Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling and to the proper farewell to the Matriarch of ChocoPro, Emi Sakura. No one wants to end on a draw so Emi Sakura had made one final match against one of her greatest students and greatest rivals, Mei Suruga. The reason her back was bad, the person who works so well as a friend and a foe. Now, the pair would have this final showdown as a bonus OVA to the ChocoPro season. Baliyan Akki gave the introductions and it was time for one final match before Emi Sakura goes to take AEW by storm.

Emi Sakura defeated Mei Suruga via Ice Driver

Here we go, the grand finale of a ChocoPro era. Emi Sakura had made ChocoPro the madcap programme that it is and now was spreading her wings and heading to America full-time. To end things, she was hoping to get one final victory. In her way, Mei Suruga, the Big Apple. Was Sakura going to leave triumphant or was Suruga going to cause one final upset? Akki was the referee, Chie Koishikawa, Yuna Mizumori, Tokiko Kirihara and Sayuri were there as a crowd and Masahiro Takanashi was behind the camera as this spectacle unfolded. The pair opened with quick lock-ups and went right into chain holds. Sakura couldn’t resist going after Suruga’s hair and trapped her on the mat with a chin-lock. Suruga tried to go to Sakura’s injured shoulder but Sakura just locked her up and gave her a kicking. Suruga returned the favour and tried to take Sakura for the ride but Sakura dragged her into a test of strength. Suruga bridged out and resumed stomping succeeding in the ride on the second attempt. She declared it was Mei Time and smashed Sakura off the mat-side tables. Akki tried to control her antics but couldn’t stop Suruga dragging Sakura outside and crushing her against the window. Suruga brought Sakura back in and promptly snapped her arm in the window frame before dragging her back outside through it. The pair struck it out on the outside and Sakura bonked Suruga off the roof with an Electric Chair. She did the same with the window frame and tried to push Suruga back inside. Suruga was outraged and kicked Sakura into the outer wall and ground her face into the window frame. It didn’t end there as Akki could only watch on as Suruga rammed Sakura’s head into an outer door. Sakura was thrown back inside and tried to come back with throat thrusts but Suruga attacked her with an umbrella. She knocked Sakura down and jumped in with a Mei-Ry Poppins Double Stomp. That got two so Suruga disappeared off and returned with a Queen poster. Sakura cut off a charge into it and down Suruga with headbutts. it was her turn to angrily stomp and threatened Suruga with the bell hammer. Akki stopped this and let her pose with the Queen poster before removing that from play too.

Sakura took her frustration out on Suruga’s hair and launched her with a vicious Biel. The Ayyo chants rang out and Sakura trapped Suruga in the Romero Special before kicking Suruga into the wall. The stiff chops came out and Suruga jump-scared her way to a wall-run crossbody. Sakura met the wall again and Suruga blasted her with the sign double chop. She stuck a second (shoutout to DOGU) to Sakura’s face and dropkicked it in further. The pair went counter crazy and Sakura turned a head-scissor attempt into a Crab and knot. The pair battled over a body slam and Sakura hit Smash Mouth. Sakura tried for a snap We Will Rock You but crashed into Suruga’s knees. Suruga capitalised with the Apple Mutilation but Sakura escaped. She nailed Sakura with a dropkick and tried a mock We Will Rock You but Sakura too got her knees up. Sakura ran into another dropkick and the pair traded punches as they lay down. They chopped it out on their knees, Koishikawa even wincing at Sakura’s chops. Sakura kept paying tribute to her students as she hit a Sayuri-style Yakuza Kick and a Tropical Splash before wiping Suruga out with another dropkick. Suruga kept getting up so Sakura shunted her into the tables and crushed her into them with a splash. Suruga was still full of fighting spirit and attacked the injured shoulder again. Both tried for pinfalls but neither got the three-count. Sakura caught Suruga into the Backbreaker and tuned up the band for a successful We Will Rock You. She followed up with a Window Swanton but Suruga had enough energy to kick out at two. Suruga came back with a roll-up and tried for the Electric Chair pin but Sakura whacked her off the wall. Suruga tried to tap Sakura out with a Hammerlock Armbar but Sakura escaped again. Suruga kept torturing the arm and shoulder but Sakura wouldn’t tap. She climbed the window to fly again but Sakura caught her out of the air into a Cutter.

Sakura was powering up now and tried for the Tiger Driver but Suruga broke out into another double stomp. Suruga loomed over her and sadistically tried to break Sakura’s shoulder again with the Apple Mutilation. Sakura kicked out of the Propellor Pin and caught Suruga out of another Electric Chair into the Dragon Sleeper. Suruga just about held on and the pair slapped it out. Sakura revelled in the attacks Suruga threw at her and slapped the taste out of Suruga’s mouth. The pair traded double chops that once again made everyone wince and Suruga found the energy to deliver the Super Mei Punch. Sakura found her feet and floored Suruga with a chop-line and locked on the Dragon Sleeper again. Suruga escaped again so Sakura hoisted her up and ended things with the Ice Driver. It had taken every tool she had but Sakura had bested Suruga. She was leaving Japan on a win over her best student. This more than proved she can still go and shows that her teachings have made resilient as hell students. This went nearly 37 minutes. It was another fast-paced war, similar to the Thunders match yesterday. Sakura was proud and set up for one final Janken tournament with Suruga. She won that too, putting the cherry on the cake that was this final show.

To be candid for a second. I cannot wait to see how Emi Sakura does in AEW. She is going to be one of the most valuable people in the company in my opinion as she brings not only 26 years of experience, coming from FMW to the present day now, she can lead, teach and is one of the most creative people in wrestling today. Look at the work she has done in ChocoPro. I’ve reviewed nearly 100 episodes of ChocoPro and each time I see something new. She is leaving ChocoPro in strong and capable hands. AEW you better brace yourself because Sakura is coming there for good and she wants that Women’s Title. This is the beginning of a new era in ChocoPro and it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the new season. Thank you for everything here Sakura and I look forward to seeing your exploits in America.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Mei Suruga, Emi Sakura, Sayuri, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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