Welcome back to ICW NHB and its unique brand of violence. The Pit was back and rather than fighting in dirt or sand, we had a square with bull-ropes and fuckery. It was fighting time on one of the most horrifying nights of the year, Friday the 13th. In this show we’d see, Bryan Keith’s debut against Justin Kyle, Great Scott’s debut against Dale Patricks, and Aaron Mercer debut against John Wayne Murdoch for an American Deathmatch Championship shot alongside all the regular warriors taking their shots again. Plus, we’d see the Deathmatch Beast MASADA in action as Neil Diamond Cutter had called him out. Let’s get into the carnage.

Fights, Camera, Action

Eric Ryan defeated AKIRA via Snuff Stomps

Opening the show was the Death Samurai taking on the King of the Deathmatches as AKIRA battled Eric Ryan once again. The Rejects vs 44OH! war was still raging, and here were two of the most technically gifted from either side. Knowing AKIRA, it was time for some Catch X Death in the Pit. Ryan jumped AKIRA with a tack bat, filling AKIRA’s back and head with tacks instantly. The forks came out and Ryan manically kept raking at AKIRA’s head. AKIRA started striking back so Ryan choked him out with a bull rope and backed him into a corner. Ryan went for another tack bat but AKIRA Monkey Flipped him into a pinfall and Heel Hook bopping him with the tack bat as he tore apart his tendons. Both guys were now tack cushions as AKIRA took the fork bat Ryan had brought with him and ground it into his head before trying for a Cross-Armbreaker. Ryan wouldn’t tap so AKIRA locked on a bridging neck crank over a can door. Some stiff punches later and AKIRA was setting up the can door whilst Ryan tried to collect himself. They duelled with more tack bats and Ryan avoided going through the door with an abdominal stretch. AKIRA fought out and broke the door and Ryan with a 2K1 Bomb. Ryan kicked out so AKIRA tried to choke out Ryan but had no luck. He tried to hit the Gotch off a haybale but Ryan reversed into a Giant Swing and KO’ed AKIRA with the Snuff Stomps. Eric Ryan had beaten AKIRA again and done so after taking a fair whack of punishment.

Justin Kyle defeated Bryan Keith via Punching KO

It was time for a hard-hitting war as two walking weapons took to the pit. The Bounty Hunter Bryan Keith is one of the heaviest hitters I’ve seen when it comes to fighting and now, he was locking horns with ICW’s resident Super-fight Beast Justin Kyle. Could the Pit contain these two? They opened with a test of wills and kicks as the two teed off on each other. That broke down quickly and it became a slugfest of epic proportions as these two beat the shit out of each other from corner to corner until Keith could drop Kyle on his head with a DDT. Kyle tanked a knee to the face and launched Keith through a door. He didn’t stop there, braining Keith with the broken parts when he fired up. Keith turned the tables with an Enzuigiri and tried to choke out Kyle with another bit of door. Kyle punched back and launched Keith through the door again. Keith remained defiant so Kyle lost his temper and gave him another stiff kicking then crushed a door into his back. Keith still wouldn’t die and attacked Kyle with a chair when he gave him it, trying to destroy Kyle’s knee in the process. Keith destroyed the leg again with a double stomp but Kyle smashed him with the chair on the way down. Kyle was pissed and threw everything in sight at Keith including the hay and the ref. Keith still refused to stay down so Kyle kicked him down a final time and rained down punches until Keith was knocked out. This had been a war with Bryan Keith proving to be nigh on unkillable until Kyle threw everything at him. What a fucking fight.

Dale Patricks defeated Great Scott via Fuckery Door Chokeslam

The Texas debuts kept on rolling as Dale Patricks looked to continue his winning streak against the “incredibly popular” Great Scott. We didn’t even have time for proper introductions as Scott instantly attacked with a crutch. The shots kept coming from a strip bat and fists as Scott kept pushing the sneaky advantage he’d taken. Patricks struck back with snapping fuckery and played to the crowd until Scott hit him in the dick. Scott refused to give the crowd anything and kept things technical until Patricks bust his balls with a snapping kendo stick. Scott wasn’t taking that lying down and fired back with a firecracker bat. Scott just kept swinging, finding friends in firecrackers, and forcing the deathmatch jackass to endure it all. The pair slugged the shit out of each other with chops and uppercuts and danced around a door, Patricks breaking it with a Suplex. Once again though, Scott refused to stay down and quickly trapped Patricks in a Deathlock. Patricks escaped with the exploding kendo and kicked Scott down into a senton. He hit Scott in the balls again and knocked Scott outside. Scott dived back in with a Running Rana and dropped Patricks with a Piledriver. He set a barbed-wire board up on barstools and ended up on the receiving end as Patricks put him through it with a powerslam. Patricks kept nailing Scott with Plunder and set up a ladder. Scott fought out of the Tiger Driver and DDT’ed Patricks onto the door. He kept going with a barbed-wire senton and tried to end things with a slam but Patricks countered into the Tiger Driver onto the ladder. He dragged Scott up on final time and ended things with a Chokeslam through a barbed-wire and cans door. Holy shit, this match rocked. I didn’t quite know what to expect but this was another hybrid horror show of a match with technicality, villainy, and firecrackers all being used to maximum effect.

