Impact Plus monthly special events have shown us they can become some interesting game-changers in the IMPACT routine. From the classic weekly shows and 4 PPVs a year system, we now have a monthly addition when a title can change hands, feuds can find an end or a beginning.
One day after our weekly IMPACT episode, here we are again for an iPPV. The card of Emergence was built very slowly, because of what could happen on AEW. Christian Cage is back in the Impact Zone, as the World Champion. Does it change a lot of things? Not really. Impact Wrestling is not only about a World Championship but a roster able to shake the world if necessary.
“Emergence occurs when an entity is observed to have properties its parts do not have on their own, properties or behaviours which emerge only when the parts interact in a wider whole.”
To use my weekly words, right here, right now, is the whole going to be greater than the sum of the parts? Follow the tired soul of a Nygma, let’s dig into it. 

  • Rohit Raju w/Shera vs Matt Cardona w/Chelsea Green

With Chelsea Green by his side, Matt Cardona seems to be a new man. But with Shera by his side, Rohit Raju seems untouchable too. Rohit stalled to begin, walking around the ring. Rohit returned but fell victim to Cardona’s power. Rohit stalled some more before returning again to a dropkick. Cardona sent him back out as he had full control. Cardona flew to the outside but Rohit caught him in the ring skirt. Rohit now took Cardona’s place in the ring, sending him outside to Shera who nailed him. Rohit connected with a buzzsaw kick, followed by a headlock. He then dodged a dropkick.

They traded strikes before Cardona hit a flapjack. He splashed onto Rohit’s knees and got caught in a neckbreaker and a front suplex. Rohit whiffed on a cannonball in the corner and ate a ReBoot. Rohit hit a leaping flatliner, then tried to stomp him but fell victim to a second rope dropkick. Cardona nails a TKO for a near fall. Shera distracts the ref, and Rohit rolls up Cardona. Rohit had his feet on the ropes and got caught. Cardona bounced up and hit the Radio Silence for the win. Nice opener.

After the match

Shera hit a choke breaker after the match. Chelsea Green stood in for backup as Shera and Rohit stayed on their word against hitting a woman. If they think Chelsea won’t have the guts to hit a man…

  • Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans, No Way & Fallah Bahh vs Decay (Black Taurus, Crazzy Steve, Rosemary & Havok)

The match was signed the day before so it came a bit out of nowhere. But there were two reasons to do it, No Way’s Conga Line and Savannah Evans’ official debut in the Impact Zone. The crowd encouraged Rosemary to bite Tasha’s face off. Tasha stalled before bringing in Evans for some power moves. Fallah and Taurus met for a huge clash. They traded stiff shots before Fallah found himself in Decay’s corner. They trapped him as he screamed in fear.

Steve landed a dropkick and brought Rosemary back in. Evans rocked Rosemary and took control of the match. Evans whiffed on a leg drop but dragged Rosemary back to her corner. Havok came in, hit a stiff knee to Tasha’s face, followed by the Sky High. Evans and Havok traded big shots. No Way met Steve and caught him in a suplex. Taurus hit a big corkscrew off the top as he and Rosemary doubled up with a Spear for the win. A nice match once again, with Decay able to shine as a stable and pick up some momentum. Savannah Evans will, for sure, make her presence felt in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, backstage…

Violent By Design will continue to fight to reclaim their tag team gold until they have it back

  • Steve Maclin defeated Petey Williams

We haven’t seen a lot of Steve Maclin since his debut, squash matches seemed like appetizers for him. That’s why he attacked Trey Miguel and Petey Williams the last few weeks. Maclin stormed the ramp but Petey sent him into the steps. Back inside, the bell rang and Petey swarmed him and hit a Tornado DDT out of the corner. Petey stayed on the attack, throwing chops against the barricade. Maclin caught Petey outside, powerbombing him against the apron. Maclin flew from the apron for an elbow drop. Maclin caught Petey in an Angle Slam and a backbreaker.

Maclin pummeled Petey with elbows and taunted. Petey found a small package but got decapitated with a clothesline. Petey hit a side Russian leg sweep, followed by a big German suplex. Maclin hit a butterfly backbreaker. Petey hit a slingshot codebreaker and looked for the Destroyer. Maclin hit a Spear on Petey in the corner. Petey locked in a Sharpshooter but Maclin escaped with a NutCracker. He connected with an inverted facelock sitdown slam for the win. Another good match with a more and more impressive Maclin.

Meanwhile, backstage…

Taylor Wilde told Gia Miller that, despite having the odds stacked against her, she is ready to conquer her former, and now current foe, Madison Rayne.

  • Madison Rayne w/ Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb with a K vs Taylor Wilde

They chose to call themselves the Influence… Any resemblance to The Beautiful People would be purely coincidental… You know my thoughts on Tenille Dashwood, so I will stop there… Madison slowed the pace, hesitant to engage. Taylor hit an arm drag out of a backslide off the ropes, sending Madison to the mat outside. Madison hit a slingshot against the ropes and locked in a headlock. Taylor hit a back suplex.

