Welcome back to ChocoPro and to another special episode. This season has played host to a whole lot of anniversaries and birthdays but this might just be one of the most important to a lot of people. It was the 18th wrestling anniversary for Masahiro Takanashi. It was a night show with three surprising and incredible matches booked to honour one of the Gatoh Move elite. We’d see DJ Nira appear to battle Baliyan Akki, the Warm Caterpillars were going against the formidable might of Tropicalamari and in the main event, Masahiro Takanashi and Chon Shiryu looked to settle this grudge once and for all in a match of many names but one crowning stipulation, it was no DQ and falls count anywhere. This wasn’t going to be your regular ChocoPro experience.

Baliyan Akki vs DJ Nira ends in No Contest

Our first match came out of nowhere. Akki and Takanashi had just finished opening the show when DJ Nira appeared out of nowhere and blasted Akki in the head with an umbrella. It was time for an unsanctioned brawl. Nira attacked both Akki and referee Shiryu with tape and shut both up with signed pieces over their mouths. He berated Emi Sakura through the camera and punched Akki in the face. The bell rung and Nira maintained his stranglehold on the match with a headlock and took the fight outside. Akki broke free and through Nira through the window, then beat the hell out of Nira for ambushing him, adding a flourish with a Namaste Swanton. Nira tried to throw up out the window so Akki kept elbowing and punched the downed man into the mat. Shiryu was attacked again so Akki locked Nira in a sleeper. Nira was partially asleep but Akki couldn’t pin him because he was posed. Akki dragged him up to wind him with a gut punch and break his ribs with a PK. No matter the abuse, Akki just couldn’t get the pin as Nira was too crafty with positioning. Akki tried to end things with the Namaste Splash but Nira returned fire by going for Akki’s legs and dropping him with a double Kneebreaker. Nira kept working the knees with vicious efficiency, utilising a whole lot of nasty Deathlocks. No matter how many times Akki forced a break, Nira wouldn’t let go of the hold until Shiryu got involved. Nira signed Akki’s arm and tried to mangle it in one of the studio’s fans. Akki turned the tied by driving Nira’s hand into the fan and the exhausted duo traded bombs despite their damage, both sacrificing their damaged limbs to deliver killing blows. Akki fought out of another choke attempt and tried for another pin but caught Shiryu in the face with Nira’s leg. Nira attacked Shiryu again with a rocket punch and fought Akki up to the window. Akki sent him falling back down and launched off for the Namaste Splash but Nira dodged and Akki landed on Shiryu. The ref was sick of this and called a no-contest. Nira tried to attack Shiryu for this but Shiryu sent him packing with a Dragon Punch, giving Akki a chance to hit the Namaste Splash. You don’t mess with the Dragon Nira, even if he’s in ref mode. The forces of ChocoPro had sent this invader packing after one hell of a wild brawl.

TropiCalamari (Chris Brookes & Yuna Mizumori) defeated Warm Caterpillars (Chie Koishikawa & Mei Suruga) via Assisted Supergirl Pin on Koishikawa

Next up was the advertised opening match as TropiCalamari reunited to battle the Warm Caterpillars. Mizumori is gaining momentum as of late and now she had Chris Brookes by her side again to help boost that win streak. Plus, we know how much he loves beating Mei Suruga up. This was going to be fun. Warm Caterpillars ambushed Brookes and Mizumori and took Brookes for the ride. Well tried to, Brookes overpowered them. They eventually took him over and dragged him around the mat for a double leglock and flicking session. Brookes got pissed and harshly chopped both away. He threw Suruga into the cupboard, like he did in their last match and repeatedly smashed Koishikawa off the door. He tagged and Mizumori threw Koishikawa around the mat by her head before catapulting her around. Brookes came in to taunt Suruga and locked both Caterpillars in a double Octopus. He released that and TropiCalamari continued to bully Koishikawa, giving her a makeover as Brookes trapped her in a surfboard. Koishikawa finally got her escape with an arm-drag and dropkick and Suruga instantly rushed in to bounce Mizumori off the wall. Suruga and Mizumori got counter happy and Mizumori slammed Suruga into the wall with a Giant Swing. Brookes came in to play and Suruga tried to hit him with the Praying Mantis Bomb and trapped him in an Octopus. She kept trying to mimic Brookes so he broke her fingers and slapped her out of a jump-scare into a European Clutch. Suruga slapped back and mixed his technicality in with her goblin-like offence. She dropped Brookes on his head with a huge DDT and brought in Koishikawa to bring out the chops. He chopped back and the pair kept smashing in the other’s chest.