Orin Veidt defeated Brandon Kirk (w/Kasey Kirk) via Total Anarchy

Time for something completely different as Orin Veidt took part in a handicap match. It might not be booked as such but the Kirks always try to play the numbers. Cowboy Veidt would have to be on-guard and ready to fight as the Kirks would give him no quarter and the crowd wanted a murder. The hat stayed on during the fight and Veidt mocking pecked at Kirk with the brim. Kirk brought out the chops and as the shots got more intense the hat and their vests came off. Chops gave way to headbutts and Kasey Kirk cried out in disgust as they both collapsed. Veidt gave Kirk a gusset to the head and kept cutting away at him with a knife. Kirk made Veidt pay with a Door-VD and bludgeoned him with the broken pieces and a chair. He tried to break Veidt’s ankle with a con-chair-to and choked him out with a bull rope. Veidt snatched away the rope and whipped away at Kirk before dragging him around the ring by the throat into a Bull rope and Arrow. Kirk wouldn’t tap so Veidt pounced him through a door. The pair went into another slugfest and Kirk psyched out Veidt into a snap Piledriver. He dragged out a knife-board and slammed Veidt face-first into it. Kasey got involved again and accidentally helped Veidt hit Total Anarchy onto a chair. That got the win and Veidt punched hit ticket to another win. There had been way less interference here than expected and a lot more hard-hitting action than fuckery. Again, I have nothing to complain about, this was another excellent mix of striking and fuckery.

SHLAK defeated Satu Jinn via Door-Struction

Kaiju Fight. Kaiju Fight. Kaiju Fight. This one was going to be a kaiju fight if you hadn’t guessed. Satu Jinn and SHLAK are both monsters of the pit and were about to have a big man brawl. The Human Meat Grinder has been mostly unbeatable in the Pit, would Jinn get the upset? It opened with a thrown Zimmer frame and multiple hands before SHLAK mauled himself and Jinn with a chair. Jinn smashed and stabbed at SHLAK with a tack bat and went to a bull rope but SHLAK cut him off with a gusset cricket bat. The fight fell to the outside and SHLAK choked Jinn out around the crowd. They kept fighting towards the merch area with more chairs and bites coming into play. Jinn took control of the fight and threw SHLAK through another chair pile. He brained SHLAK with a bar stool and the pair kept brawling through the venue, using anything to hand as a weapon. The pair sat down for a bar fight and quickly lost control again. Jinn returned to the Pit briefly to retrieve his Cane Knife and took it to SHLAK’s forehead. SHLAK cut back and tried to rip Jinn’s face apart with his bare hands. They brawled back to the Pit and danced around a door. Jinn threw SHLAK with a Suplex but it had no effect and SHLAK speared Jinn through the door. SHLAK destroyed another part of the door on Jinn’s head and took the win. SHLAK had won the war of attrition here but Jinn had mauled him from bell to bell. This was a hurricane that blew through the venue destroying everything in its path.

MASADA defeated Neil Diamond Cutter via Chair DVD

Time to get serious. The first of two massive fights was up next as Neil Diamond Cutter lived out his bloodiest dream against the Ultraviolent Beast MASADA. This was going to be one of the toughest challenges of Cutter’s career but as we’ve seen he’s never one to back down. Time to see what would be left in this battle of beasts. Cutter tried to open in a jovial manner but MASADA just shit-canned him to the floor. They went into traditional chain wrestling and MASADA downed Cutter again with a forearm. MASADA let Cutter get his shots in then promptly broke him again with strikes and a cinderblock. Cutter took the blow and leapt off the cinderblock to land a Hurricanrana. He hit MASADA with a crutch and chased him into the crowd. The fight reached the bar and MASADA was back in control, trying to crush Cutter’s head. Cutter escaped MASADA’s clutches by throwing him into a post and snapped him into a senton combo. He almost took the win with a Dragonrana but MASADA kicked him off and slammed him onto the cinderblock and a tack guitar. He kept swinging with the guitar and stretched Cutter out, digging tacks further into his back with his knee. Cutter dodged an elbow drop to land another senton and retrieved BOB and some dollars only to get hit in the cock. MASADA snatched away BOB and stapled dollars to Cutter’s tongue. Cutter wouldn’t quit so MASADA powerbombed him through a board and gave Cutter a skewer mohawk. Cutter cracked a smile at this and fought out of a DVD to land a Cutter. He followed up with the Badger Bomb and tried for the chair Moonsault but MASADA got the knees up and drilled Cutter with a chair Brainbuster. Cutter kicked out so MASADA ended him with a chair DVD. Cutter had got what he’d asked for, even if it hadn’t gone his way. MASADA had been on top form and had given him the best of the best in pain and plunder. Cutter came up short but he’d given it everything had to live out the dream.

