Because I talked to Jazz and Rachael Ellering, I felt like I talked to Jordynne Grace like a few months ago. It was, in fact, a year and a half ago, she was just crowned Knockouts Champion. Ever since she has accomplished so many great things on IMPACT, it seemed absolutely normal for her to stay and cement her legacy here.

The next step was the Knockouts Tag Team titles. With Rachael Ellering, they formed a powerful and strong team, with the support of Jazz, to the point of winning the belts at Rebellion PPV. Even if they lost them a few weeks after, the team continued their way in order to grab the titles back.

SteelChair Mag had the chance to talk to Jordynne Grace last week. She told us about signing a new contract with IMPACT, teaming up with Jazz and Jordynne Grace, becoming Knockouts Tag Team Champion with Rachael Ellering, and what the future may hold for her.

I will start by congratulating you for the powerlifting records and wins that you just had. Is it as important for you as your wrestling success?

“To be honest, I feel like it kind of goes along with my wrestling character. I feel like it’s something that I need to do to kind of make that character more established, I guess you would say more believable. I wanted to win, I went in knowing the records already, and I knew I wanted to beat them, but I wasn’t 100% sure that I could beat all of them. The deadlift one was the only one I was really nervous about, and I went in there and I did it, so I’m happy.”

You were not on the card of Slammiversary, which happens as not every wrestler can be on every PPV. How did you live the PPV from backstage, mostly with the audience back?

“I’ll tell you that I was extremely jealous of all the people that did get to wrestle at Slammiversary because that would have been my first live IMPACT show in front of a crowd on a pay-per-view in over a year. I think the last time I wrestled Deonna was at last Slammiversary, and that was the first PPV without a crowd, so it would have been awesome. I’m super jealous of the people who got to wrestle, but I was there backstage watching the entire show, everybody who came back into the locker room just was on a different level, they were on a high because of the crowd, because it’s been so long. It was a live pay-per-view, and I was just super excited for everyone that they got to do their thing.”

Did you have the feeling that the world changed again, like announced?

“A little bit. I feel like because the studio is so small, that all the fans were packed in there pretty much like sardines. The sound was like there was so much like acoustics because the building is super high, so the fans were just so loud.”

New wrestlers arrived, particularly Chelsea Green. Are you looking forward to wrestling her?

“I’m definitely excited to wrestle Chelsea. We actually had our first singles match at an independent show this past weekend, and it was our first match ever. We were the main event of the show for a Championship and I thought it was great. We had good chemistry, we went 15 minutes, and she has a broken arm, so I’m very impressed with her for being able to do that with a broken arm.”

At Homecoming, you teamed up with Little Petey Pump. Was it something as different and really enjoyable for the fans as it was for you to work with Petey?

“I love working with Petey. I always have and I always will, and I love doing that character with him, that character is just so much fun to me. I feel so cool when I’m wearing chain mail and sunglasses (laughs). I think that entire show was just so much fun, I felt like it was really light-hearted. There wasn’t too much serious stuff going on, it was just a lot of fun.”

Did you realize, when you came to the ramp, you were walking exactly the same way, doing the same moves at the same time?

“I thought exactly the same thing (laughs), we didn’t even plan. When I saw the clip, and I saw us doing stuff at the exact same time, I was like, that was good stuff.”

When D’Lo Brown announced it was a Mixed Tag tournament, I was a little disappointed because Knockouts like you, Rachael or Rosemary do intergender wrestling. Would you have made it intergender if it had been possible?

“The way that we actually ended up doing this tournament, it was intergender because the women could wrestle the men and the men could wrestle with the women. They said it was a mixed tag tournament, but it was intergender rules.”

Many people were not expecting you to stay when your contract expired earlier this year and you decided to stay with Impact Wrestling and to sign a new contract. What motivated you to stay?