They traded strikes before Taylor hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Rayne hit a ripcord cutter. Taylor hit a nice bridging German but Kaleb snagged the ref. Tenille hit the ring and Taylor caught her. Tenille tossed her loaded bag to Madison, distracting the ref. Tenille grabbed Taylor and sent her into the corner. Madison rolled her up for a cheap win. Next match, please.

Meanwhile, backstage…

Doc Gallows told Gia Miller he was feeling the effects from his match against Joe Doering last night. Karl Anderson told Gia Miller to leave him alone. Anderson said Gallows is cleared and ready to go defend their Impact World Tag Team Championship against Violent By Design and Rich Swann & Willie Mack later on. Gallows took over the interview by saying when you’re The Good Brothers, all it takes is the same old recipe, The Magic Killer, for them to retain.

  • Four-Way Match for the IMPACT World Championship #1 Contendership: Moose vs Chris Sabin vs Ace Austin w/Madman Fulton vs Sami Callihan

I was expecting this match to happen whether as the opener or the penultimate match. Putting it in the middle of the card was a choice… Some would say the fourth participant should have been Eddie, and I understand them, but Ace Austin has absolutely everything not only to be World Champion but the youngest in the history of TNA/Impact Wrestling.

Sami fired chops and kicked at Moose, they started trading. Sabin went after Moose with a hurricanrana from the top rope. Sabin met Ace and sent him outside. Fulton caught him and sent him back in as Ace hit a big combo. Sabin slipped out but Sami dragged him outside. Moose sent Sami to the floor with a bicycle kick. Sabin sent superkicks at Moose but he got caught with a powerbomb to the floor on top of everyone. Ace took him out and hit a Fosbury Flop.

Moose powerbombed Ace onto the apron. Sabin flew into an enzuigiri. A dropkick sent Moose into the corner and Sabin took control. Ace came in with a missed kick but recovered with a clothesline. Sami planted Ace with a Cactus piledriver. They all traded strikes in the middle and targeted Moose. They went off on each other, Sabin and Sami had an intense exchange. Sami caught Sabin in a Cactus piledriver but Ace came in and planted Sami. Moose interrupted with a uranage. Moose snagged Ace into another uranage. Sami sent a chair into Moose on the outside and Ace rolled up Moose to pick up the win and the #1 contendership. It was a great match, slightly too short for me. The most opportunist won, creating a potentially highly anticipated match at Victory Road.

Meanwhile, backstage…

Brian Myers told Gia Miller he is going to walk out of the ring with the Impact World Championship. He wanted to make a mockery out of Christian Cage.

  • X-Division Championship Match: Josh Alexander (c) vs Jake Something

I was looking forward to this match. Because Josh Alexander is probably the best wrestler on IMPACT today. Because Jake Something deserved this chance. And because that’s what the X-Division is about.

They locked up as Jake backed Josh up. Josh tried to ground him but Jake showed off his strength tossing him away. Jake continued to use his power but Josh kept sending shots his way. Josh hits the Northern Lights Suplex. Josh gets rocked with a forearm but he responded with one of his own. Jake leapt into a press on Josh, flooring him. They trade shots at ringside. Josh tried to backsplash Jake but he got caught in a DVD on the floor. Josh hit a big knee off the second rope. Josh locked in a chain of German suplexes. He stopped at five for a pin attempt but popped back up for more. He finished off with ten. Welcome to Alexander City…

Jake clobbered Josh but his ankle got snatched. Josh was sent outside where Jake flew with a dive. Jake hits a falcon arrow for a near fall. Josh racked him and spun him down to the mat. Jake hit a giant belly-to-belly suplex, as both men were going through it. They met with elbows off a ripcord but Jake floored him with a lariat. Jake was caught in an ankle lock as Josh locked in the Anklelock. Jake’s strength allowed him to grab the nearest rope and break the submission attempt. Josh hit his C4 Piledriver on the apron, laying Jake out.

Jake rose up just in time and got back inside. Josh pulled the straps down and looked to finish. Jake’s leg gave out but he caught Josh in a powerbomb out of nowhere. A Black Hole Slam attempt missed but Josh hit another C4 for the win.

Josh Alexander is incredible and he made Jake be incredible too. I lack words to describe a match like this, fantastic, respectful, strong. A demonstration of what wrestling is about. And one of the reasons I love wrestling… Thank you very much, gentlemen…

Meanwhile, backstage…

The King and Queen of Impact Deonna Purrazzo and Matt Rehwoldt told Gia Miller they were geared up to take out Trey Miguel and Melina.

  • Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo & Drama King Matt Rehwoldt vs Melina & Trey Miguel

It was all about the upcoming NWA Empowerrr as Deonna Purrazzo will defend the Knockouts title against Melina. Melina and Deonna faced off to duelling chants. Trey and Matt traded insults but The Drama King sent him into the buckle. Trey went off with a flurry of flashy moves. Melina and Trey hit a combo. Matt and Deonna doubled up on Melina. Deonna grounded Melina. Melina pressed Deonna from the second rope and looked for Trey. Deonna tried to stop her but got caught with a neckbreaker. Trey came in and hit a flurry of forearms and a stomp on Matt. Matt hit a single-leg dropkick and snagged Melina. Deonna came in for a double team leg sweep. Melina broke free but Trey was laid out. Matt got caught in a roll-up but Matt broke free. Deonna sneaked in a shot and Matt rolled Melina up for a win. I was not really convinced by this one. Next match, please.

