Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. Now you might be thinking that title looks weird but it’s the title of my favourite song by Russkaja and it’s the perfect song to describe today’s main event, energy. That’s exactly what Chie Koishikawa and Kaori Yoneyama have too much of. This would be their second meeting and was threatening to be even madder than the last. Alongside that, we’d have two new faces to Ichigaya as Hoshitango of DDT and the PURE-J stand-out AKARI both make trips to Chocolate Square. They take part in separate tag action as Hoshitango teams with Tokiko Kirihara against Masahiro Takanashi and Yuna Mizumori whilst AKARI teams with Sawasdee Kamen against the Best Bros. Let’s see how the new faces do in ChocoPro and get into it.

Masahiro Takanashi & Yuna Mizumori defeated Tokiko Kirihara & Hoshitango via Figure Four Pin on Kirihara

Up first was something of a brick wall match. Hoshitango, the former Sumo Superstar from DDT was making his ChocoPro debut against another brick wall in Yuna Mizumori. It would be a battle of powerhouses as Masahiro Takanashi and Tokiko Kirihara tried to keep things from breaking. Kirihara opened the action by repeatedly kicking out Mizumori’s leg and stalking her prey. Mizumori took her down and tried to work an ankle but the pair reached a stalemate and tagged out. Takanashi squared up to Hoshitango but couldn’t move him. He called Mizumori to his aid but even that wasn’t enough and they both got forced against the wall. Hoshitango fought off fighters from both sides and no-sold a Nosebreaker to slam Takanashi into the mat. He tagged and Kirihara came in for an instant Comaneci. Takanashi countered out of it, threw her into a forearm, and tagged, letting Mizumori have some fun. The pair worked Kirihara over with Tropical Splashes and stretches with Mizumori upping the ante with a wall catapult into a crab. Takanashi tagged back in and threw some illegally closed fists and drilled Kirihara with a stiff elbow. Kirihara slugged back and fought out of a stretch to plant Takanashi with an STO. Both made the tag and the two powerhouses squared up, Mizumori instantly running at Hoshitango. Mizumori couldn’t move him either so the pair double-teamed him with a Jawbreaker into a Coconut Crush. Hoshitango countered a wall whip and launched both into the wall but missed his charge and collided with the bricks. Takanashi and Mizumori slugged and chopped the hell out of him and geared up for double charges but he grabbed them by the head and caused a meeting of the minds.

He trapped Mizumori in the torture rack then threw her at Takanashi when he tried to gut punch. The pair was right back on him with another lethal combo but Hoshitango refused to stay down. He tagged out and Kirihara tried to choke out Mizumori with a Rear-Naked Choke. She repeatedly slammed Mizumori against the wall and tried for the Judo throw but Mizumori scooped her up and drilled her into the wall with the Tropical Yahho. Mizumori charged for a killing blow but Kirihara turned it into a Judo throw for another two-count.  She took Mizumori on the camera-lingering wall charge and tried for the dancing foot stomp but Takanashi interfered and Mizumori knocked her down with a Papaya Mango Headbutt. Kirihara ate a wall dropkick and got into a striking bout with Takanashi. She kicked away but Takanashi caught her into a Kneebreaker and locked on the Figure-Four. Hoshitango made the save and the pair pinned Takanashi under dual posing stomps. Mizumori saved the match and speared Hoshitango into the wall. Takanashi fought through the Cobra Twist, bounced Kirihara off of Hoshitango, and took the win with a Figure Four pin. Mizumori and Takanashi had used a mix of brains and brawn to take the win there and keep the giant Hoshitango at bay. Goddamn, this was a fun one with Hoshitango proving to be a fun roadblock to an often dominant pair.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated AKARI & Sawasdee Kamen via Namaste Splash on Kamen