“I’m very comfortable at IMPACT right now. I do not like a heavy schedule, and Impact Wrestling also lets me do all the powerlifting events that I want to. Powerlifting training is pretty strenuous and Impact do stuff once a month. If I went to WWE, I’d have to train all the time, also do a lot of shows. AEW are pretty much on the road on a weekly basis. I don’t think I would have nearly as much freedom if I had signed anywhere else.”

What is the future now for Jordynne Grace on Impact? Deonna Purrazzo has been holding the Knockouts belt for almost a year, Rosemary and Havok are currently holding the Tag Team belts.  

“Me and Rachael at the moment are really trying to work hard together to get those tag titles back. We had an embarrassingly short reign of less than a week probably (three weeks), so we currently have the shortest reign, it felt like it was days. We’d like to kind of redeem ourselves in that regard.”

I talked to Jazz, then I talked to Rachael, it’s so cool to see how they love you as a person and as a wrestler. Jazz was saying that you have the same no no-sense personality that she has and you were the perfect match for her. Rachael was saying so many great things about you. It was a perfect match for both of them. Is really Rachael’s the perfect tag-team partner for you?

“I think Rachael really balances me out because you can tell how her personality is, she’s very over the top and boisterous. What’s funny is Scott D’Amore, our boss, actually had come up to me and Rachael, and he told us that Rachael lightens me up a bit, which basically means I’m normally pretty serious, not super loud and friendly like Rachel is. I think I kind of feed on her personality when she’s around, so I think that’s a good thing for both of us.”

You also had to deal with Tenille Dashwood who tried to break your team. How do you feel being in this team with Rachael and even with Jazz before?

“I feel pretty good about it, I like being in a tag team because it’s kind of half the work so, whenever you need a break, you can just kind of tag in your tag partner, and they can take over the reins. That’s one of the big reasons I like it. I also like to have someone to confide in because when you have a tag team partner, it kind of spills over to real-life, almost because you start getting closer with that person. Rachael actually drove six hours to come to my powerlifting event, which I thought was really awesome of her, and that was super special for me.”

Do you feel like it will be easier for you to go against Havok and Rosemary than Tasha and Kiera? We can say Fire ‘N Flava cheated their way to the belts a lot.

“You’re definitely right about the cheating part, but I also feel like they’re both difficult. They’ll both be difficult to defeat in their own way. Tasha and Kiera cheat a lot, but Rosemary and Havok are just brutal in the ring. They’re both probably like two times my height, which it’s kind of difficult when you’re trying to lift someone up. I feel like they both have things that are going to be hard to overcome.”

Do you still have the Knockouts belt in mind?

“Honestly, at the moment, I’m just trying to tunnel vision on the tag team titles because if I focus on too many things at one time, one thing is going to get messed up or both of them. I just kind of have to have tunnel vision towards that one thing right now.”

You took part in the X-Division 6-way intergender scramble match at Bound For Glory, do you feel like the X-division title could belong to a woman?

“I definitely feel like the X-Division title could belong to a woman, and hopefully, that woman is eventually me. Josh (Alexander) is probably and honestly the best wrestler at IMPACT right now. I’m super happy he’s getting his due and his title reign, but I would definitely love him to challenge for it eventually.”

Earlier this year, you put together 11 wonderful women and men to do these beautiful body positivity pictures. Where did that come from, what did you want to do with that, what was your idea with them?

“Actually, it was Deonna Purrazzo that kind of inspired me, not something that was directly from her but actually someone had commented on her appearance online. I don’t care about when people comment on my appearance because it’s just me, but when people comment on my friend’s appearances, that’s what really bothers me, so basically as this idea came from one person commenting about Deonna. I was just fed up, and I wanted to do something cool that could basically show like women’s wrestlers aren’t one specific type anymore, which I think for a long time it was that way, but it’s not that way anymore. I kind of wanted to showcase all these different women’s wrestlers. It was on a volunteer basis. I had reached out to a few people, but I’m so happy with all the women that came because we just had different bodies from everybody, everybody looked so beautiful in their own way, and everybody was so unique. I was just super happy with how it came out.”

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