Bomb

So, screw airlines and the mess they cause as this was originally going to be Tony Deppen vs ASF. The crowd was excited to see ASF return after killing it in the Texas tour and now, he was going to be battling one of GCW’s top stars, Jimmy F’N Lloyd. ASF started exactly as expected with fast, fluid, and wild Lucha head-scissors and flying. Lloyd couldn’t quite match the pace but he was happy to pick his spots and kick ASF in the face. The pace never let up as the match became a cat-and-mouse game of counters and kicks as Lloyd kept finding ways to cut off ASF and ASF kept finding ways to come back and hit Lloyd with his brand of fast and innovative offence, even landing a Moonsault German. Neither guy would stay down and it became a desperate battle of what the hell do I need to do to win. Lloyd dropped ASF with an Apron Tombstone and ASF muscled Lloyd up for a Finlay Roll. Lloyd wasn’t going to quit and hit a Turnbuckle Brainbuster and DDT-Stroyer for another two-count. ASF came back with a 450 Splash but still couldn’t get it done. ASF went for another Head-scissors but Lloyd ended things with a Gonzo Bomb. This was incredible. Lloyd is on the run of a lifetime and he more than held his own in this fast and furious environment. ASF showed the hell out but Lloyd was just too amped up for him here.

Starboy Charlie defeated Chris Dickinson via Crucifix Armbar

Sean Waltman took to the commentary desk next as we prepared for Dickinson vs Starboy 2. These two had a blowout in their first fight with Starboy demanding this rematch. Now was his time to cash in and see if after all the fights with high-class talent could push him to a victory over the dirty daddy. Charlie went right after Dickinson with kicks and a 450 before getting the Dickinson-Brand beatdown. Charlie used his speed to avoid death and kept Dickinson reeling but when you’re against Dickinson it’s only a matter of time before you get clocked. Neither man could keep control as best laid plans fell through and the other kept fighting back. Charlie did an excellent job at keeping Dickinson trapped as he showed off new moves and a newfound intensity. Dickinson wasn’t going to be outdone though as he too worked to keep Charlie out of the fight. It was back-and-forth to the very end as Dickinson threw caution to the wind with an apron Brainbuster and kept up the physicality but he still couldn’t keep Charlie down. This was a goddamn war and Charlie proved to be the most resilient wrestler of the night as he ate bomb after bomb from Dickinson and won with a Crucifix Armbar. Starboy Charlie just tapped out Chris Dickinson. That is an incredible result and one hell of an upset. Charlie worked his arse off for that win and Dickinson showed his respect for it. That puts it at one apiece, we need a rubber match.

Ninja Mack defeated Dante Leon via Roll Up

Oh no, the building wasn’t going to be able to contain this fight. It was time for a fight that routinely puts these guys on the map, Dante Leon vs Ninja Mack. It was about to get wild and flippy in here as these foes were about to write another chapter. This started out tame as the pair felt each other out with technicality and kicking as the pair just wanted to beat the hell out of each other. The crazy countering started to come into play as the pair started blowing minds and getting wilder. The fight broke out around the building and doors came out as the pair continued their quest to kill each other. So much was happening it would have taken an essay to describe. Things headed towards the archway of the building and Mack flew from the top of it onto Leon below with a Moonsault as we got a Juicy Finau cameo. Despite all that, the pair keep killing each other all the way back to the ring. Mack went through a door and Leon managed to survive what killed him the first time so the pair got even more desperate. Leon nearly scored a near-fall with a powerbomb counter to the Phoenix 630. He got too cocky and unmasked Mack for a Superkick so Mack rolled him up and took the win. Things had gotten to the breaking point and Mack was able to use that to his advantage. Bloody hell this was great. It was a nice mix of the pair’s flippy as all hell style mixed with technicality and a grudge. A great viewing experience for sure.

