Welcome back to ChocoPro and to the big summer special. We celebrated the 4th generation’s summer achievement yesterday and now; it was time to take full advantage of the summer fever. For ChocoPro, that meant three matches with outlandish rule-sets to let as many people pull double duty. We’d see Mei Suruga battle the returning Rina Amikura in a watermelon crush rules bout, Baliyan Akki bring India to Ichigaya for an Indian Summer Three-way against Masa Takanashi and 666’s Kagura before getting to the main event where Amikura, Akki, and Suruga all come back for a summer special battle royale. With all that to get to, let’s waste no more time and get into the action.

Watermelon Crush Rules: Mei Suruga defeated Rina Amikura via Watermelon Wall Headbutt

Up first was a madcap game of don’t break the watermelon. Rina Amikura, the musical wrestling sensation from AWG Colours was back and she was taking on Mei Suruga in a match where you lost if you broke that melon. It was going to get pretty intense. Mei had even come in as Watermelon-chan. The pair started by testing the strength of the melon and playing a dangerous game of catch. Suruga tried to trip Amikura onto it and the pair had a wrist-lock battle. Suruga won and took Amikura and the melon for the ride before Amikura turned it into a pin. The pair realised how close they’d come to breaking the melon and backed off. Suruga had brought a game with her and set up some water bottles like bowling pins. Suruga bowled two frames and was left with a split. Amikura tried a different technique and hit no pins. She took a second roll and knocked out over half of them but not enough to match Suruga. She set up a second game, blindfolding herself and Amikura before going after the melon with mops. Of course, Suruga cheated and used this excuse to pummel Amikura with a mop (typical goblin.)

Amikura remained blindfolded but had enough wherewithal to take out Suruga with a shoulder block. Amikura kept up the abuse with a series of splashes but couldn’t trap the melon as Suruga swapped it out for her apple costume basketball. She threw that at Amikura and narrowly avoided faceplanting the melon after Amikura bucked off the Bridging Deathlock. Amikura locked her in a musical crab and trapped her in a Canadian Backbreaker when she escaped, running her into the wall. Suruga rolled Amikura through and another duel of fate broke out over the watermelon. Amikura landed a wall crush and used the melon to shield herself from a double stomp but Suruga just stomped around it and kept coming at her. Suruga went for the kill and hit her wall rush with the melon to Amikura’s head. That counted as Amikura breaking the melon and gave Suruga the win. This was just the first course in this three-course meal of chaos and already set the tone nicely. We got bowling, pinatas and wrestling all based around a melon. How fun.

Indian Summer Three-Way: Baliyan Akki vs Masa Takanashi vs Kagura ends in No Contest:


It was time for Akki to have a hometown advantage for once in Ichigaya. In India, you don’t go out in summer due to highly oppressive heat. Now, he was going to inflict that on Ichigaya. There was no air con, the windows were taped up and everyone was melting. Now, everyone was going to suffer the heat until a winner was decided. What a match for Kagura to come into ChocoPro for eh? Takanashi was sweating before the match had even begun so he’d brought beer. The door was taped up and everyone locked up. Takanashi hit a Nosebreaker on Akki and Akki nailed him with a dropkick. Kagura took things to the Lucha realm and blasted Akki with a single-leg dropkick after a lengthy back-and-forth display. The pair hit each other and jumped on Takanashi as he tried to reach the air-con remote. Everyone tried to end things quickly with pinfalls and splashes but no one was willing to lose to dispel the heat. Kagura and Akki beat the hell out of each other again and the 666 Demon persuaded Akki to join forces against Takanashi. He didn’t take this kindly and broke both their noses and forced a meeting of the minds. Takanashi stole someone’s drink and Kagura nearly unmasked to join him but the ChocoPro roster stopped him. Everyone went for roll-ups and Koishikawa lost her patience trying to ref this mess. She went for the air-con remote but everyone in the match dragged her away.

Mei berated everyone from behind the camera and tried to reach the remote herself as everyone in the studio was sick of the heat. Akki offered to help, then slammed her down, proclaiming he was going to win this. Takanashi tried to use the crane to bring it to him but Kagura stopped him and more fighting broke out as camerawoman Mei died on the floor. Kagura trapped Takanashi in the Paradise Lock and tried to reach the remote but collapsed from exhaustion. No one was moving so Koishikawa grabbed the remote and saved everyone. The air-con was turned back on, the windows opened and the match ruled a no-contest. This looked like torture to do so props to everyone involved for signing up to it. This was less a match and more watching wrestlers crack under heat. Something I never knew I needed but an experiment I definitely enjoyed.

Summer Special Battle Royale: Yuna Mizumori defeated Baliyan Akki, Mei Suruga, Rina Amikura, Sayuri, Chie Koshikawa, Kappa Kozo & Tokiko Kirihara via Pool Splash Tropical Yahho

Last but not least, the super summer special battle royale. Seven wrestlers were about to step onto the mat and have the water fight of the century. After that Indian Summer, everyone was going to cool down with water guns, water balloons and so much more. There was even a pool! It opened with Mizumori vs Kirihara battling around the pool, both trying to make the other swim. The clock ticked on and Amikura entered the fight, joining the pool pushing party. The three battled over chants and taunts, then Akki entered the fray, too tired to fight. He pushed everyone, firing up Kirihara who booted him away and hit the other two with Claw slams. She tried to take Akki out with a kneebar but he reinvigorated himself with a bucket of water and leapt into action. He dropped Kirihara with a backbreaker and scored the first elimination by throwing her out of the window. The ChocoPro ninja was out next as Sayuri came into the fight by chopping everyone. She went after Akki and dropped him with the Ninja gun. She froze Amikura with the same technique and Mizumori helped Sayuri eliminate her. The chopping trend continued as next up was Chie Koishikawa who came in fencing, unleashing Demon Chie on a downed Akki. She tried to throw Mizumori in the pool and found herself almost getting dunked as everyone turned on her. Amongst the chaos, Suruga snuck in with dual water guns and sprayed everyone, including the oddly monster-shaped hand of the cameraman Takanashi.

Akki snatched one away and the pair had a 3-pace duel. Again, Suruga cheated and sprayed Akki down after two paces. Demon Chie held a water pistol to Suruga’s head and it all got a bit John Wick as more fighters and guns surrounded Suruga. Everyone fired on everyone and started pelting each other with water balloons. The studio got thoroughly drenched as balloons flew everywhere. Sayuri took centre stage with a huge Rasengan balloon and threatened everyone with it. Suruga popped it over her with a Super Mei stab and threw her out. Akki and Suruga fought again but put differences aside when Mizumori and Koishikawa attacked. They went for diving finishes but the pair popped up and knocked Best Bros out the windows. The final two were battling it out when the timer rang again. There was another entrant… Kappa Kozo, the monster who’d been behind the camera and eaten Takanashi! Kappa went after Mizumori and Koishikawa, throwing Koishikawa out of the window and setting up for the kill. He was going to powerbomb Mizumori into the pool but she countered into a Tropical Yahho for the win. She’d entered this frantic fight at one and taken the win against a whole host of obstacles and opponents. This was goofy as hell but so much fun to watch. It was still properly built despite being completely bonkers. Also, it was funny seeing Emi Sakura get very mad at the match in the stream chat. This right here was the definitive biggest party of the summer.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Sayuri, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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