Welcome back to GCW and the pre-game to the Windy City Summit. GCW’s Chicago super-series opens with a trip to Detroit Michigan as the company brings its outlaw action to Motor City. On this card, we’d see Rhino in a star-studded scramble, Nick Wayne vs Jimmy Lloyd, Allie Katch vs Cole Radrick, and a whole host of Team MDK against 44OH! matches as both sides prepare to get into it at War Games. Tensions would rise as wrestlers would snap and the two teams would prepare to score some points. The main event would be one hell of a bloodbath as Gregory Iron had a one-way ticket to MDK-Ville. Let’s get into the action.

Scramble: Tony Deppen defeated Jordan Oliver, ASF, Gringo Loco, Rhino & Starboy Charlie via Roll-up on ASF

Up first was the GCW scramble. It would see the Gatekeeper Tony Deppen battle the Star Killer Jordan Oliver, the legendary Rhino, ASF, Gringo Loco, and the West Coast breakout, Starboy Charlie. It was going to be a very hectic show starter. This was another excellent mix of power and technique as the high-flyers got to fly and Rhino was there to take the abuse and send everyone flying. It followed the typical scramble formula and kept things fresh as Loco and ASF started busting out new moves again. it was all talent all the time as no one got overshadowed. There’s not too much to say here as there was a hell of a lot of action to document and a whole load of stars to bring it. Plus, it’s always fun to see Rhino having fun in the indies. It was bodies flying, horrifying strikes, and headbutts galore. GCW always kills it with the scrambles and Deppen was in dick mode so he got to be the bad guy getting beaten up by then beating everyone with the dirty roll-up on ASF. It was a dick move but hey that’s Deppen in a nutshell when he wants to dole out some punishment and life lessons.

Allie Katch defeated Cole Radrick via Crossface

Next up was the Katch vs the Wildheart. We’ve seen the Kat battle Radrick in the past but what would Katch do. We’ve seen her get technical, violent, and even pull out a knife during matches. What side of the vicious member of BUSSY bring out tonight? It started technical and quickly got rough as Radrick tried to get fancy and Katch tried to punch his teeth down his throat. This left Radrick checking his jaw as he tried to check Katch out of the match. Katch obviously worked that weak spot and gave us a clinic in Katch wrestling. Radrick tried to come back but his offence wasn’t having the same effect and Katch had him back on the mat with a deadly driver. Again, Radrick wasn’t going to be outdone and dropped Katch on her head, forcing a bridge out. That jaw cost Radrick again as it met the middle buckle and Katch trapped him in a Crossface for the win. This was an excellent pro-wrestling match. it had a nice, intimidating atmosphere where Katch won by outwrestling, out striking and just plain brutalising Radrick. Matches like this are always a good time.

Jimmy Lloyd vs Nick Wayne ended in G-Raver Murder Spree

After that, we were in for something a bit different. Nick Wayne has made a big splash since hitting wrestling’s radar and now he was going one-on-one with Jimmy Lloyd, one of GCW’s chameleons. Lloyd loves to show off his wrestling and Wayne was going to test his wits and ability. This was a match of counters as both guys got some of their heaviest hits through countering and high-flying. We got a nice bit of action but all of it was cut off as G-Raver came out, said something so scary to Wayne that he bailed, and proceeded to torment Lloyd with bible verses. He gave one final beatdown ahead of the grand finale at 3 Cups Stuffed, by force-feeding Lloyd Bible pages and burning a bunch of the pages across his dick. It didn’t go quite as planned but everyone got the message. It’s just a shame that it interrupted what could have been an excellent match. Could you not have let them go for like 5 more minutes before cutting them off?

