Welcome back ChocoPro and the third show of the weekend marathon of heavy-hitting shows. The final show would present three more single matches pitting some of ChocoPro’s best against each other. We’d see Masahiro Takanashi battle Chie Koishikawa as CDK and Chie-DK collide again, Sayaka get her first match of the weekend against Yuna Mizumori and in the main event, the new dominator of ChocoPro Chon Shiryu looks to continue his win streak by beating the ace of the company Baliyan Akki. Could we see the Dragon add another body to his plunder pile? We’ve seen him be the best of the Jackie Chan action, could he beat the ace too?

Masahiro Takanashi defeated Chie Koishikawa via Leverage Roll-up

First up was the next chapter in the CDK vs Chie-DK story. We’d seen a lot of Takanashi vs Koishikawa across different matches lately and now the pair were getting another singles outing. After bringing the fight in the six-person war, Koishikawa was due a big win. What would Takanashi do to dampen that energy? They opened with chain wrestling and Takanashi trying to control Koishikawa with a headlock. Takanashi gave her a rare clean break so she took him on a run and tried to break his wrist. Things were so loud; Mei Suruga was struggling to commentate. The technicality got tiring so Takanashi put together a fencing contest with pencils and balloons. Koishikawa won because she comes from fencing and was very “gracious” in victory giving Takanashi mat burn and the bow and arrow. Takanashi worked to manipulate her arm and snapped it with a stomping arm breaker. He kept attacking the arm and multiple ways to bend, break and stretch it, desperately trying to pull it out of the socket. Demon Chie chopped free and Koishikawa didn’t take Takanashi’s bait, attacking him with her uninjured arm and a dropkick. She applied the Guillotine but Takanashi got free and mangled her arms in another twisted armbar. Takanashi was chopped down again but Koishikawa couldn’t take advantage of this as he caught her out of the air into a stretch throw into the wall. Koishikawa took a breather against the wall and dodged a thrust kick to chop Takanashi’s knee. She twisted that knee up with a leglock and applied the Muffler but Takanashi startled her by popping a balloon and would have rolled her up but Akki was too slow to count. Koishikawa tried to pick a leg but Takanashi fell onto her and grabbed a stool pile for a leverage pin. Takanashi had once again had to find a crafty way to beat Koishikawa because she was proving too much for him. It proved to be an excellent opening contest as Koishikawa proves time and time again she can hang with the best.

Yuna Mizumori defeated Sayaka via Lariat

Next up was the Tropical Fairy Yuna Mizumori was taking on Sayaka in what was going to be a hard-hitting contest. Both boast extensive striking power but which would come away with the win here? Mizumori has been on the hot streak of the season but would Sayaka be the one to extinguish it? They started by pushing each other around the studio and locked up, battling over wrist control. The chain wrestling continued as Mizumori and Sayaka reached a technical stalemate. Both missed killing moves and Sayaka locked on her bow and arrow… for a couple of seconds. Mizumori went after Sayaka’s legs and tried for a crab but Sayaka kicked her into the studio wall. Sayaka dropped knees to apply the bow and arrow again and transitioned to a Crab. Mizumori bucked her off and trapped her in a Camel Clutch. Sayaka forced a break and was instantly locked in a Crab, Mizumori giving her no time to breathe. She put Sayaka in the Giant Swing and swung her into the wall, then went right back into the Crab. A slugfest broke out and Sayaka rocked Mizumori with a body slam.

She reapplied the Crab and started yanking at Mizumori’s arms to apply more pressure. Sayaka tried to work the legs but Mizumori booted her away and hit Sayaka with a Tropical Crossbody. The Splashes came out but Sayaka would not stay down so Mizumori went for the Papaya Mango Coconut. Sayaka dodged and blasted Mizumori dropkicks. Mizumori came back with a low Papaya Mango Coconut and twisted Sayaka into the Tropical Crab. The Tropical Yahho followed and Mizumori threw Sayaka down for the Handstand Press. Sayaka still wouldn’t stay down so Mizumori went back to the Tropical Crab only for Sayaka to kick her into the wall. Sayaka tried for a series of roll-ups and Mizumori dropped onto her with a body attack. She tried to climb up the window for another Splash but Sayaka snapped her down and tied her in a knot. Mizumori escaped again and ran straight into a violent elbow from Sayaka. Mizumori fought up to deliver the Coconut Crush and downed Sayaka with a shoulder block and Tropical Lariat. Sayaka caught Mizumori with the rolling pin but Mizumori broke free and ended her with more lariats. Mizumori had weathered the storm and gathered another win against a tough opponent. Sayaka had hit hard but on this day Mizumori hit harder. What a fight.