Brookes tried to be disrespectful so Koishikawa launched him aside and chopped his soul out before trapping him in a Deathlock. Suruga piled on to lock up his arms and Mizumori came to the rescue to beat both up. Koishikawa tried to power up for more chops but Brookes took her face off with a massive enzuigiri. Mizumori was tagged in and rushed Koishikawa with splash variants. She applied the Tropical Crab but Suruga made the save and the Caterpillars double-teamed her. Both teams had members run themselves into the wall and Brookes flew over Mizumori and Koishikawa to hit Suruga with the Shoop Cutter. Koishikawa ate the Tropical Yahho and was flattened as Brookes catapulted Mizumori into a splash. Koishikawa fought back to deliver the flying X Chop but it only got two. She applied the Muffler but Brookes cut her off with a Senton. Suruga got rid of him with an eye claw and Koishikawa dodged a double-team to cause a TropiCalamari collision. Chaos broke out but TropiCalamari were able to take advantage as Mizumori hit the Coconut into an assisted Supergirl Pin on Koishikawa. This had been a wild tag affair and could be included in the best tag bouts of the season list. It had everything you could want from two expert teams. The inclusion of Chris Brookes in a ChocoPro match will always make it better.

Project Spartan Drunk Monkey Jackie Chan Shanghai Bronx Story Deathmatch: Chon Shiryu defeated Masahiro Takanashi via Plunder Pile Trust Fall

Last but not least, the main event. A no time limit, no DQ deathmatch where you could do whatever you wanted, wherever you wanted to as long as it looked like a move from a Jackie Chan film. This was the latest evolution in the blood feud between Chon Shiryu and Masahiro Takanashi. Since they kept falling to time, time had been taken out of the equation. Who was going to make this stipulation work for them? They opened with traditional grappling as they pair put on another technical masterclass, then moved to something a bit less traditional. They set up a table and shared a drink. This turned into arm-wrestling and more grappling across the table, Takanashi stretching Shiryu across it. Takanashi missed a hammer and Shiryu attacked him with the table, rolling across it to deliver an elbow and pose. Takanashi kicked the table over as he posed and Shiryu blasted Takanashi in the head with a stool. Mizumori accidentally stopped him from getting more stools and Takanashi used a stool to deliver a Dragon Screw. He didn’t stop there trapping Shiryu in the Paradise Lock with the stool and threatening him with a chair. Sayuri jumped in to help and took Takanashi over for the step-up Dragon Ninja dropkick. Sayaka Obihiro came to Takanashi’s aid but Shiryu caught her throat thrust and drove it into Takanashi. He shook this off and threw Shiryu out of the window, taking the fight around the outside area. They fought into the building’s stairwell where Takanashi tried to smash Shiryu off the Gatoh Move letterbox but Shiryu blocked it and bounced Takanashi off the steel, snapping the lid on his hand. Shiryu tried to pose again in the stairwell but a camera cut later showed that Takanashi had knocked him down the stairs. Takanashi dragged Shiryu back to the studio and was greeted by the sight of DJ Nira enjoying a meal on their battle table with Tokiko Kirihara waiting on him. Takanashi brushed this off and smashed Shiryu off the cupboard. He disappeared off camera and returned on a bike, ready to charge. Shiryu was saved by Sayaka opening a door in front of Takanashi to deliver a meal and caused a crash. Shiryu grabbed a wok and ladle leading to a battle of the Chinese cooking implements. They tried to settle the battle with Janken but Takanashi kept trying to hide behind the wok. Shiryu saw through this and knocked the wok into Takanashi’s head.

He made a racket with the cooking utensils and the pair returned to their technical battle around DJ Nira. He fell aside as Takanashi threw Shiryu into the table sending food, beer, and what looked like marbles flying everywhere. Takanashi tripped Shiryu with more marbles but this became a hindrance as both kept slipping on them. He started up a fan and drove Shiryu’s hand into it, the impact continuing until the blades finally got caught. As Shiryu nursed his hand, Takanashi climbed to the crane, ready to fly but Shiryu threatened to electrify the whole thing. Takanashi backed off and Shiryu dropkicked him off his platform. Shiryu used a broom handle like a staff and stunned Takanashi, allowing Shiryu to choke him out by hanging off the crane. Nira electrified the crane, sending both men to the floor in shock and after getting over the jolt, the pair threw punches on the mat. Both guys exhausted each other inside so took the fight outside again with Shiryu pulling off acrobatics in the alleyway. He threw Takanashi inside and started building a chair pile. Takanashi landed his thrust kick but the Taka-Tonic was blocked and Takanashi was sent face-first into the chairs with a Gory Bomb. Shiryu buried him under more plunder and sacrificed himself to crush Takanashi under the pile with a Trust Fall. Shiryu crawled into the pin and the match was over. It had taken a whole lot of whacky, Jackie Chan-themed horror to get the win but Shiryu had bested Takanashi now. Nearly half an hour of random, comedic, and oftentimes painful action had rocked Ichigaya as these two tore each other and the set apart. They wanted to make their own Kung Fu movie of a match… they bloody succeeded. This bloody rocked. Happy 18th Anniversary Masahiro Takanashi, you blew away an audience celebrating it.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, Sayuri, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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