GCW Tag Titles: Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) defeated BUSSY (Allie Katch & EFFY) via Chair Shot Doomsday Device on EFFY

The madness wasn’t slowing down now as it was time for SGC to put those titles on the line once again. Pantera met WAP as they were about to go to war once again with BUSSY in another violent clash. BUSSY are better than ever since their explosion and now we were going to see Katch’s sadistic side once again. I’d already gotten chills hearing the crowd sing Walk, who knew what the match had in store. Things opened with a kiss as EFFY and Justice went for a lip lock-up. Mance and Katch teased the same but it was a trade of Glasgow kisses. Things broke down further from there as chairs came out and BUSSY got hardcore. EFFY made a personal sacrifice as he set up Justice for Katch’s Cannonball and got kicked in the dick. SGC took control as they too showed what they could do with chairs and cannonballs. The plunder kept piling and SGC self-destructed through a door pile. Blood started pouring and BUSSY started beating SGC at their own game, giving Mance and Justice a taste of CTE. It got even more sadistic as Justice was taped to the ropes and Katch cut him with a knife. Mance couldn’t help either as he’d been taped up too. The Kat was temporarily back, bloody whiskers making this match all the more insane. Mance came to the rescue and Katch was speared through a door. EFFY was alone and despite his fire, he was taken out by the Chair Shot Doomsday Device. This had gotten very out of hand but goddamn was it compelling viewing. Allie Katch going full-on serial killer to get the tag belts is something I never knew I needed to see. This rocked and honestly, I just want more of it.

Scramble: Grim Reefer defeated Jack Cartwheel, Nick Wayne, Midas Creed, Lil Cholo & Eli Everfly via Diving Sidewalk Slam on Creed

Time for some new blood. It wouldn’t be a GCW show without a scramble and this time we were debuting Midas Creed, Nick Wayne, and Lil Cholo. Wayne certainly had a lot of hype behind him and it was going to be fun to see what he was capable of against the Rocketwheel, Grim Reefer, and everyone else involved. This was going to be another match the ring just couldn’t contain. There was a whole lot of flying to start as Reefer showed the younger ones how it was done with his high-style Moonsault. Reefer and Cholo had that veteran respect and messed the young ’uns up before getting to each other. Cartwheel and Wayne got crazy and everyone in between kept doing what they could to stand out. It was an incredible scramble and really highlighted both the new and older generation and their talents. Cholo smacked people like bitches and every time someone came close to victory, more fights would break out. It was pure chaos. Reefer almost scored the victory with a buckle crush piledriver and made Creed pay for interrupting him by taking the victory with a diving sidewalk slam. Grim Reefer took the win in his West Coast debut and man did he have his work cut out for him against this field. Hopefully, everyone involved is back again in the future.

Jordan Oliver defeated Treehouse Lee via Counter Clout Cutter Duo

Now I was excited for this one. It was the battle of the star killers as The Rad Boy Ballerina Treehouse Lee returned to GCW to go one-on-one with the Clout Cutter Jordan Oliver. Both of these guys are creative as hell in the ring and were going to put all that innovation into this match. Lee attacked early and cut off Oliver with a chair. Lee wasn’t here to play, he was here to kill, keeping the chair to lock in a Triangle over it. Oliver broke the hold with a chair powerbomb and tried to charge but Lee was back with a dancing offence. Oliver tried to keep using his power advantage to catch and keep Lee from moving and winded him with a backdrop superplex. He kept coming with Cleopatra but couldn’t keep Lee down for the three. Lee tried to choke Oliver out as he went for another cutter and hit his beautiful spinning leg drop. Both guys kept throwing bombs and Oliver shook off some leg damage to keep kicking. Lee broke the laws of physics again with a twisting apron Rana and tried for the Twisting Elbow Drop but Oliver countered it into a cutter and ended things quickly with a second Clout Cutter for the win. It’s so good to see Treehouse Lee back and mixing it up with guys who can keep up with him. These two got physical and it was a joy to watch. I don’t think Treehouse Lee can have a bad match and Oliver always knows how to work with people. It was a nice change of pace after the carnage.