Alex Colon defeated Rickey Shane Page via tap-out

Time to get bloody. It was the first MDK vs 44OH! fight and we were kicking off with one of the strongest possible matches. It would be MDK’s best, Alex Colon, against 44OH!’s best, Rickey Shane Page. They had tubes and glass panes to work out that anger and leave the other broken before War Games. They opened with a bit of dodging the plunder and Colon pumped up the energy by breaking a bundle over his head. RSP bailed and Colon went flying at him with a Tope Suicida. They battled around ringside as RSP seemed desperate not to get glassed. He maimed Colon with a barbed-wire bat and delivered the backdrop boot into the glass shards. If that wasn’t enough, he made the fans love him even more by breaking another bundle in his hands instead of over Colon. After another chorus of boos, RSP had to break some plunder as he quashed a Colon comeback with a Suplex toss through a door. Page gave Colon another working over with the bat and killed everyone’s fun by breaking the glass pane with the bat. No one was allowed to have fun in this match, except RSP who did a little Singing in the Rain dance through the glass pile as he kicked it out of the ring. His downfall came from taking too long to climb the turnbuckle. Colon crotched him and set up another glass pane in the ring. RSP dodged death and finally used the glass properly by powerbombing Colon through the pane. Colon nailed a Code Red into a glass pile and gave the fans what they wanted by bringing out a barbed-wire glass pane. He had Page in position when RSP tapped out. The 44OH! frontman just pulled the smartest shit I’ve seen. He refused to take damage before Art of Wargames and just took an L to avoid glass. Colon got the win but it was a hollow one and he was furious about it. RSP just cucked the whole of Michigan out of an A-tier deathmatch. It was excellent wrestling story-telling from two pros though.

GCW Tag Team Titles: Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) defeated 44OH! (Atticus Cogar & Eric Ryan) via Door-Based Impaler DDT to Ryan

Let’s get manic. It was a title fight with SGC getting into it with 44OH!’s elite Eric Ryan and Atticus Cogar for those GCW Tag Team Titles. I wasn’t even allowed to enjoy Pantera’s Walk as 44OH! jumped Warner and Justice, starting the fight instantly. A massive brawl broke out and SGC got their vengeance and beat 44OH! around the venue and 44OH! did their best to pick apart SGC. Doors came out and 44OH! take control, to the fan’s hatred. That lasted all of two seconds as Justice pounced into action again. The action kept spilling everywhere as both teams toured the venue. SGC were some of the most popular guys in the building and formed a mosh pit for the teams to fight in, the fans even catching Mance as stage dived. The fight finally found its way to the ring and 44OH! ruined a double-team move to dump Justice on concrete and skewer Mance for a sit-out Powerbomb. Warner wouldn’t stay down so 44OH! worked him over as Justice struggled to find his feet. Mance got himself back into the fight by steamrolling his way through 44OH! with dual lariats and Justice kicked up the metal with Splashes and boots. They threw Ryan into Cogar and Mance survived being hit with a door to deliver his jabs. 44OH! booted him out of the eye poke and accidentally nailed each other with doors. SGC wasted no time and hit a spear and DDT then ended things with a door-based Impaler DDT. SGC had taken the big win and racked up another point for Team MDK. 44OH! had tried to pull their usual sneaky shit but when you bring chaos to an SGC match, you’re just asking for trouble. This ended up being a nice bit of brawling fun and we got to enjoy Walk on their victory. MDK: 2 44OH!: 0

AJ Gray defeated Bobby Beverly via Barbed-wire Pane Powerbomb

After the dust had settled on intermission, we got MDK vs 44OH round 3. It was time for the heaviest hitters to go to war. Bobby Beverly was representing 44OH! against The MF’N Truth, AJ Gray. This one was going to leave the pair bruised as hell since no one was pulling punches here. it would be bell-to-bell violence with some added plunder just to make it spicier. It started strong and just got meaner as the striking came out. The tubes quickly came into play as Beverly smashed Gray out of a dive. The pair got to breaking glass on the outside and both carved the other up. it kept upping in intensity as Gray hit hard and Bev matched him be it with tubes or his fists. Then you throw in pelted chairs and you had Bev showing off just how brutal he was. He wasn’t some 44OH! add on, he was here to kill Gray. More tubes smashed and Gray came back with a lariat and broken bundle. However, Bev quickly murdered Gray again with a Saito through a door. That infamous barbed-wire pane reappeared and Beverly tried to soften Gray up with tubes. They fought on the top rope and Gray reversed Beverly’s punches into a Powerbomb through that pane. Beverly had cut him the fuck up but Gray had managed to survive the onslaught and took another point for Team MDK. This was exactly as I wanted it to be, pure, bloody chaos with Beverly going all out to show off before biting the glass and spooky dust. MDK: 3 44OH!: 0

