Welcome back to ChocoPro. It’s been a busy weekend worldwide but that will never stop the action at Ichigaya. As Emi Sakura enjoyed her first AEW PPV match since moving to the US full-time, the company she had built was putting on a wild weekend of action starting with this double-bill right here. For #150 we’d see Sayaka get a one-on-one match with Masahiro Takanashi and the Best Bros would have another main event spot as they took on the team of Chie Koishikawa and Yuna Mizumori. #151 was a birthday special for the deathmatch veteran and hardcore Pencil Army frontman Minoru Fujita. For this special occasion, he’d be teaming with Baliyan Akki against Koishikawa and Mizumori. Alongside that, Hoshitango returned to team with Masahiro Takanashi against the odd couple team of Sawasdee Kamen and Mei Suruga. Let’s get into this double dose of action.

ChocoPro #150

Masahiro Takanashi defeated Sayaka via Arm-capture Cloverleaf

Up first was another big singles match for Sayaka. She was going to test her mettle against one of ChocoPro’s top technical stars, Masahiro Takanashi. Since his return, Takanashi is starting to pick up steam again and this was the perfect opportunity for Sayaka to get the upset. They opened with a quick exchange of pins and Sayaka nearly stole the win. They started grappling again and Takanashi went to work on her wrist. They both wished Sayaka Obihiro a happy birthday as they doled out their chosen attacks and Sayaka tried to break Takanashi’s foot with a toe hold. Takanashi gave her a lesson in leg locks and just mangled Sayaka with some holds and stomps, even using the wall to damage her knee further. Sayaka kicked away a Figure-Four and punished Takanashi with a lethal Crab. Both traded heavy shots and Takanashi went back to the knee after a successful dropkick. Both suffered in a Figure-Four as Sayaka reversed the pressure. Takanashi got pissed and went for a stool, using it as a weapon to kick into Sayaka’s knee. The ref admonished Takanashi about the stool so Sayaka used this argument to make Takanashi take a seat and dropkick him to the mat. She landed the body slam despite Takanashi’s fighting and Takanashi countered the rolling Suplex into a Kneebreaker. Sayaka kept fighting with elbows but Takanashi kept control with a Crucifix. He ran into another elbow and dropkick but wouldn’t stay down. Sayaka locked in her signature submission but Takanashi rolled her up and broke the hold. Takanashi rolled through the Suplex and trapped her in an arm-capture Cloverleaf for the win.  Takanashi was knackered and bruised but he’d won another fight. Sayaka had pushed him to the limit and turned his chest into a crater but it hadn’t been enough today.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Chie Koishikawa & Yuna Mizumori via Bridging La Magistral on Koishikawa

The first main event of the double bill would see the Best Bros reclaim the main event spot against Chopical Yahho. Chie Koishikawa and Yuna Mizumori showcased what Akki had classed as some of ChocoPro’s best and now we’d see how they work as a team again with the spotlight on them. Koishikawa started by running around Suruga and nearly won with a Schoolboy. Suruga did the same and took Koishikawa for the ride. They grappled on the mat and traded pinfalls to a stalemate. They both tagged and Mizumori renewed hostilities with Akki. They circled like sharks and went into an intense lock-up session. That gave way to chain wrestling and a battle of head and wrist locks. They sent each other flying with shoulder blocks and Mizumori catapulted Akki into a Koishikawa chop. Koishikawa and Akki traded submissions, Akki winning out with an Indian deathlock and holding Koishikawa in place so Suruga could attack her with a hair bobble. Best Bros tortured Koishikawa’s legs with more holds and sentons. Koishikawa ended her suffering with an arm-drag and tagged Mizumori, who rampaged through both Best Bros. Suruga used misdirection and the pair drove Mizumori into the tables. Koishikawa tried to intervene but Akki spun her into a backbreaker. The Best Bros bullied Mizumori with the rolling senton combo and Akki continued to mercilessly pummel her with knees and chops, smiling with glee at the damage he was causing. Mizumori slugged back but Akki just kept hitting back harder.

Mizumori reversed the Spider with her knees and tried for a Tropical Splash but Akki booted her away. After trading more strikes, Mizumori finally destroyed Akki with a lariat. They both dragged themselves to tags and Koishikawa got into a competitive counter spree with Suruga. She was trapped in the Apple Mutilation but escaped and dragged Suruga down from the window to deliver a lethal Demon chop. Koishikawa landed the fencing chops and Mizumori slammed her into the wall for a chop and elbow combo on poor Suruga. That wasn’t the only combo as the duo nailed the Papaya Mango Coconut and Dropkick chain too. Akki took some chops too but trapped Koishikawa for the double La Magistral. Mizumori made the save with a crossbody and mauled both but Suruga kicked her away with another dropkick. That didn’t stop her from hitting a double lariat and Koishikawa attempting the X chop. Suruga dragged her down from the window and took the win with a bridging La Magistral. Best Bros had won again through sheer wits and will. Mizumori and Koishikawa took a beating but came back strong with excellent teamwork and almost upset the top team. This was another tag masterclass of a main and a fun way to end things.