44OH! (Rickey Shane Page & Atticus Cogar) defeated Joey Janela & Marko Stunt via Brain Haemorrhage/Chokebreaker combo

If you ever need to scare off 44OH!, just bring in Marko Stunt with a broom. Now, he and Joey Janela were going to try and put a nail in the 44OH! coffin by getting a win over the leader and the general in Rickey Shane Page and Atticus Cogar. RSP started with Janela and enjoyed overpowering his opponent. Teamwork between Stunt and Janela sent 44OH! flying as the crowd lapped up the GCW originals killing. Obviously, things didn’t stay that way as 44OH! took control and tortured Janela. The fight threatened to turn but RSP just kept going, nearly killing Stunt in the process. It was all 44OH! for now. The crowd was doing everything they could to will Stunt back into it but it just wasn’t happening. Cogar and RSP were too into breaking him down and imposing their will, hitting low just to be a dick. Stunt escaped with a Tilt-a-Whirl Codebreaker but Cogar cut off the tag by disposing of Janela. Stunt fought solo and gave RSP a taste of his own medicine with a dick kick before finally getting the tag. Janela finally made the tag and made RSP ride the pony on the ring ropes. RSP just kept getting hit in the dick as he tried to stop Janela from killing off Cogar. Things got wild as Stunt and Janela started working together again to fly and die. Everything broke down as both teams slugged it out and brawled into the crowd. This only benefitted 44OH! as RSP threw Stunt across the sea of humanity into Janela. Things got even more chaotic as things got competitive again in the ring and the plunder came out. RSP took them both out with a Superplex onto Janela and a door and both got skewered by 44OH! This fired them both up but 44OH! tanked the blows and nailed a Brain Haemorrhage and Chokebreaker combo to end things. This had been a war of attrition but in the end, the stronger team won and 44OH! stood tall over the broken bodies of two GCW favourites. Should have brought the broom, Marko.

Nick Gage defeated Dark Sheik via Combo of Death

Last but not least, the main event. Dark Sheik was back and being given the main event treatment she deserves. We were about to see her get violent against the God of this shit Nick F’N Gage. EFFY and Sean Waltman were on the commentary call as the plunder adorned the ring. Sheik had no fear and I was excited to see her get hardcore. Gage made his own introduction and the pair opened with a lock-up. They danced around the barbed-wire doors and Sheik got technical with an arm and leglocks. Gage stopped that shit with a fallaway slam into one of the doors. Gage stapled Sheik’s hair to the mat and crushed the door into her with the Vader Elbow. The tubes came out and Sheik kicked them into Gage with a baseball slide and high crossbody. The pair brawled into the crowd and Gage brought Sheik back to the ring by smashing her into the ring post. He broke a bundle on her and set up the other wired door outside. The fight went to the top and both crashed through the door with a sack of shit slam. Gage kept going with a Spinebuster and another bundle to the head. Sheik was carved up with the broken tubes and the pizza cutter as Gage did what he does best. Sheik avoided the piledriver and stapled Gage in the dick with a split staple. A Pumphandle driver followed and a curb stomp onto a bundle. She took another bundle to Gage’s head and planned to fly but Gage brained her with a chair. He pushed her into the corner and broke more tubes on her with the Face Wash. Sheik refused to die to a Falcon Arrow and the pair threw hands. After a round of bombs, Gage got another near-fall with a DDT. Sheik was right back up and whipped Gage down for a diving wheel kick. She flew in with a diving leg drop but Gage wasn’t going down yet. Sheik went for a high kick but Gage caught it into the Chokebreaker and made an emphatic statement by destroying Sheik with two Piledrivers and the killing blow Powerbomb. This was incredible. Dark Sheik went all out against Gage and she earned the applause she got for it. Gage got the win but Sheik made him taste the blood and glass. This is how you end a show like this, with high octane carnage showcasing two incredible veterans of the wrestling scene.

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