Welcome back to GCW and the final stop of the Second City Summit. We’ve had graphic violence and blood feuds, now it’s time to showcase more of the LGBTQ+ Stars in wrestling. That’s exactly what the ironman of the weekend, EFFY was going to do. Across eight matches, we’d see some of the very best get more time in the spotlight and the return of some very big and very popular names. Plus, Pollo Del Mar and J-Rose were hosting it so the crowd was in for one hell of a time. Let’s end this marathon on a positive note for representation and get into it.

Edith Surreal defeated Veda Scott via Venus Fly Trap

The show opened with a technical marvel as Edith Surreal made her triumphant return to the ring after battling injury and Veda Scott made their debut at a Big Gay Brunch. Both fighters are very damn adept at what they do so they were going to be the perfect combo to fire up the crowd. Despite both having time away from the ring, this was incredible. Both were firing on all cylinders as Veda and Surreal put on the technical masterclass we all wanted to see. Veda turned to the power of acting and villainy when things weren’t going their way, blowing the match wide open. Viciousness met viciousness as Scott brought out their kicking-and-striking ability and Surreal tried to give Scott a really broken leg to cry about. in the end, the submission ability of Surreal got her the win and the fighters showed respect post-match. Veda might have temporarily turned to the dark side but all was forgiven. What an opening fight and what a return to the ring for both fighters.

Bare-Knuckle Brawl: Parrow defeated Jordan Blade via Greetings from Asbury Park

Parrow was back and instead of fighting twinks, he was in a bare-knuckle brawl with the Daddy of the District, Jordan Blade. EFFY had changed the rules and now someone had to die. This was going to be a violent, no holds barred fight as Parrow looked to hold his Daddy of the BGB title and Blade looked to tear all that to shreds with her deadly striking and submission abilities. Much like her entrance music, Blade was in the Business of Misery and Parrow was the customer. This started disastrously as Parrow made full use of the stipulation and launched Blade through multiple rows of chairs. There was plunder galore and both fighters met it alongside barbaric strikes and power moves. Blade took the blows early and seriously made Parrow pay once she could dish out her brand of violence. Sadly, it wasn’t enough and Parrow went back to torturing her the second he was given the chance. Parrow went through doors and bounced off ladders but wouldn’t die. Just as Blade was ready to kill, Parrow hit a deadly combo and won with the Greetings from Asbury Park. Bear Bear Bigelow had just racked up another win against a dangerous opponent. Just who can stop Parrow?

Ace Perry defeated Frontman Jah via Crucifix

The last time Ace Perry stepped into EFFY’s playground; he got his soul back. Now he was going to fight with that soul against the ultra-charismatic Frontman Jah. The Frontman had warmed up the crowd by identifying as a dragon and spitting fire on the mic. Things were going to get nasty in this ring. Perry made him pay by starting fast and hitting hard. Jah obviously wasn’t going to take this lying down and we got a very competitive, intense, and exciting bout of heavy striking, flying, and power. Both men tried to taunt the other as they went on and the pair had the momentum on their side. It was a compelling watch and another testament to just how damn good both of these guys are. They earned their spots and blew people’s minds as they went on. It was back-and-forth to the last three seconds as Perry landed his Black Diamond Cutter and turned a Jah pin against him. This match was at full-tilt from start to finish and kept you glued to the screen throughout.

Scramble: Jai Vidal defeated Kung-Fu Donnie Janela, Dillon McQueen, Keita Murray, Brooke Valentine & Jared Evans via Power Bottom Bomb on Evans

It wouldn’t be a GCW show without a scramble. EFFY had assembled six hungry stars who were ready to kill. We’d see the Bad Bitch Jai Vidal, the Bisexual King Keita Murray, the Queen Bee Brooke Valentine, Zaddy Dillon McQueen, Kung-fu Donnie Janela, and Jared Evans gate crashing things for not being invited. Things were going to blow up here, especially for Evans as everyone wanted to kill him. It started hot with Zaddy taking on the Queen Bee and everyone else dropping in to destroy each other. We got a lot of mini-fights as Keita showed off against Janela, McQueen, Evans, and Vidal had a heated exchange and Valentine hit the world’s nastiest Giant Swing. It was another action-packed scramble where everyone just beat the shit out of each other to be number one. The match even took a tour of the venue as fighters found themselves brawling in the cheap seats. Jai Vidal got the gif-able moment of the match with a balcony Swanton and Valentine vs McQueen won the award for being the most intense feud within the match. Seriously though, win or lose, everyone took advantage of their time and showed out with Vidal getting the big win with the Power Bottom Bomb on the least popular man in the match. What a spectacle.

Ashton Starr defeated Devon Monroe via Scissor Me Timbers

From scramble insanity, we went to a battle of the giants. The ultimate twink, Devon Monroe was taking on the Boy Butter Scramble winner (and one of my absolute favourites) Ashton Starr. Who was going to stand tall when Black Sexcellence went to war with Starr-fire? What emerged was an excellent match of speed, technicality, and sass as both fighters used every asset they had for this fight. It was another blink and you’d miss it bout of instant counters as the momentum kept shifting. Starr and Monroe were here to steal the show and they achieved that by going back-and-forth with nasty kicks and electric striking. This was one of those matches where the action speaks for itself. It took both fighters everything they had and, in the end, Starr got the win with Scissor Me Timbers. Starr shone brighter this time but oh man, this fight was close. Both men put on another masterclass and I hope Starr keeps getting the spotlight. He is the Starr of the show this time.

