It’s time for another celebration as ChocoPro threw Chris Brookes a wrestling party to celebrate his upcoming birthday. It was going to be another three-match show of chaotic joy as faces new and old appeared to share in the fun. We’d see Yuna Mizumori team up with Antonio Honda against Sayuri and the debuting Che Lee, Tokiko Kirihara square up to Hagane Shinno in singles action, and in the main event, CDK return to take on the Warm Caterpillars. Of course, that’s the main event, what makes Chris Brookes happier than beating up Mei Suruga? Let’s join in on the fun and get into the action.

Yuna Mizumori & Antonio Honda defeated Sayuri & Che Lee via Supergirl Pin on Sayuri

First up was a tropical challenge as Antonio Honda serenaded us with a tropical rendition of Queen’s We Are the Champions. He was getting right into the mood as he teamed with Yuna Mizumori against the ChocoPro Ninja Sayuri and the debuting Che Lee. It would be fan and ninja trickery taking on raw tropical magnetism who were once again too cool for a handshake. Lee and Mizumori opened with a battle of wrist-control however, Lee was able to use her technicality to trip Mizumori into a grounded Deathlock. They reached a stalemate so Lee went to her fan and worked with Sayuri to trap Mizumori in a vortex. Mizumori broke free and slugged Lee away then tagged out to avoid any more horror. Honda squared up to Sayuri and used her arm for a joke. Sayuri used her agility to trap Honda in a Hammerlock but he would not give up. She hit Honda with shuriken chops and he begged for a timeout so he could stab her in the throat. Honda pulled some prop-based comedy and Mizumori tagged in to join him, swatting Sayuri with an elongated pineapple. Honda used the same prop to parody Hogan and bonked Sayuri with it too. The tropical props comedy and beating continued until Sayuri used more agility to dodge a double Mango Papaya Coconut. Honda and Mizumori butted heads so Sayuri punished them with chops but couldn’t build anything as they both hit her in the throat again. She countered a body slam into a small package and took out Honda with a dropkick.

She made the tag and Lee took out both tropical enemies with her fan then crushed them against the wall. She flattened both with a splash and held Honda in place for the Ninja Knee. Lee tried to dive onto Honda but he got up and punched her in the gut. He repeatedly punched her and caught a crossbody into a Backbreaker. Sayuri and Mizumori took over with Sayuri getting the upper hand with a Crucifix and Headlock Takeover. Mizumori caught the Yakuza kick and slammed Sayuri onto her knee for the coconut crush. A dancing jab standoff broke out with Lee and Sayuri ducking the elbows to lock in sleepers. Gon saved the day but Sayuri took control of him with Ninja magic and struck… Lee in the throat when Honda ducked. Mizumori stopped Gon with pineapple and the now tropical fox took out Sayuri with a Papaya Mango headbutt. Mizumori jumped into the Supergirl pin and took the win. Sayuri and Lee had used their mystical arts to battle the tropical duo but alas, it had not been enough. It did lead to as fun as hell match though.

Hagane Shinno defeated Tokiko Kirihara via Hammerlock Armbreaker

Up next was a sure-fire belter as Tokiko Kirihara prepared to enter the Thunderdome against Hagane Shinno. It would be a battle of kicks and wills as the Comaneci master took on the cold-hearted killer of ChocoPro. No matter who won, they’d be bruised for it. They opened with a technical exchange that saw both trade near-falls and holds until a stalemate was reached. They went into a test of strength where Shinno tried to flatten Kirihara but she would not stay down, kicking out of every pin attempt. The technical trading continued as Kirihara tried to escape the clutches of Shinno until she could trap him in a rear-naked choke. Shinno chopped and punched to freedom then brought out those deadly kicks, targeting the legs of Kirihara. He kept on striking but once again, Kirihara refused to stay down and tried to lock on a Comaneci only for Shinno to turn it into a triangle. He transitioned to a choking arm-twist and a kicking contest broke out. Kirihara knocked Shinno down with chest kicks and climbed up for the dancing foot stomp but Shinno booted her out of the window. He followed her out and kicked her into some outside tables, prompting a scream from camerawoman Suruga. Back in-ring, Kirihara dodged a wall kick and blasted Shinno with repeated wall slams. It was Shinno’s turn to counter next as he kicked off the wall charge and smashed Kirihara’s head into the wall. He charged but Kirihara caught him into a Judo throw. She missed the foot stomp again but managed to trip Shinno into a pin and nearly won with an armbar. The Cobra Twist followed and Shinno was forced to struggle, throwing Kirihara at the camera to get away. He locked on a Hammerlock Armbreaker and took the win. Kirihara had come back from certain doom multiple times in this match but Shinno was just too cunning and too deadly to go down today. The intensity of this match was off the charts.