Chon Shiryu defeated Baliyan Akki via Coffin Drop

Last but not least, the main event. Chon Shiryu, the Dragon of ChocoPro was back after beating long-time rival Masahiro Takanashi in that hellacious Jackie Chan Deathmatch and now he was coming for the ace. Baliyan Akki can always carry himself in a fight but would he be able to slay the Dragon here or would he fall to the Kung-fu shenanigans? Chris Brookes had come to helm the commentary station for this match. They opened with a knuckle-lock and quickly went through a series of technical exchanges ending in a stalemate. Shiryu tripped him out of a wrist-lock and wrapped up the legs before working round into a quick pin, catching Akki off-guard. The pace picked up and Shiryu landed a dropkick after a series of arm-drags. He followed up with the Scratch Monkey, disorientating Akki with punches and dropping a drunken elbow. The pair attempted to go for pins and Akki tried to be Cute on Purpose but Suruga counted too slowly. The pair started striking it out and Akki kneed his way through the exchange. Shiryu ripped at Akki’s hair and twisted up his hair and neck before dropping a fist. Shiryu kept mangling the hair and neck of Akki, even using Akki’s locks for a choke. Akki fought back with a barrage of palm strikes and double chopped Shiryu’s back as Shiryu threw headbutts. Akki murdered Shiryu with lethal chops and Shiryu made Akki pay by grinding his toes under his boot. Shiryu kept stomping the toes and started smashing up Akki’s legs, softening them up for a leglock. Akki escaped that but Shiryu just broke the foot again with a window-trapped foot smash. He kept going after the legs and broke the feet further with a We Will Rock You to Akki’s trapped feet. Akki fought to his feet and tried to strike back but Shiryu just yanked the hair again and tore at Akki’s face with a Dragon Claw. Both guys hit monstrous combos and Akki landed the head kick combo. The claw hadn’t blinded him.

Akki tried to fire up and looked to hit his first Backbreaker of the match but Shiryu counted into a headlock takeover and held Akki in place for a kick combo. Akki blocked the arm whip and finally hit the Backbreaker, dropping Shiryu across his knee. He followed up with the Spider and tried for the Deathlock but Shiryu folded him into a small package. Shiryu tried for more roll-ups and went back to the neck with another submission. Akki tried for La Magistral and brained Shiryu with another head kick. The pair traded more face kicks and both collapsed to the mat in exhaustion. The pair made it to their knees and started smacking each other with more chops. They kept blasting each other as the Ichigaya audience recoiled in fear. Akki was firing up again so Shiryu booted him down with a wall-run dropkick. He tried to follow up with the Trust Fall but Akki was prepared and caught it into another Backbreaker. Akki blasted Shiryu in the face again with a thrust kick and tried for the Namaste Splash but Shiryu rolled away and Akki ate the mat. Shiryu hit the Gory Bomb and rolled through Akki’s counter to deliver a sunset flip. They kept countering and Shiryu knocked Akki loopy with punches and a spin kick. Rather than collapsing Akki hit a desperation spinebuster and Swanton but once again the Namaste Splash was countered, this time with knees. Shiryu hit a sliding leg lariat and got dropkicked out the window by Akki. They fought over more counters and Shiryu took the win with a Dragon Stomp and a Coffin Drop. Shiryu had taken another win on his blazing streak through Ichigaya. He might have gone to the hair a few times but this was a mostly clean contest where it all came down to the better wrestler. You could tell by the pair hugging it out when it was done. This was incredible to watch and one hell of a dramatic fight. It was a cat and mouse game to the very end with Shiryu pulling out a new move to get the win.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Sayuri, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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