Welcome back to VxS and to a show named after one of the catchiest songs of the 80s (if you aren’t humming the Eddie Murphy song right now you will by the end.) It was time to celebrate and party as the ultimate aesthetic indie brought out the big guns. Matt Cross, Brian Cage, Rich Swann, Lucky 13, Homicide and so many more were in action fighting across a packed card leading to the ultimate main event between 2 Cold Scorpio and Willie Mack. It was time to get wild and VxS had stacked the deck in their favour to do so. This looked like a super card and featured one of the big return matches for Anthony Greene. Let’s get into the action.

Lucky 13 Open Challenge: Lucky 13 defeated Big F’N Vin via Poisonrana

The show opened with an open challenge by the deathmatch veteran Lucky 13. It’s hard to catch Lucky off-guard but after a warning on Twitter, Big F’N Vin was coming to play. Lucky might be the King of Dive Style but Vin is proving to be another example of the hybrid heavyweight and it’s awesome to see the pair clash. This was exactly what you wanted, Big Vin being a big monster whilst 13 tried to work around him. Vin was massively overpowering 13 in the beginning and mercilessly threw him around the venue. Every time 13 had a chance at coming back Vin slammed him straight back down. The monster was unkillable and kept pulling out innovative slams and kicks to punish 13 further. 13 used his speed and creativity to get back into the fight but Vin again blew minds with an over-the ropes Fallaway Slam. The longer the match went the more 13 found his openings and the heavier the knocks Vin had to counter through. Eventually, he was knocked into a corner and Lucky ended him with a Poisonrana. He was showered with “Please Come Back” chants and rightly so. This was an awesome opener and despite some stream issues, it was a thoroughly fun opener where a veteran had to slay a giant. You can’t go wrong with that. Especially when it’s 13 and Vin.

No Rules: Dr. Cube defeated Gabriel Skye via Cubeline

It wouldn’t be a VxS show without an invasion from Dr. Cube and his band of goons. This time the maniacal scientist had targeted Gabriel Skye as he wanted to smother that hot streak he was on and finally get a win. There would be no rules and no mercy as Cube had set his terms and Skye had accepted. Skye cleaned out the goons quickly and we went into an intense affair as Skye flew at Cube and Cube began the brawling. The fight went around the building as the cameras desperately tried to keep up. The production area became a warzone as Larry Legend and Emil Jay almost became casualties of it. Skye tried to batter back with a kendo stick but Cube just kept attacking him as he was distracted. The goons set up plunder and Cube took himself out in the most Great Sasuke of manners. Skye was mobbed by even more goons and ate move after move as the inexhaustible army just kept attacking. Skye tried to retreat and went up to the balcony only for Cube to pursue. They battled up there and Skye threw Cube into the pile and followed with a dive. Even back in the ring, it was still nothing but violence as Cube ate chair shots like candy and misted Skye for a low blow. A DoorVD followed and Cube was back in control. Again, Skye tried to get back into the fight and retrieved a ladder. He impaled Cube on a chair and dropkicked that chair into him again with a ladder dropkick. The goons made the save and Skye took them all out for interfering. The cavalry came to clear the field but Cube had help from the BIGGEST OF ALL BIG CALLUX and Argus. Skye tried to remain defiant but Cube killed him with a Cubeline and celebrated with his new friends. Skye had tried to fight the odds but after 20-minutes plus of fighting, he was stopped by the Doc. This was wild and hard to follow at times but it was mostly fun and brought us VxS BIG CALLUX! Post-match, Skye snapped and tried to kill someone who helped him.

Triple-Threat: Matt Cross defeated Marcus Mathers & Dyln McKay via Shooting Star Press on Mathers.

After all the drama and danger, we went into something a bit more traditional if no less chaotic. Matt Cross, the MDogg 2020 was here and he was going to impose some veteran wisdom on two of the H2O Rising Stars through the power of an ass-kicking. Marcus Mathers and Dyln McKay were about to give him hell. McKay tried to go into business for himself so Cross and Mathers teamed up on him before going into an exchange of their own. Cross was showing his usual high-flying style and meshed well with the students trying to keep up with him and show off what they brought. McKay is always a joy to see and Mathers is as adaptable as they come. Mathers and Cross kept getting into skirmishes as McKay kept interrupting and leaving his mark on the pair. Alliances shifted and it became Mathers and McKay trying to outmanoeuvre the MDogg before turning on each other again. The action kept coming at a fast and furious pace as all three men went all-out. Everyone was achy but Cross wasn’t going to slow down and took out both H2O Stars with a Flatliner/DDT combo. He was taken out again and Mathers went back to trying to kill McKay. They took each other out and Cross dived back into the match with a Shooting Star Press onto Mathers. That won him the match and showed that veteran savvy can always trump youth. This is how you pace a veteran/youngster triple-threat as Cross picked his moment to stay aggressive whilst letting the H2O Stars show off too. The whole match flowed well and it really revamped the pace after the Cube War.