Meanwhile, backstage…

Christian Cage told Gia Miller, although he sees potential in Brian Myers, he has no chance of winning against him in the main event tonight.

  • Triple Threat Match for the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (c) vs Violent By Design vs Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Despite their lack of desire to be involved in a Triple Threat Match, I’m sure The Good Brothers seized the opportunity they had to retain the titles. Joe and LG kicked things off. They traded shots with Gallows cornering Doering. Mack tagged himself in for Gallows, hit a Baseball slide and tried a suplex. Doering countered it with ease. Mack tagged Swann as they doubled up with a splash and a leg drop on Rhino. Swann got thrown with a back body drop from Gallows. Gallows hit a fifteen second delayed suplex on Swann. Joe and Rhino took control of Swann. Karl slowed the pace down, grounding Swann.

Mack came in with fire, tossing Karl around and taking out VBD. He rocked Gallows to the outside and hit a standing moonsault. Mack nailed a stunner on Anderson and headed to the top. Rhino scored a tag and looked for a Gore. Gallows distracted him and Anderson rolled Rhino up to retain. As easy as that, you came just for the tag. It could have been a better match, mostly because of the stipulation. While The Good Brothers are rocking steady, Mack and Swann are developing interesting teamwork while VBD seem to have problems to solve…

After the match

Rhino was reminded of what VBD means…

  • IMPACT World Championship Match: Christian Cage (c) vs Brian Myers w/ Sam Beale

One week after Christian won the belt, he had to face off the most professional wrestler in his first title defence. They exchanged holds. Christian hit some rapid shoulder blocks as Myers was caught off guard. Christian had full control as he looked for a Spear. Myers escaped and dragged him to the post. Christian sent Myers into the post. Christian chased Beale around the ring until Beale accidentally crashed into the steps at ringside. Myers jumped on the opportunity to send Christian into the apron. Christian battered Myers with right hands. Myers followed Christian off the ropes and tripped him. Myers neutralized the champ. Christian went after him but ate a Pelé kick and a flatliner. Christian nailed a dropkick from the second rope.

Christian looked for the Killswitch but went after Beale on the outside. He returns to eat a Spear from Myers. Christian hit a tornado DDT out of the corner. Myers hung him up on the ropes and looked for the Roster Cut. Christian caught him with a Spear and the Killswitch to retain.

This was a good match with nice technical displays from both men. If Myers did a good job at being unprofessional (he didn’t cheat…), he delivered. But this is Christian Cage, what did you expect?

To be eNYGMAtic…

I ended up the review very fast on Friday because Emergence was airing. And I am giving you this review while NXT TakeOver is airing (what a weekend…). Before giving you my bald opinion, I owe you a few explanations. Why “The Reflex” as the title of Thursday’s review? Because my only goal is, whoever the World Champion is, to defend the company. Of course, it’s a Duran Duran song… Why “Red is Dead?” Because I had my hair dye red. And four days of wrestling like the ones we have been living are exhausting.
Back in the Impact Zone, that was not easy to go straight from an episode to an iPPV. But Emergence was a good title for this show. There were some lows, there were some highs but, in the end, that worked. The IMPACT roster has such an appetite for delivering, putting a smile on the fans’ faces.

When people were claiming everywhere the comeback of a wrestler was making them love wrestling again, I just want to tell them, come watch a Josh Alexander match. With all the respect I may have for the World Championship and Christian Cage, I needed to put that beautiful handshake as the feature image. Wrestling is all about giving all you have in the ring and showing respect to your opponent once the match is over. The Fatal Four-Way was interesting, even if slightly too short for me. Cage and Myers offered something enjoyable.
What’s next now? Because of the forbidden door, it’s difficult to envision what future episodes will be (unless you read the spoilers). Kenny Omega left the building, the new Champ is someone who understands what Impact Wrestling is about. Josh Alexander has the world in his hands (Option C, Josh…).
After four crazy days like the ones we just lived, your Red Cinderella will go to bed… Thanks for reading my fairy tales… And see you on Thursday night, well, maybe…

Emergence Complete Results:

  • Matt Cardona defeated Rohit Raju.
  • Decay defeated Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans, Fallah Bahh & No Way.
  • Steve Maclin defeated Petey Williams.
  • Madison Rayne defeated Taylor Wilde.
  • Ace Austin defeated Moose, Chris Sabin and Sami Callihan to become the new #1 contender for the IMPACT World Championship.
  • Josh Alexander defeated Jake Something to retain the X-Division Championship.
  • Deonna Purrazzo & Matt Rehwoldt defeated Melina & Trey Miguel.
  • The Good Brothers defeated Violent By Design and Rich Swann & Williemack to retain the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship.
  • Christian Cage defeated Brian Myers to retain the IMPACT World Championship.

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling, Fite TV and AXS TV. Photocollage custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag. 

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