Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. Today is another special celebration show as almost all of ChocoPro’s 4th generation stars were here to fight as they celebrate their second summer milestone. It was going to be four madcap matches pitting teammates against each other, the Best Bros against strong (and snack-heavy) competition, Tokiko Kirihara against Masahiro Takanashi and culminate in a first time ever showdown between Sayaka and Chie Koishikawa. It’s time for some fun and fighting as we break down the action. Let’s get into it.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Yuna Mizumori & Kuishinbo Kamen via Snack Powered Propellor Clutch

Up first was a visit from the circus of snacks as Kuishinbo Kamen returned to ChocoPro to team up with the Tropical Powerhouse Yuna Mizumori. They were going to give us an opening match feast of action as they battled the Best Bros. Things got out of hand instantly as Suruga stole the snacks and took Mizumori for the ride. Mizumori returned fire with a splash and Suruga bridged out, losing her snacks in the process. Mizumori scooped up all the fallen snacks and Akki had to drag a livid Suruga away. Kamen and Akki took over with an exchange of poses and an agile back-and-forth dodging fest into a lock-up. Akki kept trapping Kamen in headlocks and brought in Suruga to do the same. Kamen drove both into the wall and tagged in Mizumori for a Coconut Crush to Suruga. She catapulted Suruga into the wall and trapped her under wreaths and wreaths of snacks. They turned her into a snack-covered Beyblade and both hit her with Mango Papaya headbutts through magnet power. Suruga kicked free and tripped Kamen into the window for a double chop. Akki came in and lit Kamen up with more kicks before dropping him to a knee with a thigh kick. Everyone caught thigh kicks and everyone dropped to pose off their injured legs. Everyone fell down again after bumping heads and Akki chopped Kamen into a backbreaker. Kamen dodged the Spider and launched Akki with a flying head-scissor. Mizumori started a shunting battle with Akki so he cut off her momentum with a mid-kick. Mizumori ruined Akki with a clothesline and dropped him with a shoulder block. Akki struck back with a dropkick and the pair tagged out. Suruga tried to jump-scare Kamen but he just bonked her on the head and slammed her into the mat. No more clowning around here. Akki was taken out with a double backdrop and Suruga flipped out of the same move to initiate the double crossbodies. Suruga gathered up the snacks and used them to end things with a Super Mei Punch and Propellor Clutch on Kamen. Best Bros had won the day and were the king of the snacks. This was fun opening match folly and I’ll never complain at seeing Kamen in the Chocolate Square.

Chon Shiryu defeated Sayuri via Reverse Gory Driver

Dragon Ninja were about to implode as the Dragon would be the second summer challenge for the Ninja Sayuri. They have proven to be an effective team but how would they fair up against each other? If Sayuri could best Shiryu here, then it would be a massive achievement for her going forward. From the ashes of this, a stronger team was going to arise. They opened with a rapid-fire technical exchange as Shiryu reversed most of Sayuri’s tricks until she blasted him with the rolling wall slams. Both kept trading wall slams and ducked the other’s chops for a pose-off. A strike battle broke out as Shiryu encouraged blow after blow to fire up Sayuri. He grew tired of waiting and bounced her repeatedly off the wall. He missed a charge so Sayuri punished him with the wall-run takeover and dropkick. Sayuri snapped his arm through the window and vanished from view, punishing Shiryu with chops whenever he tried to find her. She vanished again and ran at Shiryu with a Yakuza kick. A high-impact chop fest broke out as Sayuri hammered Shiryu with shuriken chops and Shiryu floored her with a double chop. They dodged more blows and Shiryu floored her again with a flying kick. He crushed her in the window with knees and flew at her again with another lethal kick. Sayuri dodged the dragon stomp and locked in the sleeper through the window. She dropped him across the frame for the Ninja Knee and caved in his midsection with another Yakuza kick. A pinfall war broke out and Shiryu retook control with slaps into a thrust kick. Sayuri wouldn’t stay out though and knocked Shiryu loopy with another Yakuza Kick and trapped Shiryu in the Crucifix and Ninja stretch. Shiryu dragged his way to freedom and dumped Sayuri on her face with a Gory Bomb. He would have taken the win with Bombs Away but he pulled Sayuri up. He wanted a definitive end and killed Sayuri off with a Reverse Gory Driver. It had been an intense, vicious fight with Dragon Ninja remaining strong when the smoke cleared. This was bloody awesome as Sayuri showed how far she’s come.