ICW American Deathmatch Title: John Wayne Murdoch defeated Aaron Mercer via Fuckery Pile Brainbuster

Last but not least, the main event. Aaron Mercer, one of the top stars of Texas Deathmatch was coming for John Wayne Murdoch’s title. He’d gone through wars to get here and now he had his shot at the King and the ICW gold. Would Mercer be able to claim it in his debut? Mercer baited Murdoch into running himself through a barbed-wire door and took the time to set up some fuckery. When he was done, he had set up a giant ladder, kegs, and a tower of fuckery. He kept Murdoch stunned with chairs, knees, and a plundered-up lightsabre and climbed the ladder for a Destroyer. Murdoch threw him to his doom and watched as Mercer hit the fuckery hard. Murdoch didn’t stop there, murdering Mercer with a keg and scissor bat, even hitting him in the bollocks with it. The Duke was mad and just kept punishing Mercer with a door Suplex and a gusset bat to the neck. The fight went into the crowd and Murdoch brought out the saws. He set up a door by the stage and Mercer overpowered Murdoch on the stage, putting him through the door with a Gotch-Style Piledriver. They battled back to the Pit and traded hands and headbutts after Mercer gave Murdoch a gusset to the head. They danced around an open chair and Mercer went for the kill with a German onto it. The saws came back out as the pair hammered and chopped each other with them. Mercer almost took the win again with a huge knee and set up another fuckery pile. Murdoch climbed the ladder for a Deep South Destroyer but Mercer dragged him into the Tower of London. The exhausted duo hammered away again and Mercer went for his Lucille. He brought it down but Murdoch blocked, whaled on him with it, and took the win with a Fuckery Pile Brainbuster. Murdoch had taken the win again but he was wearing yet more marks from another deadly battle.

Best of the Bloodletting

  • Yep, Ryan and AKIRA started the show off hot as the pair put on a technically charged fuckery war with some new moves thrown in. I was not expecting Ryan to pull out a Giant swing…
  • As per usual the new debuts fucking nailed it. Bryan Keith pushed Justin Kyle past his limits, Great Scott was an evil bastard and Aaron Mercer killed it in the main event. It’s always great seeing new blood to the company show out.
  • Seriously, Great Scott vs Dale Patricks was the sleeper hit of the show. A match that provided way more than expected and showcased to me just how much of a dick Great Scott can be. A whole lot of fun from two excellent wrestlers.
  • MASADA/Cutter turned out to be a damn good fight from two veterans of the game. They threw a whole lot of painful shit at each other and we saw Cutter get the full skewer treatment. It was just fun to watch and hopefully gave Cutter what he wanted.
  • Fuck yeah, Aaron Mercer. That’s how you show up and leave a mark. He took ridiculous risks, brought out the violence and made his moment against Murdoch. He better be back for more fights.

What Comes Next?

  • AKIRA has MASADA tomorrow. After a losing effort against Ryan, will he be ready for the skewering veteran of the game? MASADA has already buried one challenger; will AKIRA meet the same fate?
  • Bryan Keith needs to be back in ICW. The Pit is the perfect place for him to bust some skulls. I can think of several people he needs to slug it out with.
  • All three fighters in the number one contender’s bout won their matches tonight. Veidt and Ryan won a hell of a lot quicker than Patricks but it still seems like anyone’s match right now.
  • Cutter has fought one veteran legend, now he has his work cut out for him as he’ll be teaming up with Satu Jinn against Nightmare Freddy and whoever is announced as his partner. There’s going to be a nightmare in Texas.
  • Murdoch just had a 13-minute war with Aaron Mercer. He had a lot taken out of him here. With Sadika waiting in the wings to kill him tomorrow, is he going to leave Texas the champion or is he going to suffer his first loss in a long time?

All images courtesy of ICW NHB, Screenshots, HeyyImRob

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