ChocoPro #151

Hoshitango & Masahiro Takanashi defeated Mei Suruga & Sawasdee Kamen via Monster Splash to Kamen

#151 started with an unusual tag bout as Masahiro Takanashi opened the show once again but this time, he was team up with the former sumo Hoshitango. On the opposing side, we had the even odder team of Mei Suruga and Sawasdee Kamen. The last time those two were on the mat together, Kamen wanted to kill her. Would they put their differences aside and pick up a win? Suruga was asking for trouble by provoking Hoshitango and dropkicking her own partner into Takanashi. She was in full-on Goblin mode. She tried to square up to Hoshitango but got tossed aside like nothing. Her normal offence wasn’t working so all she could do was hit him in the head and feet. The efforts of Kamen and Suruga combined couldn’t shift Hoshitango. Takanashi was brought in and he started bullying Suruga with some holds and hair-pulling. Despite Takanashi grappling her around the mat, Suruga still tried to torment Hoshitango and got crushed when both posed on her back. Hoshitango tried to pull her head off and Takanashi bounced her off the wall multiple times before. Hoshitango threatened to drop an elbow but Suruga dodged and did her cute pose next to the fallen sumo to slap his head again. She tried to work around Hoshitango to tag in Kamen but couldn’t hold him down and got dragged to the opposite corner. Takanashi gave her a fair chance to forearm him but she couldn’t down him and got thrown into Hoshitango.

He tried to taunt Suruga with her own wall charge so Suruga hit Takanashi with a Nosebreaker and bounced him off the wall. She made a proper tag to Kamen and he realised he wasn’t going to hurt Hoshitango so launched Takanashi into him, then flew at him. Both guys went to the nose and Kamen ate a Dragon Screw. Takanashi tagged and Hoshitango mauled Kamen with a slam and elbow. He ran himself into the wall and Kamen gave him a run-up knee and tried to get Suruga to help but Hoshitango caught both and forced a meeting of the minds. Kamen took a boot to the face from Takanashi and Suruga took Takanashi out with the Ride and kicked Hoshitango in the leg.  She tried for the Super Mei Punch but Hoshitango caught her by the throat. Kamen saved her from the Chokeslam and used Suruga as a battering ram against the giant. They hit a Super Mei/head kick combo and took to the air but Takanashi cut Suruga off. Kamen bounced off the brick wall that was Hoshitango and was killed off by a monstrous splash. Despite Suruga’s best efforts, the giant team had taken the win here and embarrassed both of them. We saw some decent teamwork from Suruga and Kamen but I doubt he appreciated her provoking their opponents. Sometimes, she’s her own worst enemy.

Baliyan Akki & Minoru Fujita defeated Chie Koishikawa & Yuna Mizumori via Figure-Four pin on Koishikawa

Last but not least, the second main event. It was Minoru Fujita’s birthday bash and he was teaming with his best frenemy, Baliyan Akki. These two always bring the best out of each other but it’s usually when they’re fighting each other. They were going to have to find that spark though to beat a vengeful Chopical Yahho. Fujita opened against Mizumori with a duel of shoulder blocks. Mizumori tried to grapple but Fujita just grabbed her by the throat and tried to break her shoulder. They reached a brick wall and tagged out. Akki got aggressive with countering Koishikawa and Koishikawa used an arm-drag and Demon Chop to apply the bow and arrow. For all of a couple of seconds as Akki rolled through and tied her in a knot. He locked on the Namaste Stretch and tried to suffocate Koishikawa so Mizumori abused him with forearms. He stomped both down and tagged out to Fujita. That was a bad idea as Fujita went to the leg and hurt his hand parodying Koishikawa’s Demon chop. He kept Koishikawa trapped with a Cravat and brought in Akki to keep working the neck. Koishikawa tried to escape the teamwork with a trip but Fujita kept his balance and delivered double knees to her leg. Koishikawa tried to shake this off with a run but Fujita regained his composure and choked her into a backbreaker. He locked on a Crab and milked the hold by arguing with the ref. Mizumori was tired of what she was seeing and charged Akki and Fujita, whipping the birthday boy into his celebratory table. Suruga tried to readjust the table and missed Mizumori choking out Fujita with a feather boa. Meanwhile, Koishikawa chopped away Akki and dropkicked him into Fujita’s balloons to nail the arm-drag. Mizumori and Akki had their second round of action for the weekend and Mizumori flattened him with lariats. They kept throwing bombs until Akki took Mizumori’s head off with a dropkick. Fujita came back in and took out Mizumori with a hard elbow and tried for the Exploder. Mizumori broke free but couldn’t capitalise as Fujita downed her again with a shoulder block.

A slugfest broke out and both fighters beat the hell out of each other with elbows. Mizumori reversed a whip to hit the Coconut Crush and sent Fujita to the mat with her shoulder block. She followed up with the Handstand Press and charged a wall-trapped Fujita, only for him to move and throw her into the bricks. He attacked Mizumori with a balloon and brought in the table for an extra-nasty Sayonara but Koishikawa came to the rescue and Mizumori dropped him onto the table of ice cream for a Tropical Splash. Akki saved the match so Mizumori beat down them both and climbed up the window. Fujita tried to knock her off but she latched onto his neck and hopped on his back to deliver a Sleeper. Fujita escaped and ran into a dropkick, giving Mizumori the chance to tag. Koishikawa made up for lost time with a mat drag and Muffler, then dropkicked Fujita into the wall when he escaped. The pair hit him with dual dropkicks and pummelled Akki away again. Fujita cleared them both and formed a launchpad for an Akki dropkick to Mizumori. Koishikawa flew at the pair with chops and Mizumori clobbered Fujita with another lariat. They hit dual diving X chops but only got two again. Fujita elbowed Koishikawa away and dragged her towards another table. After ensuring it was in the right place, he drove Koishikawa and himself into the table with a Russian Leg Sweep and kicked out of a Sunset Flip to trap Koishikawa in a Figure Four Pin for the win. Fujita had gotten the win on his birthday and managed to team successfully with Akki. All without breaking a wall this time. They’d put on a fun match with Mizumori getting to be much more of a monster this time. It was an excellent main event and a nice celebration for Fujita. Happy times all-round.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Minoru Fujita, screenshots Videos courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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