Welcome back to H2O and another battle over the fate of Matt Tremont’s company. It was time for some Street Justice as H2O’s unlikely saviours White Trash Forever was going to try and destroy 44OH!’s stranglehold on the company. They’d been put in the ultimate all-or-nothing scenario as all the gold could be theirs if they won. Alongside this there would be a four-way to determine a new #1 tag title contender, Gregory Iron vs Drew Blood, Kennedi Copeland vs Eddy Only in his first match back, and much more. Let’s see who prevailed in this next episode of the 44OH! saga.

GG Everson defeated Ryan Redfield via Roll-up

The show opened with Matt Tremont giving another opening speech. Just as he was about to talk about Onita, RSP interrupted and set the terms for tonight’s main event. Those were accepted and we went into the first match, a heavy-hitting hoss fight between GG Everson and Ryan Redfield. Big Red had lost his first chance at a match so he was fired up and ready to fight. This was brimming with so much hatred that Tremont bailed before they could trap him in their violence too. From the bell, this impromptu battle was just continuous bombs. These two just wrecked each other with fists, DDT’s and Spinebusters as they kept countering. Everson kept screwing himself over by jaw-jacking with fans and giving Redfield the chance to come back into the fight. After four and a bit minutes of piss and vinegar, we saw Everson take the win with a crafty roll-up. Despite the length, this proved to be a short, sharp shock to the senses that pushed the Rising Stars into the spotlight for a hot opener. It helped set the tone and left things open for another vicious war down the line.

Jenny Rose defeated Tatiana via Roll-up

Next up we saw the H2O centre blast out the sound of Blackpink as Tatiana made her way to the ring for her debut match. After her big reveal at a previous show, it was time to see what she was capable of. Her opponent, one of H2O’s head trainers, Jenny Rose. This was another short one but it showcased Tatiana’s understanding of the fundamentals and tested her wits as Rose looked to lock her up any way she could. It nicely showed off the start of Tatiana’s H2O Wrestling journey as it showcased her promise as a rising star and let her test her mettle against a veteran like Rose. There were a lot of nice flashes of creativity as she created unique variants of tried and tested classics to outmanoeuvre Rose. It wouldn’t result in a win but it definitely showed there was a fighter in there that fans wanted to get invested in. Especially since she lost to BS interference from Evelyn Sage.

Reid Walker defeated Conor Claxton via Rear Naked Choke

Before we got to our next match, Jimmy Lyon called out Alex Colon. No more waiting now, he wanted Colon at the next show in a deathmatch. No gimmicks just pure violence. After that, we went into the third rising star fight as Reid Walker looked to pick up another win against a veteran. This time though, he was dealing with a true technical warrior, Conor Claxton. Things started tough with slaps and just escalated as Walker wanted a fight and Claxton was more than happy to oblige. I loved this as it let Claxton be the salty, vicious veteran that he is. He happily pummelled the shit out of Walker and showed off the brutal striking and submission work he has become so known for. Walker fought up but Claxton refused to make it easy, milking every hold and punch for maximum damage. Despite a slew of knee strikes, punches, and face washes, Walker kept asking for more. He wasn’t going to stay down and take this abuse. Walker started to hit back and even took to the air with a Swanton but he was on his back again after a Spinning Michinoku Driver. Walker kicked out again and saved himself from Cut-Throat with a Rear Naked Choke but even then, Claxton had answers. A third application of the hold and Walker finally choked out Claxton for the win. As I said, I loved this. Claxton doesn’t need deathmatch implements to fuck people up and Walker found that out first-hand. He found a way to beat the vet and now, he better prepare for the next one as Brandon Kirk is gunning for him.

H2O Tag Team Contenders Four Corners Doors Match: The Extricated (Aiden Baal & Mouse) defeated Mitch Vallen & Chuck Payne, The Grimy Bastards (Deklan Grant & Devon Moore) & Chris Bradley & Kristian Ross via Shiranui Tower of Doom on Bradley

