WWE Official Sonya Deville surprised one and all by announcing the return to the ring of Zelina Vega and naming her to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Away from WWE for several months, Zelina Vega is as ruthless and calculating as they come, but she makes no apologies for her tactics.

After partnering with Andrade in NXT and WWE and playing a key role in Andrade’s US Title reign using often questionable tactics, Vega competes in her own right as well. This included taking part in the Women’s Royal Rumble Match and battling the likes of then-RAW Women’s Champion Asuka. “La Muñeca” (the doll) is back now, as fierce and focused as ever.

This Saturday at SummerSlam, Zelina Vega is not going to take part in any match, but she will be carefully scrutinizing the SmackDown Women’s Championship match. Because that’s her goal and she would do anything for it.

How important is SummerSlam to you as an event on the WWE calendar?

“Just knowing that I’ve been a fan since I was four years old, it’s definitely something that’s mind-blowing, to be a part of, whether that’s on the show or just to be a part of the roster, it’s an iconic show. Again, I’ve had moments where it was me and Andrade versus Lana and Rusev during SummerSlam, to be able to have that win during SummerSlam, is really cool to say. It’s something that you dream about as a kid. You’re like, “Oh, I hope one day that happens,” but to be able to say that you push through and actually get to live that is pretty incredible. So SummerSlam is definitely one of those iconic times you just want to be a part of.”

Could we see a rematch with Bianca Belair after SummerSlam for the SmackDown Women’s Championship?

“I feel like Bianca is definitely one of, if not the most, strongest opponent I’ve ever had. She’s definitely dominated as a champion, but I’m starting to realize her weaknesses too. Everyone has a weakness, everyone has something, and I’m starting to realize hers. So my next goal and, obviously, I can’t talk about the how because if she sees this, she’s gonna know, but she’s gonna see a different side of me for sure. When we get into the ring next, she’s not gonna be facing the Zelina that she’s always known, she’s gonna be facing a completely different one, maybe that’s a more aggressive side. This feels like it’s going to be the last chance, and that might be. Does she stay Champion after SummerSlam? Does Sasha become Champion after SummerSlam? Whoever that is, that’s the person that I’m targeting, but I still feel like, regardless, I have unfinished business with Bianca.”

Who are you looking forward to mixing it up with in the SmackDown Women’s Division?

“I would love to wrestle Tegan Nox, just because there’s history with her and I. I’ve known her since around 2015, and we wrestled in Italy, it’d be cool to just go from that to just seeing us both in WWE and get to mix it up there and just see what’s changed. Just to bring that memory back is really cool, and I think her and Shotzi are definitely going to shake up the tag team division as well. I think I got a piece of Liv, but I’d like to mix it up with her a little bit more, but I think the biggest target that I see right now ahead of me is Bianca, and that’s because she’s the champion, whether that’s Bianca or Sasha after SummerSlam, forward it is. That’s where my eyes are set.”

How excited were you to see the return of John Cena?

“I think it makes a huge difference, not just for fans obviously, they love him. Young or old, you love John, and it’s cool to have that time where he’s actually back in WWE and not maybe not filming in a way but actually there. You get to watch him and experience him, which is really cool as a fan, but also people not just working with him in the ring because we’ve got to work with him in the ring. I have to say that was one of the most mind-blowing experiences ever because I called him the puppet master, he was able to control me, my partner, Becky, the ref, the audience, it was like he was playing an instrument and it was just so cool to see, but also people in the back, he’s always someone that you can approach for advice, someone that you can just kind of pick his brain because he’s been doing this for so long and just has so much knowledge about how you can up your game. So it’s really important to have them around.”

Special thanks to Alex Sutton – All pics and videos courtesy of WWE 

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