EFFY defeated Eddy Only via Small Package

Eddy Only is back! The dad that went out to buy cigarettes had finally returned without child support to take on GCW’s Daddy, EFFY. Could the master of smoke style put a point into the win column for 44OH! or would he burn out, like the rest had so far? Only did his usual stall technique so EFFY had some fun with the world’s sexiest Spinaroonie. Only tried to match him and messed it up royally, looking more like a drunken uncle breakdancing. EFFY was unimpressed and ended up even more unimpressed when Only ball-checked him and gave him the finger. We got some sensual technical wrestling and Only tried to use EFFY’s own mind games against him. EFFY gave him the thrust but Only answered back with a headbutt to the dick. EFFY kept messing with Only and choked him out in the ropes. Only was baited by a fan chant and ran right into a head trap and Tarantula Variant. The fight broke to the outside and the pair took the time to beat the shit out of each other. Only took off his belt and gave EFFY a whipping to mixed results until Only cockblocked everyone. They threw bombs and EFFY broke Only’s hand. They battled over sunset flips and EFFY exposed Only’s thong to the world. They kept trading with Piledrivers and collapsed to the mat, Only still exposed. The kink factor went up a notch as Only pulled out a tack-covered dildo and nearly forced EFFY to have a taste of it. EFFY got fired up and took Only Under the Rainbow. Things went from bad to worse as EFFY reversed a dick-DT and Bubba Bombed him right onto the tacked-up dildo. A Small Package later and EFFY was the winner. This was the most entertaining match of the night. It was funny as hell and got surprisingly hardcore. Only is the best heel ever and EFFY was happy to play along. I’m still happy as hell that Only is back. MDK: 4 44OH!: 0

Gregory Iron defeated Nick Gage via 44OH! clutch pin

Last but not least, the murder event. Gregory Iron was about to be mauled to death by Nick Gage. I want to believe in Iron but you’re up against the King, there’s going to be blood everywhere. Iron came out to YMCA and total silence whilst Nick Gage got the crowd riled the fuck up. How long would Iron last? It started bad and got instantly nastier as Gage stomped the hands of Iron. He tanked all of Iron’s offence and murdered him with a Spinebuster into tacks. The hits kept coming as Iron ate tubes and a door toss. He hit Iron with the Vader Elbow and tossed Iron outside to stab him with a door shard. The pizza cutter came out and Gage took a slice out of Iron as the camera zoomed in. Gage booted him to the floor and brought in the fans for assisted chair shots. Iron was a bloody mess and could do nothing but lay dazed, trying to get himself together. Back in-ring, Gage hit the tube face wash and raked him around the ropes, smearing blood everywhere. Gage looked to hit a ring-in Brainbuster but 44OH! swarmed the ring and pulled his legs out. Iron fell on top and the King was pinned. Gregory Iron or the lifeless corpse of Gregory Iron just beat the King. The leader of team MDK was the only one to fall tonight and even then, it was to BS. This match was a murder until the last few seconds and Gage gave Iron a Piledriver on the way out. Every other member of Team MDK also murdered Gregory Iron because he might have won the match but he wasn’t going to make it to War Games. The show ended with Iron getting Powerbombed through bundles and glass. MDK ended this night strong and absolutely trounced 44OH! in wins tonight. This was an odd one. The show was fine. Most matches were fine and provided something fun to the show. I do wish it was a bit less one-sided in the results but let’s face it, Iron getting an upset because of his faction did give them a big win in the end. This opens our marathon of GCW coverage as we here at SteelChair prepare for the Windy City Summit. MDK: 4 44OH!: 1

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