Welcome back to ChocoPro and the return to Ichigaya. It’s the birth of a new era as control of production has changed hands with Emi Sakura now in the US. However, Masahiro Takanashi and co weren’t going to stay quiet for long and we’re now back for a riotous 3-match show. We’d see CDK take to the mat as Takanashi and Antonio Honda teamed up against Baliyan Akki and Tokiko Kirihara, Dragon Ninja battled Chie Koishikawa and Mei Suruga and in the main event, Makoto returns to the Chocolate Square to battle Sayaka. Let’s get into the action and see the new era of Ichigaya.

Antonio Honda & Masahiro Takanashi defeated Baliyan Akki & Tokiko Kirihara via Fan Attack on Kirihara

Up first was Masahiro Takanashi and Antonio Honda teaming up to do battle with one-half of the Best Bros, Baliyan Akki, and the other half of White Comaneci, Tokiko Kirihara. Sadly, there was no singing from Honda this time as he was too busy making everyone laugh. Honda and Takanashi were too cool for the handshake and went for a Flair strut before Takanashi squared up to Kirihara. They grappled around the mat until they reached a stalemate and tagged out. Akki and Honda opened with Akki kicking and Honda begging for a time out to no avail. Honda punched him in the gut so Akki nearly made him quit with a hammerlock. Honda channelled Muhammad Ali and the pair went into a quick exchange. Honda respected Akki’s ability and gave him a palm reading, promising good fortune later in life. Sadly, his near future predicted a forearm attack from his handsome opponent. Akki wasn’t falling for it and caught the attack, directing it back at Honda’s forehead. Kirihara tagged in but was taken over by Honda re-enacting White Comaneci’s flying. Kirihara overcame this and blasted Honda with an “angel” kick and trapped him in the Comaneci! Akki went to do the same but locked on a Chinlock instead. Honda escaped by pulling Akki’s hair and gut-punched Akki again when Akki found no hair to be pulled. Akki shook that off and dropped knees and the pair struck it out.

Honda got the tag so Takanashi got technical with Akki and used him as a weapon against Kirihara. Akki dodged further damage and trapped Takanashi for a Backbreaker then nailed him with the Spider for two. Takanashi rolled through into an inverted Sharpshooter and Akki tried for his head kick but slipped on the wall. Akki escaped with a dropkick so Kirihara came out kicking. She countered the Nosebreaker into a Judo throw and scored a near-fall with the dancing foot stomp. Takanashi escaped with a wall throw and White Comaneci exploded again with a dancing jab fight. Kirihara nearly won with a sleeper but Gon came to the rescue and latched onto her throat. She almost passed out but sprung back to life and brained Honda with her sceptre. Kirihara attacked Honda and Takanashi with a whacky hammer and Akki thrust kicked Honda into another Judo throw. Takanashi saved the match and Kirihara locked on the Cobra Twist. The ref got distracted so Honda cracked Kirihara in the face with a fan and took the win. Kirihara had done a good job battling her inner demons but, in the end, we got a Comaneci-style fight with Honda getting a crafty win. New era, new chances but some things will always haunt you. That story led to an amazingly fun opening match for the season.

Warm Caterpillars (Chie Koishikawa & Mei Suruga) defeated Dragon Ninja (Chon Shiryu & Sayuri) via X Chop Propellor Pin on Sayuri

