Welcome back to No Peace Underground and to the wonderful city of vice that is Las Vegas. The bright lights, high-rollers, and casinos will all be forgotten for now as the Florida no-ring deathmatch crew comes to play. We would have not one but two smaller-scale, high-stakes shows as the worlds of No Peace and FSW collided for some cross-fight fun with an actual ring. We’d see MV Young fight three other dangerous competitors, Keita Murray pull double duty, Parrow get his shot at Eric Ryan and the NPU Title, Atticus Cogar battle Chris Bey and the second main event that would see EC3 try to change Kevin Blackwood’s narrative. Let’s get into the chaos.

Part 1

Dark Sheik defeated Keita via Chair Crash Sliced Bread

Up first was an unexpected match between Keita and Dark Sheik. Whilst it wasn’t the match Sheik was preparing for, it was still going to push her limits as Keita was not going to give up this spotlight easily. D’Lo Brown was on commentary for this show and would take in the majesty of the high priestess and the man who is the key to everything. Keita started with his back to Sheik and scolded her for trying to attack from behind. They both rolled out to get chairs and discarded them when Sheik persuaded Keita to wrestle. They chain wrestled and picked up the pace until Sheik dropped Keita on a chair with a hip toss. Sheik dropkicked him onto the other chair and tried to pick a shoulder but Keita rammed her into the corner for a pummelling. Sheik used her legs to drag him back down and climbed to the top, only to taste cold steel as Keita pelted a chair. She fell into the corner and Keita sent her flying with a Tornado Suplex. He kept methodically working her over but got too complacent and got thrown under the bottom turnbuckle into the ring-post. She threw him back in and snapped him down for a slingshot leg drop and senton. She set up another chair but Keita tripped her throat-first onto it. He kept that bullseye centre and further damaged the throat with a jawbreaker/up-kick combo. Sheik countered again with a tornado head-scissor and sent Keita into a turnbuckle chair. Keita shook this off and caught Sheik’s high kick and turned it into a Blue Thunder Slam for another two-count. Sheik wasn’t going to go down that easily and slid under Keita to deliver a Pumphandle Michinoku Driver. A chop fight broke out and Keita caught Sheik off the ropes into a Tombstone. Sheik escaped a chair slam with a Johnny Cage split punch and ended things with a Sliced Bread onto the chairs. This was a really fun opener. We got a cool battle of personalities that mixed wrestling and chair misfortune. It gave the fight a nice sense of escalation.

MV Young defeated Jimmy Lloyd, Funny Bone & Sonico via Tower of Doom pin steal on Funny Bone

Next up was the NPU return for the Polyam King MV Young. If any man could take Vegas by storm, it would be MV. He was up against some stiff competition though as he was dealing with hardcore superstars Funny Bone and Jimmy Lloyd and the Lucha Ghoul Sonico in an all-star four-way as his open challenge drew multiple fighters. Funny Bone was the first out and after making one of the best entrances ever, booted MV right in the teeth. They chopped it out around the ring and Sonico joined the fight as Funny Bone threw MV into a ring post. Sonico rushed across the ring to dive on both and froze as Jimmy Lloyd’s music hit. Sonico gave Lloyd a lesson in Lucha, then the match broke out into separate mini fights as everyone mixed it up with everyone. Funny Bone and MV hit everyone and each other hard, Sonico was hitting innovative strikes and flying whilst Lloyd kept everything together by doing anything he could. Funny Bone proved to be the unstoppable one as he crushed MV with a double stomp and instantly ran out to batter Lloyd and Sonico with a dive.

The doors came out and Funny Bone grabbed a staple gun. However, Lloyd jacked it from him and stapled dollars to his body. Funny Bone was a walking money tree as Sonico and MV slugged it out. Bone came back with a jawbreaker and Enzuigiri, then wandered over to commentary to retrieve an 8×10. He stapled that to Lloyd’s head, then signed it. MV re-entered the fight and brought Funny Bone crashing down from the top with a Superplex into a Brainbuster. Sonico clocked MV and filled the ring with LEGO©. MV fought out of Sonico’s grasp and put him through a door with the lethal MV Bomb. Lloyd capitalised on the carnage and drove MV onto the blocks with a DVD. Funny Bone wasn’t going to be ignored and assaulted Lloyd with knees before grabbing a broken door and kneeing that into his face too. He set up another door contraption covered in tacks. Sonico tried to fight back into things but Funny Bone knocked him loopy and Lloyd sent both into the doors with a tower of doom. MV threw Lloyd aside and stole the win by pinning Funny Bone. This had been chaotic as fuck. Four fighters, four styles, all managing to show off. I feel like Funny Bone got the spotlight here and you know what? I fucking loved it; I don’t see him in action much but every time I do, he’s awesome. The funny thing with open challenges is, they often backfire. With the Polyam Mansion, the house always wins.

