Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. After the manic weekend of events last week, the company has slowed down a bit and opted for one show this weekend. We’d have three shows exploring new rivalries and prepping fighters for future events. Sawasdee Kamen was back for the opening match and he’d be battling Chon Shiryu. With another match with Takanashi looming, was the Dragon’s head going to be in the game here? Secondly, Masahiro Takanashi teamed up with Tokiko Kirihara against the Best Bros and lastly, Chopical Yahho exploded as Chie Koishikawa battled Yuna Mizumori in the main event. Let’s get into the action.

Chon Shiryu defeated Sawasdee Kamen via Window Trap Jack-Knife

Up first we had a battle between a dragon and the Gatoh Move superhero. Sawasdee Kamen was sticking around for another week of action and this time he was battling solo against Chon Shiryu. He was out to pick up a needed win whilst Shiryu was looking to make another mark before his next bout with Masahiro Takanashi. There was no handshake as the pair were battling for the honour of China and Thailand respectively. They opened with a selection of chain wrestling and grappling as both felt the other out. That gave way to heavy chops and Shiryu dropping Kamen with a gut punch for the face stomp and fist drop. Shiryu went for Kamen’s mask and frantically worked over Kamen’s arm with wall-trapped arm wringers. Kamen used his kicks to beat down Shiryu and elbowed Shiryu in the neck. He followed up with the Sawasdee Press but only got two so he dragged Shiryu up for a Suplex using the claw. Shiryu caused a distraction by pulling the mask and bit Kamen’s hand as he argued with referee Suruga. He sent Kamen into the wall again but was put back on his ass with a flying kick. Kamen kept pushing and trapped Shiryu in a vertical Surfboard after blasting him with a leg lariat. The heavy striking returned again and Shiryu used his Kung Fu knowledge to dodge Kamen’s kicks into a leg sweep. He nailed Kamen with the trust fall and tried for the Gory Bomb but Kamen countered into a Bulldog. The pair went pinfall crazy and Shiryu used the window to trap Kamen in a Jack-knife pin. Kamen wasn’t happy about it but Shiryu had used his wits to trap Kamen and keep him down. This had been a brutal little match spanning the whole range of styles.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Tokiko Kirihara & Masahiro Takanashi via Akki’s Deathlock on Kirihara


We went from Kamen to the bane of Kamen’s existence next as Mei Suruga and Baliyan Akki were looking to continue their stranglehold on the tag division with a win over the makeshift team of Takanashi and Kirihara. The studio was full of talent here so this match was going to get wild. Not to mention Best Bros were riding the high of being in the PWI 500. Suruga started by being a gremlin so Takanashi threw her by the head. The pair kept countering each other and reached a stalemate so the pair tagged. Kirihara and Akki kicked the hell out of each other and the Best Bros posed on a trapped Kirihara. They kept working her over as a unit and Suruga tortured her with effective yet mocking offence, even Akki was sick of her. Kirihara brought out the clam and slammed Suruga to the mat, then tagged in Takanashi. Suruga was once again a gremlin to him so he repeatedly broke her nose and nearly took the win with a crafty Crucifix. Suruga turned this into the Apple Mutilation and dropkicked Takanashi to the mat after he countered her wall bounce. Akki picked up the slack and downed Takanashi with his head kick combo into a knee drop.

He missed the Spider so Takahashi went after his knees and with Kirihara’s help, did his best to break them. We got a cluster of submissions between the two teams and Akki got smashed off the wall multiple times. He reversed the Judo throw but Takanashi pulled Kirihara free and the pair trapped Akki in a double submission. Suruga tried to come to the rescue but Kirihara kept going and landed the dancing foot stomp. Akki kicked out and chopped Kirihara down, then rolled through her Judo throw for another two-count. She dodged another head kick and trapped Akki in a grounded Cobra Twist but Suruga came to the rescue. Takanashi battered her away but the job was done and Akki cracked Kirihara with a backbreaker. The Best Bros took out Takanashi with a Super Mei Punch and thrust kick and Kirihara took out Akki with the Judo throw back into the twist. Akki escaped and fought off a standing Cobra Twist to win with the Deathlock. This had been hell for Akki and Kirihara as they put each other through the wringer. Akki picks up another win over her but at what cost? This match definitely left a mark. Best Bros had conquered once again despite the violence levied against them.

Yuna Mizumori defeated Chie Koishikawa via Wall-run Splash

Last but not least, the main event. Koishikawa and Mizumori had tried their hand at being a team and not found much in the way of success. Now, Chopical Yahho were about to explode and take each other on. It would be power vs speed as these two looked to see who’d get the win in a one-on-one. That power came into play instantly as Mizumori threw Koishikawa to the mat and overpowered her in a lock-up, chopping her with an unclean break. The pair got technical and Koishikawa swam away from further danger. She ran right into a brick wall and got stomped down by Mizumori. A slugfest broke out and Mizumori elbowed Koishikawa against the wall. A crab quickly followed and Mizumori went back to stomping Koishikawa’s back when she escaped. The abuse continued with a wall catapult and another leg-tearing submission. Mizumori wouldn’t stop yanking Koishikawa’s hair so Suruga pulled her away and Koishikawa used this to hit a double-team wall charge. Koishikawa fired up with a leapfrog dropkick and Demon Chie gave chase. Mizumori blocked the chop with a headbutt and went right back to work on Koishikawa’s back. Koishikawa met the wall but dodged the wall splash to take Mizumori over with an arm-drag and deliver the Demon chop.

She tried for the Guillotine but Mizumori fought up and murdered Koishikawa with the Coconut Crush. She followed up with her first tropical splash but only got two. She delivered a handstand press to Koishikawa’s back and Koishikawa took out Mizumori’s knees with pinball strikes. Mizumori ate a blistering chop and got dragged around the mat but fought off the muffler and locked on the Tropical Crab. Koishikawa escaped so Mizumori climbed up to the window. Koishikawa came up with her and dragged her across the window ledge. Koishikawa hit another dropkick and flew from the window to deliver an X Chop. The Muffler was finally locked on and Koishikawa unintentionally woke up Mizumori with forearms. Mizumori smashed her with a lariat and drove her into the wall with a Tropical Yahho. She dropkicked her into it a second time and took the win with the Wall-run Splash. The Tropical Powerhouse had taken the chops and survived, earning her another big win. This was a vicious main event full of hard hits and technical excellence. Definitely had that nice main event feel. Next time, we visit the Chocolate Square things get even more serious as it’s Masahiro Takanashi’s 18th-anniversary show. That will see the return of Tropicalamari and see Shiryu and Takanashi spar in a deathmatch!

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, DOGU, FlyingVTrigger, video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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