CDK (Chris Brookes & Masahiro Takanashi) defeated Warm Caterpillars (Mei Suruga & Chie Koishikawa) via Grounded Octopus on Koishikawa

Last but not least, the main event. It was time for the birthday belter for Chris Brookes. He was teaming with his best friend again as CDK were back in action since February 2020, against one of his sworn enemies, Mei Suruga. That’s right, it was time for CDK vs Warm Caterpillars. The Caterpillars tried to give CDK a peace offering in the form of beers. Brookes and Takanashi accepted but it was a ruse, the beers had been spiked with Tabasco sauce. CDK were whipped with clothing and took Brookes for the ride. Takanashi got pissed and started breaking noses then locked Suruga in a Full Nelson. He bounced the Caterpillars off each other and trapped both in a double Figure Four and armbar, making it even worse by popping balloons next to their ears. They dragged Suruga into a cupboard and taped her in there. The pair turned their attention to Koishikawa and locked in an Abdominal Stretch by all the birthday messages. Brookes tore a bunch off the wall and fed them to Koishikawa for a forearm. This methodical beatdown continued as Takanashi suffocated her with a sign and Brookes hijacked the camera to commentate the action as Takanashi went on a punching spree. Koishikawa started forearming back so Brookes snapped her leg with a Dragon Screw. Once again, Koishikawa nearly escaped but Brookes was there again to take out her legs. They gave her a choice there and then, turn on Mei and form Chie-DK. She didn’t accept and baited Takanashi into hitting Brookes. She escaped another double-team with a double arm-drag and used Takanashi as a platform to X Chop Brookes. Koishikawa freed Suruga and Suruga hit both CDK members with cupboard doors.

The Goblin was loose and she assaulted both with an apple costumed basketball and shot CDK with confetti guns. She bounced both men off the wall and took both out with furious DDTs. She hit Brookes with the basketball again and Takanashi broke both the Caterpillar’s noses to lock in a double-STF. He moved and Brookes crushed both with a senton. Suruga countered the Praying Mantis Bomb into the Apple Mutilation and Brookes escaped that to blast her with a Shotgun Dropkick. Suruga baited Brookes into hitting the ref and Koishikawa pushed Takanashi into the path of a Shoop Cutter. Suruga got a near-fall with a double stomp but couldn’t follow up as Brookes reversed the Newton and broke her nose. He retrieved his balloons and tried for a DVD but Koishikawa saved Suruga and the pair drove Brookes into his own balloons with a step-up Crossbody. Mizumori was late to count so the Caterpillars tried to get back to work. Brookes used Suruga as a weapon against Koishikawa and drove her into the wall. Koishikawa chopped Brookes down from the window but he swiftly grabbed her and dropped her tailbone first across the window ledge. Takanashi held her in place and Brookes dropkicked her. Chaos broke out as Koishikawa bit Brookes and locked on a Guillotine. She kept hitting pinfalls and the muffler as Suruga kept Takanashi at bay. The tide turned and Brookes locked in a grounded Octopus to take the win. Well, this was bloody wild, wasn’t it? Not only did we have the return of CDK, but we also got a match of comedy, bartering, and damn good wrestling. Both teams showed out for the occasion and Brookes got an early birthday celebration doing what he does best.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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