Welcome back to ChocoPro and another round of action in Ichigaya. They were going against their toughest competition as they went head-to-head with AEW for audiences. That aside, the ChocoPro originals were all going to go wild to present their brand of fun. We’d see Baliyan Akki team up with Chie Koishikawa against Masahiro Takanashi and Yuna Mizumori as the two groups continue to war with each other and Sayuri opened the show as she went to war with Mei Suruga after a t-shirt dispute led to her coming back to action after a month off. This was going to be a fun little show for the ChocoPro originals to show off. It’s been a while since an episode like this so let’s not waste any more time and get into it.

Mei Suruga defeated Sayuri via Gâteau Invisible

The first match saw Sayuri return to action after a month off and she was more than ready to get going again. At the end of #157, Suruga had pulled at her newest t-shirt so Sayuri wanted to fight. Now, we had a match that should kick all the ass. Suruga promised to be a nice apple today but everyone found that hard to believe. The Nice Apple gave Sayuri a proper handshake and Sayuri instantly ran her at the wall and chopped her out. The rolling wall slams followed giving Sayuri a two-count. The apple girl was trapped in a wrist-lock and kept trying to reach for signs to attack Sayuri with but the ref kept slapping her hand away. Suruga kicked away the ref and reversed the hold, arguing with the ref when he let Sayuri touch a sign. She tried to claim favouritism whilst not breaking a hold. Suruga kicked Sayuri into the wall and stopped being nice, forcing Sayuri to dodge the apple basketball until the ref snatched it away. She put the apple hat on and promised to be nice again. She went for the Super Mei punch but Sayuri dodged and booted her so hard the hat came off. Sayuri beat her with the hat and tried for the Sleeper. Suruga broke the hold by knocking Sayuri against the wall and posed with the AEW sign whilst being Cute on Purpose. Suruga went after Sayuri’s arms with twists and stomped her down whilst still clutching the sign. She got too cocky so Sayuri dropkicked her out of a pose and gave Akki the sign to put away. Suruga rolled her up and bounced her off the wall again. Akki tried to stop the goblin from coming out but he failed and Suruga went for a sign attack on… no one as Sayuri had vanished.

Suruga threw a tantrum and Sayuri reappeared to chop her through the window. She put Suruga in the sleeper again and teleported to the other window for the ninja’s knees. Both collided with the wall and Suruga used the impact to hit a wall dropkick. She kept working the shoulder and took Sayuri for the ride into a nasty armbar. Once again, Suruga delayed breaking the hold and jumped Sayuri with a double chop. She tried for a Grand Slam but Sayuri turned it into a Small Package. Suruga came back with her own roll-up and stunned Sayuri for the crossbody. She caught Sayuri in Lucifer and bridged into Apple Mutilation. Sayuri broke free and dodged a double stomp. She got into a backslide battle and pulled Suruga’s leg to send her into the wall. She nailed Suruga with the wall-run takeover and kicked her down again with the Yakuza Kick. She went right back to the sleeper and turned it into the Crucifix but Suruga countered again. The pair slugged it out and Suruga quickly trapped Sayuri in the Gâteau Invisible to take the win. We’ve seen her bust out that move on countless occasions but now it could get wins too. She’d somehow balanced being a goblin and the “nice” apple here but I doubt we’ll see much of that nice apple anymore. Sayuri called her the apple goblin and left. She’d put on one hell of a fight hereafter her time away. She had new things to hit, a crispness to her technicality, and brought her A-game today. This was awesome.

Masahiro Takanashi & Yuna Mizumori defeated Baliyan Akki & Chie Koishikawa via Super Girl Pin to Koishikawa

Last but not least, the main event. We’ve seen the variants of Team Suruga and Team Brookes keep fighting out even after the six-person war was won. This time it would be Mizumori and Takanashi taking on Akki and Koishikawa in regular tag team action. Would Mizumori and Takanashi keep on winning or would Koishikawa find a way to break the losing streak she found herself on? She opened up against Takanashi in a technical exchange and nearly deafened him with her shouting. He countered the run with a trip and she tried to quickly roll him up. Takanashi tagged out in fear and Akki tagged in to get another shot at Mizumori. They barged it out as always and tested the other’s strength. Mizumori won the battle and dropkicked Akki into the wall. We saw the first Tropical Splash of the match and Akki became the plaything of the dastardly duo. Takanashi tore at Akki’s hair and Mizumori continued to knock him about with nasty strikes. He was stretched out in a double-team crab and only just fought out of Takanashi’s mocking attempt at the Namaste Stretch and Propellor pin. Takanashi kept the homages coming by being Cute on Purpose and the pair gave Akki another makeover. Koishikawa tried to come to the rescue but she too was stomped down and made up. Takanashi took control of the camera to give the audience a POV of the beating and thanked sponsors as he joined Mizumori for dual elbows. They prepared for a double Papaya Mango Coconut but Koishikawa and Akki blocked it with signs and downed them for a double splash. Akki turned the tables on Takanashi with a Deathlock and hammered him with another splash. Koishikawa tagged in and got mean with a sponsor sign Demon Chop and gave Takanashi mat burn. That gave way to the bow and arrow and another double team splash. She gave him another round of mat burn and locked on a half crab but he instantly forced a break, not that Koishikawa expediently broke the hold. Takanashi couldn’t catch a break as he was kicked around by Akki and almost slammed but Mizumori saved him and distracted Akki so he could stretch him out and throw him into a Mizumori headbutt. Takanashi made his exit with an insane head-scissor and brought in Mizumori.

She went on a rampage, slugging and slamming both members onto each other. She took out both with a diving shoulder tackle and tagged back out to Takanashi. He tried to bully Koishikawa but she chopped him away and threw him across the studio with a tornado arm-drag. Akki kept the momentum going with a backbreaker and crushed Takanashi with the Spider. That would have been three but the ref was not paying attention. He showed Takanashi how to apply the Namaste Stretch but Mizumori interrupted it and allowed Takanashi to hit a jawbreaker. A submission tower was built as Mizumori and Takanashi trapped Koishikawa and Akki in a double Crab/STF combo. Both Akki and Takanashi kicked each other in the face and tried to tag but only Takanashi was successful so Mizumori stormed the mat again and took out Koishikawa. She set her sights on Akki and delivered a splash into the Tropical Crab. Akki escaped and fought off the Tropical Yahho, then misdirected Takanashi into accidentally punching Mizumori in the face. That was his ticket to leave and he tagged in a very hyper Koishikawa. She chopped down Mizumori so Akki could deliver a Swanton and took another two-count. The chops kept coming and Koishikawa scored another near-fall with a dropkick. Mizumori tried for a Tropical Yahho but Koishikawa countered and kept chopping. Takanashi jumped in for a double Nosebreaker and Akki jumped in for double dropkicks. Koishikawa locked on the Guillotine and climbed up for the X Chop but Mizumori jumped up and started another multi-team counter chain. Mizumori and Takanashi catapulted Koishikawa into an assisted Coconut Crush and Mizumori crushed her further with a handstand press. Akki rushed in again to help with a backbreaker/X Chop combo and Koishikawa applied the Muffler. Takanashi came to the rescue and set Koishikawa up for the Super Girl pin, giving his team the win. Koishikawa and Akki had fought like hell but wits had won the day as Takanashi and Mizumori were just too crafty to beat. Both teams killed it here and put on another explosive main event to a potentially limited audience.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Sayuri, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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