Well, this match should be pretty self-explanatory. Four teams, one title opportunity, and one rule, your team is eliminated if you go through a door. Throw in former champs, monsters and of course, doors and you have the recipe for a clusterfuck of violent proportions. This was bell-to-bell chaos as all the teams broke out in fights using assorted plunder, fists, and power moves until Chuck Payne made them all look like ragdolls, throwing Mouse into a body pile. Ross and Bradley got to play veteran killers and Grant eliminated Payne and Mitch by spearing Mitch through a door. He set up another door and checked on Moore then quickly got eliminated himself as Ross drove him through a door with a lethal slam. With two teams left, there was a plunder-held stare down and Ross once again getting boss monster time. Baal broke him across a chair with a Blockbuster and Bradley bashed him with a chair before braining Mouse on a door with a DDT. The final door was set up and we got a lot of dancing and dodging around it. Ross and Bradley lurked outside so Baal lobbed a door at Bradley and Mouse bludgeoned him further when he entered the ring. The Extricated turned their attention to Ross but he was more than prepared and decked them with a double cannonball. Mouse avoided death by hitting Ross with a chair and a battle broke out on the top rope. Baal came to the rescue and the Extricated took the win with a Shiranui Tower of Doom on Bradley. They had survived the carnage and would be the next team to take on 44OH! if they survived WTF. What fun fuckery-fuelled chaos.

H2O Hybrid Title: Gregory Iron defeated Drew Blood via CP Driver

Ah Gregory Iron, the mascot of 44OH! who somehow always survives what H2O throws at him. This time, he was being put against the Notorious veteran Drew Blood. We’ve seen Drew pull out wins from nowhere before, could he do it again and break the 44OH! stranglehold. Short answer, no. Long answer, no, and surprisingly this became a very Iron-dominant match. Iron tried to cling to the tradition of wiping your feet as you enter the ring but was just using this as an excuse to cock-shot Blood. An early beatdown led to a back-and-forth battle of trash-talking, Iron getting dropped on his sack and crack with Atomic Drops, and some good ol’ wrestling mixed with comedy. As always, Iron was a total fan favourite and not the object of boos and jeers whenever he did anything. Despite all this, he barely ever lost control of the match. He did an excellent job of working the fans and Blood, keeping him trapped and beaten for most of the match. Blood did mount a comeback and made Iron hurt in the last few minutes of the match, even surviving another crotching to deliver a top rope leg drop. Eddy Only saved Iron’s title and caned Blood out of a dive, allowing Iron to win with the CP Driver. This was a damn good match. Love or hate 44OH!, this was genuine fun, and seeing Only be a public menace again is a shit ton of fun. Fuck 44OH! Count: 1

Kennedi Copeland defeated Eddy Only via Fujiwara Armbar

Eddy Only stayed out as his match was up next and he was taking on the Hardcore Daughter, Kennedi Copeland. She has been instrumental in H2O’s onslaught against 44OH! and now she aimed to kick Only’s ass in his first match back. We didn’t even get to soak in My Chemical Romance this time as Copeland cut off Only’s “speech” and forearmed him in the mouth. She threw him around the ring and dropped him on his tailbone with an Atomic Drop. He went full Rick Rude and got jumped on with a Thesz Press into an Armbreaker. Only escaped with a Backbreaker and started methodically breaking down Copeland. He went to the eyes to avoid a comeback and died of embarrassment when Copeland pulled his trunks down to reveal a bright pink thong. Only went to the eyes again and pulled his trunks up again, sparing the audience any more nightmares. The methodical beatdown returned. Copeland kicked back after a load of abuse and kneed him in the temple. She crushed him further with a senton and forced him to contort in horror with an STF. Only pulled her hair again to escape and used the ref to hit a low blow and forgot who he was fighting. Copeland claimed to have bigger balls so he socked her in the mouth and dropped her with a driver. Copeland fought out of another driver and tapped out Only with a Fujiwara Armbar. Copeland had taken out Only in his return match and thoroughly embarrassed him throughout despite his dickhead actions. It’s fun to have Only back because he is one of the best villains in wrestling. 44OH! Fucked: 1

H2O Danny Havoc Hardcore Title: Atticus Cogar defeated Marcus Mathers via Brain Haemorrhage