Kevin Blackwood defeated Homicide via Diving Double Stomp

Let’s get technical. Kevin Blackwood is one of the best strikers in VxS and now, The Aesthetic Crippler was going to get tested like never before. Here was going against the Notorious 187 Homicide in a match that would push his limits against the ultimate pro of any style. This started with chain wrestling and stayed cerebral as the pair kept trading limbs and holds. Homicide tried to get going but Blackwood kept him grounded and locked up, working quickly whenever Homicide got free. Homicide wasn’t going to stay trapped forever and started kneeing back into things. The fight started to break down as things got rougher, closed fists coming out. A brawl broke out and Homicide brought a chair into play. Things picked back up again as Homicide showed off his technicality and Blackwood started striking and throwing out the power moves with a Half and Half and Powerbomb. Homicide landed the Ace Crusher and tried to kill off Blackwood with a top rope cutter but Blackwood fought him off and took him out with a diving double stomp. That got the win and netted Blackwood one hell of a victory. This might sound like a short match description but in reality, this was 13 minutes of excellent wrestling and chemistry that is better experienced by seeing than reading. I would have happily watched another 10-15 minutes of this as the pair had intense and interesting chemistry. Homicide was furious with the ref but the result was what it was and hugged it out with Blackwood. Real respects real and a Homicide acknowledgement is as real as it gets. Now TJ Crawford wants another shot at Blackwood. I can get behind that.

Brian Cage defeated Rich Swann via Gory Flatliner

Time to kick the party into another gear as Rich Swann came to funk and fight as he went one-on-one with the Machine Brian Cage. Swann likes to keep it going all night long but could he do that with Cage, someone who has been unbeatable in VxS? This was going to be a fun one to watch. Swann started fast and used targeted kicks and Lucha Head-scissors to keep Cage off-guard. That worked for about 30 seconds then Cage took his head off with a lariat. Cage started playing with Swann like a child plays with his food and Swann tried to evade and counter as best he could. Swann couldn’t catch a break as Cage methodically threw him around and beat him down, trying to choke him out. Swann found the energy and air to fly back into the match and dropped Cage with a deadly DDT. He gave Cage a kicking and tried to keep on him but Cage brought him crashing back into the ring with a ring-in Suplex. Cage kept throwing and kicked out of a Sunset Flip to decapitate Swann with a discus lariat. With Swann knocked loopy, Cage fought to lock him in the Gory Special and dropped him face-first with a Gory Flatliner. Swann had tried to keep the party alive and pick up a big win but Cage had proven too motivated and like the machine he is, left him terminated. This was short but damn, Cage was a monster in this one. No fun, just all business.

Masha Slamovich defeated Anthony Greene via Russian Deathlock

Every party playlist needs its alternative track. That came from the debuting Anthony Greene. The Alternative One had come to the company to kill the clout of the Russian Dynamite, Masha Slamovich. This one was going to get rough as both fighters were about to maul each other. Greene was coming in with one hell of a chip on his shoulder. Slamovich started off technical and methodical but Greene caught her off-guard and imposed his will. This brought the fight out of Slamovich and she blasted him with dropkicks. Greene came back with a Butterfly Suplex and we saw how torn the crowd really were. It was Greene’s turn to be methodical as he slowly ground down Slamovich and quashed her resistance with a sit-out bomb. Slamovich returned fire by knocking his teeth out with boots and knees before scoring a near-fall with a Spinning Wheel Kick and German. Things got competitive and Greene nearly sealed the deal with a Tamagotchi Driver. Greene went to the legs and kept slugging but that just woke Slamovich up and she elbowed his head in. A failed Frankensteiner saw her eat a Super Powerbomb but even then, she wouldn’t die. A slugfest broke out and both threw bombs without going down. Greene looked to have things won but Slamovich rolled through into a Russian Deathlock and tapped Greene out. Holy shit this fight was incredible. I thought Homicide/Blackwood was intense, this became a back-and-forth war of attrition as Greene tried to kill Slamovich. When he found he couldn’t, respect was shown and the pair celebrated together. This is absolute must-watch material right here.

Willie Mack defeated 2 Cold Scorpio via Frog Splash

Oh, fuck yes. Pardon my language but this is THE fight that sold me on this show. Willie Mack and 2 Cold Scorpio will boogie down and break you down as both these guys can strike you out, overpower you and fly higher than you. This was going to be off the charts. Mack was having a blast dancing to Jungle Boogie and the pair opened with a handshake. Things didn’t start slow as Mack showed off his athleticism to counteract Scorpio’s technicality, prompting Scorpio to smash him with an arm-drag dropkick. They kept the technicality up and Scorpio kicked low when Mack started throwing elbows. Scorpio went to work on Mack’s legs and dropped a “low” headbutt. The fight went outside with Scorpio smashing in Mack with a chair. Both guys brawled around the venue with Mack giving Scorpio several rows of chairs as a crash pad. They returned to the ring and Scorpio found his rhythm again, bringing out the flipping leg drop. Scorpio kept dropping the bomb but Mack refused to die from the fallout, kicking out of whatever Scorpio hit him with. Even the outside wasn’t safe as Scorpio just flew at him with a Pescado. Referee Nick Shin was getting tired of Scorpio’s antics and started calling him out. Mack took the breather and started turning up the pressure with a lethal running knee. Mack took to the air with a Missile Dropkick and destroyed Scorpio with the impact. Scorpio wasn’t going to be outdone and came back with an effortless Moonsault. Mack picked up the pace again wrecked Scorpio with a corner combo. The pair started striking it out and Mack knocked Scorpio down again with Mongolian Chops. Scorpio came back with jabs and dropped him again with a Samoan Drop and Moonsault. Scorpio brained him with a chair and smashed it into his face with a diving leg drop. Mack refused to be smacked around and took out Scorpio with an Ace Crusher then flew across ¾ of the ring for a Frog Splash, taking the win. This got nasty. What could have been a light-hearted affair became a stiff, dirty affair with Scorpio showing his meaner side to make Mack work for the win. Even then, this rocked. It had drama, tension, and a whole load of flying from two of the best at it. This was an incredible main event that ended with Brian Cage laying down the gauntlet to Mack. Now that would be a battle of the giants…

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