Next was the return of the Best Bros as they fought as a team for the first time this season. Their first opponents would be the return Gatoh Move icon Sawasdee Kamen and the debuting PURE-J Princess of Pro Wrestling Champion AKARI. It was all to play for in this one as we had four wildcards in the studio. AKARI started against Suruga with Kamen lashing out at Suruga for saying extra things. The pair locked up and AKARI overpowered Suruga until Suruga twisted her arm and took her for the ride. AKARI came back with her own Lucha arm-drag and the pair reached a stalemate, prompting a mutual tag out. Kamen and Akki opened their fight with a chop battle and escalated to forearming each other as hard as they could. Both guys got dead legs missing wall run kicks and Akki dropped repeated knees before tagging out. Suruga ran over Kamen and smashed him into the wall, manically laughing at AKARI as she did so. Kamen didn’t appreciate this and chopped at her leg, prompting another war of strikes and stomps. Best Bros continued to work over Kamen’s leg and Akki threw Suruga into an impaling double stomp before hitting a double leg drop. Kamen chopped at both but couldn’t muster enough power to stop the abuse. He lit Akki up with illegal punches and avoided the head kick combo to take him out with a spinning heel kick. Kamen tagged and AKARI took over the pummelling, forearming Akki then trapping him in an armbar. She launched him with a Judo throw and winded him with a Shotgun Dropkick. Akki brought the fight back with shoulder blocks and survived a collision with the wall to nail the Backbreaker.

He tagged so Suruga came in and bounced AKARI off the wall. She tried for the Apple Mutilation but AKARI crushed her against the wall and rolled her through into an arm and kneebar transitioning into a pure kneebar.  Suruga escaped and a pinfall war broke out, with both going for innovative roll-ups. AKARI trapped Suruga with a bridging Northern Lights and tagged in the angry Kamen. He catapulted Suruga into the wall and assaulted her with kicks until Suruga could escape with a jump-scare. Kamen and AKARI tried to work together but Best Bros dodged and got taken out by dual crossbodies. They nailed Kamen with another combo but only got two so Akki went for the Spider, only to get caught into a pop-up kick. AKARI piled on with another kick and Kamen scored a near-fall with a Bridging Fisherman’s Suplex. Akki countered Kamen’s splash into a hanging double chop and AKARI accidentally took out Kamen as Akki caused a malfunction at the junction. Suruga locked up AKARI and Akki blasted Kamen with a thrust kick before ending things with the Namaste Splash. it was a triumphant season opening for the Best Bros but they’d taken some lumps from their challengers. AKARI was bloody awesome and I hope to see more of her in ChocoPro. Both teams pulled out all the stops here and put on one hell of a competitive fight.

Kaori Yoneyama defeated Chie Koishikawa via Folding Pin Trap

Last but not least, the main event. It was time for the much-awaited sequel to Kaori Yoneyama vs Chie Koishikawa. Their first match was wild as both competitors have a similar hyperactive style. Now, we’ve seen Koishikawa grow so much that she could potentially score an upset over such a celebrated veteran. Akki was going to have his hands full refereeing this one. Koishikawa was a bit too overzealous with the handshake and the pair opened with a battle over chants. Things got technical and Yoneyama kept finding ways to counter Koishikawa’s hyperactive wrist-locks until she escaped with a series of rolls and dropkicked Yoneyama to the mat. She decked Yoneyama with the rolling leg drop into the bow and arrow then tried for the mat drag but Yoneyama trapped and chopped her. Yoneyama threw Koishikawa around the studio by her hair and scraped her across the window ledge. Yoneyama quickly followed up with a mat slam and trapped Koishikawa in the Camel Clutch, hoping for a quick submission. She pulled at Koishikawa’s hair and face, sticking her tongue out at everyone watching. Akki wasn’t having this so Yoneyama threw him at Koishikawa and jacked the camera for a first-person POV of the action. The pair traded chops, Koishikawa using her fencing chops and Yoneyama favouring the brute force of Mongolian Chops. Koishikawa won the exchange with an arm-drag and channelled Demon Chie to land a soul-crushing Demon chop. She tried to choke Yoneyama out with a Guillotine and Yoneyama drilled her with a series of elbow drops after a missed dropkick.

The fight fell to the outside and the camera panned round to the pair fighting with traffic cones in the street. Yoneyama tried to use a bike but Koishikawa knocked her off and threw her back inside. She jumped in through the other window and blasted Yoneyama with a dropkick. Yoneyama kneed back and crushed Koishikawa with a senton. Another slugfest broke out as Koishikawa frantically struck at Yoneyama. A flying X chop followed and Yoneyama’s kick-out was transitioned into the muffler. Yoneyama rolled through into a pin and the pair kept trading pins until Yoneyama folded Koishikawa over for the three. Koishikawa had once again pushed Yoneyama to the limit but the crafty veteran had found a way to keep that energy contained for the three-count. Once again this was manic fun and I cannot wait for the threequel where they do it all again because each time is better than the last. Be sure to come back soon as we have Brookes’ birthday bash on the horizon.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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