The chain continued as the next title was up for grabs. Atticus Cogar has fought off all challengers so far but now he was dealing with the wildcard Young Prodigy Marcus Mathers. Win or lose, Mathers always shows out and will always throw caution to the wind. Cogar was in for a fight here. Cogar attacked early but Mathers took control and despite crashing on a dive, beat him around the venue. He bounced Cogar off the ring post and threw in some fuckery. We were getting hardcore. Cogar let him time-waste and kicked a chair into his knee when he returned. He followed up with a double chair shot to the head and stabbed Mathers with a gusset 2×4. The skewers came out but Mathers bailed before he could be impaled. Mathers avoided more skewers but couldn’t get back into it as Cogar dropped him across a chair. Cogar stabbed up Mathers’ back with more skewers and stabbed them into his shoulders. Mathers pummelled Cogar with a tack bat and exposed a buckle as Cogar brought out a tube. Cogar powdered the tube and dropped Mathers onto it with an Air Raid Crash. Mathers threw some glass in Cogar’s eyes and brained him with his IWTV briefcase. He filled the ring with tacks and powerbombed Cogar into them after a tense top rope battle. Mathers vanished off-camera and emerged with a bundle of tubes. After more grappling, he scored a near-fall with 999 and scored a second with the Bozo Buster. He was ready to end things with an Electric Chair but Cogar skewered him in the head and smashed the bundle over him. Mathers hit low and smacked Cogar in the back with a barbed-wire bat. He aimed to send Cogar into the exposed buckle but Cogar pushed him into it and ended things with the Brain Haemorrhage. Mathers had given it his all but it was just not enough. Cogar was too resourceful and the tools he’d used to beat Cogar resulted in his downfall. The match fucking rocked though, this was an intense, competitive, and gruesome little deathmatch. Fuck 44OH! Count: 2

Multi-Title Winner Take All Six-Man No Fucking Rules: 44OH! (Rickey Shane Page, Eric Ryan & Bobby Beverly) defeated White Trash Forever (Ron Mathis, Bruce Grey & Tyler Voxx) via Blind Tag Roll-up on Mathis

Last but not least, the main event. 44OH! vs WTF. The current villains vs the former villains turned heroes in a winner takes all war. Three men on each side with proper tags all to be refereed by Nick Papagiorgio. If WTF won, they’d hold all the belts. If they lost, then who the hell was left to aid H2O? The one-armed bandit Bruce Grey opened for WTF and took out RSP, who tried to mock his injury. RSP retreated and Beverly took over. Grey did the same to him and tagged out to Voxx. He started strong but some 44OH! misdirection saw him eat a pop-up knee and Saito. 44OH! started their beatdown on Voxx as the Young Studs worked together and RSP overpowered him with corner splashes and Suplex tosses. It was tough to watch as Voxx ate shot after shot and tag after tag as his WTF teammates could do nothing but try to rally him. Voxx punched back against RSP and created some separation with an Ace Crusher bringing in Mathis. He cleaned house with uppercuts and lariats then “accidentally” took out Papagiorgio with a blatant ref bump. It appeared the ref was on WTF’s side. Anarchy reigned and Mathis took out all three members of 44OH! with a dive. The plunder came out as RSP was hit with a chair and Grey took out the Young Studs with his trusty tire iron. Voxx got vengeance with barbed wire and everyone started beating each other with assorted weaponry. It was definitely WTF’s match now as they quashed any resistance and beat 44OH! around ringside. After they’d had their fun, they set Ryan up for the kill and woke up Papagiorgio. Mathis hit the diving elbow but Ryan kicked out and RSP dragged away the rest of WTF. The tag structure returned and Voxx came in for round two after a Mathis TKO. We got Grey vs RSP round 2 as Grey dropped RSP on his head with a DDT. Voxx tagged in again but he got dropped with a double Suplex and a Frog Splash from RSP. Grey was taken out by Chokebreakers and Mathis made the save, fighting a one-man war. RSP made a blind tag and took the win with a pants-pulling roll-up. RSP’s contractual rules got him the win here and saved his hide. Despite WTF’s best efforts and tricks 44OH! had won the day and kept H2O firmly under their control. Fuck 44OH! Count: 3

Both teams kept fighting after the bell and all of 44OH! swarmed to send another message to Tremont. RSP dared Tremont to stop him, so World’s Apart hit and Tremont appeared. RSP bailed and 44OH! stomped down Tremont as the H2O roster ran to the rescue. Cogar and Only went through doors and Iron was thrown to Tremont as a sacrificial lamb to eat the DVD. The Fucking Bulldozer was back and he was pissed. He made four title matches for next month’s major show, Hustlemania. Kennedi Copeland gets a shot at the Hybrid Title, Voxx and Grey get The Young Studs under Falls Count Anywhere, Deklan Grant gets Cogar and RSP gets a four-way barbed-wire cage against Ron Mathis, Chuck Payne, and Devon Moore. You messed with the bull 44OH!, now he’s given you all the fucking horns. Good luck in September… you’re going to need it.

All images courtesy of H2O, Earl Gardner Photography

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