More tag action came next as Dragon Ninja returned to make Season 9 their season. After a rough season 8, they were looking to rebound and put their team on the map. However, to do that they would have to beat two former MVPs in Chie Koishikawa and Mei Suruga, the Warm Caterpillars. Suruga struck with an instant jump-scare and tried to take Sayuri for the ride but the Ninja dragged her down and hit the rolling wall slams. The pair tagged and Shiryu got into a chain wrestling battle with Koishikawa. Shiryu tripped Koishikawa as she went for a run but couldn’t stop a second lap and the Hammerlock. Shiryu escaped with a Dragon Claw and Dragon Ninja hit the Caterpillars with the posing rolling chop combo. The Caterpillars hit back and tried to pose too but Dragon Ninja chopped them away again. The pair trapped Koishikawa in the bow and arrow only for Suruga to come to the rescue and throw Shiryu onto Sayuri. Shiryu tried to fight back but the Caterpillars took him for the ride. Suruga stomped down Sayuri and was Cute on Purpose but only got two. Koishikawa kept up the pace and dragged Sayuri around the mat for her bow and arrow. Sayuri was quick on the dodge and avoided a chop to escape with a wall Yakuza Kick. Shiryu took out both Caterpillars and smashed Koishikawa off the window. Suruga came to the rescue again and the Caterpillars dropped him tailbone first off, the window ledge. He took both out with a trust fall and got into a striking battle with Koishikawa. Shiryu tried to fight dirty, inadvertently waking up Demon Chie and earning a soul-crushing Demon Chop. Shiryu tried to keep her from the tag but she escaped with a Tornado arm-drag and dropkick. Suruga came in hot with wall bounces and scored a near-fall with a Victory Roll. She broke his back with a double chop and tried for Lucifer but Sayuri trapped her in a sleeper. Shiryu held Suruga in place for the Ninja Knees and the Ninja ran off the window for the Headlock Takeover then former a launchpad for a Shiryu shotgun dropkick. Sayuri snapped Suruga off the window and almost got the win with a Yakuza Kick. The match broke down as everyone took out everyone and Suruga trapped Sayuri in the Apple Mutilation and blasted her with a dropkick when she escaped. Dragon Ninja combo chopped Suruga down and hit a bow and arrow senton combo but Koishikawa prevented the finish and the pair nailed Sayuri with an X Chop Propellor combo to win. It had been a very hard fight for both teams with Dragon Ninja once again proving just how strong they are together, even if they can’t always get the wins. This rocked.

Makoto defeated Sayaka via Spear

Last but not least, the main event. A battle of the beauty wrestlers as Makoto made her return to ChocoPro to take on Sayaka. Makoto is one of the most underrated wrestlers on the Joshi scene so this was going to be a fun one. The pair opened with a strong lock-up that saw Makoto push Sayaka into the glass wall and give her a double slap. Sayaka did not take this well and savagely pushed her into the stools and tried to rip her head off. Makoto ran into the knee drop bow and arrow but escaped that and fought off a crab attempt to throw Sayaka into the wall. A hair-pulling Camel Clutch followed and Makoto twisted even more hair for a Biel toss. She used Sayaka as a runway for a pose and did the same with her gut before slapping her up for a splash. Sayaka wouldn’t give so Makoto trapped her in an Indian Deathlock and kept trying to break her legs. She threw Sayaka into the wall again but an ill-fated body slam attempt gave Sayaka the chance to forearm back into the match. Sayaka landed the body slam and locked on the Boston Crab then transitioned to trap an arm when Makoto yanked at her hair. Makoto escaped and went back to the legs but Sayaka frantically forced another quick break. Makoto wrecked Sayaka with her knees and slammed her down for a stiff kick in the ribs. She dropped knees on Sayaka and smashed her knee into the mat attempting the cartwheel double knee. Sayaka took advantage, hit multiple dropkicks and tied her up in a knot. Makoto got pissed and knocked away the bridging Suplex to drill her with a nasty kick. She followed up with another heavy kick but only got two. She didn’t hesitate though and quickly trapped Sayaka in a grounded Octopus. Sayaka escaped so Makoto got another near-fall with a Suplex. Makoto ran into another nasty forearm and trapped her in the bridging clutch but only got two. Makoto kicked out and kicked Sayaka against the wall to set her up for an Electric Chair Facebuster and the cartwheel double knees. Sayaka kicked out again so Makoto rushed her with a spear and took the win. She had tortured Sayaka here and made an incredibly triumphant return to Ichigaya. It got very stiff and very heated making it a very fun main event. I’d love to see more Makoto in ChocoPro as she fits so well with the style.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Sayuri, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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