Right here, right now. Happy Day 245 of 2021. Episode 35 of the year 2021. Right here, right now. “See the stone set in your eyes. See the thorn twist in your side. I’ll wait for you.” Right here, right now. Give yourself a chance, take yourself a chance. Dreaming is one thing, making your dreams come true is another.
On the menu, this week, from Nashville, Tennessee, Taylor Wilde, Rachael Ellering and Jordynne Grace will face off The Influence. Decay will square off with Fallah Bahh and No Way (Still Not José). Shera and Rohit Raju will team up against Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona. Josh Alexander issued an open challenge to all the former X-Division Champions so we’ll see who’s going to come. And Tommy Dreamer will try to take a spot in the main event of Victory Road if he wins his match against Ace Austin. So no more words, let’s get ready for some action, but your French Enygma Steph way, of course…

The Nygma’s Chart of the Week

D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker were on commentary. On ‘Before The Impact’, Jon Burton called Josh Mathews “America’s favourite Jonas Brother”. Also, Jake Something defeated John Skyler. This episode was dedicated to Daffney (see below).

  • Taylor Wilde, Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering defeated The Influence (Madison Rayne, Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb with a K).

  • NWA Empowerrr segment, Deonna Purrazzo defeated Melina to retain the Knockouts Championship. The following night on NWA 73, Purrazzo attacked Mickie James after her match with Kylie Rae.

  • Backstage, Purrazzo then told Gia Miller asking her why she attacked Mickie is an ignorant question and said her actions speak for themselves. Matt Rehwoldt said James thought Deonna couldn’t handle Melina on her own, but Deonna proved her wrong while Melina needed Trey Miguel last week. They were now focusing on their futures, and Trey has Rehwoldt’s attention. Deonna said when they make a promise, they keep it, and added not to cross the King and Queen.

  • Backstage, Tommy Dreamer was saying that history comes full circle and a while ago, Christian was in a match with Jack Swagger and himself where he became Impact Champion. Cage walked up and reminded Dreamer that he didn’t pin him, and Dreamer said he’s never pinned him. Cage said in all seriousness, he could crack a joke but it’s not his style and he hoped Tommy does win because it would be an honour to be in the ring with him and he’ll be watching.

  • Decay (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus) defeated No Way & Fallah Bahh. Tasha Steelz was in the conga line hidden under a horse mask. She attacked Rosemary in the ring. Savannah Evans attacked Havok at the ramp. Havok and Rosemary ran after Evans and Steelz backstage.

  • Backstage, W. Morrissey told Gia Miller Sami Callihan made a big mistake last week, but he has a tiny amount of respect for them because, in a company where everyone likes each other, they admit that they hate each other. But that honesty in saying all that won’t get them far. Moose walked in and right up to Morrissey, saying he agrees with everything Morrissey’s been saying. There are no friends and he’ll stab backs and knows Morrissey would too. They both have issues with Sami and Eddie and he wants an alliance.

  • Steve Maclin said he doesn’t know what he has to do to get through to Petey and he guessed that the beating he gave at Emergence wasn’t enough. Petey called himself the Canadian Destroyer but he doesn’t know anything about destruction or what Steve’s capable of. He got intense and says next week it’s the two of them and Mayhem For All.

  • In the ring, Moose said what pisses him off is that everyone in this era of wrestling wants to be a hero. What pisses him off is that Eddie wants to be a hero to all of us imbeciles. Moose said that being a hero just got Eddie a date with the devil. He knows he and Eddie have a long history, but he’s not the same guy. He’s different, he’s worse, he’s a monster — no, he’s a wrestling god. He asked Eddie to come out so he can show how the hero doesn’t save the day. Out came Eddie with Kenny and he slid into the ring, swinging but Moose caught the stick. Eddie connected with a double leg takedown and brawled, Moose up and shoved him into the corner but Eddie avoided the splash and attacked him with the kendo stick. Out came Morrissey of course and he whipped Eddie into a Spear. They double team Edwards and Moose threw Eddie into a big boot. Morrissey and Moose hit the assisted powerbomb on Eddie and stood over, with Moose yelling at Eddie.

  • Backstage, Fallah and No Way told Gia Miller they didn’t know what Tasha and Savannah were going to do. They professed ignorance, but TJP came up and asked if No Way is his replacement. Bahh said he needed a tag partner, and they make good with each other. TJP asked if No Way is cool, and they look cool with each other. TJP suggested heading to Swinger’s Palace next week. Bahh said he still has a gambling problem, but TJP says he knows of a sure thing bet.

  • In VBD prison, Eric Young said Rhino has failed again and again, and it’s a pattern. They say Rhino needs to suffer. Rhino was put in solitary and abandoned to do penance. We heard “help me!” from Rhino at the end.

  • Josh Alexander defeated Jake Crist to retain the X-Division Championship.

  • After the match, Gia Miller came to the ring and asked why he’s doing open challenges. Alexander said it’s what he has to do for himself, the championship, the legacy, and the Impact brand. That’s why he has to challenge those who have walked in these shoes before, calling the X-Division Title the most prestigious in wrestling. He said he has to be in the conversation for best X-Division champion, and that brought out Chris Sabin. Sabin said that first of all, he’s a big fan of Josh and added he’s one of the greatest wrestlers he’s ever seen. And his reign as champion has been amazing to watch, but he’s only a one-time X-Division champion while Sabin is a former 8-time champion. He told Alexander needs to beat the greatest X-Division champion and so challenged Josh for a title match at Victory Road. If Josh wins, he may go on to be the greatest X-Division champion ever, but if Sabin wins he’ll be a 9-time champion and undoubtedly the best X-Division champion. Josh accepted the match with a handshake.