The Second Gear Crew (Matthew Justice & Mance Warner w/AJ Gray) defeated Billy Dixon & MV Young via Super Conchairto to Dixon

Well, things were about to get chaotic. The Second Gear Crew were in the house and they were giving the fans another GCW Tag Title defence. Justice and Mance were about to battle two absolute bruisers in the Polyam Outlaw King, MV Young, and the ultimate ally, Straight Bill. Billy Dixon has never been the same since coming out as heterosexual so maybe SGC would bludgeon him out of it. For now, Young was teamed with BJ Gray. As expected, this fell outside instantly as Dixon and Young took the fight into the crowd. It got hardcore fast with chair shots and old wounds opened up for SGC. Young smashed his knee off the floor early on but kept fighting despite the damage and SGC started bringing the violence back their way with more chairs. Straight Bill was pummelled like a pinata until he was knocked out. Medical came to his aid and MV came to the rescue and kept the fight going, fighting two on one with SGC. His efforts could only go so far and SGC started picking him apart. A ladder came into play and we saw both SGC members suplexed into it as MV found new life. Bill was still out of action so the numbers got the better of MV. Suddenly, the sound of the police hit and the Momma of the House of No Bullshit was back. Billy Dixon was here; Straight Bill had been exorcized. Dixon fired away on all cylinders and snogged it out with MV. They hit SGC with New Jack chair drops and MV took himself out again going through a door. Dixon fought off chair shots and MV tried to do the same but steel to the head will take you out. One final set of steel to the skull took out Dixon and gave SGC the win. This was nasty but oh man was it fun. Straight Bill has been sent to the shadow realm and we celebrated post-match with smooches. Despite losing, MV and Dixon put on an excellent hardcore tag bout.

Dark Sheik defeated Allie Katch via Low Boot roll-up

Veda Scott joined commentary for what was one of my most-anticipated matches of the show. Dark Sheik was here and donned in Tokyo Ghoul apparel to take on the master of Katch Wrestling, Allie Katch. This could be the pro-wrestling match of the weekend based on just how good these two are. Even the crowd was torn on this one. They opened technically with Katch showing off and Sheik going for the mind games before picking up the pace as Sheik showed off her Lucha. From there, we saw the best of both fighters as for nearly 20 minutes they gave each other hell. Katch turned up the aggression and intensity as Sheik tried her best to change tactics on the fly and keep the fight going her way, regardless of where it went. We even saw things get hardcore as Sheik got a staple gun and Katch got the tack dick. Katch became a money tree as Sheik stapled dollars to her and Katch got revenge by spanking Sheik with a fan and stapling a dollar to her head. Both fired up from this and kicked the match into another gear. Sheik couldn’t win with an Iconoclasm/Leg Drop combo so brought a door into play. The back-and-forth wouldn’t slow down, between door dancing, heavy shots, and Crab attempts as the match just kept upping the intensity. Any move could be the end as both women always had an answer for each other. Katch broke the door with a Superplex/Door-VD and dropped Sheik on her head with a Piledriver but still couldn’t keep her down. There was another war of words and Sheik pulled the Johnny Cage into multiple low blows. Katch seemed impervious to the pain so Sheik launched double boots and rolled her up for the win. Top-tier wrestling had been thwarted by dirty tactics and left Sheik with another big win. Allie Katch is on one hell of a hot streak at the moment putting on banger after banger. This rocked.

Jake Atlas defeated EFFY via Face Punch

Last but not least, the main event. GCW had seen Jake Atlas off when he headed to pastures new and now EFFY was welcoming him back to the company by giving him the main event spot. This was going to be a battle of the superstars. EFFY, the Daddy of the Brunch has been on a losing streak at his own events, would he upset Atlas’ big return? They opened with strong lock-ups and rope-running with EFFY getting a face-full of Atlas’ package. The mind games continued after a pin attempt as EFFY headbutted Atlas in the cock. A furious brawl broke out as the pair threw hands and Atlas took to the air with a Pescado. From there, it was Atlas’ match as he methodically beatdown EFFY. Daddy kicked his way to freedom and gave Atlas another headbutt to the dick. He began to work over Atlas’ legs but couldn’t get anything going as Atlas was right back on him with a rolling DVD. They fought on the top rope and fell to the apron and floor with a Superplex, EFFY splatting on the concrete. This didn’t seem to affect EFFY though as he trapped Atlas in the ropes with a Tarantula variant. He went for a chair but Atlas booted it right back into his face. Atlas teased using the chair further but moved and dropped EFFY with a rope-hung DDT. The two traded bombs and just butted heads, staring the other down for slaps and boots. It kept getting uglier as Atlas tried to kill EFFY. Even the Stonewall DDT couldn’t do it. EFFY looked up at Atlas one final time before getting knocked out by a punch in the face. Atlas had been successful in his return match and beaten the Daddy of Brunch. Applause (both claps and the Gaga song) rung out and Atlas left the ring. The show ended with another excellent bout. But that wasn’t it. EFFY made a speech to welcome back Atlas but got cut off by Parrow. He laid out EFFY with Greetings From Asbury Park and gave a menacing speech after knocking out Allie Katch when she came to EFFY’s aid. It looks like we’re going to see some Daddy-on-Daddy violence now as Parrow declared a super gay civil war. Things are heating up again and I cannot wait to see what that brings. All I know is, I wouldn’t want to be against Parrow. Regardless of that attack, EFFY’s gay wrestling revolution lives on and the ironman of the weekend made sure everyone knew about it.

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