Welcome back to ChocoPro wrestling and to another special show. It was time to celebrate the 9th anniversary of Gatoh Move. Since they had reached this milestone, it was time to put together three more matches of madness. To open we’d see a rematch of Masahiro Takanashi’s first exhibition match on his road to recovery as he battles Chon Shiryu once again. Then, we’ll see some team-splitting six-person chaos as Baliyan Akki, Antonio Honda and Hagane Shinno fought Mei Suruga, Tokiko Kirihara, and Chie Koishikawa. Lastly, the main event would be a heavy-hitting match between Makoto and Yuna Mizumori. Let’s get into the action.

Masahiro Takanashi vs Chon Shiryu ends in time-limit draw

After a welcome speech from Sayaka Obihiro, we went into our first match. When he was prepping to come back Masahiro Takanashi took part in a five-minute exhibition match against Chon Shiryu. At that time, he could only tie with Shiryu. Now he had double the time to try and beat the dragon. Though as I learned, this is also a yearly occurrence as Takanashi and Shiryu seem doomed to be in a rivalry forever. The pair know practically everything they can about each other and so they opened quickly with rapid counters. They traded chain wrestling and holds, teased finishers, and used referee Suruga as a weapon, pinning her to get a mutual win. They were going to leave there and then, but Suruga dragged them both back to finish their match. The pair went after her again so she attacked and demanded they fight. After both going for dirty tricks, Takanashi took the advantage with a wall slam and leglock. He went back to breaking the leg and used the wall as his weapon as Shiryu tried to hit back. Shiryu was about to counter a Nosebreaker into a Judo Throw and tried for the window knees but Takanashi moved and Shiryu’s knees took another battering. The counters kept coming and Shiryu finally flew with a trust fall. He missed a Dragon Stomp and suffered for it as Takanashi hit a Dragon Screw. The Figure-Four followed and both guys tested the other’s jaw with kicks, Shiryu gaining air again with a step-up dropkick. Both guys fought to beat a count-out and struck it out with ugly hands. A dragon claw paved the way to a pinfall war that saw the timer run out. Ten minutes passed and neither guy could get the win. They had countered almost everything and still couldn’t put the other away. It was great fun to watch and the pair can take solace in the fact they both beat Mei.

Baliyan Akki, Antonio Honda & Hagane Shinno defeated Mei Suruga, Tokiko Kirihara & Chie Koishikawa via Hammerlock Armbar on Koishikawa

Time to get anarchic. What happens when you split three teams up and make them fight? Well, you get this six-person tag match where the men fought the women. There was going to be a whole lot of action in this one as we had Best Bros, Egg Tarts, and White Comaneci all fighting each other. Just which side would come out on top and which teams would survive the encounter. The Best Bros opened by smashing each other about as Suruga riled up Akki. When they’d had their therapy, White Comaneci tagged in for a standoff. The Angel offence came out as Honda sung and danced whilst Kirihara kicked the hell out of him because she was still over it. Honda came back with a timeout strike and brought in Shinno who locked on a headlock and hit Kirihara in the throat when the ref wasn’t looking. The boys kept up the Kirihara beatdown and pulled Koishikawa’s and Suruga’s hair when they tried to come to the rescue. Honda kept hitting Kirihara and making jokes whilst Kirihara’s teammates could do nothing. They slugged it out whilst making sure to throw in Comaneci taunts. Honda tried to hit the dancing elbow but Kirihara caught him in the claw and slammed him to the mat.

Koishikawa tortured Honda further with an arm-drag and dropkick, then fell to the mat to give him a Demon chop. They all took turns crushing him with rolling sentons and hit a trio of posing moves. Suruga came in and tried to hit a sponsor sign attack but Honda punched her out of the air and used the sign for a headbutt. Suruga and Akki had another fight with Akki taking Suruga on another spin and Suruga launching him with a Hurricanrana. Akki nearly took the win with a roll-up and countered the Propellor into a Backbreaker. They both tagged and Egg Tarts finally got their chance to battle. Koishikawa tried to rock Shinno with chops and the Warm Caterpillars teamed up to take him for a ride. Everyone hopped into the fight when Shinno nearly won with an armbar and a dancing jab fight broke out. We saw Best Bros re-enact Dirty Dancing and Koishikawa run circles around Shinno during the jab off, then after a chain of Comaneci taunts and some line dancing the ladies hit a Bionic Elbow. They all beat down Shinno but he kept his composure and trapped Koishikawa in a double armbar to take the win. This was wild. All three teams had their own little explosions and brought out the best in each other. Hopefully, everyone puts their differences aside after this little therapy session though or things could get awkward.

Makoto vs Yuna Mizumori ends in time-limit draw

Last but not least, the main event. Yuna Mizumori was about to take the fight to the returning Makoto. The last time Makoto paid a visit to Ichigaya, she beat Sayaka, would she be able to get back-to-back wins in the Chocolate Square? Makoto set the tone for the match by backing Mizumori into the glass wall and chopping her. Mizumori made her pay with a knuckle lock and the pair went into a competitive technical exchange. That turned into a shoulder tackle shoot-out and Mizumori catapulting Makoto into the wall. A Crab followed and Mizumori introduced Makoto to the Gatoh Move posters. Makoto booted her way back into the match and trapped Mizumori in a nasty armbar but couldn’t tap her out. She put Mizumori in the Paradise Lock and took a minute to use her as a seat and have a drink. Mizumori was freed and given another round of kicks but kept getting up to face her opponent. Makoto kept dishing out the punishment but Mizumori wouldn’t stay down and chased Makoto around the studio to deliver a falling Mango Papaya Coconut against the mirror. Makoto quickly came back with a swinging DDT to counter a lariat and gave Mizumori a swift kick to the ribs. She dropped double knees but this seemed to fire up Mizumori, who nailed her with a Coconut Crush and shoulder block. She hit her first Tropical Splash but only got two and reapplied the Crab. She released the hold to hit the Handstand Press and tried to tap her out with the Tropical Crab.

Makoto held on so Mizumori tried to slam her and unintentionally gave Makoto the chance to come back into things with an armbar. She kept working Mizumori’s arm and Mizumori kept trying to overpower her. Neither woman would quit as they kept throwing lariats and kicks to put the other down. The pair threw hands and elbows until Makoto went for the armbar again. Mizumori rolled through to deliver another lariat and smashed Makoto into the wall with a Tropical Yahho. Makoto dodged the wall-run splash and charged Mizumori with a spear. Once again, the pair just kept going back-and-forth with killing blows until the bell rang to signify a time limit. Fifteen minutes had passed and neither could keep the other down. This was a highly physical match with both powerhouses just beating the hell out of each other. I’d love to see a rematch because I feel this pair has a lot more they could do and a whole lot of anger to dispel. That ended the wrestling portion of the show and those in the building celebrated the anniversary. In an industry where companies can rise and fall in an instant, it’s nice to see a company so unique not only hanging on but thriving. Here’s to their continued success!

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Sayaka Obihiro, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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