Masahiro Takanashi defeated Tokiko Kirihara via Guillotine Clutch Pin

We go from Ninja magic to technical wizardry as Tokiko Kirihara was about to battle the Drunken Master Masahiro Takanashi in singles action. Kirihara has proven time and time again that she can pull out the stops against any foe and was going to need every tool in her arsenal against Takanashi. Things started with a cagey technical game of chess as Takanashi took the fight to the mat and Kirihara had to defend. Takanashi kept locking on holds and Kirihara had to keep fighting them off. Takanashi refused to give Kirihara a clean break and tried for a Nosebreaker but Kirihara broke out and attacked Takanashi with an Iron Claw. Takanashi avoided the claw by driving it at the camera and rolled Kirihara up. The pair traded more holds and Takanashi forced a reset after narrowly avoiding the Comaneci. The pair stopped playing nice as Kirihara kicked away from a test of strength and Takanashi brutalised her with chops and punches. He trapped Kirihara in a chin-lock and transitioned to a reverse Dragon sleeper using the wall for leverage. Kirihara tried to fight back and had to rise out of the backbreaker stretch to smash Takanashi off the wall. Kirihara kicked out at Takanashi and broke a waist-lock to trap him in an armbar. Takanashi broke the grip and twisted Kirihara into a devastating Hangman’s Neckbreaker. He took a breather as she struggled to get up and sent her straight back down with a shotgun dropkick. He planted her again with a body slam and dragged her around the mat by the ankle before locking on an STF. After an agonising stretch in the hold, Kirihara finally forced a break but still couldn’t get back into things as Takanashi just slugged her back down. Takanashi got too cocky and slapped Kirihara, earning him a barrage of slaps and a stiff kick into the Judo throw. She locked on another armbar but Takanashi was too mobile and too close to a wall for the tap-out. Kirihara kept swatting the shoulder with kicks and trapped him in the Comaneci. Takanashi fought out of the Cobra Twist and both fighters flew at the ref before Takanashi could take the win with a Guillotine Clutch Pin. This again had proven to be an intense as hell fight with Takanashi showing he’s still as dastardly as ever. Kirihara put up a valiant effort but Takanashi was too prepared and too cunning today.

Chie Koishikawa defeated Sayaka via Stretch Muffler

Last but not least, the main event. It was time for another rare 4th gen vs 4th gen fight as Sayaka looked to enjoy another main event match against the hyperactive chopping machine Chie Koishikawa. It would be chops vs elbows as both fighters are heavy strikers and have a well-rounded submission arsenal. This was going to be fun. Also, Koishikawa had a cape, which is pretty cool. They opened fast as Koishikawa tried to for a run and Sayaka tripped her on her face. She kept Koishikawa trapped with body-scissor pins but Koishikawa turned it into a mat drag and bow and arrow. Sayaka countered into splash pins and dropped the knees for her bow and arrow. Koishikawa escaped and tried to swim away but Sayaka stopped her with a boot and snapped her around the mat. Koishikawa wouldn’t stay down so Sayaka hit her with body attacks and locked on a hair-pulling Camel Clutch. Koishikawa escaped again and leapfrogged Sayaka to land an arm-drag. Sayaka popped up so Koishikawa knocked her back down with a double chop and Demon Chie gave chase, trapping Sayaka in a corner for a cupboard door hit to the knee. She kept mangling that knee with twists and trapped Sayaka in a Deathlock. Sayaka tried to get up so Koishikawa chopped her down and rotated, amplifying the pressure on the knee. She tried for the Muffler but Sayaka rolled her up. She kept trying for roll-ups and turned Koishikawa over for a Crab. Koishikawa forced a break and dodged a dropkick to kick Sayaka into the wall and landed all of the fencing chops. Sayaka got right back up and drilled Koishikawa with a deadly forearm. That got two so Sayaka tried to tie her in a knot. Koishikawa went back to the knee and ate another forearm after missing an X-chop. Sayaka landed the body slam and locked on one nasty wrist-lock. The pair beat the hell out of each other and Koishikawa turned a takedown into the Muffler. She mercilessly chopped at Sayaka’s leg and reapplied the hold, forcing Sayaka to give up. After a vicious battle of attrition, Chie Koishikawa had taken the top spot of the fourth generation. This hit hard and showed off the technical acumen of both fighters. Both were hurting after this one but much like everyone else, they’d shown off what they could do.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Sayaka Obihiro, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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