NPU Title Dog Collar Match: Parrow defeated Eric Ryan via Hangman

Here comes the first main event. Parrow, the undefeated deathmatch daddy was finally making a claim at the NPU title. Eric Ryan had given him his request and now, the two would be collared together. Parrow may be the deathmatch bear but Ryan has made a career beating the best. This was either man’s match here. Ryan acted like a little bitch (ironic) about the dog collar stipulation and eventually let the ref apply the collar. They opened with a tug of war and Ryan running for the hills once Parrow got too close. Parrow dragged him back in by the chain and quickly began mauling him. The fight fell to the outside and Parrow slammed Ryan off all the ringside furniture. All Ryan could do was try and run as Parrow kept chasing and clubbing him off inanimate objects. The tubes came out and Parrow broke a bundle on Ryan’s head. He tried to break a second but Ryan kneed it into his gut and begged for a time out when he realised what he’d done. He broke more tubes on Parrow’s head but the Bear just kept coming at him. Ryan was told there’d be no time out and ate a stiff shot from Parrow before being put in the torture rack. Ryan tried to punch back but got caught out of the air and thrown into the buckles with a fallaway slam. He wrapped Ryan in a chain and crushed him with a splash. The Greetings from Asbury Park followed and Ryan rolled outside. He used the chain to ram Parrow repeatedly into the post and choked him out with a chain. The collar came loose so Ryan kept Parrow stunned by lobbing the title at him. Chairs were set up and Ryan kept the bear subdued with forks to the head. This didn’t work though as Parrow chokeslammed him through the chairs. He slammed down Ryan again and crunched him with a senton. He scored another near-fall with a sit-out Powerbomb and set up doors for the kill but Ryan used the chain to pull Parrow through them. Ryan fired away again and trapped Parrow with a door-assisted Cannonball but still couldn’t get the win. He curb-stomped Parrow onto a chair and started administering the Snuff Stomps but Parrow knocked him over the ropes and choked him out with a Hangman. That put Ryan to sleep and saw Parrow crowned the new NPU champion. Parrow remains undefeated and after a competitive and brutal match here, the Gay Agenda now rules No Peace. All hail the Deathmatch Daddy Bear. He’s demanded the deathmatch scene pay attention, now they have to as he just beat the Undisputed King of the Deathmatches.

Part 2

Jai Vidal defeated Keita via Chair Power Bottom Bomb

It was a new day in Vegas and time for Part 2 of NPU’s holiday of horrors. Up first was Keita opening the show again but this time he was fighting the winner of MV’s Twink Gauntlet, Jai Vidal. The Vegas favourite Bad Bitch was in for a fight. They opened with a little chain wrestling and Keita made his mark with a stiff slap. Vidal answered back with a strong slap of his own and Keita escaped a lock-up by pulling his hair and tying it round a turnbuckle. Keita pummelled the trapped Vidal with chops and boots, then punished him further with the Jawbreaker/Up-Kick combo. Vidal came back with a takeover into a dropkick and fired up to stomp Keita’s chest. He was fired up now and knocked Keita outside for more chops. The ring filled with chairs and Keita pelted one to knock Vidal out of a charge. He scored another near-fall with a heavy slam and blasted him with more chair shots. Vidal kept showing signs of life so Keita tried to choke that out of him with the chair and the ropes before beating him again. These didn’t work though as Vidal bounced off the ropes into a tilt-a-whirl DDT. He fired up and booted Keita into a spinning Enzuigiri and a Tornado Suplex. Keita rolled out and dodged a follow-up dive to bounce Vidal off a ring post. Keita cleared traffic and Vidal threw him into the front row. Vidal didn’t wait for him to get up though and flung himself over the railing after him. Keita cut that momentum off with a Superkick and Vidal knocked him loopy with a back elbow. The two kept throwing bombs and Vidal sandwiched Keita into the barricade with a Suicide Dive. Keita tried to cut off Vidal with a chair again but Vidal booted it into his face and tried to end things with a piledriver but Keita wiggled free and hit him in the dick. Keita took full advantage with a Bicycle Knee and Complete shot but only got two. Keita went back to the chairs and Vidal chopped the shit out of him. They fought up top and Keita broke Vidal with a Suplex into a chair powerbomb. Vidal kicked out still, so he went for a door after a choking session. The pair danced around the door and Vidal headbutted Keita in the dick to stun him for a door Powerbomb. He hoisted Keita up and won with the Power Bottom Bomb onto a chair. That got Vidal his second No Peace win and brought him closer to battling Treehouse Lee. These two managed to make the most of the time they had and put on a compelling, hard-hitting match. Both these guys should be on more Florida shows, they’re fun, brutal, and really kick ass.