  • Video with a bunch of guys hyping up Brian Myers, followed by a “How to Be A Professional” video with all those would-be wrestlers with Myers. Backstage, Sam Beale apologized for the roster and he said it’s a learning opportunity. He said it’s an impromptu gut check and cut a guy for looking at his cut. Final Boss was cut because his favourite wrestler is Mojo Rawley. Beale cut a luchador thinking he was Matt Cardona. He asked Manny Lemons to show him his shirt, Sam said, “How many lemons?” Manny could star. And there was Outlandish Zickie Dice. Myers asked how long he’s been in the business and he said 34 years. They said they’ve never heard of each other and Myers almost cut him, but Sam said not to because Mannie would be their only guy

  • Mahabali Shera & Rohit Raju defeated Chelsea Green & Matt Cardona.

  • Backstage, Kimber said some souls they collect, while others they convert. They had an Undead Brandi Lauren now. Brandi and Kimber laughed maniacally while Su stared.

  • In the ring, Karl Anderson said they need to address Willie Mack and Rich Swann. LG added that what doesn’t matter with them is sneaking in a rollup in a non-title match. Usually, that grants them a title match, but Willie Mack is in traction after being put through a table. He said it’s not that they lack compassion, then called Wille Mack “Willie Lack … the ability to stand on your own two feet!” Rich Swann rushed with a chair and he attacked them both. Security came out to separate them.

  • Backstage, Swann was furious and Scott D’Amore told him to calm down and breathe. He said he will get his title shot and his match with the Good Brothers. He added next week, he and Anderson will fight in a Bunkhouse Brawl.

  • Ace Austin w/ Madman Fulton defeated Tommy Dreamer, with a little help from Madman.

The Nygma’s Nutcracker(s) of the Week

– Josh Alexander vs Jake Crist

After a lockup, Alexander threw Crist and locked him in a headlock, but Crist got to the ropes. Both back in, Crist connected with a knee but Josh fired back. Crist off the ropes, a body block got nothing, Alexander replied with a trip and came off the ropes to hit a powerslam. With a chop and a whip into the corner, Crist sent Alexander up and over. Alexander went up top, Crist connected with a superplex followed by a twisting neckbreaker. He continued with a rear chinlock and then strangled the eyes. Crist then choked Alexander against the ropes, hit shoulders in the corner but Josh fought back. Crist continued with a knife-edge chop, Alexander came off the ropes into a boot. Front facelock by Crist, Josh fought up and picked Crist up for a suplex but he slid down and blocked Josh with a chop. Knee snap by Jake, Jake worked the leg and then strangled the eyes again, going for another front facelock to wear Josh down. Josh connected with shots to the stomach and then a chop to get to his feet, back kick by Crist but Alexander off the ropes with a backdrop. Alexander hit the Drive-By and a kick to the head, Alexander went for his C-4 but Jake dropped down and blocked it. Two German suplexes later, he clapped the ears of Jake when he grabbed the ropes and rolled him up. The C-4 connected for the win.

The Weekly “Enigma For a Nygma”

I think that, despite all my efforts, I will never be able to understand Brian Myers’ professionalism… And I tried…

The Nygma’s Noticeable Facts/Awards of the Week

– RIP Daffney

The former WCW wrestler and TNA Knockouts committed suicide on Wednesday. Ever since the whole wrestling world has been in shock. Those who knew her are praising an amazing woman and wrestler. The fans are remembering one of the true original Knockouts, with such a unique and inspiring gimmick. Daffney’s death is also a reminder of the fact we’re all human beings, in the ring or not. We underwent some bumps in our lives. And some of us are stronger than others to overcome them. Whatever happens in your life, feel free to talk to someone who is close to you, or not. Some phone lines are dedicated to that, some people are available 24/7 to listen to you. They may not know you but they will understand you…

– Josh Alexander

I fell off my chair when I read the tweet below. Unless you sign a contract with a major company in your early years, doing the indies is not always enough to pay the bills. Josh Alexander has been in the business for so many years and he can only say now he is able to make a living of his dream. That makes him an even bigger Champion, a Champion of life. When it comes to the ring, Alexander vs Sabin is another dream that will come true in 2 weeks…

– Jake Crist

One of the good things about being late doing my review (yes, I know…) is to be able to seize some momentums. Jake Crist’s comeback has been so much appreciated on social media Jake himself was overwhelmed. He paid a hard price for mistakes he didn’t make. I just wish Impact Wrestling may sign him back because we miss him, more than we imagined, and he has never been better than now.

Victory Road

Two extremely good matches are already on the card… I think we can even say dream matches…

To be eNYGMAtic…

That was good, but that was not great. Some intergender things I loved. Some matches looked a bit too short. Some promos were a bit too long. Well, it’s the build-up of Victory Road. Once again, the X-Division is stealing the show, first with Jake Crist’s comeback, second with Josh Alexander’s performance, and third with the upcoming Sabin vs Alexander match. That was very, very good.
My reviews are going online later and later. If I could do better, I promise I would. But currently, all I can say is I’m sorry for the delay… And here, the Nygma will fade in the dark with her secrets…
On this “Nygma Will Try to Do Better Next Week” note, until next week (if I want), take care, stay safe, go get vaccinated, watch wrestling, and never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling and AXS TV. Photocollages custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.

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