Welcome back to MLW and the beginning of a new series. MLW Fusion ALPHA sees the company return to YouTube with a whole host of new matches to showcase the roster at its finest. Three matches awaited us tonight as Cesar Duran welcomed us to a new era of violence, the era of Azteca. Firstly, we’d see the blood feud continue as Von Erichs went after Team Filthy’s Kevin Ku and Kit Osbourne in a Bunkhouse Brawl. Then it would be a showcase for one of the new signees as KC Navarro took on Gino Medina and in the main event, we get what many would consider a dream match as the Wolf Davey Richards battles TJP. Let’s get into the action.

Bunkhouse Brawl: The Von Erichs (Ross & Marshall) defeated Team Filthy (Kevin Ku & Kit Osbourne w/Filthy Tom Lawlor) via Door-Breaker Moonsault

Up first we saw the blood feud between Team Filthy and the Von Erichs spill out into the hardcore landscape as the two factions collided in a Bunkhouse Brawl. Ross and Marshall would have to wait to get their hands on Lawlor himself but they could beat up Kevin Ku and Kit Osbourne in the meantime as he stood ringside. Lawlor made sure to voice his hatred for Philadelphia and let his boys do the fighting as the fans loathed his existence. It opened with flying fists and the Von Erichs clearing the ring. The brawling continued around ringside as both teams just tore into each other. Osbourne met the ring post via wheelbarrow and Ku met the floor via Body Slam. The Von Erichs were in full control. The pair bullied Ku 2-on-1 with kicks and a moonsault then launched Osbourne into a double-team cutter. Ku went to the knee and Osbourne went to the eyes, taking the fight back to the outside where Ku found a pipe to use on Marshall.  The violence kept switching sides as the Von Erichs would take control through brute force and Team Filthy would get technical or dirty to smash them back into submission, especially after Lawlor caused a distraction. The pair kept working Marshall’s knee as Ku tried to decapitate Ross with a shovel.

Osbourne saved Ku with a DDT on the floor and showed more technical prowess, presenting Marshall’s knee for a shovel smash. He was taken outside and Ku got into a strike battle with Ross. Ross nearly took the win with a Falcon Arrow and tried to set up a chair contraption but Osbourne hit him with the greatest weapon POCKET SAND and Ku dropped him across the chairs with a Fisherman Buster. Lawlor tried to interfere but just brained Ku with a 2×4 and Ross pummelled Osbourne with the same one. The Von Erichs set the pair up on a door and ended things with a massive Moonsault. The Von Erichs had beaten Team Filthy here in the bunkhouse as Lawlor watched on in horror and disgust. What a way to open the series with a nice violent brawl with some excellent limb targeting. They kept fighting well into the night.

Gino Medina defeated KC Navarro via Torture Rack Facecrusher

MLW was about to get blessed once again as KC Navarro had debuted at the Battle Riot and now was getting ready to bless the crowd with a singles match against El Intocable Gino Medina. This would get fast as both guys can kick into another gear if they want to. Medina has been on a new warpath since leaving the Dynasty behind. They started with a quick pin exchange and Medina showed away a handshake. Navarro didn’t take the disrespect well and picked up the pace with a wheelbarrow arm-drag and a corner combo into a neck snap. Medina narrowly dodged a double stomp and tried to roll up Navarro but got dropkicked to the floor. Navarro followed Medina outside and floored him with a lightning-fast Suicide Dive. Medina found his opening with a gut kick reversal and knocked Navarro loopy with a 540 kick. He tried to tap out Navarro with a neck crank and Navarro dragged Medina into a Sunset Flip. Neither got their wish and started trading forearms until Navarro fired up with a flying lariat and dropkick into another corner combo and Satellite DDT. Medina fired back with a Question Mark Kick and ended things with a new finisher, a Torture Rack Facecrusher. Medina took the lumps but always managed to find his way back into the fight no matter what Navarro threw at him. Take nothing away from Navarro here, he looked incredible and took Medina for a ride but now we see Medina has a new, brutally efficient kill shot.

Between the matches:

  • MLW announced some of the stars of its Women’s featherweight division. These include the Sea Stars (Delmi Exo and Ashley Vox), Willow Nightingale, Holidead, Brittany Blake, Nicole Savoy, and Zoey Skye. All of these women boast incredible resumes and are all set to get their shots within this new MLW division.
  • Matt Cross approached Cesar Duran talking about their past together in another life under different names and demanded a title shot.
  • Konnan introduced us to his newest LAX incarnation, Slice Boogie, Rivera, and Dr. Julius Smokes. They’d already come for Injustice now they were coming for everyone.
  • Josef interrupted another Fightland advert to issue a warning to Hammerstone. He wouldn’t be leaving the title vs title match with gold; he’d be leaving in a body bag.
  • Filthy Tom Lawlor was called to Cesar Duran after all the faction fighting going on. Lawlor wasn’t intimidated by Duran but then again Duran didn’t want him to be, he wanted to work with him to bring the violence. To show this, he gave Filthy Tom Lawlor an Openweight Title shot against Hammerstone.

Davey Richards defeated TJP via Ankle Lock

How’s this for a comeback to TV? Davey Richards took a hiatus from wrestling but now he’s back and more eager than ever to get back to work. These two know each other inside and out. TJP was arrogant as hell going into this one and he just hoped Richards wouldn’t quit unless it was to tap out. Richards was still trying to be respectful due to their past but he was going to hold nothing back here. It started with chain wrestling starting fast and winding down as Richards looked to control TJP. That was mixed with TJP’s flash as he flipped and flew to set up his holds, he even dabbed to flip off the crowd because TJP clearly wants to be hated. The submission battles kept breaking out until Richards went to the floor and TJP followed with a Pescado. Back inside, TJP tried to get disrespectful with a corner boot. This fired up Richards but he was put right back down with a kitchen sink. Richards was thrown in again and TJP launched himself back in with a springboard Swanton for another two. TJP kept picking apart Richards with some holds and knees to the back and transitioned to an Octopus as Richards tried to counter. He started busting out Suplexes and took too much time to gloat as he climbed the ropes, allowing Richards to cut him off on the top. TJP tried to fight back but Richards mauled him with headbutts and took them both to the mat with a Superplex.

They both fought to their feet and started slugging it out, Richards landing a head kick to nail TJP with a bridging German. The hybrid style came out as both men kept countering and Richards rolled through into an Ankle Lock and then a PK when TJP kicked him off. Richards took to the top for the double stomp but it was TJP’s turn to dodge as he connected with a head kick. The pair battled over Cross-Armbreakers and fought through submissions and pins until the battle went to the apron. Richards kicked the soul out of TJP and dumped him on the hardest part of the ring with an Exploder. The double stomp followed and Richards ended things with a Brainbuster into the Ankle Lock. Richards just sent one hell of a message to the MLW locker room. He fought through the flash and cockiness to deliver a devastating loss to TJP. Looks like TJP was the one that had to quit, eh? Talk about opening your new series with a bang. Though maybe lay off the Fightland adverts… there were way too many in this episode.

All images courtesy of MLW, Basil Mahmud, video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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