Atticus Cogar defeated Chris Bey via Top Rope Brain Haemorrhage

Time for a bit of faction warfare. Chris Bey, one of FSW’s biggest stars and the newest member of Bullet Club was back in Vegas and he was taking on Indie Wrestling’s biggest villains, the 44OH! More accurately, the Silver Teeth Satan Atticus Cogar. It would be finesse meets violence with only one faction able to stand tall. Parrow came out for commentary and as Bey stared down the champ, Cogar attacked from behind. Bey stomped back but Cogar cut that off by raking Bey’s face. The pace picked up and Bey dropkicked Cogar in his silver teeth. He lit Cogar up with quick kicks but Cogar dodged the springboard apron and dropped Bey with an apron DDT. Bey met the railing and Cogar got back in-ring to pose. He lay in wait and dropped Bey with another DDT over the ropes as he tried to enter the ring. Cogar teased the skewers, then threw them in the air to piss off the crowd and hit Bey with a Suplex instead. Chairs came into the ring and Cogar kicked one into Bey, then kneed him through it. Bey stunned Cogar with a jawbreaker and started a punch-out with Cogar. The pair traded stiff shots until Cogar stopped the exchange with a bite. They threw duelling lariats and both went down off Bey’s dropkick. This was Bey’s fight now as he had Cogar trapped in a corner and ran in with a flying forearm and apron kick. He missed an aerial but caught himself and caught Cogar into a Spinebuster/Powerbomb combo. Bey went for a door and stomped Cogar’s hands for trying to grab the door. Bey tried for the Art of Finesse but Cogar hung him in the ropes for the Lionsault. The pair danced around the door and Bey rolled up Cogar with a snap Code Red. Cogar kicked out and survived another onslaught of kicks to deliver a rope bounce German. Bey kicked out so Cogar drilled him with a Superkick and another Moonsault. They fought around the top turnbuckle and Cogar avoided death by smashing Bey in the bollocks. He followed with the Brain Haemorrhage and took the win. Bey had taken him to the limit but as always crafty tactics and low blows saw 44OH! get the win. This fucking rocked and the result of it means that Atticus Cogar will be Parrow’s next victim.

EC3 defeated Kevin Blackwood via The Purpose

Last but not least, the main event for part 2. EC3 was here to showcase another lesson in controlling one’s narrative and had hoped to give that lesson to Matthew Justice. He wasn’t here so the floor opened up and Kevin Blackwood answered that call. The Aesthetic Crippler looked to prove he had the “potential” EC3 had preached about. EC3 went right on the attack and hammered him with corner stomps and punches. Blackwood used his speed to float over EC3 and started striking back with chops, forearms, and heavy kicks. EC3 elbowed free but Blackwood floated over again and drilled EC3 with a rolling elbow to the back of the head. Blackwood hammered him in the corner but EC3 dodged a charge and floored Blackwood with a clothesline. He applied a chin-lock and nerve hold as Blackwood struggled to fight back. Every time Blackwood came close to escaping, EC3 just upped the pressure. Blackwood finally fought up but EC3 brought him straight back down with an STO. He stalked Blackwood and brought him crashing back down with a Stalling Suplex, then locked on another hold, breaking him down further. Blackwood escaped with a jawbreaker and rocked EC3 with another kick. He snapped EC3 with a Suplex and knocked him down with a double stomp to the back. He rocked him again with a falling rolling elbow and kept him stunned with a step-up Enzuigiri. He unleashed further knees and boots before climbing to the top. EC3 launched the ref at the ropes, causing Blackwood to get crotched. EC3 dragged him down into a TKO, nailed an underhook Facebuster, and tapped him out with the Purpose. Blackwood might have lost here but he showed enough promise that EC3 left him with the message that he too could find his purpose and control his narrative. It was a short match but it hit like a freight train and EC3 left a brutal message for Matthew Justice. The Narrative seeks those who are worthy and on this day, Blackwood showed that worth.

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